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John B Apr 11
44 grams of cereal
225 grams of milk
+ An unweighed dognut
John B Apr 7
I had a killer sequence

A formula for words

I came here to imprint it

Like raw metal found to shape

I came here to refine it thinking this would be the place

I forgot the melody

I forgot the rhymes

I forgot the feeling
I forgot the lines

I stood a gasp in wonder at what this place became

From A poetry journal with endless pages to a stupid political games

To the muses of my life
Inspiration wasted here

For all the venting done
Energy invested here

Another wave has come and the waters aren't so clear

I remember when the site creator tried to get my ear

I remember what I told them

A warning made quite clear

Of course they did not head it and the consequences reared

It's stunted growth a factor of its early brooding years

Now the complications surface from the damage done before

Things take a time to rot and die but stop and smell these shores...
Not sure where I'll back all this up but I think it's time I backed all this up.
John B Jan 23
She was there but could not hear me

Pain welled up inside

I realised why she was there

My eyes hung heavy but stay wide

She waits her turn with others

I truly start to cry

My whales shake the building

I want us all to die

I scream away the earth

I scream away the sky

I scream away the heavens

A new sun finds my eye

It's warmth is that of comfort

A reassuring embrace

One does not look at the sun

I have seen no face

The earth moved around me

The house I see no more

If this worry isn't for me

Someone better save the *****
Getting between me and my goals makes you an enemy. I don't care how viable you think the mission is. If I'm going and you get in my way that's being an enemy. Being my enemy *****.

If you send me home saying you got it and don't do it. That's treason. Traitors are infinitely worse then enemies. Enemies are a fact of life, often just as honorable, simply at cross ends. Traitors are ****...
John B Sep 2020
Unto Caesar what is Caesar's
Give the devil his due
As above so below
If not by us then who
John B Jun 2020
Shoes in hand
Ready to go check the mail
I tried to put keys on my feet
My eyes crossed
Vission blurred and head spinning
I reeled back in my seat
I groped for the arms
I figured "oh that's a bit strange"
I was ready to think only of the keys
I was ready to take on tunnel vision
To avoid the terror of what I'd glimpsed

Last night I walked into the wall
I had turned out the light in my room
Standing on my phone in the dark
For however long it takes
To finish conversations
Turn on some music
Forget orientation

The light from my blinds
In the tired of my mind
Cast on the wall a line
That reminded me of home
Just a step and I'd be there
Must have remember where I'd been
My nose struck textured sheetrock
"What stoped me?"
The usless part of me retorts
Image of the thermostat burned
Itching in my periphery
Probobly Indigestion...
John B Jun 2020
Maybe, or at least so you say to me
Hazy days phase me?
You've got a ***** loose not me.

Sure, my baseline state is baked
Do I struggle to concentrate?
My visions another vibration yet

Where others quest in dreams
I've long allready been
Where acid whispers plans
Who asks just where they began
When mushroom people walk with you
Do you ask them?
Who they're walking with too?

No, I walk with the vision.
I speak with the venom
Cuz I fear no evil
Not in past or in present
why do you?
Are you some kinda fool?
Don't imply an insult, that's foolish.

"Demons can't stand scorn"
Paraphrased from CSL in the preface to Screwtape Letters

Were you a fool?
John B Jun 2020
I dreamed I was pined under a table

Fighting a daemon who had taken my brothers cat

A fleeting moment of sanity struck me and I rebuked it

"In the name of Jesus" in jest

So taken aback it stopped in it's tracks without breath to laugh

I watched it react, retract, and redact

From combat to convent

In mind and in body

The tables had turned

"In the name of the almighty then?" Who's names I've long known

Trying to be modest a feint of a smile I'd shown

With prey before me my heart is quick to be hotted, though

It's eyes locked with with mine in a bleak stare, it nodded...

A visible aura of evil passed from the creature

And If its color was any indication

The demon wasn't all that bad
None the less, my household is off limits, pets included...
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