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Sarah Oct 22
if i'm not falling i'm flying
if i'm not changing i'm dying

why can i only exist at extremes
instead of living in between?
this is really short but ya know. it is what it is i guess.
Cherisse May Sep 30
After several instances
of your arm accidentally brushing
against mine,
can I assume I finally like you?

Can I finally say that
you make my heart pump blood
faster than when I
go to the gym and workout?

Can I finally say that
you lift my mood up, as high as the heavens,
and make me write poems
as sweet as artificial sugar?

Can I finally say I like you
even when you don't like me too?
I am cringing but hey, look. a happy poem on top of all my depressed poems.

You make me write happy poems when I never got the courage to before.
Desyrae Sep 9
I dont miss you anymore
Thank you so much
Regan Sep 8
I have been attracted to you for a while
but didn’t think you felt the same.
but infact you might even like me more.
you think i’m beautiful and special indeed.
you’ve trapped me in your heart and blue eyes
you tell me you were to shy to tell me,
but i was too shy to tell you.
do you love me?
do I love you?
do you love me afterall?
you say things that make me blush.
and tell me what i want to hear.
you call me baby and your love.
things really did work out, didn’t they.
i finally get you and you get me.
i guess you love me after all.
thank you, you.
Diana Garcia Sep 6
I finally ******* get it
I need to know when to stop
I need to know when to focus
Enough of the smoke and mirrors
And all the hocus pocus
I’ve got to be preoccupied
To keep everything off my mind
What am I doing with my time?
Am I only a distraction
Instead of being the action
People wanna move
Standing still will make em snooze
Instead of being tight
I’ve never tried with all my might
Nobodies going to tell me what to do
If I expect it I’ll be *******
I cant let my **** be loose
Waking up is only the beginning
The rest of the day still needs some filling
My level needs to be higher
So I can gain and be desired
My brain had gone haywire
But I’ve finally fixed the wires
Finally some of my demons can retire
There are more moments when my head is clear now
Maybe I can finally get the standing ovation while I bow
I want to inspire
Be more than just admired
I want to truly be love
Tired of the when push comes to shove
I don’t want to fight anymore
There’s somebodies children I want to bore
What kind of mother would I be if I was just another chore
Desyrae Sep 5
And I think finally
I might be getting over you
I'm finally getting over you...
I'm done with you


it feels good to say

you broke my heart
and hurt my friend
you destroyed my self-image
but shattered yours as well
you ****** up
but ricochet and hit me instead

I'm done with you

now all I have to do is tell you...
A M Ryder Aug 21
Nature takes lovers back as if to create them a second time
Anyone deserted might be inspired; that fierce, soaring, object-less love
Perhaps the most ancient of sufferings finally grows fruitful for us
Isn't it time we lovingly freed ourselves from the beloved?
Jester Andre Aug 21
They finally learned how to love me;
I can now feel them care and worry;
And see them giving me attention—how merry!

Some gave me thanks, while some kept saying sorry;
Why do you aplogize, dear crony?
You never did anything faulty
Can't you see? I'm finally happy.

For I can now feel their love for me
As I lie in this coffin, lifeless, and devoid of any vitality;
One by one, they walked in just to see my body
Now I feel like a famous celebrity.

The corners of my lips curled up; smiling bitterly
Wanting to shout and scream so loudly
Why didn't you tell me those words that might have made me happy
When I was still living in this world full of negativity?

But I do know the answer, honestly;
For regret is stronger than any emotionality
Oh, look how much they regret their insensibility
As they lost me, yet learned to love me—finally.
Xaela San Aug 17
In the kingdom of royalties and nobles

We hid ourselves amongst the darkest corner

Avoiding such extravagant parties of fame and power,

Instead we found ourselves in each other's eyes

Though it was never as magical as those stories told

It left a sense of excitement in me,

But never did you know we will meet again

In the morning of intertwined fate

Inside the Kingdom we vow to serve till death

Together we rise our sword for the Kingdom we protect

Side by side as Knights we will fight till our last breath;

And how I wish to be with you even if the night comes

As the moonlight touches our bare skins tonight

Yet that would never happen for I will let you go now

This time I will serve my stand as the noble's daughter

And leave my sword in the Kingdom as a reminder of our history

And you will remain the Kingdom's right hand protector;

Finally this time our path stops to intertwined

As we now move forward, not looking back with our pride held high.
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