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Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2020
If love was not hard
It would not be rewarding
Trophies must be earned
It wouldn't be a prize if anyone could win it
John McCafferty Jan 2020
To declare an age
surrounding state
Aware of peat
the surf and deep green turf
It's sound as sage to know your worth
from formed experiences
Enlightenment is more than earned
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
A M Ryder Jun 2019
We did something today
That everyone said was impossible
We fought and clawed our way
Out of the abyss and into the promise land

And we did it not because
We became Champions again
But because we remembered
We always were

Today represents the rebirth
We rose from the ashes
And sometimes you have to come
To the brink of destruction
Before redemption can be truly earned
Sean Murray Mar 2018
Oh, how I love to fight the man
But so do all my biggest fans!
Birdies marching "tweet, tweet, tweet"
Resenting those who paved that street
mjad Sep 2017
My edges may be burned,
But I can set your whole life on fire,
And I will take everything that you have not earned.
Daisy Rae Jun 2017
Her messy ******* hair shows her hard work
Not in the gym, but in the classroom
Late nights and lots of energy drinks
She has goals, not dreams
Because she believes if she puts her mind to it
She can do anything
Her accomplishments are earned
And that should be worth something
She is hard-working.
Arcassin B Jul 2016
By Arcassin B & Olivia K

AB: As long as the earth turns , let auras fly into the abyss,
Just to get a hug or a kiss From a loved one,
OK: To find you waiting at the end of the world to carry me
through in a pastel pink rosebud,
AB: I feel the flames of Hades calling me ,but I
Woke when heard angelic presences,
OK: calling to me with ****** song, harps be strummed for all to hear, harp strings tug at heart strings,
AB: too much decadence for everyday people to comprehend on the
Bliss that is heaven cringed,
OK: Painted in raging scarlet, heaven vibrates simplistically, causing rolls of thunderous applause and so those rains fall, releasing the reins of horses wild,
AB: And while we lives wondering what have could be a historical moment, Flower grow like stallions flowing through the grass so surreal,
OK: and here we live in dreamlike skies as love be cultured as grown pearls before our sparkling eyes.
Together we ride the smiles we share, a surreal helter-skelter.
Known only as true love.
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