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Karijinbba Mar 2020
In accepting anything
life has given me,
I accepted everything whatever life gave me and might still be given,
in good faith again I shall receive.
For I've learned in strife
along the treacherous road taken
and in much lack
"We cannot have what we want to but whatever is given to us."

And I can sincerely say
I received abundant treasures timely in the spring time of my love life as
meeting you changed my world.

Untimely unintentionally unknowingly later on lost
When the lost was found
it was Mother's Day
a revolving door suddenly opened up!
rendering all treasures lost
be found
but only if I spoke within the window of time openning.

I being in shock was mute
Mother's Day to do it was dire
to me cruel to rejoice or win
let along marry to change my life and Earth
I didn't change powers between rich joining marrying poor
So 25 years later
this virulent pandemic
intimately affects me deeply so.
as change arrived for all Earth!
How am I to blame?
The giver liver of my loots was
a chronological genius
failing to see I was made
by many a foe
fated to become a chronological disaster of another kind
amnesia played a roll extreme pain both physical and psychological clutter foes
very easy to cure
with just one hug and many questions not rendered.
I needed protection
understanding trust.

He and his antorage left me behind instead of fixing
my ill fated failures
and still my beloved King
for all the bittersweet blessings and all evils entwined crushed
with his presence alone
couldn't close the gap.

but love is many a blessing many a spender thing
all effort understood a healing
medicine became
I sincerely remain
ever thankful
ever greateful ever healed
to have loved and lost
lost found again and again
to regain sanity amidst
a hellish world too early thrown
by the evil in bad people's hearts.

And truly feeling ever so blessed
ever honored rebuilt in so many ways recovered amnesia
my mind became fortress
by one man with wisdom and foresight to bet on my future
that I choose life
even death protects me now
Cimi is me and Etchnab knife
is a gift from birth by my Aztec -Mayan calendars saving me cutting pain of ice and fire
as it arrives and I transform.

Although my beloved moved on
he read my story poem being truth
as better then wisdom
my old true love understands
my long un-requited love
was once for too long
his very own

I forever love the man who ransomed me on Mother's Day
for we share one soul
one heart one single thought...

..twin souls just forsaking flame.

If God blessed me many a time after I had fallen out of grace and trust
in the undeserved hells of my life.
gone wrong
in so.many ways my lord will bless me all over again and again
George Krokos Mar 2020
Be brave oh my soul,
be very diligent and brave,
draw on the strength and intelligence
that the Lord God to you gave.
Written a few years ago.
Poetic T Feb 2020
We ghetto rich,
         I'm a Primark star..

I got every piece of original

    Pri‚Ķ and I've neve bee
marked down in price,

I'm  beautiful....

No need for rich chick flicks..

I own what I got, make the most

         of what I'm given.

Beauty isn't what you got,

                 its what you do with it,

Never looking down always forward.

Because I make the most of what I have,

you work hard, we make do..

   I'm Pre-fabulous...

And its not what you wear,

                       but how you wear it.
My heart was broken
Who could repair it

Everyone looks in
Saying hard vision
It can't be fixed

As the sight was in
Digging at deepest
And it was the smartest

When they asked
Where she must

My heart said
She let her sight
And leave me
If she could return
Or took what she had
she saw me with her brilliant eyes and let me ill. she travelled. may she take a remark or pay attention
Katie Nov 2019
Words clumping deep in my throat
The words we promised to write together
Lost out at sea among driftwood afloat
Upon the regrets of our severed tether
A single sentence or perhaps just a word
Makes that invisible line betwixt life
And the violent death delivered on a sword
That I delivered your heart on a bleeding knife
But to dwell on that need for forgiveness
Has silenced my voice and left me falling
Deep into the black that remains of our kiss
That held the severed ropes once mooring
The fleet of our souls aloft in a sky
Littered with lanterns and stars
And I can't help but let out a cry
To reach Venus, Mercury and Mars
That I live afloat our shining allegory
Everything I do

For our Winter Story
Leap into the future with a scream of feeling
KHY Oct 2019
I'm glad I was given what I got
I am so lucky this time around
being born to peace
I know I have always been very fortunate. But we will always find misfortune no matter where we start... it all depends on how we look at it, and what we do with it.
A M Ryder Apr 2019
Bagging groceries has given me
A strange window into people's lives

I stuff their secrets into a paper sack
And I tell them to have a good day

But I'm not sure they do
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