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Lucid Feb 8
when you're driving
do you ever wonder about the layers
between you and that tree?
Lovely Feb 6
They say, "Don't you dare. Don't you go there, cutting off your long hair. You do as you're told".
They say, "Go put on some makeup. This is a phase you're gonna outgrow. You're gonna quit this show".
They say, "What stress? You'll be fine. Now, go put on your best dress and heals."
They say, "Wipe those tears. We don't have time to go over all your fears. Can't you see, we don't care?".
They say, "You're so good at letting us down. You're the family clown. Why don't you go drown yourself out of our lives?".
I say, "I'm gonna buy a bottle of the best champagne. I'm gonna raise a glass in your names. And I'm gonna cry if I want to. It's my party without you. Here's to all the pain".
I don't need any of you anymore.
Bullet Jan 28
I don’t miss you anymore I miss the comfort I’m so lonely I’ve forgotten how to sleep when no ones there anymore you’re gone but I’m alone I’m not even sure if I should write *for now
Lynnia Dec 2018
I can’t do this anymore
Walk away and shut that door
Constriction’s my conviction, I’m on a stage
Act the part and turn the page
Too stuck, under fumbling fingers I lay
Eyes to heaven, loudly pray
Send me an angel, send me a line
Grasping the truth, not another “I’m fine”
So I shrink away; I hide in fear
My shadow sheds her silver tears
I bleed these words on my bedroom floor,
For I can’t do this anymore.
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
Someone I know
today he is no more.

Sudden cancer was still
chasing him moments ago.
Can it trace him anymore?
astraea Dec 2018
if my life was all but a dream
it would be all but your dream,
your sweet melody-
soft piano keys and longing
they hit distant shores,
your shores

cold beaches
and colder nights,
warm fields,
warmer bodies close together
-that was our dream

but we-
we don’t dream anymore,
cold nights don’t become warm ones anymore,
i didn’t want to be with you anymore

i still write songs
they’re still for you,
they’re still dreams in my head,
taking your hand,
your shores in my head

if i love you was a promise
to you,
i love you was a dream,
for me,
it was only just a dream

but we-
we don’t dream anymore,
cold nights don’t become warm ones anymore,
i didn’t want to be with you anymore

but we-
we don’t dream anymore,
cold nights don’t become warm ones anymore,
i didn’t want to be with you anymore

i didn’t want to be with you anymore
(if my life was all but a dream)

cold nights aren’t so cold anymore
(it would be all but your dream)

we don’t dream anymore
(that wasn’t our dream anymore)
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Early morning  go for a coffee
write a  poem or two, get some
Inspiration, by people,watching
as they pass me on
Then It's back home by midday
to feed the cat put the washing
the machine on then off to sleep I
Wake again 5 pm write some
poems with the tv In the back
ground not really
Then It's medication time take
tablets write a few more poems
then It's off to bed I go a typical
day since my wife has
A typical day now that My beloved has passed don't really feel like doing anything anymore but write my poems
polka Nov 2018
He walked along my path.
He wasn't expected.
A variable I had never calculated.
His heavy, confident footsteps shifted the sands of my mind
And I find that not everything makes sense anymore.
I'm always covered in blood.
Sometimes it's mine. Sometimes it's not.
But he makes me feel alright about it.
All the time.

He stood in my way.
I had seen him around before.
I had never thought to speak to him, until then.
His precise, light footsteps left a mark in the mud of my mind
And I'm left surprised, shocked, uncomprehending.
He's always covered in blood.
He concerns me, scares me,
But he has a twinkle about him that leaves me wanting more.
And so I took it.
this b about a short story i wrote with a friend ****
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