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Skywlkr 10h
So Many Say that they are There
But I Look Close at the Masks they Wear,
Insignificant feelings They Must Bare,
I See Pretty Clear you Really Don't Care,
Its Noticed in Your Stare a Very Strong Glare,
Why say I can Talk to You Our Conversations seem Few Sorry if I Make you Feel Blue......
Shouldn't Offer If  you Won't Bother.
To be Ignored Makes it Harder,
My Words you Don't Have to Harbour just don't say your There When Your Always Nowhere.
I'd Rather I Have No One to Speak With if I Make You Feel so Negative.
What's Worse is leaving Someone Lingering After Saying
"Anytime Just Give Me A Ring"
For This is how Liers Sing Saying they'll Strengthen Your Wing,
Then Strike You with a Sting,
So all I Can Say Is I'm Ok Keep Your Support For Anougher Day,,,,,,,
How many people listen to so many saying this or that but then when comes down to it u still on your own an no one understands or really gives a ****... Well......... Kool
"Can I kiss you?" You mumbled catching me off guard,
"What?" I asked thinking I heard you wrong, You laughed and turned away but I grabbed your arm.
"Come here," I whispered and you leaned in, our lips connecting perfectly.
We both laughed and pushed against each other.
We did this for twenty minutes before the bell rang, "We should get to class."

You pulled me into you, "Just friends?" You whispered against my ear. I nodded and whispered back,

"Just friends."

Because neither of us want to believe we are both teenagers madly in love.
skye 4d
it's sad to know that
there are people who
only hungers justice
when they need to
have a taste of it
we don't live to save ourselves but to save our kind from all the bad things that happen in life

we should be helping one another
Never again to be but only now In dreams when I sleep at night carried away by a river to where all my dreams do flow that wash away reality

Just go with the flow of to where my dreams do go whilst I'm asleep at night further and further away from reality

I travel my river of dreams
to a time and a place to where all dreams do flow
to one day upon the morning light

I shall not return to awaken from my dreams for I will have reached the place the the source
of to where the river of dreams does
Just strange thought In my head I've written down and created a poem such Is the beauty of words
Present day society can break my spirit but It can't  take away the freedom of my mind to able to live free there for there I'm untouchable and no one can touch

Though my wife Helen sadly gone but It to there where I keep her In my mind safely lock away from prying eyes
It Is only I that can look upon Helen beauty In my dreams and fantasies of

No one touches me but Helen
she's always been the only one for me In that no one else could, true love lasting love and through memory still my love for her will never die to strong was our love for each other as It was In life so shall It be In

Love cannot be destroyed but just gets stronger with the passing of time, for true love will go on for ever life come and life will go but love will continue on floating around out there we can't see It but Its there just waiting to be found
Love never dies but get stronger by the passing of time love Is the most powerful thing In the universe Its what keep us together
Silas 5d
An island; who are we?
We can see exactly what we want to be.

We work, we thrive, we sing, we dance  
Though we may never get a fair a chance

An island; who are we?
We live on a small land in the vast blue sea
Where we catch crab and fish for you and me,
And rock happily for this is exactly what we want to be.
My third poem yay
Bohemian Feb 14
If a needle was to be put in my capillaries to forget you
I'd been a walking void.
If each time I thought about you could grow my hair by an inch,
I'd been the Tangle you read about.
If changing wrappers of my skin had not worked,
Could change my skin and bones.
If you were on the moon
I cloud study turning all upside down to be an astronaut.
Had my heart not recited your name,
My sleeves hadn't been upto this stretch.
If I could have a job of making you happy,
You would been immortal by now
If I were the Leonardo,
I had painted you smiling
Till eternity.
That went unseen ,yet prepared for your birthday ;just as silly as it sounds.
Sketcher Feb 15
I miss the way you would quietly whisper into my ear, "No you", And then somehow or another we would be back to saying, "UwU", I miss the way Stauber would play when you wanted to kiss to Jack, I miss the way you melted onto me when I touched your bare back, I miss the way you broke the ice by tempting me with your face so close, By the close touch of your mouth and tongue and the slight rubbing of the nose, I miss the way we flop around the attic cause we're high and slacking, I miss the way you stop kissing me and then say sorry I have to go back in, I miss the way you said, "I like you" which turned into, "I love you", which makes me think this whole relationship is too good to be true, because you have the perfect personality and your face is just too cute, I sincerely hope we're soulmates and this whole things absolute.
Full of inside jokes. Made for one specific person.
Just a tear.
Oh, don't worry; it's just fear.
Only on the inside,
it's something much
more severe.
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