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Cutezeni Jan 15
I just don’t feel like an equal
“Life’s not meant to be equal”, you say
then what is it?
I don’t feel above people either..
I don’t feel good in my skin either

“What’s in a name?”, you say
I say it’s everything
It puts me in a box without ever giving any opinions
Gives me privilege and takes it away
Burns down the bridge of equality that’s left to stay

What’s in the gender?
Nowadays people mix and match
Men wear makeup and women wear slacks
Men wear their hair down and women move in a buzz
Idk what the fuss is about?

“You think too much” you say
“You’re young and fine and attractive” you say
It’s not that deep that comedian is mad
He’s just trying to pay his rent
His jokes are just sad

But if things stirred the ***
And brought
About a feeling of resentment
In caste and name and female and the lack of
Privilege as they claim
Know that money talks
In all it’s fame

That you don’t need to earn respect
you have it tailor made
That you don’t need equality
Money can tower the gap of wealth and fortune and fame

But I claim:
Life’s not fair when you’re a female brown minority in a hateful society
Where it’s all about the name
Check your privilege, check your privilege as they suppose
I don’t have any I begrudgingly oppose

He triggered me and reminded me of my position
He meant no offence but I’m reminded of my face
That has no place in this society
Just a pretty girl
Wow so light her skin
So pretty her features
Until they know my name.
Nat Lipstadt Jan 8
The Privilege

rare s/he who contemplates the
painting that can only seen from
frame, looking to outside/from within

expelling words, expecting sounds
felling forest trees, a-seizing, but
listening, waving… hearing silence

For we mistake who’s the audience,
weare the audience,
we are

The Privileged

the Privilege
accepting your acceptance,
taking your listening,
listening to your taking

That This! was Granted,
you to us,
The Privilege,
for you gave us
to create

JAN 8 2023
thank you
for the privilege.
KM Hanslik Dec 2022
tell me you love me through gritted teeth
while your demons rattle in their cages
fresh blood trails in the snow
initiate more questions than answers

sometimes I think I have an epiphany
it’s really the voices laughing at me
sometimes they argue over a chorus of steel-and-bone
sometimes they offer up death in the form of hope

or my severed head on a silver platter
because taking the time to disguise a ****** is
a display of ill privilege
the wealthy need no cover-ups, no covert operations

and if you’re already well-sustained then where’s the personal risk
if you drive to close to the border in your bulletproof vest
and shout that everyone else should just calm down
as bullets rain upon them and enter their chests?

who’s the true enemy of life –
the hollow tin man,
or the murderer made of flesh?
xavier thomas Jan 2022
Privilege child
Actions foul
***** lifestyle
Poor decisions made as he smiles

Black home
Friends gone
Parents tired
Of him using folks, then disowns

Choices bad
Women mad
Memphis child
Lost the trust that he had

Spending cash
$100 stacks
Behavior uncontrolled
Finance is where his knowledge lacks

Lack of care
Pulling back each layer
The pain he hides
Someone come send a prayer

Man-child is grown
Leaving a trail of loans
Selfish son
Refuse to pay back what he owes

Stays equip
Snorting strips
High all the time
On cloud 9 taking another trip
Dear best friend. You will lose everyone, including me, if you continue down this path.
But I guess you could care less huh…
Sad you’ll lose everything you have between now & in the future.
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2021
Cold cold heart
Frozen plumage
Like a peacock
Her ladyship
In the campfire light
Skating about the pond
Of her own vanity

Bipolar Poet Nov 2021
Life is a Biscuit'
Where the privilege are born,
With cream in between:
While the rest have to work'
For their life's filling.
Francie Lynch Oct 2021
I don't have a problem
Sharing with my kids
All the privileges
I strove to achieve,
As long as they don't
Feel entitled to them.
Parva Vox Mar 2021
A parachute in a
plane crash;
A lifeboat in a
An oxygen mask in
the void...

If you have it, share it.
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