Jordan 1d
a vision of self I had
a dream if you say
more of the fusion
I sat there on a chair
my head not even bald
my hair hung shoulder neck
ear length
call me bob then
my aunt would trim cut
even my roots all around
precise cuts she swung in
my new cut was fabulous
I felt all the beauty of hair
just like high school again
the fusion
Focus your attention somewhen else.
The somewhom you remember
is gathered dusty on the shelf.

Some other time.
A phrase some good, mostly bad.
Focus on the times in which you  had.

Fuck it. Keep in time, in the then,
forget the now and the soon to be when.
Get lost. Fuck off.
Pout about it until you deign to sin.

Forget yourself.
Earn your regret.
Seanathon Jun 12
No soulmate exists
For a man such as this
No soulful hands grasping to find

For as long as such choice
Has been given unto us
Noone trusts souls enough ere to find
You see? There are many good choices and options in the sea.
Paz May 30
Some days I feel like giving up.
It's hard to face the sun.
Some days I don't wanna wakeup.
It's hard to not use that gun.
Some days I just wanna take the coward way out.
It's hard to just be me.
Some days I don't even know what I'm sad about.
It's hard to feel free.
Some days I'm just surrounded by the darkness.
It's hard not to fill my body with scars.
Some days my chest feels empty, like it's heartless.
It's hard, too hard.
Some days I feel like giving up and today is one of those days.
lovejunkie May 23
... back to you
a car of dust
i jump into

ღ ღ ღ

i drive to you sweetness
this sleepy night through
just meet me when i get there
and that's all you gotta do

i dream a house i built of whimsy
with these two hands not holding you
i dream of children
we didn't have
just a few more than a few

i dream of endless summer days
lemonade kisses holding you
i dream of dreams that never end...
i dream that somehow it was true

but sometimes dreams must end
mostly with tears when night is through
as we wake up to other lives
still secret thoughts always of you

ღ ღ ღ

i dream that i
could split in two...
i dream a highway
back to you

ღ ღ ღ
ღ ღ ღ
ღ ღ ღ


but now i've lost you both
as should've know that i would do
wish i could make up all amends
wish i'd had more of a clue

... and i can't go back again
though i still drive every night through
the only highway is ahead...
so goodbye my precious jewel
adieu mon cheri bijou

ღ ღ ღ

je t'aime gros
i love you lots

a story of boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy still loves girl, boy foolishly meets new girl, boy loves both girls, boy loses both girls. boy is wiser and moving on, but is full of near infinite regrets.

for anyone who made the horrific mistake of not falling out of love with someone before meeting someone new and falling in love with them... some say loving two people at the same time is impossible, but i'm proof that it is. and as usual in situations like this, loving two people at the same time inevitably means you end up losing both of them.

it is one of the harshest life lessons i've ever had to learn (and i've learned quite a few of those the hard way).

gillian welch - i dream a highway (back to you)
#marriage #breakup #regrets #lostdreams #newbeginnings
Hearts in love,
but sometimes in pain.
The sun will shine,
but there will be rain.

Some fruit so sweet,
but some can be bitter.
Sometimes you win,
yet sometimes a quitter.

Life shows promise,
but yet sadness.
You'll have love,
then it will vanish.

Some love is forever,
and it can be quite sweet.
Some can take awhile,
and some when you meet.

Love is a beautiful thing,
even if it can hurt.
You will always love,
and it will be in your heart.
Bee Apr 22
Love, a four-lettered word,
All of us have already heard.
Funny feeling deep in my stomach,
Makes me look like a big, old maniac.

Silly endearments makes me want to throw up,
Old couples sharing one drinking cup.
Ewww, what in the world?
Is this crazy little thing that's been always heard?

Until one day,
A light has peeked through the skies so gray.
Who knew a girl that so vain and mean,
Could become my sweet, lovely queen.

I won't be needing those fake smiles,
And that feeling of throwing up some bile.
I know what love is,
And the proof? It's sealed with a kiss.
Hi! This is my very 1st poem that I've shared to many and published at hellopoetry. Please don't hate at it, and excuse me for some  wrong grammar cause English is not my native language.
MA Montgomery Apr 18
you have the
to say that women are

when we see blood
month after month

you say we are too emotional
to hold office,
too fragile
to be independent,
too unpredictable,
to be on our own

but you forget
we are bulletproof.

you forget
we have stamina
and fire inside of us

because we are fighting
twice as hard
to be recognized
as the amazing,
successful people we are.

we are fighting
to be seen
as more
than our appearance,
to be valuable
because of our brains
instead of our boobs.

we are bulletproof.
I've been ogled too many times, and skipped because I am seen as less worthy to my male peers, and I'm angry and tired and I have to fight twice as hard when I am more qualified and ready to do a good job.
Lora H A Apr 4
My walls
               are falling.
My feelings are wandering.
For some reason,
I don't feel lost.
Atul Feb 21
I was born with a morose luck.

Awnings of my eyelids contain it,
Meaning to contain the deluge.

Love me not with anything restricting you,
Onto my future, you should move,
Not carrying the baggage of your past,
Genteel breezes of your breath, me they heal,
Into the future you must step with me,
Not worrying about negative things,
Guest you be mine and just accompany me.

Few to wait are more years,
Over the long and lanky,
Rosy and sunny days.

Yes, only your love saves me,
On the days of loneliness,
Under the wicked sky,
Rugged are otherwise my feelings.

Lost in the past is my sweetheart,
Ostensible is my love for you,
Veering away from it you are,
Expecting I am this exclusivity.
I am longing for your love

My HP Poem #1704
©Atul Kaushal
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