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Zack Ripley Jul 11
"What would you do for loved ones?"
"What would you do for yourself?"
"Why not?"
"It's selfish."
"Why is it selfish?"
"Because I'm okay being alone.
They're not."
"First, just because you're okay
Being alone doesn't mean
you should be.
And second, you're not alone.
You have me."
Mr Tendy May 23
Why can't I get angry at you?
Because you are that part of a tree that can not be touch and can not be overlook too
That part of the sun that can not be reach and can not be ignore
That part of life that can not be removed and can not be mishandle
That part that can not be followed and yet can not be removed from the map because of it true value
How much more can I say that you are that friend that can not be sent off but yet can not be keep back.
That the one word I was looking for that I still can't say, so any idea what the word is to why I can't vex with you?
Zack Ripley May 21
don't be afraid to fall in love.
don't be afraid to have your heart break.
don't be afraid to start over.
don't be afraid to do whatever it takes.
don't be afraid that he's the one.
don't be afraid if she makes your heart run.
don't be afraid of what your family will think.
don't be afraid that you're too young.
why shouldn't you be afraid?
because love is worth living for.
because if your heart breaks,
when someone helps heal it, it's going to mean that much more.
because you never know what life has in store.
because we all have the right to life, liberty, and happiness.
because it starts with one.
because whatever or whoever makes you happy
is your business and yours alone.
because even if it doesn't work, trying is the only way to grow.
Ainsley May 17
I love you
You love her
And now here i am
Standing next to you
With a bright smile on my face
Wishing you luck
For a great day tomorrow...


If you love someone from the bottom of your heart
You'll need your loved one to be happy
Than wanting them to stay with you
Sometimes the deepest pains are hidden by the widest smiles
Zack Ripley Dec 2019
My mind wants to sleep,
But my body stays awake.
I'm starting to wonder
If my body's a *******
Because all it does is ache
A little out there lol. Title is a reference to the John mayer song your body's a wonderland
Ruheen Jan 28
I don't care enough about me
Because they don't care at all about me
Because I laugh too much when it hurts
And I cry too much when it doesn't
But they don't see it
Maybe because they don't want to see it
Because I'm too much to handle
Because they think I'm crazy
Just because.
Steve Jan 18
The day comes brighter
The sky is bluer too
The steps I take seem lighter
As my thoughts converge on you

It's like I've reached inside your heart
And you're in here with mine
It's like we've both been set apart
And lifted out of time

The way is brighter
The sky glows blue
My steps are lighter
Because of you
Janay Dec 2019
I believe in love,
You delivered me and fed me.
I believe in trust,
cause when others gave me poison, you
reminded me to fall to my knees and ask god for mercy and grace
I believe in peace,
cause like water;
You soothe me.
I believe in loyalty,
because it’s a law in our code.
I believe in family,
Because of your love, honesty, and loyalty is
Unmatchable and unquestionable.
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