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Marri 2d
Let me tell y’all something:
The white man don’t care about our suffering.
The privilege is too bright to see us.

The white man don’t care about us.
The white man wants to see us get shot,
The white man wants to see us wither and perish.

But who built America on their backs,
Bare handed, and
Whipped into submission?

We did.

We will take back America.
We will take back our streets,
Paved with the blood and tears of our people.
This is our America.

Not whitewashed and stained red with racism.

This is your America.
Where when we say, “Stop! Don’t shoot!”
You shoot anyways.

This is your America.
Where when we say, “I can’t breathe.“
You continue to suffocate us.

This is your America.
Where when we say, “Help.”
You continue to let us suffer.

This is your America.
Where the president calls us thugs,
And threatens to shoot us and our freedom.

This is not my America.

This is your America.
Where you shoot us for having cell phones.
Where you terrorize our sons and daughters.
Where you **** us for being black.

Who gonna protect us?
Not cops drunk on their own power and superiority.
Not the president blinded by racism.
Not our white “allies” who stand by and watch us burn.

But if we burn,
You burn with us.

If you **** us,
You die with us.

We tried peace,
We tried awareness,
But we always end up with violence.

We’re scared,
But who can blame us?

You’re killing us with your American Dream,
You’re murdering us with your American Dream,
You’re suffocating us with your American Dream.

This is your America—
Not mine.

We will take back America.
We will take back our freedom
Or we will die trying.
And that is the American Dream.
jules 2d
open your eyes
we're living in 
a colonized culture
built upon 
oppression and lies

this is
injustice faced
due to someone’s race
read it backwards.
Soni May 6
I wish to heal, not get burned again

I wish to not re-open my wounds,

But rather let old scars fade

I don’t want to be unhappy

I have the privilege of knowing where my happy place is

Alas, there I cannot go, here I must reside
sometimes our safe haven is temporarily closed, so where do i go?
Tyrone Ivan Mar 26
My hair touches my soft, huge pillow
And I tuck myself, thinking
Of the bright yellow egg to be prepared by our mother
The next morning
A mother scratches through her hair
Tangled with worries of where
Her husband has been,
To get the wages for eggs
She hopes will make in time for her six year old son
Eyes closed
With rumbling tummy,
Little Tommy, will you wake up to the bright
Yellow sun not only
Your eyes shall see
But shall touch you hopes?
Mansi Patel Mar 12
Why do you deserve what you have
And more?

While the man outside begging
For his life
Deserves what he has
And nothing more
Don't ask me how I've been
That's no longer your privilege
Don't try to care now when you couldn't care then
Don't start pulling at my heart unless you're ready to commit
It's too soon to be friends
Pecosa Mar 11
Cause we're not the lucky ones
With flower beds
We're not the lucky ones
Demons in our heads

Cause we're not the fortunate
Lying on silken sheets
We're not the fortunate
Never learned to sleep
Mansi Patel Feb 20
You stand there and laugh
At your pedestal  
As if you’re better than me
But are you?

We both come from dirt
And will be dirt.
n Feb 12
"life's just been so hard.
i was bullied in middle school for like, a month straight."

he tells me this. he looks right at me.

i remember when i was grabbed and thrown across the floor
i remember when i was screamed at for trying to walk away
i remember when i was forced. over and over again.
i remember the apathetic glaze over my parents' eyes.

i look right at him. "i'm so sorry. that sounds horrible."

he looks at me. "you wouldn't understand."
he gets a call from his dad, asking how he is, and if he's having fun.
privilege can be hard to measure but like...
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