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A parachute in a
plane crash;
A lifeboat in a
An oxygen mask in
the void...

If you have it, share it.
Star soldier with the rocket arm,
you bleed silver, gold,
and product placement.

Smile big for the camera,
the media will sell its soul
for a new bankable face.

Party hardy, Heisman candidate,
******* your semi-steady's
sorority sister,
then ask to see her again
sometime after the **** kit.

It's quite alright,
so long as you have talent
beyond this hemisphere.
Why even the fatherland, ESPN,
will gladly call you "son."
Talia Jan 27
To you, their rights
are a minority priority

You're entitled, spoon fed
Gorged with greed
a coralling disease

a fence that protects you,

but a barbed wire noose
                           round their throats.

You're just another ring
in the chains of oppression
just needed to be said really. saddened by the inaction of humankind.
tried to play around a bit with formatting.
Talia Jan 27
Grass, truly greener
when one side's left to rot

But, then again  
that is exactly what you profit off
A world where it is easier for the white, straight, wealthy males to thrive. Where is the equality? Change needs to also come from them. Why don't more those who are privileged use this to their advantage?
I’ve been fighting, my whole life
As I see you enjoy your time
I can’t help to wonder
Of who you truly are

You know you’ve been playing life
On easy
While the rest of us try to fight our way
To the top
You’re out here looking to the bottom
As if you’re immune to the fall
Don’t worry it won’t hurt at all
The accuser works hard
But you need to work harder
And if you’re scared then remember
At least you won’t make it past the bottom  

“These days seem so dull”
Can’t say I can relate to your problem
Wondering of what you could be
I’m out here pinching pennies
Just to make it through the mourning

Let me hate you from afar
It’s what cowards do
Wishing you could join their misery
And marinate in hate
No one understands them
For only they have the right
To rule the world

Your struggles never mattered
It’s not what they focus on
They’ll keep on tossing and turning
Wishing they could be just you
But for now just enjoy your privilege
Before the tides turn
Life wasn’t always fair for them
But life wasn’t always fair to you too
Dom T Jan 15
It’s a privilege,
To be told just a part of your story.
You entered the room and my life.
You let me in with no holds barred.
You told me where it hurt,
And I was the one who truly listened.
You left, less encumbered,
And with a light to carry you
Through the darkness.
My door and my heart are open;
You’re welcome to return.
If the story needs a listener, I’m here.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
You never were the best at opening up wide
Preferring instead to trap weakness inside
To walk these thin lines between love and hate
You've mastered a particular gait
So that you don't trip over perplexity
Playing hopscotch to avoid injury
Limping from your phony pain
Past scars long healed
It seems like make-believe wounds are the only ones revealed
Recent crash in interest leads to exaggerated claims
Fishing for attention just a part of your games
Head over heels
My heart beats blood red
Pounding in fear that your devotion is dead
You said last time you checked your feelings had not faltered
But if that's true then tell me why your behavior has altered
You'd give anything to make me happy
Except your time
My expectations are steadily lowered while accusations climb
To go back to the beginning is my greatest desire
Embers are all that remain of a once raging fire
Wearing a pair of lacy ******* in hopes they will make you stare
But the sad reality is even that won't make you care
I know you never meant for things to end up the way they are
Neither one of us realized we would take extremes this far
Yeah back in our youth we were naive but strong
Over the years we succumbed to the current nudging us along
Never thought we'd see the day our dreams caved in and switched to doubt
Now your presence is a privilege I might have to live without
Here's a quick one from deep in the back of my mind
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
The greatest honor I have ever acheived
The privilege of carrying your heart received
Nicole Beahan Nov 2020
Privilege to some is a tiny white lie hid in an empty closet

Others accredit and acknowledge the privilege given to them

Its incomprehensible how color now receipts given privilege

Its unknown and biased who the specific one who gives such

power to whom.
Lewis Wyn Davies Sep 2020
Alfred Edward Housman wrote about this county from London,
we smoke pipes and drink pints to honour the scholar's story,
which can be checked out the library, former learning quarters
of an explorer named Charles Darwin, who sits in grey outside,
despite leaving town in adolescence, returning from Galapagos
to The Mount, where my parents met in mental health sickness,
gave life to an original species that theories would have hated,
like Robert Clive, who earned his knighthood by looting India,
cried in parliament, now we want his stage ousted, his house is
next to the cottage where I sleep restless because myself and
a few other Shropshire lads failed to escape, even after studying
centurion debates, athletic form and getting serenaded by greats,
where are the names of those who rose from minimum wage?
Poem #29 from my collection 'A Shropshire Grad'. This poem addresses the issues and themes in my collection most directly - namely, the class division.
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