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I now have happiness strangely within sadness I've been set In this mode so long I longer hurt so much

I fear reality more for
because that's uncertainty I'm used to the sadness I can deal with Its a reality
that's the problem

I've been trying to learn what I can cope with, and what I can't, and I've found Its reality I can't deal with I
feel I have no place In reality

But sadness there's a place with my wife but In truth, It's the physical side her not being with me In this
life that the sad part

So all my dreams and memory of Helen Is to where I can be happy again so why would I
want to move
Moving would mean putting all my memories my photos of Helen not write poems of her just to please someone else that I can't do

If anyone can understand
what I'm trying to say then
I will be pleased because I'll know I'm correct all I know Is If I try to forget the past

I hurt too much my dreams memory fantasies of Helen I'm a happy man so It's to there I'll stay happy writing my poems of Helen
It strange but feel better already God bless
Strange but I feel safe In my sadness It's reality I fear
Stop .
Stop telling yourself
that you
are bad.
Stop telling yourself
that you will always be
Stop telling yourself
that you ****.
Stop telling yourself that you
are bad luck.
Just stop.
Start telling yourself
that you are
Start telling yourself
that something great you can create.
Start telling yourself
that you are enough.
This is because
you can
love .
And everyone can love, all you need to do is try.
Why make goals of gold
and grandeur and fame.

When we all live to die in
flesh and bone.
we live to die
gold or nothing.
Khoi-San Jan 20
seven sides
where men enter in the name
The point OF no return
Wait in vain
None could see the future
None will ever no
died in the glory
In the name OF peace power greed
the list is to long to mention
Somewhere somebody
Going to die
By the name
Octagon of seven referred
To the 7 continents
You light me up like a Christmas tree
And I feel so juvenile
Because I'm too chicken to say how I feel
Because I'm still in denial

Because there's so many words you've said
And I've wondered if they were for me
Because with so many words that I've said
You were always listening

Because I remember my words
And it appears you did too
Because you're a very good listener
For someone I've rarely spoken to

Because I'm running towards you
But is this the right way to go
Because I'm chasing after a man
Who I don't even know

Because we're flirting with the line
Because I'm on the edge
Are you going to cross
Or stay true to your pledge
And now,
because of you,
I will keep asking myself
if I am the reason
why you
sophia moz Dec 2018
how long did it take you to forget?
the overwhelming pain that latches onto your heart and won’t let go
it will always be there
for you to break
you are surrounded and there is nothing you can do to rid of it
because this is what your life is now
constantly drowning in the waters that are depression
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
Today they are on the frontline
not because they are the leaders.
They know how to sneak their way up.
Myrrdin Nov 2018
You were always loving me "despite"
I needed you to love me "because"
Jeannery Nov 2018
In the middle of the afternoon
I realized, everything will be gone soon.
I have a problem that I can't say
I don't know how to make people stay.

Everything's falling apart,
I know what to do in my part
But I let ***** happen
In the end, I'm always forgotten.

I know I'm the one to blame
Why things are like this
For my reasons are always lame
And that's why I'm not in peace.


It's afternoon and my mind's a mess, my heart's not in peace and my body is weak to process things. How do you make people stay?
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