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Shay Sep 20
Never once heard tears fill her father's eyes.
Rarity of reaction.
Bittersweet stupefaction.

Never once had she caused this satisfied expression
Joyful stab feeling.
Wounds slowly healing.

Crawled through life a failing disappointment.
Finally a delayed response of dad's delight.
Nada Syafira Sep 9
Fingers intertwined
Let me call you, mine
Of what's left from the past
Let us buried it all behind

Had I dreamt of days like this
Ones with the tenderest sun
One of the gentlest I can ponder on
Nothing less more's ahead,
You, what I may call
The truly one.
Zane Smith Sep 6
you tell me things
I don't need to know,
sure yeah I'm over him
but I don't care about
knowing him anymore.
I've finally let go
I moved on
I know you guys are like family,
but him and I aren't.
after so long he's out
of my head.
Please don't bring him back,
my energy won't
be taken by him
I made peace with our goodbye,
but that doesn't mean
I've fully healed
Keithlyne Aug 18
At one moment, i just saw myself smiling like there is no tomorrow.

Finally, you came into my life and you changed it into a beautiful one.

Little did i know, that it will be possible for me to find happiness within you.

Finally, you're part of my life and i know everything will be okay when i'm with you.

Unexpectedly, i didn't know that someone will make me the happiest like you do.

Finally, you answered the prayer that i always asking for.
Thank you, my favorite gemstone.
And sometimes,

she wishes that she'd finally be enough for someone.
But I'm not, and I guess that's the problem... isn't it?
Johnny walker Aug 12
Forever and always Helen and I would always say to each other think It got to point we thought we would for always be but you can't out  
live the passing of time It stand still for no man and certainly not me but we couldn't bare the thought of living without each  
having never been apart so we lived a life of pretence alright while It lasted but now I'm the one left
trying to with  
what we both believed would never happen but had  finally called  time on
Anastasia Aug 10
You hold me
No words necessary
A kiss
On the ear
A hand
Holding mine
How simple
It would be
To finally
Be happy
If only
You loved me
I feel you
Slipping away
I know you'll
Write back but
Will it be too late
Eating pecans
And thinking
Of your face
Wishing I
Could talk to you
But not sure
What to say
Idk man.
laura Jul 29
The time has finally come,
it feels like I've been waiting,
and waiting,
and waiting.
It's finally a time,
where I can forget about everything,
and just have fun.
My church camp that happens once a year is finally here. Best time of the year
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