Maria Etre Jan 4

Fool me once
shame on you
fool me twice
shame on me
fool me thrice
it's ok
fool me
four times
fuck it
I want to rhyme
Fool me five or six
even seven times
so be it
I always want
to be a fool for you

Do not dwell on good deeds
Move on as if it were natural
Others will prosper, thanks to you
Good is wrought through time
A balance fought for eons
Equalize the karma around you
And show others there is promise to be had

Raviha Hussain Dec 2017

Those days with success
were bright as they should
Those nights with success
were dark as they should

Bright as the sun
dark as they shadow

Don't go near it thy
you won't come it by

Fly those days in mind
the bright sight of life

keep this key in mind
those days with success will fly...

A poem about the success with the following days and nights
hope you enjoy reading it
Muneer Dec 2017

The starry skies
The moonlit night
They don't stand a chance
Against the sight of her eyes
Gaze that sends ripples of pleasure
On anything blessed to fall its way
Such is the beauty of her eyes
Feels like a sin to stare into them
Filling you with anxiety
Making you lose yourself in them
When you wanted to lose yourself in her

Druzzayne Rika Oct 2017

I'm never satisfied
I have this
but I'm always yearning for those

this makes me sad
when will 'this' be enough
and I won't need those anymore

LucidLucy Aug 2017

You know something's about to blow when you've been sleeping early for three straight nights.
Missing one dinner, you start killing all the lights.
All of a sudden its 2AM and you're doing things you shouldnt do.
Caged monster struggling to get out inside you
You start hating yourself more after that.
But hey, there's no one to talk to so who gives a crap.

Shit in pieces.

I still waste my tears in your memory,
I still miss the romance in my poetry...

In your company I was carefree,
And you bit your fingers naughtily.
You used to meet me often secretly,
A lot of time is gone but I still miss it.

I used to pull the corner of the curtains suddenly,
And I remember how you veiled your face behind the scarf.
Those sunlit hot afternoons when I used to call you,
And I still miss how you used to run barefoot onto the terrace to romance with me.

But now those memories pinch me.
My HP Poem #1581
©Atul Kaushal
Arlene Corwin Mar 2017

Even And All The Time

God is giving out
Evenly and all the time.

Evenly and all the time
Through Law and laws,
A clout, a shout, no hanging about;
Efficient, effective and quick.

A seeming quirk that never quits:
The nature of God,
Nature of God,
An Absolute absolutely.

Even And All The Time 3.18.2017
God Book II;
Arlene Corwin
      For Those Who Can’t Or Won’t

For those who can’t or won’t believe…
Refusal, aptitudinal deficiency;
A lack of interest or an inability
To think it through
And come to That conclusion.
I look up to all,
Roads leading in the end to Rome,
The roaming in us all.

For Those Who Can’t Or Won’t 3.18.2017
God Book II;
Arlene Corwin

Those who get it,get it.  Those who don't, don't.

this and that are words
he doesn't much like
yet they'll always be given
a dink on my bike

these and those do irk
him when they're seen
though I favor them
in my viewing screen

this and that
these and those
really get up his nose
but I just love them
being part of my writing pat

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