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Void Sep 2020
One of the greatest curses in my life

Is understanding both sides to the story

But always being pinned as the bad guy for

"choosing a side"
Alexa Malyn Aug 2020
Swimming in the ultimate void
With many other souls
Walking blindly on the path of life
Looking at trees till they leave my peripheral
Life is pointless even with a positive outlook
We are more intelligent animals
With the tendency to make false rules and expectations
Nothing more nothing less
Floating through space in a sea of consciousness
Never the option to leave
Hopelessly in love, hopelessly in fear
No change or flux
To each their own.
I read, like an open book
All others can see the words written on my pages.
I contain tales, read as secretive,
A hushed whisper that only a handful have seen.

But how many times has this booked been checked out?
A sea of white masks, deadpan through the years
So cherished once, now faded, emotionless.
Forgotten both to me, and I to them.

My secrets are secrets no more -
I own my past, without connecting to it.

I am an open book, because who has to connect with a story?
People can project on a tale,
As what better to have in a confidant, than a horror story?
Something you can read from the comfort of your bed,
A scary, scarred, stream of words that still seem otherworldly.

Frankenstein’s monster will never be faced –
So, too, is this failures’ life.

You understand, you say.
You sympathise, you say.

But how can you, when I checked myself out long ago.
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
I try, but                                                                                              

It's hard to see the light through the                                                        
in the window                      

through the                                                        
f        g                              



m i n d
Coraline Hatter Dec 2018
I'm a pessimist
i always expect the worst

I'm a realist
i accept what I have

I'm a romantic
i want to try everything

I'm a dreamer
i want you forever and ever.
I never fell that hard for someone
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
What is it we all fear,
reflections in the mirror.
We can't escape fate,
the end is getting nearer.
I'm feeling a lil off today, so I listened again to Tupac's 'Who Do You Believe In' and this part in particular stood out to me. Tupac wasn't perfect, but he truly was a gifted man. To me, he is and always will be the Greatest Rapper of All Time.

Songwriters: Yafeu Fula / Johnny Lee Jackson / Tupac Amaru Shakur / Jason Kay / Toby Smith / Dwight Delemond Williams
Who Do You Believe In lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
Erin Fitz Jun 2018
everything you said, I pray that you mean it
the skeptical approach makes me struggle to believe it
so spare me the details, don't feed me the lies
it was you I fell for, by surprise
when you don't want to get attached
dj mcc Oct 2017
wanting what
you can’t
is the
broken hearts.

look it
Bianca Reyes Jun 2017
I am a realist
I hold onto facts
Tighter than I hold onto you
I toy with the idea
Of making you my world
But I am a realist
So I settle on the idea
That you're just toying with my heart
Copyright under Bianca Reyes 2017
All rights reserved
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