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As I sit, my heart stands and my head goes roaming.
I am half lost in thought and dilemma of growth. The wishes of growing up getting intense on my nerves as I don’t wish to get any younger much as age keeps me on the advance.
Now, I count the mornings, days and the nights knowing it’s easy to slumber but not with the weight of my dreams. When I look at the mark of 100% and haven’t attained close to 50% I go weary. Midlife crisis has struck with its luggage of famous responsibilities.
I will not stay comfortable because my age mates aren’t where my focus is for I believe I need to set the bar for myself and my companions. The thought of it itches so bad so bad to bring me butterflies, and then goes insecurity, to loose what you already have grip on. Family, closet friends and your hustling grounds.
To this point the rhyme of Psalms 23 keep rolling on my lips as my eyes are close in meditation, every time I sit even when I go to bed. I want to raise my hand to admit it’s not easy being an adult, neither is it so hard. The difference comes when we fail to strike a balance to know WHAT GOES ON AND WHAT WE MUST LET GO?
In the end I come to appreciate Life, Life God has given me and has given us. Something I have as the biggest asset I run to the third floor.
I am not concerning about who went there first; I am in contemplation of the uniqueness I will bring to the table. We nearly live half of our lives in 20’s as it’s believed to be a time of adventure. Well I can’t regret want I went through for these lessons I am ready to carry to the third floor and a warning to myself that I won’t tolerate anything or even myself for standing in my way. To those who choose us and set to battle and see us better, cheers and to blood suckers against our progress talk to the hand.
Lily Priest Apr 23
The sun shower you special,
speak sparkles
Into your soul
Till you are whole
With all the hope
Of new growth.
Lily Priest Apr 15
Eyes open into newness
And find a smile
Dimpled giddy
With the happiness
That took only one look to awaken
And one little life to nurture.
Nine months worth of waiting
Melt into a promise of forever.
My love for you is an endless
Beautiful thing.
Bigger than the both of us
Loud and bellowing.
But I whisper it
because I want to let you sleep.
My sister recently had her first child and I wrote this for her. It doesnt do the moment of moma meeting baby for the first time justice, but its something.
Paras Bajaj Apr 13
I wish not to be those seeds
that didn’t become a tree.
I wish to be that one rose
that bloomed among thorns.
Levita Mar 24
Normally I wouldn't start this way,
Its not you , its always me,
Well I suppose in a fashion you are blameless to a point,
Equating you with love and comfort was a mistake,

I need to set some healthy boundaries,
In the end I hope we can be friends,
but for now,
Its arms length
Till I get my mental strength.
I recently have been fighting some health concerns and I have always known I eat my feelings, unhealthy I am aware but I need to address these the best I can
i used to hide from your pain
change myself for you
and i called it love
blindly following you
until you broke me

so i sat in my room eating icecream
when was the last time i was without you?
my heart is bruised, but its healing
cause i found people
that loved me through my problems
and they mended my tender heart

so that one day,
i can truly find love
and be reborn
Elorai Jan 22
I could only watch the fire,
burning all that I hold dear,
all because of that ******* liar,
and my salvation nowhere near.
The flames went so high,
and the smoke even higher,
I couldn’t see a single star,
and all the people just walked by.
I wished to run really far,
to escape this burning light,
where it wouldn’t be so bright.
I coughed, my lungs filled with smoke,
and my heart slowly broke,
as I turned around,
away, from the crackling sound.
I was the liar – to myself lying,
saying, that I wouldn't wake up the next day, crying.
But I am a little bit glad,
now I can stop living in constant fear,
leave my old life here,
and that doesn’t sound so bad.
Sometimes, you need to burn down the things,
stopping you from spreading your wings.
Ahead I could see,
a new life, new me,
towards which I started to walk,
behind me leaving only smoak.
Niyati Sep 2020
Everything has become so different in a couple of months,
I have become the most beloved on all fronts.
But the mere thought of getting married,
Gives me goosebumps.
My heart starts pounding,
And my body becomes numb.

But just to become Mrs. from Miss,
I have to forego on all these?
Life would be so much different,
And every move so uncertain.

Responsibilities that I never took as a daughter,
Would be forced upon me, as a daughter-in-law.
My complaining mother will have nothing to nag about,
Seeing her daughter as punctual as a clock.

All these thoughts fills me up with anxiety,
That now I have to take care of a new set of relatives and a SOCIETY.

Now everyone would expect me to become the nicest,
But why they don't understand? I am still Daddy's little princess.

Yeah i know, overthinking won't help,
And even if i make any mistake, he willl be there to weld.
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