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Wary Oct 3
After his exit from my heart and my life
No contact no text nothing from his side
Suddenly met him after so long
My heart skipped a beat when I hugged him a long
My hands trembled when I held his hand and looked into his eyes
I got frozen when I looked him just tears rolled down from my moist eyes
Heart asked; so what did you come back with
I replied; his fragrance in me
#his fragrance in me always remember me of him
Chelsea Rae Sep 13
I don't know if I stopped writing
Because I wanted to make sure you
Never saw the deepest parts of me Ever Again
If it's because you broke me
So badly.
So deeply,
That it ripped out the deepest parts of me altogether.
You ruined me and you know who you are if you're pathetic *** is still stalking me from the shadows.
I didn’t think that you were something
I could grow out of
But our love
Doesn’t fit us
Natasha Jul 13
fingertips against sore muscles
constellations on skin

star embedded irises reflect
a universe within.

stardust & moons cusp
varied stages of wax & wane

limitless yet weighted heavy
upon my orbital plane.

try as I might, I can't ignore
as planets grow closer

and comets soar

the parallel gravitation
I've tried so hard to ignore.
YusufKudsi Feb 23
We can’t be friends anymore,
When you are in my mind,
All the time.
When I keep thinking about,
Your eyes and smile.
Thinking about,
The home we will never have,
And the kids we will never raise,
Do you think of me when,
The darkness closes in,
And the stars shine out.
Just give me a sign before my heart dies like the sun at night.
The worst part is
It wasn't the distance
No matter how many times I'd visit
You still felt like something was missing
What you were convinced that I couldn't give you

I had to shut that door
So you would go find what you're looking for
So you'd stop telling me you're going to make it work
'Cause after three months babe I don't believe you anymore
Gi Nov 2019
Written is my life
Unwritten is my knife
Rewritten is my strife
Amanda Dec 2019
Do you even like me anymore?
Do you love as much as before?
You can love someone and not like them
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