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Should I feel guilt,
Should I feel guilty
Becuase you're out there
Loving someone who's not me?
And my love she lies
a sleeping like seed
beneath the ground
to await the coming
Sun and the day when
I will join her for It's
the first time be been

For when I layed her
down to rest and placed flowers on her grave
and as I walked away
I felt so guilty for
leaving her there for the first time on her

But In the summer Its
nice to where she lies when the flowers come
to bloom and birds do
sing again

And I sit and talk to her and tell her to be patient I will be joining her
In a little while, I can
spend much more time
In the summer
Helen she lise awaiting For Me but I've always felt guilty for leaving her for time alone
madison 7d
i apologize
for all the things i never said anything
for all the times i didn't speak up
for all the times i let you make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin
for all the times i let you make me feel guilty
for all the times i let you get away it
for all the times i let you win
for all the times i let you make me cry at 2am

i apologize for never telling you
that you were ruining everything about me
that you made me hate myself
and that this hate continues to run through my veins
for you
and for me
and everything that slipped through the cracks in between
as you broke me
you were known for having no empathy
was my guilty pleasure
an innocent sin
that no man could condemn
without hypocrisy
Unknown Jan 26
has made me realise,
that one of the worst feelings
in the world
is seeing someone you love
pass away
and in that moment realising
how much little time you spent
with them.
I have a really bad guilty conscious that I never spent enough time with my loved ones before they died.
Micah Jan 23
I feel the lull of the sun, day by day, and wonder if I have to

When the moon, hanging on a string, shifts the tides

and pulls me in.

Do I have to

When the screams of glittering stars fall around me

and break in my palms, slicing my hands,

and the sun and the moon beg for my face to turn unwavering

Do I have to
Guilty by choice
Guilty by rage, not by faith
Guilty to crave, to thrive, to smile
Cheer on for you are guilty of all these charges. Proclaim your hunger for your right of passage.
Van Byrde Jan 5
i don't think i like nice people
i feel guilty around them
like my past stains me still
and they see it all
AWeirdStranger Dec 2018
Did I love you with all of my heart? Guilty.

Did I take care of you from the start? Guilty.

Did I help you learn and play and grow? Guilty.

So why then, now must you go?

Was I not enough? Guilty.

Wasn't I tough enough? Guilty.

Perhaps I left the leash too long? Guilty.

The choices you made were all wrong.

Am I fading now into the dark? Guilty.

Did I never even make a mark? Guilty.

Did I try and cry and fight and yell? Guilty.

Now you're leaving me right here in ****.

Was there something more I could've done? Guilty.

Will I be looked down on by everyone? Guilty.

Will I cry all through the night and day? Guilty.

How I truly wish that you could stay.
Jules DelPercio Dec 2018
She is beautiful
flapping her beautiful wings
guilty pleasures now
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