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Ken Pepiton Dec 2020
set the scene, you are old. As old as any one you ever knew.
Locked in

isolated for the incubation of whatever they
they, these
masked  others,
I see eyes only, like if Lone Ranger were inside out,
where his mask is, is eyes and their fleshy environs
to the edge of brows, still effectively
arching, one by one in some
models of these hoo-min…

whatever they swabbed in my gnose… is
Things morphevolverevolve and twist to catch a beam
slipping past the shades,

see, there
in your eye, I see, that mote be me, my self,
might I

extract my self and leave you wishing for more?
-- I got a techsupport call from a fading friend who forgot his pin, as if he knew,
I would remember all he has forgotten, we have a trust, he and I... I knew he would forget.
Flash Thunderson Aug 2020
I’m cold as ice, paradise.
& I’ll watch you walk out that door—
like so many women have done before.  
I finally found my voice—
do not think I didn’t have a choice.  

Your mediterranean skin
& your bronze tones.
Roman empress— this Celtic warrior pays allegiance to you no longer
— because I’ve finally become stronger.  
W/ my blue eyes, deep as the Atlantic,
& my long, wild hair—
blowing in the wind w/ out a care.  

You look like a fairy tale.  
Those inviting looks & your soft, supple lips.  
Your curves & your edges—
& those gorgeous goddess hips.  

But like any fairy tale,
it is nothing more than a dream.  
It’s empty, like the calories in ice cream.  
There is nothing there, because you don’t care
& I can’t bare that we lost our flair,
but I have to wonder—
was it ever even there?
mo Jul 2020
tis been quite a while since;
now that im back im at a loss
a loss for words, a little
clueless perhaps-- for some
reason i havent brought myself
to write til now. why now i
do not know. a calling-- no,
a brief revival, i say; a sudden
puff of air fought its way through
to the rusted innards of this
heaving engine… a momentary
spark, brief in its intensity but
eternal in that its light travels
ceaselessly; the legacy of a
blunt yet nevertheless discernable
moment of passion, barely visible
but somehow, just somehow, twas there.
Written July 5 2020. It's meant to address the fact that I haven't written a poem since last year (no joke).
Ileana Amara May 2020
where solitude and solace unite,
the painful past is viewed at my hind sight,
for which the present heals, the future becomes more bright
stay here for a while, it's alright to mourn and heal in the night.

Sharmila Juliet Feb 2020
While speaking in the
Silence I painted myself
Full of loneliness.
sunshine Dec 2019
couldn't explain it then

sure as hell can't explain it now

the million reasons why

the thousand excuses why

I'm always coming back to you
nevermind what
i said when
i was drunk

Ken Pepiton Nov 2019
Inter change able duet, imaginary song on imaginary
waves of old AM

Rain and country women
Mmmm there musta been a plan

I swear what rain does to country women
Had to have been planned
by a God lovin' country mind

Mmmm yeah musta been a plan

Rain and country women
Rain and country women
Rain and country women
Mmmm yeah musta been a plan
I swear what rain does to country women
Had to have been planned
by a God lovin' country mind
Slow, deep old
Grandpa voice, early in the mornin' song,
as the coffee comes t' life in the kitchen,
drip-rythmic, life-goes-on song

this next ok hummin and strummin the bax ok
harmonic soft

This song could go on and on since
it has
you know

Grandpa listened, sittin' on the porch
to the rhythm of the falling rain recalling
the chorus and the break

And Gramma told
my pretty city born bride about
MMM Hmmm right, that rainy night...

I swear what rain does to country women
Had to have been planned
by a God lovin' country man.

Grandpa looked at grandma,
and she winked.
Long ago memories of open mics on Broadway, all those first sung songs sung to girls they left behind. Nashville Broadway, a bit darker than the Gotham one.
Its been a while
I trusted someone with my heart
took me long to realized
that's happiness can disguise

what is good in lies?
they can be much better than truth sometimes...
what is good in goodbyes?
they can be the best action of letting a hidden crime...

this heart has been through so much more than you thought it could
but this won't be the last time, I'll love somebody again...
someone who deserves and I can share my life and love for good...
no matter if we fight as long as we can mend each other's pain...
happy to be back here, it's been a while and it felt good to finally be able to share my poems again... :)
sunshine Aug 2019
it takes me a while to admit
you're all i feel when i dream
it takes me a while to realize
you're all i've really wanted all along

and i know i've never been you're favourite
but trust me you've been mine
and i know another's on your mind
but trust me i can't get you off of mine

it takes me a while to focus
when you're standing right there
it takes me a while to breath
when you move in closer than before

and i know i'll never be the one
but trust me you'll be the perfect one
and i know someone else has your heart
but trust me you've had mine forever
i can't admit
but i won't lie
you're just trouble

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