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hannah 2d
Raining too fast
Drops suspended in air
A soundtrack to back
That sad indie playlist
I bet you wouldn't like
Ugh well things never work out anyways.
It seems to me that the clock Is passing time just for me but the clock as stopped ticking life now stood still the hands of time don't move anymore at least seems
Sometimes that way for
As If frozon In time never to move on since my darling
has gone for I'll not hear
that clock tick ever again
for once this clock was tickling my life
For the hands of the clock that was ticking my life
away won't sweep the face
of clock ever again for time  has stood still since sweethearts passed
Johnny walker Jun 30
Never at once did I believe dreams could come true
well that Is at leased not for me but how wrong I
For I was a dreamer admit
to dreaming most of my life away but untill I met Helen my sweetheart
wasn't much to dream away
not much did I feel I was missing but once I met Helen
all that was changed for then I wanted to
For my life suddenly had new meaning for I was In love for the first time In my life and I felt wanted and needed In growing up I'd never felt
So many mistakes I've made In life regrettable mistakes thats to late to try and alter
to much time had passed by and I'm now beholden to no
When I look back on my
life and think how In the
hell did I make It thus far
for dangers I faced In
life but I got lucky and was saved by an Angel sent to
me In
hours of need when all In my life for me had become Impossible
focas upon when all of anything In
life for me had fallen away to where I no longer did I have any
for anything In life my Angel called Helen who took me from a life on the streets for I was
fading away to the lost and lonely diffting away
freezing cold wet nights on the street for my
who saved me many years later when she became sick then I found she was
she returned to the place she came from when she saved me
from a life on the streets for I could do nothing to save as she
had saved me still feel bad about It now but I know
to God and the place we all call
Seanathon Jun 24
All she ever wanted
Was for me to never stop
Looking up
Into those beautiful eyes with white outlines

And it's with a sigh I say
That no but or excuse can justify
My faith or lack thereof

And now all I can say is that I
Henceforth will aspire higher
Open my eyes wider
And look upwards as I try
And ever longingly reach her sky

Up At Her
Up At Her
In her blue my own eyes come alive
The sky has blue eyes

Fervent Series (4/10) - 06/23/19
Whilst sat deep In thought In my local cafe Sipping coffee mind wondering back to times of gone by To the time I proudly Introduced Helen to my
mom and
and how proud I was to announce Helen to be my wife That I had put childish
and thought away felt at last like man that now could carry responsibility that of
wife I was bewitched by Helen beautiful come to bed eyesthat did more than words could ever say Oh so beautiful
For I came from a back ground of child abuse so I knew little of love but despite all that and confessions I made to
I was the one who won her heart for I was  the lucky one soon to become the strong one a true husband to
Remembering the first time we undressed each other and layed down together Oh so beautiful this I had never
before and sadly now that she gone I never will again but lucky that I have a very vivid
Times I hope that will live on
long after I'm gone through poems of Helen I write, poems I'll stop writing
untill my time Is
Johnny walker May 14
Thanks Terry for
And to helping to
turn my life
The smile you send
that brighten each
And feel so blessed
to be so happy
For we are now forever friends till we both go home
As I look upon my life even though tragedy has as come my way In losing my
wife I can have no regrets for what we had I would not change for
But came one day out
of the blue a friend by
the name Terry although far away has bought happiness to each and every
She who has changed
my once so sad life In
so many ways by
chatting through emails
sent each day and has
shone a light to guide my
way where once a
so.dark for me Terry has bought light back to me
a light that helps through each every day the light of life that shines again
for me
A poem to thank my dearest friend Terry for all the help she has done and continues to do bless her
Johnny walker Apr 19
I had my share of dreams
been so many over years nearly all have been broken ending In sorrow on the walkway though
But I still continue to have my dreams for that's all I have now my wife has gone for they to carry me on the walkway through
And I'll be strong for that I can but life still hurts but this world keeps on turning
but memory will through on my travels and of things yet still to come on the walkway through
Having lost Helem times can be very lonely. but life will still have a plan for me on this pathway through life
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