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Seanathon Sep 9
Some days you just feel
As man was not mean to be
Often times, it's just how a thought strikes me. The light in a certain way or whatever. It doesn't necessarily dictate the mood for the entire day. It's just a small, short, burst of poetic perceived truth.

DivineDao Aug 19

As Any
Storm Would

The Poems Irresistable

Floating, Transmitting
Light Laisure Fairs
Zephyrs of A
Green emerald grasses, blue heavenly sky up
The Cheerful Pallette  

Sunny Day

The Cheerful Company
:-) ~

Like a Really Wonderful
Our mutually

That Ones

Kids and Adults

Só much, so much
Wonderfully Beautiful

When they are not judged
When we experience the how truly miraculous sentiments
Can occur, Sometimes
When we take the ride
On the sunbeam brilliant
Un visible waves


Forgotten for a little fracture of Eternalspin-off the Time-Heals
With its un relentless Forces

Some where

Our pure hearts
And touch UsThrough

The Universal lEther
Such lovely feelings
Being Gracefully
For All the Love
Genuine laughter,
For All Those Adorable comic situations which allow
Human beings to share their naturally unspoiled nature, innocence and keeps us
Reminding we are all one
The Cosmic children, free of lust, mean deceitful intentions, enjoying This wonderful life

Keep your Ethics, The Truest moral Law and starry nights
Always whispering and singing a song of "We are The Stars"

No need to decode
This finenotsurely notrhymemetered
writing poema.

The massage is clear. Feel it again, you'll know what I mean.

We're all prone to succumb to the charm and allure of so many wonderful people, that we can easily forget about the feelings of or beloved ones.

Don' t do that to them. Ask first, then Dance!


" onlygodwilljudgeme"

Never be resentful, when Somebody
feels The Love and Longing Towards You, and yet,
Cannot be bought or even change
The inwardvoice of their conscious
Song of a Heart

We ain't got no need to be sold!
Johnny walker Jul 28
I received a message from
someone today that said I mention being dyslexic with the purpose of attention seeking
but they don't
The reason Its mentioned
Is because people try to help by correcting me but  I don't won't my mistake corrected
I'm not out to gain anything for
being on this site It purely for my late wife I want her to be remembered not me
It also hinted I use this site like a dating site which completely confused
me sure I met a friend here on site we text each day but she In America we'll never meet we are
just good
Some people need to get
a life stop making judgements on what hey don't know I love my wife
I think of Helen every second of every
It was also hinted I was looking for a replacement wife this really angered me my wife Helen was my one and only they don't
Johnny walker Jul 15
Some people say put grief aside walk away and leave
It all to yesterday but my
love for Helen
was far to
they don't understand what true love Is about that of a promise never to let go
stay faithful to
you don't walk away from a love for true love never end so you never let go and
you keep your
to your heart and hold on to all those dreams for other don't understand what
true love Is
Johnny walker Jun 29
For I've lived my life so far believing the best that can
no more do think I could have
done different to what I have always tried the best that I could to be
kund and
But If at the end of my days If that not considered to be enough well I
don't think
I could have done anymore so I say so be It I'll will just have to forget
a place In  
Johnny walker Jun 23
I remember so well when I was told Helen was dying only a matter of hours did she have as
back home to my now empty house paying she would still be here In the
I remember saying a prayer
saying Helen please don't go
I beg you don't leave me now I'm
afraid of life on my own
I don't think I can make It alone but somehow I'd found the strength through
Johnny walker Jun 21
I had a life a loverly wife It had seemed to me that miracles did happen as I thought they did for me but sometimes a heavy price Is paid
due to a miracal as It was for me for I didn't know It Helen and I were living on borrowed time borrowed through our miracal losing Helen eventually
was the
for our miracal we only had a short time but that of corse Helen and I didn't know and In a way I'm glad we didn't know for that would hurt to much if I had known I'd lose
Ambika Jois Jun 16
There are some
Who age too fast
To keep up
With the trend

There are some
Who say age
is nothing
But numbers

There are some
Who need numbers
To help them
Feel their worth

There are some
Whose numbers
Don't add up
Till the end

There are some
Then there are others...

There are some
Who like to wander
With thoughts
Loose in their minds

There are some
Who spend their lives
Thinking 'bout feelings
Of all kinds

There are some
Who believe that
It's too late to
Trust your heart

There are some
Who'll stand in your way
When they know
You'll make it safe

There are some
Then there are others...

There will always be
The one

There are some
Then there are others...
And there will always be
The one.
Was feeling a little blue a few days ago. Felt like it was too late to reach for my dreams. Felt like I was stuck in the same pickle for all my life. Someone told me it'll be told late. Heck, everyone has told me that. They told me it's too late to pursue to my dreams after a certain age. Something tells me if I'm stuck in this same pickle for all these years, I must still have a chance. If pickles last that long and time doesn't stop for that, then why would there be a limit for my possibilities?
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