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I S A A C Jul 8
indite my insights
emotions caught in my windpipe
journaling makes it easier
label my pain a distinct kind
not a single tear shed when the king died
sinking into the riptide
giving myself some time
to grow, to show all my tremors
to know, Monroe, angel feathers
Some days feel my strength returning
Have hope I will be happy once more
But other days harder than ever
Heartache rippling through my core
Memories my bittersweet escape
Just wish things could be how they were before...
I just miss you mom
Zack Ripley Sep 2021
Some people can't understand.
Some people don't understand yet.
And some people refuse to understand.
But just like it's not your job
to prove people wrong,
the burden doesn't fall on you
to make them understand.
Focus on the people who do support you
and understand.
Because you should never have to defend
how you live your life.
Maniacal Escape Jul 2021
Enjoy the madness, its Mortemer's dance!
Swishing and turning its not wishy-washy,
Slashing and cutting the shapes! Oh lord the shapes!
Slicing and spinning then boom! Red confetti.
Look at him go in his marvelous trance!
Spinning and cutting the dance spins in circles as the audience cries 'now do the slip and slide!'
So he slides in real slow now he's in his mojo
He's feeling himself as he's breaking it down.
Its him and himself in his spotlight lit solo,
A pool of composure for his one final flourish;
A swish and a slit, moves never seen before.
The big grand finale and the crowd goes bananas!
There's roses on roses, they pile on the stage!
Mortemer's touched by such lovely affection from a crowd of individuals with no connection.
He'll lie on the stage and soak up the praise.
His roses smell sweet, and his roses are plenty.
Kairi Apr 2021
Some grow up to fly , some fly to grow ...
Påłpëbŕå Mar 2021
I don't know
where did I
go wrong
or lie
did you leave
and what made you
that I betrayed
when it was my life
I layed
for your eyes to see
that I'm not like any
but you were
like all
promising timers
while stopping our calls
happily choosing
a life without
my dullness my brokenness
my issues my doubts
you did not trust me
but you took me for someone
who wasn't tough
so I write this verse
last blessing last curse
4 years of
confusion and control
calculatitive goals
I tell you this
I don't miss
you or your bookshelf-self
untitled ice-cube bonds
or anything else
our talks our walks
our texts our interests
my dull your bright
your voice my fight
my guilt my pride
your scars you hide.
Zack Ripley Mar 2021
For some, the world is black, white, and gray.
For some, the world may be gay.
For some, it can be hard
To find a reason to stay.
For some, the world is big.
For others, it's small.
For some, the world has
a billion people.
And for others,
there aren't many people at all.
For some, faith and love for God
Can get them through the darkest days
Some have other ways to cope.
Whatever world you live in,
It's one and the same.
Your world, my world, the world,
They all exist on the same planet
With the same name:
Zack Ripley Jan 2021
Everyone is someone
In some way, shape, or form.
And everyone has been through hell
Or survived a storm.
Some made it out better than others.
Some didn't make it out at all.
Some were thanked for their bravery
By immortalizing their names on walls
But even if their names
Aren't on display for the world to see,
Everyone has someone
live in their hearts.
Even you and me.
There are some days
You should just be able to feel
It in the air
Today is one of them
there arent many days like this, so make sure not to waste it.
Riz Mack Oct 2020
charming, isn't she
that spider you decided
to sit down beside

she'll love you to death
spin you a glorious web
and leave you for dead
or maybe eat you
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