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Latifah Jan 7
On some days
You have to turn the music louder
Forget the world exists
Wear dark sunglasses
Ignore the voices
Keep moving forward
Don’t look back.
If someone is being kind and saying hi
You should at least have the decency to look them in the eye
Wud up is all I got... Some people man some people...
Nylee Dec 2018
Truth is relative
it shows too many faces
one for each one.

The truth is,
truth lies to some
and lies are true to some
Amanda Nov 2018
Some people see light in me
Fire inside that I don't see
Burning bulb of a spirit sweet
Expectations I fail to meet

Some people think I am great
Love the pieces I create
Only imperfections there
A decent work is oh-so-rare

Some people know the things that I have done
Battles fought but never won
Yet they love me despite my wrong
Believing it made me strong

Some people wish I would try
Push myself until I cry
They don't realize that I do
The fire in me just won't shine through

Some people see grief inside
One I so carefully hide
Because I understand but they don't see
Some people cannot be what you want them to be
Written 1/31/11
Valerie Nov 2018
some days the internet
feels like the equivalent of
walking into a room
full of people and
still feeling alone.
Fay Kim Nov 2018
There's a tightness in my chest as I gasp for air
Hugging my frame I wonder how these thoughts began.

How had my mind betrayed me so bitterly.

I feel as if somedays my vessel leaves me tied in bed in the morning, bringing me the stories of today when it returns tonight.


"Did I smile today?"

She smirks, running her hand through my stale hair.

"Yes," She whispers, slipping into the cold covers.  "Everyone believed it."

I hug her close despite the emptiness she brings me; trying to remember what it was like before she came.
Mission Impossible

Your mission should you choose to accept it?
May be tougher than total disease eradicated
Slower than abolition of third word poverty
No pinnacle as high as a career in true poetry

You will be deprived of all satellite navigation
Ostracised b friends n fair weather neighbours
Unarmed just words are your feeble protection
Your existence denied , should they ever get u

Let me warn you my brave poet friend
Take heed, you may think it no problem
Write all this free verse indeed w’ a vengeance
But once your outside defending fair maidens

Vanity n pride are left behind at your station
Your mind be clogged with a million quotations
This text , it destructs thru your own hesitation
Poet laureate you are not in my estimation.
Written by Philip. 1st November 2018.
A poem in free verse
Vexren4000 Nov 2018
Help a helper,
Help a *****,
Leaping logarithms,
Lost souls,
Never finding a meaning,
Some find it in a needle,
Some in a song sung showering,
Some in a silent night in the city,
Others in the debauchery of modernity,
Some find help, in the wrong places,
Some in the right world,
Some lose souls,
Praying for salvation.
And never finding it.
Chidera Abaratu Oct 2018
Thinking about it all
We come to realize that it was all nonsense
The 'love' promised by him   was just deceit and fake
He just lied to lure young and naive girls into his deadly trap
Deceiving them through fake love, lies and deception of words that don't come from the depths of his heart
But words that has already being rehearsed over and over again in his confined places, to his
He goes to some  ladies with these rehearsed words and make them fall for their tricks in order to reduce and use the ladies to nothing but their *** *****
But for ladies who know the tricks of men so well are considered as "The Wise Ones"  because they've understood the tricks of men so well that they themselves can never be tricked again by any man on earth
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