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All this "love"
Is crushing me
Was supposed to post two days ago but this website is a disaster.
acacia Oct 8
let me bask in your light,for you are higher than me right now, since we are from the same light, but today and all of my years before, you shine heavenly, you shine brightly
you beam this all encompassing cacophony of electric blue and sense-depriving white;
and i want to be this,
i pray to you for you are above me and you give me this light
i pray to you, my baby boy, for you are my guide and my love, please know I am your Mary
i pray to you because you are a close source of divine light, a close river of pure water, and i am experiencing the same divinity you encompass every time i meditate on you,
the same hydration you receive from the elixir of knowledge every time i meditate on you and the origins we share
every time i cry tears of overwhelming joy,
each time i join myself with the capacity of linearity and am on the edge of the coarse shores of Boundary and Limit, I can step my foot inside the ocean to feel the water, I will not grab or kick the water, I will immerse myself in the water,
I will be in the water

we are no buoys in the water; to not be the anchor and sink in the water, but do dissolve us farther from matter—now us, the drops, become indistinguishable from the sea
rough draft and a one take, didn’t edit really

just wrote... man really is closer to god when he faces the sea...
Seanathon Oct 3
They aren't just standing there
Breathing in and out your air

They are standing at the very spot
Seeing with the same clear eyes

And feeling that which you once did
The breath, the silence, the reply
Part want, part passionate distaste for it. Sharing as such.
Van Xuan Sep 26
Late night talks
Unplanned road trips
Number one supporter
Enjoying our mutual relationship
Yes Mutual relationship
Nothing more
Nothing less
The only thing that is true between us
That we are just friends
Foreign places,
Foreign faces,
With nothing,
   And no one to lose...

And not a second's grief gain'd but with my own anxieties.

Just a moment's notice is all it takes to turn a moment's motives from having a good time to just getting away.

Spare me the sickness of my socialities,
Stare into my petrified eyes and fill them with tears,

If nothing else,
But just to displace my fears.

~Robert van Lingen
i just want to smile
Seanathon Sep 16
I cannot pull a star out of the night sky for you
But I can
With an uncupped hand
Coax every living firefly alive
To glow for you
OG title was going to be - Just To Make You Smile
Seanathon Sep 16
I could euphorically find and dive into a pleasure yet know by this good man, goodnight. But I won't.  

I could buy myself tastefully, everything I could ever want in this life, and be perfectly lost for but a second. I know.

I could kindle an old flame, stoking it bright, though all that would do is just burn us both.

I could go out, be seen, eat my fill or hide. And in pretending so know that no one else does.

I could try every old well-known thing under the sky and be unimpressed. I think.

Because the only thing that turns "I" away and doesn't circle back to "Me" is belief. Just belief.
Just Belief

If only...

if only,

if only,

if only.

But it's always

more than just that.

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