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Johnny walker Jun 22
I was at my lowest that I'd ever been down and out on the streets all alone when I was touched by Angel who to saved very
She took me by hand and led me to the other side of the street and to a love I'd never experienced before for I'd lived the life a
Through child abuse left unable to cummicate with others so I was left all alone
but I was touched by Angel
who went to be my
Dharker May 24
a secret
Buried in eagerness
          Acting different
          It read out loud
To an exact feeling
Uneasy to miss
          Nesting there
          Something small
Finally became big

Branching out
Untouchable height
          It seeks no limit

Or consequence
Of prepping for a glimpse
          Desired by

          Staining red
          Conflicted doom
          Upon old experience
          Fully aware of the oblivious
Old trick
Johnny walker May 20
She came like a ray sunshine Into my
darkened world she
began breathing new
life Into very
On entering my life a
life of being alone
Helen had returned
to me my very
That at one time had deserted me left my
body leaving me with
no more than empty
That was Incapable
feeling of any emotion
Helen bought back
those emotions that
had long since
Breathing new life
Into a body that had
once felt Incapable of
emotions Helen gave all that back the day she became my
Helen saved my very soul the day she became my wife all of my past was vanished
Desire Mar 25
Be  —>    Become  —>    Becoming  —>   Became  
(is/was)        (will be)        (working to be)      (is/was)

Even progress has a past that isn't permanent;
Challenge your character for constant change...
[be better]
The walking dead in the land of the living
Soulless eyes and hearts unforgiving

They seek to destroy
******* out your joy
Shatter your skull
Make your mind dull

Rip out your heart
That's just the start
Dead set eyes
You'll never relize
Till it's to late 
Your heart they ate

Breathing remains
Nothing else the same
Now hollow of feeling
Soul was sent reeling

Some don't know
Out of them life flowed
We're all missing parts
Mostly the heart
Also gray matter
Obscenities spatter

Growing in number
Pillage and plunder
All must be fed
Living in the land of the dead..

©Pauline Morris
Latifah Jan 23
You became
the reason
my smile fades
every time
You cross
my mind.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
When first I looked upon her beautiful blue eyes
I saw through to her soul
through her eyes so blue
I saw the real beauty that
lay within this "oh so very pretty girl
And that which lay from deep within more than matched the outside beauty of this " oh so pretty girl who then became wife
Beautiful wonderful memories of Helen my once "oh so pretty wife
a M b 3 R Oct 2018
words u said became lies
hopes u gave became disappointment
comfort u gave became cold
happiness u gave became temporary
sadness u gave were permanent.
Maxim Keyfman Sep 2018
little fear
I drank it
I drank it
and did not notice

I did not stumble
did not notice
how is the darkness around
became one and one

little fear
I drank it
I drank it
and everything went well

so unexpectedly
and so quickly I
I'm fast
this pipe was swallowed

She was a nice person before,
Until she became a *****.
I asked her; "Why did you do that?"
and she replied; "Because I am a ****."

Dancing in front of the boys,
And the men makes some noise.
But I suddenly grabbed her hand,
and I said that you would understand.

"Look, I can help you." as I said to her.
"You don't have to." and then she pulled her hand.
I was left stupid in my position,
and now It's part of my confusion.
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