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Josh G Oct 1
We are often seeking recognition
Some, more than others, crave it
Like an addict itching for their next dose

We do everything to achieve that feeling
Rewiring our individuality to follow social norms
All for the slightest boost of self esteem

But this addiction of ours is a curse
Its veil hides you from your real self
Locking it up in a cage for none to see

But you know it's there hiding in the dark
You're too afraid to bring it to light
For your fear of  loneliness keeps it silenced
A little patience would have won the world for me,
Then I would have for long basked in glorious sunshine
Feted for my successful stint as an outstanding poet;
But I was really in a hurry, firstly to outdo others
And then myself;
I had filled sheaves upon sheaves of paper with words and phrases,
Some held meanings and some were merely a jabbering of sorts
Not actually meant to convey anything of note to the readers.
Indeed my readers appreciated each word I wrote,
Through my poems, they thought they had entered my world
As though to play the role I had drawn out for them alone,
And they laughed and cried with me
And they made me stand very tall.
Then one day, when I had almost exhausted my ware,
Rested my pen and mind I heard their screams,
My readers had begun to suffer more and more pain
Caused by my words whose true meaning they had of late come to realize.
What I wrote were not poems;
They had understood my farcical efforts,
I was thoroughly exposed.
I did not dare respond
I lost my place which with a little bit of patience
Would not have been denied.
This piece I wrote some years ago when I realized I was not meant to be a poet.
She told
She is close
To the ***


To her wonder
Long time, ahead
I had started to
Worship her
Genre: Observational
Theme: Diamond are precious, they emit their vibe
I praise the lords
So much

They too know, they
Don’t deserve it

I find, such
Selfless and un-noticed,
Moving humans,
Who never cared recognition

Nevertheless, they,
keep moving

Now I,
keep them closer.
Genre: Rational
Theme: switching priorities
and then there was you
who, without knowing
just knew
(move) to
rhythms (my)
(soul) can’t help
but d a n c e
you move my soul along
y o u
vibrate to (the)
(Cosmic) Truth
a tune my soul
g r o o v e
a cosmic dance
writer omsy Feb 10
As I rush back
To my young days
Wished I had stayed there
For a while longer
To make things right

Where as I'm falling
And never touched the ground
Frightened of what it could do
To me

I'm waiting for someone
Recognition to my ink
So, later I'll be glad
That everything was worth it
meeting for the (first) time
our bodies may have (though)t
but deep down (my) internal clock
had endlessly ticked a (rhythm)
that had always (synched)
(to you)r every thought
first, though, my rhythm synched to you
one girl pours out
her heart and soul
on paper with ink
and shares her true
emotions with the
world but doesn’t
receive as much
well deserved
recognition as the
other girl who has
only her **** to share

then there’s the
other girl who
has it
the emotion
the heart
the soul
the ****
which essentially,
has nothing at all
but with the right know how
she can rule the world

I guess,
you have to die a little
if you wanna make it fast
No disrespect to women. Just an observation I’ve been noticing on other social media sites.
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