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ZL Mar 2021
I rarely smile
but once in a while I may admire your style
I may purse my lips
As your head will bow
I'll make you woo,
How about now?
Zoe Grace Apr 2020
I'm reading through all my old poems
And uh
I can't believe I was that bad 0.o
Big Virge Jan 2020
Ya Know You'd Be SURPRISED ... !!!
By What You FIND Resides Inside Some Peoples' Minds ... !!!!
In Some It's CLEAR Their Thought Waves Steer ...  
To Fallacies Hypocrisy Thoughts of GREED or Cash Money ....  
Others Choose Conservative Views ...  
About The World And How It Turns ...  
I Guess In Truth Some Minds Are Primed ...  
To DISMISS Clues That Give CLEAR Proof About What's TRUE ...  
But TRUTH These Days ...
Has Been Mislaid In MANY Brains ... !!!  
Now CLEARLY DRAINED of .... Common SENSE .... !!!!  
AIRHEADS Now STRESSED or YES BrainDEAD ... !!!!!  
If That Sounds ...... HARSH ...... !!?!!  
I Guess My Words ...  
Have Marked The Cards of Minds That Work ...  
FAR FROM The Heart ...  
of Rational Thought In Souls NOT Bought ... !!!!!  
SURPRISES For Them Are NOW In Store ... !!!!!  
IGNORANT Heads Who Choose To Absorb ...  
Ideals of War And ... Divisive Talk ...    
Wars With A Cause To Keep The Poor ...  
CONTROLLED By Fraud And Crews That HOARD ...  
EVERYTHING EXCEPT ...  " The Monopoly Board ! " ...  
Cash And Land Property That's GRAND ... !!!  
And LUXURIES ... BEYOND Their NEEDS ... !!!!!  
You'd Be SURPRISED By What You'd Find ...  
These People THINK THEY NEED To Live ... !!!!!  
They'd Probably Say ... " It's relative ! " ...  
... " Relative To WHAT ? " ...  
Paid Displays of IGNORANT Ways Because They're RICH ... ?!?  
Well Take This IN And THINK About THIS ... !!!!!  
If You're ATTACKED Because of CASH ...  
You Choose To FLASH ... By A NOT HAVE ... !!!  
What Will You Do ... Act Uncouth ... !!!  
Or Pull A TOOL And Start To SHOOT ...
To Protect YOUR LOOT ... ?!?  
The Poverty Gap Is ... W I D E N I N G  Man ... !!!!!  
And Is A TRAP That May Catch ... YOU ... !!!!!  
If You're NOT Shrewd And Chase Gold Like FOOLS ... !!!  
How Much CASH Can One Man Use ... ?!?  
When Other People LACK Basic Things Like FOOD ... !!!!!!!  
Thousands ... Millions ... Billions ... Trillions ... !!!!!!!?!!!!!!!  
THINK It Through ..................  
If You Have THAT MUCH ... !!!  
While Others Have ... NONE ... !!!!!!!  
How Much Freedom Will Your Cash Give YOU ... ?!!!?  
A HUGE Estate ... Behind LOCKED GATES ... !!!!!  
With Cameras Placed ... ALL OVER The Place ... !!!?!!!  
" Okay, that's great ! "  
" Don't think so mate !!! "  
BIG Cash Nice PAD But What Do You Have ... ?!!!?  
A Load of Rooms You ... BARELY Use ... ?!!!?  
And Then There's ... BILLS ... !!!  
You Gonna NEED Those Mills ... !!!    
If You LUST For A Life of MILLIONAIRE Types ...  
You May Just Find Yourself SURPRISED ...  
By What It's Like To ... Be Like MIKE ... !!!!!  
So Many Minds Are Now Inclined ...  
To Think of Things Like ... Being Rich ... !!!!!  
That Cash Now DRIVES Their Thoughts On LIFE ... !???!  
But Then Of Course ...  
Some Minds Aren't Fraught With GREED FILLED Thoughts ...  
Some Minds Are Lined With ... SO MUCH MORE ... !!!!!  
Minds Like MINE Are FILLED With Rhymes ...  
Designed And Primed To Spread Insight ....    
About Our Lives Through Words We Write ...  
Others Choose Creative Moves of Different Types ...  
To Shed Some Light On Things Some Hide From Public Sight ... !!!  
While Some Heads THINK About DEEP Things ... !!!  
But You'd Only Know If You Get CLOSE ... !!!  
And OPEN Doors That Allow For Talk RESISTING Jokes ... !!!  
These Days I Find Myself Surprised ....  
By What's INSIDE Some Peoples' Minds ... !!!  
Old And Young Now Leave Me STUNNED ... !!!!!!  
By How They Think About ... How We Live ...  
DEEP THINKERS Tend To Have Faced TOUGH TESTS ...    
That Have Led To STRESS FILLING Up Their Heads ... !!!!    
And Are Usually Seen As Being ... UNIQUE ...  
Cos' of How They Speak And Seem To BE ...  
Thought Waves TOO DEEP For Sheep Filled Cliques ...  
Whose Minds RETREAT From Being ..... " FREE  " ...... !!!  
Some Are FEARED And Seen As WEIRD ... !?!  
Because of Thoughts ...  
That Prove The FORCE Is STRONG WITH THEM ...  
Because of Depth That FUELS Their STRENGTH ... !!!  
Like Yoda And His Jedi Friends ... !!!  
People Like THESE Are Who I Seek ... !!!  
Flavas' SWEET But STRONG Like Beats ...  
That FILL The Streets Like SYMPHONIES ... !!!!!  
I'm A Jedi Knight of A DIFFERENT Type ... !!!!!  
The Type Who Writes ...  
What's In My Heart And In My Mind ...  
My Views Are STARK Like REALITY'S BITE ... !!!!!  
But Now I'm Back To The Very Start ... !!!!!  
If You Take The Time You May Just Find ...    
That What Resides In Peoples' Minds ...  
May Well Leave You ....  
........ TRULY ........  
.... " SURPRISED " .... !!!!!
People are indeed, full of surprises !!!
colette alexia Jan 2020
I'm learning a lot
Finding out what it means to be loved
I'm confused because it's not by the person I thought
But I'm trusting that even when I'm surprised, You're not
It was exhausting praying for someone who wasn't there
Made more difficult by the fact that he didn't care
Paid attention just too days too late
After I waited two years for that date
Nothing you do is pointless
But honestly I'm still figuring out what the point was
Pushing me to step out in faith
Not for an outcome or for the hell of the chase
But to realize giving you my heart is never a waste
Because what I actually wanted hadn't yet entered the page
And the man for me to love was really two years away
I'm thankful I didn't give anyone else that part to play
I'm thankful that you helped me to wait
I think you were teaching me to trust my doubt
But to never let it outweigh my faith
You gave me a discerning mind as a tool not a weight
And a hear that can dream and doesn't like to play it safe
So once again, I surrender my heart
Putting it in your hands to love you'll have me love
Because I've learned that though it can me painful at times
You never disappoint
Juno Aug 2019
I don’t want to.
But I’ll give it a chance,
In case it surprises me.
Kewayne Wadley Apr 2019
This is so unexpected
What ever you are serving I am eating.
A steak fillet served soft, with the taste of your lips.
Green and red peppers seared hot,
Over open flame.
A special marinade blend, severed with wine.
I'm sure the first bite will melt in my mouth.
Grabbing knife and fork.
The juices filling my mouth, as succulent as you.
Crossing my mind with every bite.
Imagining you on the other end
Filling my mouth.
Unexpected that you'd call.
Are you more surprised that I picked up.
What ever you want to do.
What ever you are serving, I am eating.
Long as I'm with you
Shadow Dragon Aug 2018
You left me in the dark
just for me to know
I was in the shadow too.

After all I'm not surprised
I recognize
you must carry on.

Now that the thunder starts
I might let you know
that you could have done better.

I said things I shouldn't
and didn't say other things
that I should have.

I don't know if I feel relieved
or sad in a way that makes me
go to the heartbreak hotel.
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