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Isn’t it sad?
That a rose is born to be killed,
then given

On this earth
to experience the beauty of life
Only for a short time.
For the sake of a smile.
Like the rose’s life.

“Isn’t that how everything is?”



          Does it have to be?
We shall make
A recourse to the gun,
If for election we run
Devoid of ideas,
Sell which we can,
We could hardly win
The heart of a single fan.

Also labelled
And narrow nationalists"
They can
Put on us a ban
So that sinks on us
The Sun.

Climbing into
A political ivory tower
Is not for us,
Let us beat
The drum of war
To garner
And to monger to power.
recalcitrant, retrogressive, detractors,mongers,war
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Laying In the arms of the
one you love magical moments, Oh how wish every one those memorable
If somehow could have
made them last longer
especially now she's no longer with
So much more time could
I have given Helen If only
seen what lay ahead, so
sad there Is no going back to
put things right, no second chances
So much more time I would have Helen If Only I'd seen what lay ahead
Isaac Nov 2018
Today is all you have.
It starts again every day.
This reality the world you are given,
Here for you to play.
You are inside your body,
With this world all around you.
So don't let other bodies
Keep you from living how you want to.
Written 16 November 2018
Saphira Rose Nov 2018
I've given my heart to the one that I love.
I've given my joy that I do not have.
I've given the child inside of me the dream that I've always wanted to be.
I've given the dark my life, and I have given my friends a fake light.
It was not given in order to give, but in order to impress the mindless
Why fret, *** had the answer all along.
***'s ways are definitely not our ways.
Isaac Oct 2018
You could die today or tomorrow.
The chance is real no matter the sorrow.
Have you given out to the point of peace,
Knowing very well your own life will cease?
Your eyes that read and ears that listen
Will one day have fulfilled their mission.
But you don't know that hour or time.
All you know is that you cannot rewind.
The freedom is in what you say and do
Inside this moment that forever is new.
Your breath is running out, so don't be shy.
Love people, for that is what never runs dry.
Written 31 October 2018
Amanda Oct 2018
I have finally given up on you
It hurts me more than you think it does
No point in looking backwards
I tried everything to save our love
It takes two trying for love to work
Brooke Andolino Aug 2018
you were always a big part of my life
some would go as far as to say
you were my life

i was a “school friend” but you
you were my everything
my forever and always

you never ever wanted to hangout
so what did i do
i dreamt we did

it was a good couple of months
i was content
but then you left

i saw you in my dreams
the only place
you would talk to me
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