Gala Jun 23
Trying to act casual,
when you take my hand in yours.
You have done this a million times.
Yet this time my feelings come alive.

The pit in my stomach
slowly fills with butterflies,
and for the first time
it is not unwise.
Thank gd. Now. Move on....
Metatron, thanks for helping me out!
eli 2d
dear future self,
i hope you've finally learned to put yourself before other
that everyone isn't who they seem to be
and never to fall so hard for someone who'd never love you

i hope you learned that you don't need people who don't need you
to love yourself
and that you're important

i hope in the future you are the best you possible
Ricotta Jun 15

the flowing of the river
takes me away
from you


I will never love again
but for now this water is enough
I can let go, but I will never move on. Love you always.
Sara Kellie May 10
And in the silence that's often deafening, I hear my heart that still beats.
Reminding me of more pain to come, disguised as truths we are their lies.
After all these years there's no surprise.
Whispered softly into your ears, we are the makers of salty tears.
One day your heart, cold, blue and torn will cease to beat, when death is born.
Life's light will fade for one last time, up through the clouds your soul will climb.
A breeze from the graveyard whispers death but that's ok, I hold its hand.
A smile in the dark I understand, the effort you've shown, this was all planned.
Congratulations to you, my life is through.
Tired, so tired. Wondering if I have the right number. Waiting for it to be called.
Finally I know what I want.

And it’s you.

                              With love,
It’s always been you
Gage B Apr 23
My life resonates within the strings of A minor seventh
                                  A tone which gives me a purpose
                     And a chilling down my spine

As it echoes through my fingers
                          up my arms
                                           through my chest
                                                           ­  and into my heart
                                                I forget

At least, I really try to. It's been so long since I've touched a girl.
                                        I only remember
                                     how much I wanted
                         somebody to experience life with

How can you experience life
               with somebody whose life has already been
                              completely changed by people you've
                                                         never met?
                                     Each string pulls me in closer and closer
                          to complete each set of moves just as I lean in
                     and kiss you, ever so slightly.

                                           And the burning of
                         sensitive flesh, just as if it were the first time,
                             marks the fully fleshed out chord that rings
                         between our heartstrings until only the memory
                      of such a beautiful sound
                                             is left and
                                                     never forgotten.
Thank God I made it through such a tough time. I struggled and struggled within myself, and I pulled through. Of course, such is the same with other people my age and their relationships. Eh. I'm better now. I know now who's making the right choices, and who is left to blame.
Madeleine Apr 13
Six months later
I'm finally over
I hope it stays that way
With you
april w Apr 13
“If I didn’t force you to do it you wouldn’t have gotten these medals”
If you didn’t force me to do it I wouldn’t have gotten these medals

“These aren’t accomplishments”
These aren’t accomplishments

“You don’t have any accomplishments”
I don’t have any accomplishments

“If it weren’t for me, you would have nothing”
If it weren’t for you, I would have nothing

“You should thank me”
I should thank you


If you didn’t force me to do it, I wouldn’t have done it
But I did do it
And those medals are mine
My accomplishments
I don’t care if 4th place isn’t good enough for you
I don’t care if you don’t think they’re accomplishments
Because I know they are
They are mine
Not yours

And maybe I should thank you
For making me realize
I don’t need your approval

Maybe I should thank you
For making me realize
I was being brainwashed
To think I’m worthless

Because now I know
Timothy Mar 26
Walk these steps by yourself, not because you are alone.
          But,Because you are strong.
Live to tell your tales, not for you to have a legacy.
          But for inspiration among others
Put your heart on your sleeve, not because you are infatuated and anxious with the thought of love.
          But, Because you gave yourself permission to fall in love.

Break a piece of you for everyone to feast, not because you desire for the broken people to stop wincing, but for the sole reason of giving without receiving

Finally, say “I love you” to the people who you care about the most, not because, oneday they will never be around. Because they are already there.
poetry became heavy to me. I no longer see it as a source of entertainment... I see it as a long text of depression...

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