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Nevermore will the sun set on the day.
Dreamy blue skies smile, unveil and show mans dreams.
As your wafty blond hair lay woven between my fingers.

Sweetest god gifted to me, temptation.
I trust in the you that watches me.
Golden gates, your smile greets the world.

Knife edges, wounds and scars disappear.
The me that watches you is lost in those eyes.
Lay across the ground. Stare up into those broken dreams.

As the ground falls away, let me catch you heart and soul.
Nevermore to drown alone.
God kisses your sullen cheek, as the you that watches weeps.
Love, could I ever really compete? To the you who watches.
I will smile through each hardship, just so you can too.
It is actually embarrassing to write like this.
Sunshine Feb 11
feeling the sunrise pour over me like gold
dancing on the walls and shattering through the glass
all I ever wanted to do is hold you
but I keep missing you and you slip through my fingers
and I cry diamonds for you
kaleidoscope of emotions in a rainbow spectrum
that's how I feel about you
so stop running away and let me tell you it's okay
the world trying to drain us of our life
hooking our brains up to futuristic machines
reading our fortunes and dissolving our humanity
but all I ever wanted to do is hold you
I keep missing you and you always slip past me
I wanna sit and be painted in the sunrise
the shadow of your arms around me
holding me down when my imagination gets the best of me
but you're still never here
burn down the rollercoaster I keep feeling for you
get up and paint my own sunrise
one where you're still here beside me
im not crying
i dont want to cry
im just trying to figure you out

Skywlkr Feb 9
For I Cry One More Time Seems
To be a Never-ending
As The Tears Flow The Words
Won't Go
I Never Knew just How many
I Know
And My Pain Seems To Be its
Own Show
For When it's Written Down the Words
Do Oh So Glow
So Forever Writting it's a good way of Fighting a good way of Surviving...........    
And Sometimes my Words Seem...........
Just Like the Stars they Can be SHINING!!
it's a Great Joy this Rhyming Toy
This writting is Personally Frightening
But with them Comes the Finding
One man's trash,
another man's
But I suggest you keep all your
happy memories
and hold on to them
Keep the things you love
Tanya Feb 6
I opened my eyes to realize,

you were the one

trying to keep



How many dreams will It take for me to realise my biggest dream has left me for good

To which I have no answer for every time I wake from a dream It's that I fear all my dreams may fade and die

I have to hold on to the dreams can't let go or I will surely die for dreams are to where my sweetheart lies

To follow those dreams Is to keep her close for I know I can never let go I live to keep her dream alive
How precious my dreams of Helen they are I have to live
to hold the dream her
Sometimes I think
This must be too good to be
True, but I hope that’s just anxiety speaking

Because you’re someone I want to keep
All my dreams of yesterday I have to leave where they are always they'll be there
safe In my
But In order to move on with my life now I have to
leave them there where they will be safe
I'm going to start a new life
summer around the corner
need to get out and enjoy myself again just
I suppose I have to move on with my life It's no good trying to live In the
Keeping my memories I always will have but I'm single again now that's just the way It Is
So no longer do I after feeling guilt for passing my eye  over a pretty lady just showing my appreciation
No use moping gound
anymore I live In a different time now just me to look after the life of a single
Time to try and move on a life now of a single man no use mopping around keeping all my memories of cause but longer have to feel guilty for casting an eye over a pretty lady while passing by In street
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