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softcomponent Oct 11
"Curiosity killed the cat."                     

What this really means

is that,

at a certain point of investigation,


can become





tia Sep 25
"sorry, always sorry. what are you sorry for?"

within my grasp
even outside of it
if I didn't say sorry
I would fall apart
like a flower
when pulled all the wrong ways"
Zeeyerh Adams Sep 12
It begins with a tingle,
Her core quivering with the need to feel alive,
Remembering the intense pleasures,
Guilty, is her shame.

As the depravity of rapture consumes her,
'This is the last time,'
Desperate in clinging to her promise,
Whilst, the devils snicker.
Her eyes raving mad,
Her body, a stranger to withdrawal,
'Just a little, just to take the edge off,'
She breaks for the reprieve,
Short lived ecstasy.

Over and over again.
This is a about addictions and the constant battles of falling into the darkness.
The realities of life
Make stimuli abound
Creativity leaps and bounds
Imagination and fantasy
Come to play
Pieces of creative art
On the display
They speak creator's mind
Without sound
Some take offence
Identify them with creative art
Negative aspects of
Their reality present
See the truth exposed
Without being exposed
Make hue and cry
Despite creative art
Not specifically addressed to them
Their guilt comes to fore
By the same token
They are guilty
Guilty they are declared
Bow and arrow intact,
Abstract, I redact,
Target tracked,
Hands calloused,
Strategist medallist,
Alex between prize or delusional lies,
Fie, fie,
Stop thinking about distractions,
Begin with your calculations,
5 meters in length,
Height is 12,
Hypotenuse 13,
Let’s queen this green,
I shot the arrow,
Stabbed the bullseye,
Told Tiffany to tag the tent,
Because, hon, I won this event,
I’m innocent
Kyle Jul 29
I know it's my fault;
I'm sorry for that.
I'm sorry for everything;
I'm sorry for my pride.
I'm sorry cause my pride broke our friendship;
I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.
I'm full of guilt now;
I know I can't bring the past.
I've already said sorry to you but I didn't accept that it's my fault because of my pride and that's why our friendship broke.
I'm sorry for my pride;
And I know It's my fault;
That's why I'm guilty.
I'm sorry
Lupus- Jul 24
And all this pain they are suffering
Is all because of you
You are guilty for every tear they shed
For every scream they let out
For all their sleepless nights
Awake at late hours
Worrying about you
Struggling to accept all the damage
Even after all you have done to them
They continue to love you
I think that's what hurts the most
Their love of their life
Is killing them
Day by day
And you
Turn a blind eye
Face the other way
Ignorant of all the the things you are doing
You don't care
All you worry about is getting your way
Even if that means stomping over them
The people that love you the most
That are willing to give up their whole world
They are dying inside
Burning inside from all the heartache
And it's all because of you
Their living nightmare
How could you?
The sins of the father and the son must be punished
Allow the juries hand to be corrupt and
Dispense their magical omnipotence.

But taste the finality of man as the hammer draws near
To consequence; and question
The strangers leer in corrupt composure.

The judges sweat melds to the handle, he grips
Hard to the justice of his resolve, as
It slips beneath the bench

And now to the audience, you decide
To solidify a man in a statue to justice or
Grant redemption and torments respite.
Because I put to you that,
the sins of the father and the son must be punished.
sadnspicy0 Jul 4
The road, the lights,
I'm drivin' in the night,
I wish I could stop now,
But that's the luxury I can't allow.

The luxury I can't allow,
I gotta go, I gotta run,
Oh, dear officer, I swear,
I didn't mean to, I was scared!

I didn't mean to, hear me, right?
That's what they say: 'the love is blind'
So, strong and fast, like a spider bite,
I killed my lover at midnight.

The venom quickly reached his heart,
I'm bad, but he's a parasite,
He thought I didn't know his plan.
So, do you know what I did then?

He had a knife behind his back
And I knew I gotta attack.
You see, today I'm wearing black
cause of decisions that I've made.

Cold ice is running through my veins.
I hold a shovel in my hand.
You might assume that I'm insane.
It's time for gardening. Again*.
One day I was at the boring lecture, so I started doodling spiders in my notebook. Then the idea of a black widow impersonation came to my mind.
* she's gonna bury him and it's not her first victim
The question: how do YOU feel about Black Widow? Do you think she deserves mercy?
Aaina khan Jun 24
Why Do i Feel Guilty about
deleting my drafts or my hidden poems,
It feels like deleting a part of me
that i will never find again.

And even more Guilty bout calling my writings as poems,
because they don't rhyme or have any pattern,
They are not wrapped in the most beautiful way.
Just raw untouched thoughts.
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