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OYBlackCat Jul 2020
Whether you are under your blankets
Or in the arms of another.

I hope you are warm wherever you are.
We Are Stories Apr 2020
just because I lay my bones out dry for everyone to see that I feel things more than they ever thought I could
doesn’t make me special
doesn’t make me unique
does make me something good
or make my words a grandiose speech-
it may show that I’m week
maybe humble
maybe showing that I stumble on my broken feet
but why on earth would you take advice
from someone who’s foundation is defeat.

the truth is that we’re all hopeless to some extent, relating to something sad, something as empty as we feel
we like to feel something that seems real
something real to us
something we can see
something that we can look and and see ourself reflecting back perfectly.
but when has taking your time to look in the mirror for an extra half hour
looking at your blemishes, your skin decaying, you imperfect features, the shame lying inside your eyes, the unshaven neck, and your unkempt hair
ever brought you to any new place
any new hope,
or is it still the same-
and that’s just how it goes
when the only thing you can look up to
is a reflection that you hate to see
hate to be
hate to remind yourself that that is you
hate to remind myself that that is me.

thank God that I have a foundation not built on myself
on my own personal hell
and that although sometimes there’s comfort in knowing your pain is felt by someone else
true comfort is found by someone who can overcome the pain
someone who can overcome the mundane day to day
the pimples
the ****
and all other things-
still helping me to not look at myself so much
but to place my hand in his and
walk away.
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
It’s quite alright that
The Wookiee has no pants
Neither do most of us
In our video chats
Maybe this is an exaggeration....right?
Happy Star Wars Day May the 4th
Jonathan Moya Mar 2020
Soldiers patrol Bethlehem now.

The Kaaba hosts no
circumambulating mustati.

The Ganges’ bathes
in its own sin and ash  
releasing no Moksha.

The Vatican quarantines
even  its Cardinals as
The Pope holds mass
to an empty St. Peter’s Square.

In Chicago, a 7-year-old girl named Heaven,
will not die today, not become  
the most expensive candy in the world,
as her mother watches her, the miracle of today,
walk all alone by herself to a closed sweet shop.
Capriccio Jan 2020
Where oh where has my confidence gone
Self worth absent
Peace of mind is hardest to find
Compare and contrast
Quite the blast

Blast to my security
The one inside of me
These consistent kicks tc confidence
Needs to STOP hindering my thought process
DROP the ego, give it a rest
And ROLL in The Red Carpet and jewels

For the Self-Worth Gala
As it begins
So I too may begin
To win from within
Thomas Harvey Jan 2020
The Time Has Come

I was walking past a coffee shop, where they were playing the news

A local church on there was selling all of their pews

It made enough attention to have everybody nearby to take a stop

Even I became intrigued, maybe they left behind some silver or gold

When I arrived, there was already a line

Many were out standing in the cold

Though one man had caught my eye

For in his arm he had held a feline

I started a conversation with the stranger

Standing across from me at a fire

As time had gone by, he told me each and every one of my true desires.

I stood in shock in fear, but he continued on showing me the future of my life almost bringing me to tears

I asked him why but he had not said another word

Only smiling back, he picked up a dime and proceeded to chant it's time

I turned away from the fire to see people fighting

The church had ran out of possessions to give away

I started to stray further and further away, making my way towards the bay

When all of the sudden a light appeared, so bright I could not see, and a sound of horns so loud I could not hear

When it faded a man appeared standing in front of me

Claiming he's here to bring me home

Though he did not tell me where he was from

Only insisting that the time has come.
Masha Yurkevich Nov 2019

he closes his eyes.
He looks so relaxed;
s o   w i s e .

His body,
feeling cold against my skin;
his his fingers,
c o o l   a n d   t h i n .

His skin,
scaly and smooth,
he looks so perfect,
nothing to add
o r   r e m o v e .

he opens his eyes.
Looking at me,
I think I see him
s m i l e .

He looks
so small,
so delicate,
in my hand.

Yet his every move
is so majestic,
s o g r a n d .

His bright green color
is so appealing;
his thin tail
like a
s t r i n g .

He sits there,
looking up at me;
and we both just sit there,
w e   s i t  a n d   w e   s e e .

No matter who we are,
we all need
we all need
we all need
s o m e o n e .

My new best friend, a green little Anole lizard, has taught me some things:
we all need someone
and someone need us.

I know the beginning of this poem could have sounded a little like a love poem,
but it's a little of both love and my typical poetry.

I hope all enjoyed it. :)
As summer fades
Fall has begun
Our once bright days
Now setting Sun
Uncertain what the future holds
Just know that I am getting old
For youth one does not get to keep
Through window blinds of life I peek
A path that's been filled with mistakes
I've walked alone but chose to take
My baggage with me where I went
Much money earned; much money spent
An epic track that seemed to reach
Earth's corners as I search and seek
For happiness with love and joy
These things I lost when just a boy
Were taken; someone stole from me
No safe to crack; there was no key
Defenses were not set in place
A child who had yet to face
Like Adam when bereft of sin
Attack that had struck from within
Where body fully left in tact
A shattered mind you won't get back
And over shoulders look for pieces
Equaled grains of sand on beaches
Traveled much, went far and wide
Blind to the circles spun inside
If challenges aren't met and faced
One can't expect to win a race
In life, with loss comes also gain
For cost brings lessons for our brain
All adding up to wisdom learned
So as time goes we can discern
This is the trade for youth with age
In our "life book" we write a page
Our bodies start becoming meek
Does not mean outlook that is bleak
As faculties get old and fail
Some ways our vessel is a jail
The footsteps made are less and less
But minds expand an endless breadth
A question though of great concern
is, What if someone never learns?
They pay the price; accept the cost
But in return there's only loss
There's no trade off or benefit
An idiot who is a twit
You'd almost feel some sympathy
For one pathetic and who's weak
Unless of course you realize
The suit he wears; tried on for size
No twisted arms; he was not fooled
All info given; went to school
Just sat and stared off into space
So much potential he would waste
Break-even point, where are you at?
Is it still forward or way back
There comes a point, true with all things
Sometimes it hurts the heart and stings
We realize the end has come
There's nothing more that can be done
All effort from here on, a waste
The money spent is better saved
Don't think of it as giving up
More simply that one's time is up
Life is a journey that's for sure
But may be one that is endured
Instead of riding off in glory
Constantly are saying "sorry"
Trying to right each mistake
There is no life; an endless chase
A dog who tries to catch his tail
A nonstop game of "try-and-fail"
You ask "Why should I even try?"
Pathetic tears to say 'goodbye'
I have one choice that I can make
That will erase all my mistakes
If I'm not here I can't ***** up
Forget "half-empty", there's no cup
The disappointment and the shame
No longer need to play that game
Sure people might feel bad at first
But don't forget; somehow subvert
In closing I can finally be
What all expected me to be
A hero or a champ who "wins"
Not loser who just fails and sins
So tears don't cry (and you may not)
I'd say that I had fought the fought
But you know that is one more lie
Don't need to add; just say 'goodbye'
Written: September 2019

All rights reserved.
[Iambic Tetrameter Format]

I wrote this poem as a sentiment or feeling but I am not actually contemplating suicide. I would never actually do that. I don't want to harm myself but sometimes the sadness, desperation, and despondency bring me to a place where it runs in my my mind not as an actual act but more of a thought of sympathy. So, I am in no way making light of suicide or trying to be coy. This was written from an honest place inside but I am not in a dark place or thinking of hurting myself in anyway. (Just to be very clear in case anyone might think that or be concerned). This piece is more of a perspective piece (and an honest one) but not one I share in any true or meaningful way at this time. =)
InkHarted Sep 2019
After the Rose had shattered like glass
painting the fragility of a gift untouched
his body begins to drown in dirt
and his feathers embrace the roots
his heart hath given to the colder winds
and his eyes kept open to see the dark
its beak still open for its last note still hung
in the air of glum and awe
but from a distance she heard the song unfinished
the angel who hears his sigh
she descends from duty to null this darkness
from one winged angel to another  
she kisses him from divine intention
she holds in her lips the elixir of hope
for one touch of love and whisper of hope
and the nightingale sings again.
love is all that matters and love always finds away
Has Aug 2019
My father is a ****** sky
of my eyes.
And I may wrap the war
with a sheet of pain.
But my silence has a letter for the world.
,, Peace is a tear of God,
where someone keep a dream,,
Has Chakhalyan
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