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Raga May 16
I know not every knitty, chubby white skinned,
curly bird nested messy haired girl with
a cute piglet like face is you
I still catch up with everyone of them just to make sure
I don't miss you once again.
I lost my loved one. Never make the one you love feel alone especially when you are there.
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Raga May 13
My dear For eon's  
I searched for closure ,
Closure on  what blended us together ,
Closure on what melded us forever,
Closure on what made us care for each other up until this very moment,
But dear after so much time I had to realize the very truth,
Our closure , it was never out in the world keeping us far from each other.
It was here right here
infront of us the whole time.

It lied in us being closer in this moment than the last,
drawing each other's breath
Till the air will no longer be a concern,
Till our hearts consume each other's soul,
Till I become yours and you ,while you become mine and me that's exactly where our Closure lies.
Closure is necessary but for us closure never existed. For What's sinned shall always be redeemed and for what's lost could always be found,I will never have closure on acceptance of the thought that I lost you even if it consumes what's left of me. I suffer by my choice of choosing you against the whole world for my choice will remain the same no matter what.
Amanda Mar 27
This is not refusal of happiness
A desperate plea for attention
It is a manifest of emotion
Not some imaginary invention

There is a madness populating my head
Billions of shouting **** voices
Every one an echo of my own
Spelling my lack of choices

Lately hopeless feelings have grown
A desolate cold orchard
Blossomed a place I belong
I'm welcome but also tortured

I have laid down my roots in quicksand
I'll be withered by afternoon
A pile of wilted petals
Unless I am picked by someone soon
Written 2/16/12
Dark shadows enfold
my heart that
I gave you to hold.

Every time you walk past,
without even an hello,
Omni, I get so cold as if my
soul will freeze then fold

Your being completed me,
so tell me Omni, how is it that your strong and bold when my being has disappeared, from what
your eye's use to behold.

I'm as a withered plant,
without your sun I'm done.
The end of my species,
never to see the sun.

Oh but when you did grace me not too long ago to bloom,
I was the most beautiful in the room!
Thank you for that.

(Author Ven J. Arnold)
A metaphoric piece written for a kindred soul, a poet here by the name of @Omni. A fond kindness that I have developed for this poet as if we were souls that have once met and I'll never meet him in this lifetime.
Umi Aug 2018
Tell your tale to the wind,
Be scattered across the sky, sing without ever being rewarded,
The falling of the leafs may be a sign of change, a warning of colder times crossing your path in this loitering darkness which takes over,
Allure is the thought of hope guiding, leading, escorting you through the misery of your own conscious, out to a far more pleasant world.
Wretched, you fight on as it slowly slips away, loses its strengh,
It is heartbreaking to watch them trying to get back, not flinching despite their wounds and scars they carry from the river of time,
Stained in crimson at last the flower petals of the falling season, reflect upon death repeatedly, with each one falling the soil cries out.
Take a dance with me in this distorted somber dark there is nothing to be sad about, the fate to be forgotten is the fate of every face, one day,
They wither over like the roses during autumn, fall from grace alike the petals of the sunflowers when their time to leave for the next generation has come, or alike the dandelions scattering their seeds,
But most importantly, is to not forget that whilst existing you can make a change, for yourself, for the better, for others,
Maybe you are their light their flower of a spring dream.
Even if humans continue to live wretchedly,
Living, is what I find very beautiful.

~ Umi
Don't cross the border of the conscious too early, fall when the time to wither has come.
Axion Prelude Aug 2018
I don't possess the luxury to feel alive

This broken soul is daunted by mired ties

The shell that holds these withered bones and stinted cries

Stains rotten with guilt underneath
this tainted flesh; will ultimately be my surmise
Kaye I May 2018
meadow filled whiskey eyes
reeks toxicity of one's demise
traces of its gaze was shattered and tainted
nights spent on heart-bled ink was awfully raided

gloom-tinted lips by midnight howls
whispered hymns of agony the mind fought to allow
disguised in empty phrases of flowers in joyful hues
choked pass the lumps grown by unfaithful blues

star-sculpted hands was forbidden to touch its moon
like tides distorting balance, leading one to its doom
deprived of contact it was glazed to numbness
by knife-like tears, scarring itself by infectious recklessness

she's a flower grown in her deathbed
inhaling art; releasing toxic without dread
a tragedy disguised in handpicked shade of yellow
roughly sculpted by life but in his heart she remained mellow
So many say they are broken hearted
So many caused by forced departures
Many drowned from longed desires
Many more from weeping criers

The faint beats of withered chambers
The hopeless dreams of foolish strangers
Bearing no truth, childish dangers
It's time that we......errr go gain some majors?
Did you like the ending >_<
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