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Mikhael Jan 7
This was the moment I felt like I've lost hope and any chance of being well. Hello Poetry allowed me to communicate my thoughts with others during those times I felt I was most alone. This was never published, because I lost interest in this account, and at the time I thought it was pointless. However, I slowly reminded myself of my worth. I slowly picked myself up, and decided in that moment that I will never let another person's thoughts or feelings towards me decide how I will live and experience this life that I was given. I reached out to people who I long forgotten and opened up to those who I trust. I found my support system who until this day are the same people who I can run to without judgement during those times that I feel vulnerable.

I lost many "friends"; betrayed by my own flesh and blood; and felt lost most of the time when I needed to find myself. I keep a smaller circle, but it took some getting used to after being a person who kept a lot of people around himself for most of my life.

All that being said. I hope that this can be a reminder that losing everything you thought was good in life is not losing everything at all. At the end of the day, no matter how bad the situation, we can all find another reason to keep going if we only dig deep, trust, and believe in ourselves.

For what it's worth,
I lived for you;
However, my existence ceased to be,
Because of you.
Jd Sep 2019
two roads right in front of us,
stopping, staring, we choose one

thinking of choices which one is worth it

but today we will smile
nobody can stop us now
feet off the ground
hearts on our sleeve

we’ll be ready
ready to face the
new beginning
so much has gone and passed
and i believe that
we’ll be together after all that started out

this is the moment to step in the light
and i will be ready to reach for the sky
no one can hold me back, i will fly
and brightly shine  tonight
short caps intended
Anna Grace Jul 2019
A short walk

Awkward stops

I look through

No window shopping

Just plain criticism.

Fire spitting hate

A long path

Ends abruptly

Because it's unwanted

Past can be

Both excavated

Or buried

Like seeds

Giving rise to

New leaves.
AsJay May 2019
It’s been four months
Since hell rose up from the ground
With all you’ve done
Is your *** jealous of your mouth?

From all the **** that comes out
How can you still sleep sound?
Look here my life’s halted
You can’t see that you caused it

Woken up today at half three
Knowing I’m gonna see hurt
Praying the mirror doesn’t see me
Cos I’m still dragging in your dirt

If life is about hate I don’t want it
If you understood sense then you got it
Talking about me like I don’t know
Behind my back’s where you’ll go

If you had facts straight in the first place
You wouldn’t have to see them on my face
Now I have to explain again
How I’ve been through all this pain

I can’t wait until it’s finished
When I’ve survived this supernova
The nightmares I’ll get to manage
And be able to move on from

Sick of hatred and accusations
If you knew the situations
I was in you’d understand
I did everything I could and can

Yet you chose your way out
My truth you chose to doubt
Even if I was the innocent
What you did left a lasting dent

Now I’ve got the lesson
To deal with the mess I’m in
I have a new life meant to be
You cowards won’t be the death of me

To everyone that has a problem
Think deserting me will ever solve them?
On the radar I’m undetected
If you choose to leave I’m unaffected

Look at me now I’m cutting corners
The past’s behind me I’m movin’ forward
Remember when I described a doormat
Now my volcano’s not even dormant

Put me out of my misery
Of all the **** you’re causing me
When I’ve done nothing to you
It’s the least you could ever do
This poem was quite a long process in the making, as it took me roughly a week or so to think about what I was going to put onto paper, when it came to writing the poem itself, it took me about 10 minutes to write whatever came to mind at the time and if it sounded good, it definitely made the cut.
New Life, is a sequel to a poem that I released at the beginning of February of this year, called The Flick and is about the same group of people and the same situation that I was in when writing the poem The Flick itself, which is, in fact, the exact same situation I'm in currently.
This poem, New Life, can actually go entirely beneath the poem The Flick and create what I'd call a super poem, or even song lyrics especially that of a rap song if you read them quick enough.
Finally, New Life is the longest poem I've written, it totals to 12 paragraphs, which is definitely long to hopefully get my point across.
Thank you for taking the time to read this poem of mine, I really hope you enjoyed reading it as much as  I enjoyed writing it. Your kind words and support gives me inspiration and helps me in the long run when writing more of my poetry.
Liked this poem? If so, check out the rest of my poems on my Tumblr page.
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Natasha Bailey May 2019
Past says final farewell,

To all things that make me unwell,

To all the hate I ever felt,

To all the love I never (held)

and Farewell
you spilled coffee all over my heart
making it beat faster
at the sound of your name
it burned
i did not complain
it gave me energy to get through
the day

your mug was so hot
the coffee scalding my tongue
now i cannot taste anything else
you burned your way to my stomach
which bubbles like boiling water
at the thought of your smile
and it leaves me to wonder
if my coffee is too

coffee rings
all over my desk
all over my heart
the coasters from my brain are unused
you left a coffee ring on my desk
while i waited for you to call me back
the caffeine
the only thing keeping my tearful eyes open

my teeth are stained brown
because of my addiction
and so is my soul
the energy you gave me
never lasted long enough
the caffeine crash
whenever you forgot to reply
for days

you started off as bitter
and difficult to swallow
i never thought that
one day
i would be so addicted to you
all my friends are telling me
about the new brand
it would leave a better taste in my mouth
and its foam is a

i never considered it
you decided that
i was not your cup of tea
and you switched
to the tall glass of
it was then that i realised that
your ***** mugs would stain my desk
because i'm not strong enough
to wash them clean and forget
your smell

but the time has come
to try something
maybe the new brand of coffee
will never burn me
or make my eyes water
but you kept my body going for
so long
and now i'm not sure why i was ever addicted
to you
Coraline Hatter Mar 2019
One day I'll be gone
I will leave everything
and everyone behind
I want to start a new life
far, far away from here
Parker Poole Feb 2019
I have a life growing inside of me
She tosses and turns each night to remind me
My little Astrid
She will sleep in her rocker next to me at night
And wake me several times before the break of daylight
And I’m okay with that
If you had asked me last year,
I would have told you that this was my biggest fear
But now with only five weeks to her due date
I am going to be a mother and I can’t wait
She was sent here to give me my purpose
And you can be **** sure I’ll prove to her I’m worth it
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