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I saw a man fumbling
stumbling to his knees
I watched his prayer loose it’s wings from his lips as he begged of his God for release, for peace,
for a piece of bread
or a comfortable bed
Lee Aaun Dec 2018
Everyone at least once,
fall in love.
As I did with you.
But I know,
Your feelings differ from mine.
So, I am not going to
beg for your love.
As I will only request you to
Remember me as all things wild.
Please, please,
Don't be a ghost discreetly -
Please, please,
Don't let me go completely.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Today I took a good look Inside my heart and now
I no for sure, If I dont move from this time that I'm In
I'll will die a sad and lonely old man for I've done all I can, and can't do any more but to keep your memory alive
My promise too you for that's what I'll do and never let go, you're hear In my heart I swear to you that's where you'll always
But my darling I have to move on for If I dont and  stay all
I'll surely will die that of broken old man so Helen please I beg find a place In your
To forgive your  sad old man for I have too live on but cant live entirely
Helen forgive me I beg you I can't live my life entirely alone
But will keep my promise to I will keep you memory alive I'll never let go, but will die if I dont move on
Quin Rosenheart Dec 2018
"Go away"
I beg you to stay.

"It's your fault!"
I'm the one to blame.

"I'll replace you!"
I can't go on without you.

"I hate you!"
I love you.
Mackenzie Nov 2018
His hands are Red
My eye is black and Blue
He touched me
I didn't mind
Always at the Mercy of you
He touched me but
I'm fine
Just a little higher
Everything will vacate your mind
I think to myself, I suppose I deserve this life and
I begged him to hit me one more time
Baylee Kaye Nov 2018
something about you drives me to insanity
an insane mindset of insane confusion
and insane feelings raging battles in me.
“why is it this way?” I ask myself.
perhaps the touches that leave me breathless,
breathless and wanting more.
or maybe even the mind games you play on me.
touch here, touch there, touch everywhere,
and then stop...refrain.
you will not touch me this day.
“but why?” I plead.
a cry held in as to not fall and beg for you,
my body pleads for you, and I know I shouldn’t.
I can’t help this fire burning inside,
not one holy act can extinguish it, it seems.
look at what it is you’ve done to me,
drove me to the point of insanity,
anxiously and patiently waiting for you,
to touch me, **** me,
do anything it is you want to me,
so long as you satisfy that feeling of insanity.
by god, why won’t you just help me?
your skin on mine is what heals me,
so for the sake of all things holy,
please heal me with your touch today.
Riley June Aug 2018
can you feel a coil in your chest,
does your stomach feel with dread,
will you shake like a leaf in the wind,
how scared do you feel,
what will you do to survive,
there is no hope for your life,
why try to beg for mercy,
don't you see this is your end,
i will run to the end,
sweep me into your arms,
lay me to my final resting place,
allow me for once to feel peace.
Have you ever looked into the face of God?
Had your name drip off his lips like honey?

No shame in licking it off
Because in that moment,
I too was a Goddess
Righteous, Raving, Rioting

Begging to hear my name drip from his tongue again,
To know he was thinking of me.

That night
I was the one who could make God himself drop to his knees
And speak my name,
Until our bed was the land of milk and honey.

Baby, we created the Promised Land.
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