What sweet bliss is this..
One more week of this...
And its long gone...
Ill never have to see you again..
Youll never see me again...
Ill never have to run into you again...
Oh such sweet bliss is this...
My freedom from you is pure bliss...


I'm uneasy tonight..
And I couldnt tell you..

My skin crawling..
I'm uncomfortable...
I cant pin point it..
Where is this coming from..
I'm just uneasy tonight..
Maybe its because..
I know your there..
No fuck that..
It cant be that...
I simply do not care..
Maybe its just today..
Maybe its all the shit I'm suppressing..
I've had one glass of wine..
Been awake since 3:40..
Maybe its surfacing...
The fact that I'm really leaving..
Leaving all this behind..
Its real..
It's happening..
I'm moving..
Its happening faster..
Than a blink of an eye...
I hate change...
I feel like I cant breathe...
Holy shit its worsening..
Why did I drink that glass of wine..

Its time to lay down...
What I cant seem to swallow..
Today has been nothing but hollow..
I feel panicked and sorrow..
I have to stay positive...
I need to swallow...
Exhale panic..
Inhale my sole purpose..
Remember that all my dreams..
I'm meant to follow...
But not here...
Not were pain lives..

Look forward to tomorrow...
Tonights horror is not meant..
For you to swallow.

Weird night
Jas Sep 5

Intimidation is a tactic. It ignites nerves and fear. Don't respond the way they want you to. Don't prove anyone right, you are not a postulate.

People think they're slick in college. The best thing about people watching you, is you watching them.
Leonila Jun 24

Emerald Dreams

Kaleidoscope showers of a new day
As psychedelic colors sweep the land
Flower buds unravel to welcome the sun
The birds chirping to the tune of a new song
The birth of a new season, it's spring time
And  the hope of a new day dawn that arises
Wildflowers  are we running through fields
Dancing like the wind amidst sunflowers
Emerald dreams are these bringing me back
To the childhood we had with golden memories
When tomorrow's rain of sorrow posed no fears

Hello, my dear dream,
Happy to see you in the bright morning sunlight,
Remembering, a passionate; kiss.

A sensual embrace a thousand years past,
The two of us bathing in a misty stream,
Under a ghostly moon.

Memories of a place where princesses and kings lived,

With wishful dreams, of golden sunsets,
Our Souls are holding each other in Heaven.
Until the gift of life comes again.

Living in the forest of nature,
Loving, making, new life,
Painting a new future;

With a brush of passionate words,
Painting songs and love poems,
Of a place and time, we can only dream.

Back then we just didn't know,
That we would ever meet again,
A thousand years hence.

My dear love,
Good to see you in the daytime.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Goblin -All Kiss Scenes (Sam Kim-Who Are You ) OST English Lyric
Haley Greene Jun 7


she taught me of new beginnings
and the healing of january
that you don't have to be profound
all the time
you don't have to be observed
you can change the storyline
but still remember that time

together we drank in nashville
to the days of virginia
swearing to return to art
when we got there
our lives were in full circle
she still believed in me
she is the closest thing
to an older sister i know
and maybe i am strong enough to say
that i don't love the person
that she let go of too

Ma Cherie Apr 4

I hear the lovely kiss of Spring,
it comes to me a song he sing,
upon the lovely sacred wing,
the bird above amazes eye,
as I listen to his battle cry,
I raise a hand,
then softly sigh,
please do stay
not bid goodbye,

A screeching sound to take his kill,
a bird as this - astounding skill,
they try to fight but they lose the will,
morphing in an alien shape,
no mouse nor snake to yet escape,

It comes here now my bird of prey,
the hawks again they fly today,
magnificent- to take a breath,
swooping in to claim a death,

A single hawk now sits in view,
though sometimes twelve or maybe two,
this my bird
-a sign to see,
of what now comes-
an what will be,
a omen of my destiny,

a messenger from a god,
who's flight leave only feeling awed,
a spirit of my Father here,
to call again an draw me near,
I listen close with an open ear,

I knew this place was for me sure,
it is the place I find the cure,
leaving there of where we were,
the place to rest my restless feet,
and finally give my heart a seat,
life it hid- with much deceit,

A garden full and nightly meals,
my bird of prey- his quarry squeals,
I listen for the holy squawk,
I listen for my red tail hawk,
I watch him fly but I only gawk,

He came last year- enlightening
in visions sometimes frightening,
my sky of many, sky of one,
all together beneath the sun,

A guardian who came before,
who now protects my new front door,
a harbinger of good I know,
I'm sure my seeds this time to grow,
an we not die- in this I know,

His Spirit lives here in the spring,
on every bird on every wing,
in my every caution
and in every other thing,
he's every sound and every sight,
and every bird on every flight,
he's every morn' and every night,

He's everything I eat and cook,
in every word in every book,
in every face in every look,
he is my grandson's bouncing ball,
he is the leaves that died in fall,
he is my son- who grew so tall,

Returned to me in verdant love,
my greenest mount from up above,
painted here angelic hands,
a carpenter who had his plans,

To make this place-
God's country -
and so too then is mine,
my soul an spirit
-forever -
right here- they intertwine,
an I am ever grateful
for an understanding mind,

An so I do my sacred part -
to teach the children well,
I listen close to sacred hearts
in sadness I do not dwell,
in every fear to leave behind ,
so in his love- to you I tell,

We are more than just our flesh,
an every day is new an fresh,
listen to the birds of Spring,
tiny one or on a giant wing,
hear the song to listen

Knowing when the sun it sets,
to leave behind the past regret,
smiling souls will have no fret,
an face what we see as the dark,
to find a footlight in a tiny spark,

And even if my soul stayed here,
I'd live my life this way,
even if it ends right now,
If always I must
always, stay,

To live a life that's dignified,
but not of one consumed by pride,
a life that's been so worth the ride,
well I can say I really live,
I give in all I have to give,
I carry not no weight with me,
I will let it rest -I will just let it be,

But this is not to say
at times -
my heart does not feel sad,
for sorrow teaches to appreciate
the times when you feel glad,
an anger hurts only you I think,
so no use in being mad,
although I think we must at times,
if only just a tad,

Regardless of a promise made,
in a text or ancient writings,
I will take the message now
of my bird that I am sighting,

This is chance a time of change,
take a hold an grasp,
wear it in a locket near,
an tightly close the clasp,

Find a dream up in the sky
and draw it to your heart
this is the time in Spring it's true
to make a brand new start,

Go now-
an find your new life
beneath the springtime sun.

Ma Cherie © 2017

I saw an orb with my own two eyes in the middle of the day in my bathroom and I don't even know how I feel about that sort of thing but I caught it with my camera. Any thoughts? This Hawk the pictures are mind blowing see my page and picture yes he is back ; ) For my Father
love you all ❤❤❤
Ashly Kocher Apr 3

Sleepless nights, long nights
Praying and hoping for a donor
A kidney was needed for a young man
To help be feel human and strong again
One phone call was all it took, for an angel to give just one look
In a blink of an eye, all will change
But for the better with the help of Gods grace
An angel has been sent down from heaven above
To shine positive light on someone who needed it most
We call it our Christmas miracle for a loving son
For soon he will have a new kidney and can forever have fun.

Ashly Kocher Apr 2

Close your eyes and all you will see
Is a lifetime of happiness and who you will be
The path ahead will lead you down
Down the rabbit hole that will be found
Open your eyes to a different world
That's  full of life and colors of imagination
Climb the trees and cross the bridge
Take a journey into the unknown
The Unknown that will let you be free and soar down the river and be who you want to be

Spring rainbows,
Floating above a canopy,
Made of white.

A bride dressed in white lace,
A short walk down the aisle,
Under cover of white.

Apricot blossoms,
Falling like snowflakes,
Tears are falling on a silvery, rippled mirror.

Blossoms dancing,
To the rhythm
Of a fresh spring breeze.

Welcoming a new spring,
Filled with love and new life!

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Sleep Together with the Flower Tonight
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