Johnny walker Dec 2018
Could It be that life Is but a dream we've not awoken from yet
But If we do and this Is all true will we know It's been a dream
A dream a thought while passing the time of day
trf Dec 2018
love is gravity
& hearts plummet.
oxygen seizes
so why summit.
white flies lick
****** knees.
red skin burns
alcoholic pleas.

time is helium
& lies numb it.
suboxone eases
just for a moment.
marigold dyes
cowardice grips.
kudzu spreads
like raging fits.
tethered to the brink
lovestargirl Oct 2018
I gaped from the shock,
As I stare at your eyes, now,
How are we to know?

Now, wearing older faces,
Never thought we’d meet here.
Looks like a love story.

You looked at me,
Like you’ve never seen me this way before.
But, I look at you with a familiar glimmer.

I forced not to smile,
As I held both my cold hands,
And stood there with my sweaty feet.

I failed to remember words,
It ate me instead.
You glanced back, and bid your goodbye.

Somewhere long ago,
We’ll we know?
How’d it go, if this is still yours?

I’ll have to (let you) know.
Phi Kenzie Sep 2018
You're not in my class
neither are you
it's the right time
but something's off

Wrong room
wrong room

We swapped

I forgot
just roll with it
act like you belong
no one will notice

Everyone's noticed
leave before it's too late

Where am I supposed to be
caitlin Jul 2018
i preach about self love
when it’s something i lack
i tell you to hold on
when i’m not sure i can
i comfort your worries
while mine cloud over me
i encourage you to take care of yourself
while i struggle to stand
i teach you to love what you see in the mirror
while i can’t even look into mine
FunSlower Jul 2018
When Fire met Ice
time froze in the heat of the moment.

The clock can only click again
when the flames face the sun.

While the tide pulls tight,
wishing for an endless, silent night,
true flames can only burn bright for one.

Lights out, or sun over gun?
Melt me.
Reduction asper daylight hours to worship
will immediately arise after
     2018 North American orbital trip,
viz zits summer solstice (human primal
     solar deification) riding astride spaceship
Earth, albeit 6:07 Ante Meridiem

     Thursday June 21st noticeably slip
ping thru space beginning to harvest
     incremental darkness as Gaia rip
pulls across wrinkle in time
     daylight will undermine a loss,

     and over the next month approximately jip
ping United States kinsfolk, who revere El Sol  
     quotidian solar rays, by one hour
     and eight minutes (i.e. 4080 seconds),
     thence trumpeting seriously
     moonlighting re:

     getting down to brass tacks business - grip
ping a markedly steadfast advancement,
     whence August arrives (watch out),
     cuz cutthroat prime rate (zero APR) doth clip,
and clock about two minutes per diem,
     quite a substantial blip.
cait-cait Jun 2018
i want to be loved so bad--

but when does the
future become the present,

when will the
crying stop becoming
choking —

how will i forgive you
for wounds

forgive me,
i cannot love you
the way you love

i long to be whole again
I found this in the notes on my phone , dated September 17th 2017 at 1:00pm. It’s so ******* funny because this was literally my past self having a future vision of what I’m currently feeling and going through rn and writing it down as a poem. Time travel is real. original title was you want to know me but i cannot be known
Amy Duckworth May 2018
It all ends
In time
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