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I am silent
You thought
Short of words
I can coin
New ones
If dictionaries
Fail to offer
Appropriate ones
Scholars would
Write their theses
Finding the origin
All would
Come to
One conclusion
The author
Of their legitimacy
Wished to spare
Kyle Sep 28
Just let your tears fall down;
And infused the warmth,
Into the prison in your heart.
Free yourself and never drown.
Ces Sep 24


Tint Sep 20
It sat upon a wooden piece
the cushion there is none
ate with silverware
but just bare hands
and tasted wine
of the lower class
a canopy is where it slept
in a blancket made of scrap

it shed a tear
thinking of why
the only rich it has
is a black device
that had the world
which has the love
and a million thoughts
of what could've

It wants to hide
beneath these scar
cursing the clouds
for being hatched
in a world in where
A star is bright
but it is just dust
and nothing much.
Just dust
August Sep 1
yeah, it's pretty selfish of
to leave me behind without saying
one word
to ease my mind.
and, if you were to come back,
i don't think you have a place here.
because you are not the person i loved.
Mrs Anybody Aug 3
just once
i want to be
the one

just once
i want
someone's eyes
to light up
when they
talk about me

just once
i want
my feelings
to be
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Invisible the sting
Stinging the pain
Pained by the misery
Miserable they remain
Invisible thoughts!
Keys speak letters but not words
And sentences don’t make paragraphs but full stops end.
Stanzas stall and commas halt, but
Sometimes there’s just nothing to say.
But sometimes nothing blurts everything
And everything sometimes says nothing at all
Because that ampersand always sits there
But never leads to a paragraph
Or a verse
Or anything
Because every time. There’s just nothing to say.
Ainsley Jun 27
Just a second is enough
For a person to hate someone
Just a word is enough
To break a heart
Just a fight or a misunderstanding is enough
For a bond to break
Just a minute is enough
For a loved one to fade
But only some wonder
That these justs
Always snatched
A loving heart's must
thought about it...
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