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Pedro Jan 20
At home
he was a wasp
but outside
a butterfly
fearful of stingers
and eager to live
the life of his own
It's hard to live somewhere you know that, if everyone knows who you really are, you won't be welcome anymore...
S I N Dec 2019
I write this to get your attention,
This piece doesn’t convey any meaning
Whatsoever; this one is just for your love;
For sometimes I need this; just as you are
In need of love and
Oh my
It’s hard not to laugh at the view of a
Space expanding ever
Oh sh f it s hard to strain oneself
Ohhhhh haha haha
Oh you can’t
Thou canst not even picture it
O my head so a jumble man
Yo bruh sez myman how come you are so high so low so late time eh
Oh it bothers you you little sh
Come here and I ******>The broken glass and spilled kvas
I was just a child that time
The splinters in my ankles and thighs
It hurts all the same
I forgot what it was all about
Never mind
Happy new cycle
Piece **** pls
Elsie Plum Dec 2019
Life has been
over time

I have this raw drive, hot
from the yellow Sun,
and with feet still lazy
the Moon is pushing me
to run fast

Live enormously
Stop pleasing mean friends
Who reveal nothing sad
Their one lie is yet to be used up
A greater cause,
means a better life.
Or atleast so they voice.
But how do you fight for what is right;
when all you dispose of is knife?

I ask myself who is my greatest enemy?
Is it me, myslef, or I?
Mybe all I need is a remedy.
To make all the wrong rectify.

I know that all of what I am capabe of holding is a weapon.
But how do you use such a thing when you can't tell the difference between your foe and your allies?
All I see are demons who seem to have come from the heart of heaven.
But afetr all, isn't that everybodies homeland. Even the devil knows all of its alleys.

But mybe weapons as deadly as they can be,
are the more or less something like you and me.
Mybe they weren't found for the unique cause of killing.
Pedro Reyes made weapon in art fullfilling.

What was war's greatest tool.
Has now become harmony's moor.
What was used in fights caused by sheer unreason.
Has now brought all people even.

All those cries,
all those tries.
And I still can't realize:
what on earth can possibly be my cause.
Pedro Reyes is a mexican artist who's most famous for making musical instruments out of weapons
rgz Sep 2019
she doesn't care
about my hair
or my car
she's only in it
for the size
of my
Char Blackmon Sep 2019
Minutes til I get to u
Spiral my visions into inspirations
I don’t get it
Why ppl keep telling me
Love is sweet and KIND
But doesn’t grow
Always in sunshine
Through the storm
I’ve groomed and grown
The whole time
I was not alone
Never will I be
A QUEEN helped me see
Tough love
An empty home
No voices
No children
No kisses til the crack of dawn
Just the sound of me
On my own
I’ve trained and prepared
To be everything
You see
You showed me
The greatest version of me
Tears and all
You cried
I cried
We felt our love
For each other
In our hearts
When I hear about
Our time apart
Not a word to speak
You described me
To the T
Trying to avoid the thoughts
Smiling at your voice
The softness of your touch
Even as I think
I feel your body
Against me
How can this be?
This **** chemistry
****, this **** FREQUENCY
I love you
Not to the moon and back
That I can’t say
My love for you
That we create our own GALAXY
I don’t care
What anyone says
I’m here
Step by step
Day by day
Prayer by prayer
I mediate with FULL FAITH
Our love continue to grow
Fine with age
Ainnoot Aug 2019
the heart doesn't breakeven.
she definitely has the bigger half.
if she doesn't come back.
I won't have much to give.

she somehow always
finds more, meanwhile, I'm limited.

I know she's meant to love many,
so I get lightheaded when my heart gets heavy.
Grammar is out the window sorry.
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