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Aug 2020 · 974
Coraline Hatter Aug 2020
Go away
Let me heal

For me
You are
and I just now realized
Aug 2019 · 1.1k
Coraline Hatter Aug 2019
it's always "almost"
Jun 2019 · 839
2 weeks
Coraline Hatter Jun 2019
2 weeks and I realized I don't need anyone but myself.
May 2019 · 225
daisy petals
Coraline Hatter May 2019
I love you
You love me not

You love me
I love you not

I love you
you love me

You love me
Coraline Hatter May 2019
love or hate
nothing in between

hot or cold
nothing quite the same

catching or losing
everything and nothing
losing interest faster than catching feelings.
Mar 2019 · 560
Coraline Hatter Mar 2019
i need a new beginning
far away from all the broken promises
I've never felt that empty
Mar 2019 · 1.2k
Coraline Hatter Mar 2019
One day I'll be gone
I will leave everything
and everyone behind
I want to start a new life
far, far away from here
Feb 2019 · 449
her husband was a sailor
Coraline Hatter Feb 2019
one day I found a ship
a wreck on the ground of the sea

within I found a chest
I decided to take it with me

it had a name written on it
letters I could barely see

as I found her
she looked at me

she was finally free
humming a melody

"my husband was a sailor,
he left me for the sea
and when he left he took my heart
but you returned it to me"
all those years he treasured her heart in that chest
and when he fell he took it with him
to the ground of the sea
Feb 2019 · 1.0k
my husband was a sailor
Coraline Hatter Feb 2019
he left me for the sea

and when he left, he took my heart
and never returned it to me
Dec 2018 · 831
I want you forever
Coraline Hatter Dec 2018
I'm a pessimist
i always expect the worst

I'm a realist
i accept what I have

I'm a romantic
i want to try everything

I'm a dreamer
i want you forever and ever.
I never fell that hard for someone
Nov 2018 · 12.0k
she's a witch
Coraline Hatter Nov 2018
candles light up her room
it smells like herbs
and flowers

fall is her favorite season
she enjoys the rain
while dancing trough the woods

she's one with nature and the sun
but in love with the moon
everyone's terrified of her
Oct 2018 · 531
Coraline Hatter Oct 2018
flowers wilt if you don't water them

so don't just water me whenever you feel like it
i don't know what I want either
Oct 2018 · 1.1k
tell me
Coraline Hatter Oct 2018
i wanna know
what's between
the earth and the sea
the sun and the moon
what's between heaven and hell?

please tell me
what is between you and me?
I can't explain it to myself
Oct 2018 · 480
poisonous spell
Coraline Hatter Oct 2018
so what if I told you
i'm a witch?

take my hand
i'm poisonous

maybe it is just a spell
that is creeping trough your skin

it eats you out
only your bones will remain

so what if I told you that I'm a witch,
would you believe it?
neither good nor bad
destroying things
as always.
Sep 2018 · 605
the kind of love I want
Coraline Hatter Sep 2018
i want a love
so old-school that it makes me cringe

the kind of love
that everyone is jealous of
because of how good we fit

a love full of
love letters
music mixes
and silly dates

a love that smells like
the foggy autumn mornings
crowded coffee shops
and gingerbread in the cold city

i want a love
so pure
and true
full of joy
maybe I should date the autumn weather.
Sep 2018 · 168
on some days
Coraline Hatter Sep 2018
on some days,
i want to bawl my heart out
and be surrounded by people

on some days,
i want to dissappear for a while
and don't talk to anyone.
and today,
i don't want to talk to anyone
I don't want a conversation
I want to be alone.
Sep 2018 · 498
Coraline Hatter Sep 2018
I'm slowly losing my emotions.

As everyone always told me.

I used to
and everyone always told me it's too much.
Too much of this and that.

They told me,
they could never imagine me,
to love someone
to be romantic
to be this kind of girl.

They told me,
that I am
a cold-hearted
a emotionless
a stone cold *****.

Always too much or too less,
never enough.
I'm simply never enough,
not enough of this and that.

Do you really wonder why,
I'm sick of showing emotions?
maybe it's all fake.
maybe I'm all of the above,
maybe I'm not.

maybe it's just a role that I am playing.
Sep 2018 · 548
losing people is okay
Coraline Hatter Sep 2018
what is meant to be will stay
losing people is okay.

i can look at our pictures and laugh
remember the happy, funny moments
days and nights we spent together
even though we don't talk anymore
ignore each other
you were an important person in my life
it's not your fault neither it's mine
i appreciate every memory I have of you, with you

i don't miss you, we are still in our memories, and that is enough.
found some pics, thought of you. I hope you're doing well.
Aug 2018 · 284
the pretty one
Coraline Hatter Aug 2018
only once
I want to be the pretty one
instead of the one with the pretty friend.
always the second choice
mostly not even the second
Aug 2018 · 405
the white rabbit
Coraline Hatter Aug 2018
he's always in a hurry
terrified to die
he wants to be everywhere in the shortest amount of time
the eyes always on his watch

                       tick tack - tick tack

never sitting still
always in motion
not stopping, not breathing
his life is running out of time
and then he showed up to the heart queens party to late,
so she took off his head.
Aug 2018 · 856
It's [not] okay.
Coraline Hatter Aug 2018
It's okay
I'm used to being ignored
to not having any friends
only people who act like they care

It's okay
I know every excuse
someone came up with
to not spend any time with me

It's okay
I know I'm only good
when you're alone and need someone to talk
when you're feeling left out

It's okay
I'm used to being ignored
I'm used to being alone
I'm used to spending every day in my room
feeling anxious
and wondering what I did wrong.
time to search for some new friends I would suggest, the easiest thing with social anxiety.
Aug 2018 · 809
One day, 6 years ago
Coraline Hatter Aug 2018
One day, 6 years ago
suddenly it was there
I didn't see it coming
it crawled under my skin
into my head
settled in my thoughts

One day, 6 years ago
I started to feel
how no one should feel
suddenly I felt uncomfortable
in my forever home

One day, 6 years ago
my skin
my own body became my prison
my head
my own thoughts felt like hell

One day, 6 years ago
I stopped
I became someone
I never imagined to be

One day, 5 years ago
I somehow started to recover
I learned to be good on my own
that I don't need anybody
I recovered on my own

One day, 4 years ago
I realized
those thoughts and habits never left
but it didn't matter
I somehow managed to live with them

One day, 3 years ago
those thoughts became worse
I hid them
no one was allowed to see all this
all this **** that's going on in my head

One day, 2 years ago
I lost every loved one
I felt like I'm losing myself
still with a smile on my face

One day, 1 year ago
I realized how bad i became again
I realized I never truly recovered
my mind was hell itself

One day, today
I haven't become better
but that is not my worst
I want to become better
I truly want to become better.
bet no one's gonna read all this
if you made it this far, I'm sure you think I'm dumb.
Aug 2018 · 352
dead to me
Coraline Hatter Aug 2018
I made a decision
not easy to be made
Though I know who you are
and what you gave to me
Everyone would suggest
to overthink this decision
But for me it is clear
my decision is based on your actions
You abandoned me
already a while ago
actually years ago
And now, I made a decision

Mother, you are dead to me.
you never treated me like your daughter
neither did you ever act like a mother
Aug 2018 · 214
Coraline Hatter Aug 2018
I decided
to set some goals

Goals I want to reach 'till the end of this year
even though I hate stuff like that

but I felt like
I need to give myself a time limit
I need to force myself

I'll never reach those goals

I set them for me
Not for you
Not for him
Not for her

Only for my own well being
for my own happiness
simply for my own.
Do it for your own self
Not for anyone else
Jul 2018 · 753
run away II
Coraline Hatter Jul 2018
and before the end of day
let's run away

leave everything behind
let's be free

live your dream
make it real

let it happen
run away
life happens when you're busy making other plans.
May 2018 · 378
You thought you won
Coraline Hatter May 2018
I did not lose you
I just got rid of unnecessary ballast
I don't need you to feel good
I don't need you to feel loved

I just realized that you made me feel useless and ugly
I definitely haven't lost anything.
May 2018 · 356
please numb my thoughts
Coraline Hatter May 2018
How should I handle us
              when I'm not even able
                                   to handle myself

I try to make the right decision
but I simply don't know what's right

my mind is a mess.
I don't wanna think anymore
May 2018 · 253
Coraline Hatter May 2018
I'm okay
I'm not okay

I don't need you
I do need you

Don't leave me alone
I don't want you around

Help me
I'm good at my own.
Apr 2018 · 479
Coraline Hatter Apr 2018
Sitting in class
everyone's talking
everyone's quiet

I don't feel anything
not nothing
my heart is empty

I could laugh
I could cry

or just die.
Apr 2018 · 210
Coraline Hatter Apr 2018
We are all just strangers
with familiar faces
and unique souls
Apr 2018 · 314
Run away.
Coraline Hatter Apr 2018
Let's run away
to places we've never seen
Let's meet people
that become friends in just a second
Let's get lost
in every moment we share
Let's run away
and never come back.
Mar 2018 · 632
Coraline Hatter Mar 2018
I like it old-school
receiving handwritten love letters with coffee stains on the paper
putting a music-mix together with songs that remind me of us
going on a simple yet lovely coffee date on a rainy day
watching the sunset together even if it's just out of your window
I know it's not your thing,
but I love stuff like that.
Feb 2018 · 1.9k
Coraline Hatter Feb 2018
I'd rather spend my life traveling
without any destination in mind
just exploring

A life spent on trains
and planes
roads and cars

Than living at a place
in a country
a city
That doesn't feel like home
because i don't know
the rest of the world
nor myself
Spent 5 hours on a train today
One more to come
and I love it.
Feb 2018 · 3.9k
Coraline Hatter Feb 2018
when I die

turn my body into ashes


spread it over the ocean

so I can go home

after a lifetime of feeling

Inspired by Amanda Lovelace's book "the princess saves herself in this one"
- a mermaid escapist
Feb 2018 · 375
The sea
Coraline Hatter Feb 2018
I sure do love the sea
the deep unknown water
million shades of blue

I can't swim
I've never learned it
I'd drown

The not-known creatures
and unexplored depth
scare me

But if you'd ask me
I would say
I love the sea.
I love the feeling of water on my skin
And the salty air that you can taste when
You're near the ocean
But still,
I'm afraid.
Jan 2018 · 293
Coraline Hatter Jan 2018
How can something be forbidden
that our heart so deeply desires

Something so true and pure
should not make you sad

A feeling that no one can change
   no one can choose
      no one truly understands

Why does your head says "no"
when your heart wishes "yes'

Something like this
can't be forbidden.
Just listen.
Jan 2018 · 1.5k
Coraline Hatter Jan 2018
"You know.. I love you since probably 5 years."

I played a bit too much that day,
not like I didn't love you back
I just wasn't sure if this is right.

"I don't know.. Love is such a powerful word."

I hurt you so much that day,
not like you didn't won my heart
I just couldn't love myself.

"Its okay, I know that I'll never love someone that much ever again."

I regret this day
not the choice I've made
I couldn't handle my own mind.

"I don't want to hurt you more than I already did."

I was your first big love
and I hurt you so much
That you're now playing with innocent hearts.
I'm sorry.
Jan 2018 · 178
Coraline Hatter Jan 2018
When we promised each other
we'll be there for each other
when one needs the other

When I was always there
but you never here

When I kept this promise
and you broke this promise
Jan 2018 · 501
Coraline Hatter Jan 2018
It's not like I'm used to getting ignored
but I'm used to being invisible

While everyone's out with everyone
I'm being left alone

I'm not an interesting person
Thanks, I know that.
Jan 2018 · 891
Ocean deep
Coraline Hatter Jan 2018
I usually wrote when I felt down
when I was about to drown in my thoughts

But now
I haven't seen the sea in a while
and I need new inspiration

Hopefully my happy thoughts can keep me from standing on the ground of the ocean
Nov 2017 · 309
lost in you
Coraline Hatter Nov 2017
Let's get lost
In the mind of each other
In the nights
Full of thoughts
Of your body next to mine
In the days full of dreams
When you're longing for the night
too far away
Nov 2017 · 485
Who are you
Coraline Hatter Nov 2017
Can you miss someone
you never met?

Can you miss someone
you don't know?
Because I do.
Nov 2017 · 2.1k
Roadtrip to the ocean
Coraline Hatter Nov 2017
Let's take a roadtrip to the ocean
and drown in the memories we make
Nov 2017 · 333
o c t o b e r
Coraline Hatter Nov 2017
my favorite month

not just because of halloween

I love it,
when the weather gets chilly,
the people more cozy,
the coffee shops crowded - yes, i even love that.

when the leaves are dying
and  the trees prepare for the silence of winter
and every last bits of summer are gone.
Jun 2017 · 308
Her eyes
Coraline Hatter Jun 2017
Her eyes,
Like the wide sky
As the unexplored ocean
As the stormy winter nights

He fell in love with her eyes,
said that
everytime he looked in her eyes,
he lost himself
In a world, only her eyes can lead him to

But her eyes,
were full of sadness,
Full of broken lies and expectations

They led into a world, where no one would survive.
Jun 2017 · 339
Coraline Hatter Jun 2017
Let's watch the sunset together
the forever ups and downs
the sun and the moon
when they die every night and every day
to let the other one live
Jul 2016 · 614
You and I
Coraline Hatter Jul 2016
Different as day and night,
summer and winter,
light and darkness
and yet so much in common.
Jul 2016 · 10.9k
My superhero-villain
Coraline Hatter Jul 2016
Be my Clark Kent,
My superhero,
The one who saves me from myself

Be my Joker,
My Partner in crime,
The one who loves my crazy side
Jul 2016 · 500
Coraline Hatter Jul 2016
She fell down the rabbit hole,
Woke up in a beautiful wonderland
Where the flowers could speak and cards could walk

But soon she came to realize
That she found herself in a wonderland of madness
Where she had to **** the jabberwocky to free herself

— The End —