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Hemlata Roy Aug 3
The hope, that I am hoping is so unclear
The mirage that I am seeing is not here.

This is a hope or this is a mirage,  I can not recognise
Hope is nothing as it seems, Is this all are lies?

But hopes are unbreakable!
Hopes are just unbreakable!
Do you afraid of hoping? Very rarely hope comes true so what one goes another comes and it is not necessary that every time you have to be disappointed. This time you won't be disappointed just hope!
Anastasia Jul 14
I'll never be recognized
For who I want to be
No one will care about me
For the things I see
The beauty in my words
No one really cares
None of my efforts
Really compare
Why can't I just be... What everybody wants?
Josh Jun 6
I ask her how do I recognize her beauty?

Do I stare until you see me and then look away?

Do I stare until you see me and never look away?

Your flows and grace catch my eye from far away.

I carefully inspect your curves until your gone.

Should I not look your way?  It would be easier for me.  

I ask her how should I recognize her beauty.

She says, A simple smile will do.
Laura Apr 2
That's what we're doing
from day to day.
Pretending to not care,
even though we actually do.
Pretending that we're not afraid
even though deep inside we are shaking.
Pretending like we're all alright,
even though some days we just break.
But when we look into each others eyes,
we seem to recognize our own lies.
See our own burdens within one another,
knowing that somehow we're not alone.
Myrrdin Apr 2
Recognition sparks
Sly and toothy grin crawls upwards
Snaking across stubbled cheeks
Mouth ready to sink into soft flesh
I've tasted this venom before
Reminded of the paralysis
That always strikes
In hotel bathrooms
Why are my puncture wounds
More shameful
Than your sharpened teeth?
unburdened by knowledge
or traditions of polite civility
some powermongers
demand attention of the media
force their way onto title pages
assuming that bland lies
     combined with contradictions
     and outrageous stupidities
     mostly echoing sycophantic TV news
will satisfy their followers
ensure their loyalty
and even guarantee
their reelection into higher office

     there is a tendency
     to underestimate ‘the people’

they usually take their time to watch
and talk  and reconsider
     after all
     one does not lightly
     throw away the expectations
     one has projected onto the preferred

then comes the point
when ruthless ignorance
      and greed for power
become too obvious
      too much

people no longer do approve

the powermonger tumbles from his throne
his reign remembered as a somber blob
in people’s history
This is a bit of wishful thinking, but who knows ....
Arianna Mar 7
their eyes met on the shore,
crossing the border between worlds.

something stirred:

        ocean through and through,
                            but for...

                        a flickering.

                        'twas only
                   a flickering.

                              and yet...

between sea and sky their eyes met
on the kissing line of elements.

        borders blur,
        though their essence is preserved.

the Sea remembered and called out...

                    but its Sky was dark
                    and silent.
A story about spirits, forms, memory and connections across time, separation, forgetting, and loss.

Imagined from a dolphin's perspective during a moment of eye contact with a strangely familiar human...
Ross Larson Mar 4
You say
please please
see me
see my soul
and see what I
can do
please see
me and say
that I am loveable
I won’t believe a word
but it will comfort me
I say please please
my doing
even though I know
no matter how much
I will get
it won’t help me
to believe
that any of it is true
I know this
but still
try to ignore it
a life long pattern
a pattern
that has shaped my life
it is difficult to change
the need for approval
is so great
it’s power so overwhelming
a force
that can not be stopped
and so I seek false recognition
by the many ways
our culture allows me to
for likes
like a billion
souls out there
trying to fill
a void
that seems
having found no cure
I am only left with
posting these
let (you)r bones
all on their (own)
be (the) garden
for your (greatest)
(love) to grow
you own the greatest love ♥
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