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Chelsea Rae Apr 7
I turned my weights

into butterflies

And became so free and light

That I flew right along with them.
Letting go
HOPE Mar 5
Today I'm in awe
Like great miracles
Perfomed a decade ago
That left prophet Habakkuk in awe

Today I tremble down to my knees
Like the Israelites at the red sea
When seeing the impossibilities
Of the sea being divided

As I say goodbye to the roof
That became my umbrella
In the rainy days feeling cold
And gave me warmth

I say goodbye to the house
That became my refuge
And a hiding place
Still I called it Egypt

Goodbye to the place
That denied me peace
But left me in pieces
I couldn't even pace

Today blood
Become thin like water
New relations awaits us
Finally I call it home
Josephine Wilea Mar 2020
and now
all i can write
i can't even write
waves of
c h a o t i c p o e t r y
MSunspoken Sep 2020
Numbing chill
Amongst the gale
Ice cold breath
Trembling still
Heart be lost
Buried in snow
Tundras melt
Icebergs weep
Fingerlike rays
Warm on skin
Breath of life
Thaws a heart
Found by a beacon
Void Sep 2020
He's taken his time
Wasted his life
For three years
He kept running away
He ran every time

The past is catching up
And he can't run fast enough
So he falls into a pit
And he struggles to get up
Keara Marie Aug 2020
I write because it makes me feel like someone's listening.
Or am I finally listening to myself?
Zack Ripley Jul 2020
it's time to let myself go.
It's time to give up.
It's time to let everyone know
That I finally believe
That I'm worthy of love. Praise.
That I'm finally comfortable
in my own skin.
And if I can feel that way about myself
I have faith you can too.
It all starts by looking within.
Poetry is for the lost and the broken,
People like me and you, who come here to feel our emotion.
Poetry is for those who want to express our desire for the world in our hands...yet in a subtle way where someone can understand.
We think and write to publish for the world to hear, but are they truly listening?
Make a song, people will listen for the upbeat it brings,
Music & Poetry get along,
Because they are both ******* to our human souls,
Something we never seen or heard before, meant from the heart and expressed with passion.
We dance to the sounds of our emotion
We cry to the feeling of your emotion,
but when its over, we hang it on repeat, so we can continue to feel that emotion someone else makes us feel. How so much more relatable can it be,
that someone ordinary like you and me, can feel the exact same way?
We read each other's poetry and finally can feel through a strangers heart that we have never met before, because music & poetry truly get along.
Sweet symphonies of our heart waves connecting through a distance touched bring fourth an illusion love.
How we can all come together with our emotion through song and poetry.
Jay M Jun 2020
I'm dancing around
Like a ray of sunshine
Can't keep my feet on the ground
For some reason, this day is mine

Sudden bursts of energy
Suddenly, I feel so free
I smile in this anti-gravity
My work flowing through the air
Done with time and care
Finally paying off
Now nobody can scoff

Still, I have miles to travel before I sleep
No more shall I weep
For the battle isn't over yet
The stage is all set
So let my work tell the story
And bring me the greatly sought glory

So here I go
Figuring out the flux of numbers
Like the smooth stitch as I sew
Barely getting good slumbers
But through the late night hour
I have gained the knowledge and power
To proudly take and pass the test
Finally allowing me a decent nights rest

Rising early in the morning
Hurry, get it done, heed the warning
Send it into the air
Done with time and care
Do it right,
Win the fight

At the end of the day
I'll soon be able to go outside and say,
"I did it, I survived and passed my first year of high school."

- Jay M
June 2nd, 2020
I'm almost done with my first year of high school! Only 3 more days to turn in work, and 5 more school days to go. I've raised my grades, now I only need to make sure they stay that way for 3 days.

I'm happy about it, and I can't wait until it's over so I can finally say I made it through year one of high school.
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