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Day of Heaven that's how to describe my days spent with you the darling  I lived my days In Heaven that's for
You opened the doors to Heaven for me when you
took by the hand and kissed with so sweet and tender
Helen, you took to Heaven on a wave ****** pure pleasure whilst making beautiful love to you
With Helen It's to Heaven
I've surely
Helen took me to Heaven on pure wave of pleasure ******
whilst making love to her
Although trying to break new ground In my poetry writing I'll not forget my sweet girl to who I promised always remember her through my poetry
I will continue to do so
for she Is forever on my mind and always shall be for she
be my only one, my true love, forever and always that's how It was meant to be and always shall be for she was the only
for me a true love that shall never die together forever and always just as In live it was meant to
Never forget my sweetheart just as In life we will always be together never apart because one without the other just dosen't work
kiara Feb 24
Maybe one day                                               I'll be able to explain
the feelings I get when I think of you this way.

The pain and despair,
the heartache and pity
you make me feel it,
till this very day.

I was drowning, falling, slipping,
in a sadistic pool that you filled
with your manipulation and selfishness.

I remember the days
I craved your love,
oh how helplessly I wished you'd one day come back.

It's perfectly selfish
and perfectly normal,
for me to feel the way I do.

To constantly dream, that you'd maybe one day come back for me,
even when I know it's impossible.
I'm sorry,
I shouldn't
have judged you
without knowing what
you've been through.
Johnny walker Feb 23
Helen has never been as far away from home as she Is now, never been as far away from me and my loving arms
as she Is
And I've never been as far away from Helen never been as far away as I am now never been as far away from
her loving
Never been as far away from
each other as we are now never been as far away from each other's loving
We've never been as far away from each other as we are now and Helen as never been as far away from her home as she Is now
Johnny walker Feb 22
And as I lay upon my bed looking  at our wedding pictures on my wall and know that my darling Is free of the pains she suffered throughout her
And with her loss small
comfort I know but comfort all the same to
know she free of the worsening problem of
this world
No longer to face the suffering of degrading assessments by people
that are not even qualified to determine her right to disability allowance
Helen required a wheelchair because of walking disabilities breathing heart
Osteoarthritis crumbling bones her spine was twisting she required oxygen a ventilator mask
at night and through the day
She reached a point where no amount of pain killers worked  for her she was left to suffer the
She was so Incredible In her bravery shown but still, she wasn't given the correct amount of money she was entitled
I to have been through that assessment process I know how degrading It Is so as for gaze upon our wedding photos on my walls  wedding photos a comfort
to have for having lost her
but I know In my heart my sweetheart
Is free of  the terrible pains she suffered through her short life her quality of life was so poor she's at peace now God bless her soul, I shall forever love her
Helen Incredible In her bravery right to the end
I will always love her and
have the greatest respect
for her so very proud to
shared twenty years with
her as man and wife an truly an honour
I saw the splender of Heaven the first I time I looked to Helens beautiful eye's and the feellin just like I'd been taken to Heaven with sweet baby wrapped In my arms

For my sweet baby she showed me a Heaven In way I'd not seen ever before when she lay down ***** beside me and the first time I saw my sweet baby In her full

And the first  time my sweet baby and I made love It was surely to Heaven she took me on wave of pure ecstasy
but sadly my sweet baby has

and I dought I'll ever see Heaven again for I saw Heaven once In my life time when first seeing Helen In her full
I remember the first time I saw my sweet baby In her full glory It was then I'd thought I had been taken to Heaven with my sweet baby wrapped In my arms
Alexa Sangren Dec 2018
Is it even worth trying to talk when I'm
Walking behind all my "friends" on the sidewalk
None of you ever asks how I've been
Always pushed to the side again and again
I'm not sure who I am or what I stand for
I just know- I don't belong here anymore.
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
Where have you been
when I needed you the most?

Where have you been
when I needed a hand to hold?

Where have you been
when I cried myself to sleep?

Where have you been
when I was so scared and weak?

Where have you been
when I need your help?

Where have you been
when pain was all I felt?

Don't come back now;
I do not want you.

You weren't there
when I needed help to get through.

Don't come into my life
if you weren't there in the first place.

I don't want you.
Stay away.
FallenAngel33 Dec 2018
Two pages
Of feelings never felt
Of cards never dealt
I wrote them both in less than an hour
But they both have words never spoken before
I dont know what I’m doing
Don’t know how to act
All i know is that in the end you’ll
Hopefully smile and laugh

December 11, 2018
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