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Itunu May 2022
Whatever you do, remember you were, you will be, and you are

asia Mar 2022
even at your worst times
even at your best
ill never leave yo side
i promise to stay
nothin in this life is ever consistent
but for you ill be there
Madeleine Jan 2022
A Broken heart
Has many paths
Many stories that don't part

The shattered pieces
Connecting to another
Value and lessons increases

Getting glued back together
Only to take a chance at love again
Being soft as a feather

Each crack
All different
Some just a deep black
Like an abyss
Too much to attack

To a healing path
That starts with a long hot bath

To take time alone
In order to hone
Your true self in the unknown

A Broken heart is beautiful
That to you, yourself it's suitable

A Broken heart is strong
For all that's been done
Still moves along

A Broken heart is always growing
Not always flowing
But getting through life slowly

A Broken heart
That can't help but to restart
JA Perkins Jan 2022
Dancing in a ten
percent chance of rain;
In part, because it
beat the odds -
More so, because
it never even
considered them.
Perhaps, it was even
in spite of them.
Or maybe it just
reminded me that
systems and
statistics are
man-made and fallible -
boasting with a
self-righteous tone,
yet still confined
to near fraudulence..

Either way..

You can tell me
it won't rain,  
but you won't
stop it from pouring.
You can tell me
there's no God,
but it won't stop
Him from healing
these festered wounds.
And you can tell me
I'll never walk,
but you won't keep
me from dancing..
Beat the odds
Danielle Dec 2021
This is a warfare;
                               we keep  it in photograph,
                               we keep it in pages,
                               we keep it a secret.

                              I thought I was a keeper

and then everything is heavenly
                                  You are beautiful at daytime,
                                  and shining bright at night.
                                  "You are ethereal"
                                                       ­          the distance is an animosity
                                                       ­          though, we keep on
                                                                ­ reaching
                                                    ­             It is not about the
                                                                ­Yearning; we were still
                                                                ­looking at the same sky.

I thought I could keep you (as I keep everything about you)

you wouldn't  be able to held the sky as it was meant to be ethereal
Zoe Mae Oct 2021
I just want to blend in with the other leaves
Not stand out like starlight
I just want to remain hidden among the trees
Not cast shadows like moonlight
You're the star of this show
You're the moon's satin glow
To steal a speck of your sparkle wouldn't be right
She keeps
the photo to herself.
she shares
with me
the memories
when she goes.
among all
is stored,
her names
are the things
that cannot
be forgotten.
She keeps
her heart to herself,
and my heart to myself.
She keeps
the things
I shouldn't.
I keep
the discrepancy.
Indonesia, 17th October 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Zoe Mae Sep 2021
It seems most poets are inspired by nature
I'm mostly inspired by the nature of me
It is commonly sadness and anger
that fuel my poetry
julius Aug 2021
summer rain comes again
with the pained cry of someone
who isn't quite me.
summer rain comes again
where white meets gray
and lies are true.

static love
isn't love at all.
and i'm not sure
if i could trust you
if i were to fall.

with a single touch
the flowers beneath my skin
unearth and uproot.
with a single cut
i can easily erase
each and every mistake
that i've ever made.
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