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frog Sep 2021
in a movie i loved as a kid,
the moon was seen as a sort of deity.
the man in the moon told people
who they were and what their destiny was.

of course that movie was fictional
and the characters were fake
and so was the man in the moon.

no one can tell me what my destiny is
no one can tell me who i am
or who i am going to be

in a movie i loved as a kid,
my love for the moon was born.
and still when i look up at it
i feel calm

still uncertain, still searching
but i know i don't have to do it alone
because there may not be a man in the moon
but nature will always be there
and so will my friends
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
There is no excusing what you did
Not greater betrayal than that
Heavier now than it was before
That is certain fact
Stressing me out more every day
lmnsinner Jan 2018
Of you, I am certain

can it snow if the skies are cloudless blue?

will I kiss tomorrow the person sitting bus opposite,
who now gifts me love at first sight?

can my children’s children love me more for who I am,
and not just for who I am?

knowing does true love have an uncertain beginning and a certain end?

would I recognize peace of mind if I ever so blessed, had it in my possess?

if the sun never returned, is happiness possible?

can a broken heart mend itself without new love?

Of all these, I am uncertain. Of you, I am certain!

will this scrip of letters be beloved or overlooked and forgotten?

will the day come sooner when self-rising,
my eyes will be pleased at no new scar ‘discovery.’
my ears hear no snap crackle or pop, and
my blood, pre-warmed, by a lover’s attentions,
to happy coffee cooling and a poem-done at my feet?

will my flaws be healed, scars laser erased, my muddled past,
fall obedient to a blue skies, a white full moon embrace, yours?

will today be the day, two feet identical, left and right banished,
ten new colors invented and rainbow added, and sad illegal?

will I awake somewhere over the rainbow one day,
dreams coming true, troubles melted, way up high?

Of all these, I am uncertain. Of you, I am certain!
I asked about a man named Wealth
Who lives nearby - just up the street
I asked his nearest neighbors
About Wealth, and when I could meet

The neighbor on the left replied
That Wealth was not a friendly guy
And since this was the certain case
To help us meet - he wouldn’t try

And then the neighbor on the right
Said “Wealth’s a super friendly man”
“Easy to talk to - fun to see”
Could we meet?  “We surely can”

Both neighbors quick to answer
But with such different views
It left me puzzled right at first
But soon I knew which view I’d use

So Wealth and I remain good friends
I’m happy that I know him well
Get to know this man called Wealth
Enjoy his home and with him dwell
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This poem was not the easiest to write.  I really did inquire of a person who lives near me, and I received different views from both of his nearest neighbors.  So I started out telling about that experience, and then linking to prosperity.  Then I decided it worked much better to have the man actually be a man named wealth.  Are you friends with Wealth?
Colm Jan 2020
Sleeping soundly on your memory now

I dream of uncollected worlds
Where young girls dance at summer weddings
And foolish men take their cars for spins and whirls

I've seen you less and less, in the headlights of happiness
My onetime escape
From you I'm free

Within the dance of newfound reflectiveness, I'm free indeed
Certain Sounds, Revisited
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
As I become the thing always feared
See my life ending too fast
Honest consequences catching up
Chance after ruined chance
Wasted mistakes consuming me
Fall to my lowest point
Scrambling to hold together
It's no secret I'm a ****-up
Never following through my decisions
Promising to be a greater person
Screaming at reflection
Cold to touch
Colder to feel
Thawing much too late
But for certain
Softly inviting something like love
The wanting in my eyes
Silently hoping affection
One small kiss
My biggest wish
Must be dreaming
No one will ever want this
Colm Aug 2019
Rich and dark, like apple cider on an October street corner
I didn’t know you, dulcet and sweet
Until the full weight of your intoxicating world washed over me
These quiet little human memories - Good ones
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