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Zhaina Angelica Dec 2020
These unspoken words,
Has it really become absurd?
A declaration left unsaid,
Or is it something we both dread?

These hidden words yet to be known,
Concealed expression ought to be shown
Has it sparked a mutual connection?
Or this might just be a case of a one sided confession
a populist
president has
bygone his
chest where
chair was
owned by
Benjamin and
remanded federal
of Franklyn's
Forest that
acquitted fermentation
of law
in which
he die
of corvid-20
this year
of heaven
election year's federal campaigns
Lake Aug 2019
There's no shortcut in this game
I want to make a move, but every time I do
You come out of the blue, always so brand new
I guess I'm trying to keep it tame
I don't need to guess the weather
Cause the less I know the better

Second guessing all my doubts
How many strikes until I'm out
Am I the only one this patient
Are you sick of all this waiting

I love and hate your poker face
I won't say it right away
I wish I could read your mind
But I hope you can't read mine

I'll try and try again
But every now and then
I find it hard to tame myself
I can only blame myself
Lake Jul 2019
it's just another raincheck
just another delay
waiting for sunny days
it's just another raincheck
till the clouds go away
but they always seem to stay

how much longer can i wait
how much longer can you stay
another day is just another way
to say i'm not here today
missing out on what matters
just in case a storm gathers

i can't get out of here
until the weather's clear
an endless loop of waiting
being cooped up, delaying
nothing's ever changing
and it's still raining
Kieran Messer Apr 2019
Her hair is dyed green,
But my mind doesn't say
when we're locked together
in one another's warm embrace,
all my fears,
all my inhibitions,
they all melt away.
Wordsmith Jul 2018
It stifles more than stimulates,
Imprisons more than liberates,
Inhibits more than invigorates,
So why let it dominate..
Breon May 2018
Drawn deep on the seething alcohol sting
Of a summer-sweat mask made with every effort
Drinking down to the bottle's bottom.

On the way, we'll see a dozen devils in familiar faces,
Friendly smiles and devilish grins, temptations,
Invitations beckoning attention and so much more...

The heat washes down to lingering hands, to lips, to eyes,
Dragging them away from propriety, tangling their leashes,
Stripping away restraint, shattering will.
I'll have to revisit this, but if you'd like to workshop it, please - feel free.
Ejiogu Stanley May 2016
My obsession with her is such a clear menace
To serenity, hormones are all over the place
I see her fiery soul...
I see her fiery soul.
My intuition is battling all my inhibition
"Abort the mission", she's battling with her indecision
I see her fiery soul...
I see her fiery soul.
They say innocence lost is never retained
It's deeper than lust, it's pleasure and pain
My brain says I should slowly refrain, my heart tells me I can do it again
It's Fvckd up
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