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Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
I'm not in a good place, it's written all over my face with a permanence I can not erase
The ace up my sleeve turned out to be a joker with my super imposed face
Lost in the twisted maze that is my head space, I'd chase the cheese but it'd be a waste
Fear infused with a terror base so potent you swear it almost has a taste
The dark haze of my past short circuits any new interface
Filled with a technology way out of date but never had the means to replace
I watch the life I thought I'd be a part of race by at a dizzy pace
But it always made time to come back 'round and knock the taste out my mouth like 808 base
Then leaves post haste without a trace before catchin' a case
Just one more missing personality cold case, chalk it up to another looser fallen from grace
They say to pick yourself up by you boot straps, I'm always breakin' the shoe lace
Bet they didn't think I'd use the bootlace to replace the slipknot necklace I misplaced
The bright young man with aspersions worth the chase now incased in blue skin wearing deaths face

“ A hero is made 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐥𝐞
And a Villian is made 𝐛𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐥𝐞...”
Do u need a world full of heroes and make it peaceful or a world full of villians and make it a hell??
Treat everyone equally..or atleast don't treat anyone unkindly..
No-one can cry with his heart and smile on his face,
Only a joker can....
Khushi Patel Mar 2021
Face cards are considered at the top, we get greedy for them,
Learn to take what comes your way
Different cards pop up every time as different faces.

Joker is ignored while playing, such unwanted things in life should
be avoided for a good play
Winnings are not always at your step.

Four Colours makes us believe life is colourful and attractive
Wait for your turn to showcase your excellence.

Ace leads the face cards
Reach the topmost level, so no one can pull you down.
CC Jan 2021
Bombs, bombs away!
The crowned prince of Gotham has come to play.
Will you stand by his side?
Or whimper, run and hide?
With nowhere to turn to
And no one to plead to,
Habits die hard.
Though you are scarred,
With the familiar sting of bruises and cuts that still ache,
Nothing hurts more than heartache.
That is why you’ll look at his face and accept his hand,
Because no one will ever understand,
Just how much his sinister grin and laugh
Makes you feel like he’s your better half.
This is your finale, hold your breath,
And accept how he pushes you towards your death.
their love isn't exactly healthy, but she keeps going back to him... is the reason as clear as day or is it shrouded in mystery?
Nala Alfira Oct 2020
my chest's burning like
i'm ready to slam my phone
and i'm just so sick of

adjusting my feelings
revising my words
setting up my smiles

to keep everyone happy
avoid another contrariety
runaway from the reality

a baby born crying then
you forced her to laugh
i recently realized this is not healthy
AceLione Oct 2020
I’ve been thinking about my life
How much I’ve been destroying my pride
And realizing how many emotions I’ve tried to hide
Am I a jester for wearing that mask
You won’t know my feeling until you ask
But even then it might remain a secret
I won’t show but maybe tease it
Who am I kidding, this is my face of poker
Don’t get the wrong idea, I always believed that I was the joker
Max Neumann Sep 2020
the joker hid the river's whispering
under a blanket of girls, imprint faces
in a forgotten manner, joker smiled

a joker can put on a thief's smile
iceblue talk, straight from the dead
in a time lapse, joker dealt the cards

underworld creatures were filling the bar
they bowlering, deeply engaged in themselves
in a time lapse, goons ordered whisky

hollerings of massive gold bracelets
a crow, a rack or a bible, choose
in a forgotten manner, they did business
Lulu Sarmiento Jul 2020
Broken glass.
Shattered dreams.
Defeated game.
Crumbling inside.
Yet you smile—
And say “I’m okay.”
daisy Jul 2020
we’re like joker and harley,
love cannot be seen
my world is dropping in the city
and i am feeling dizzy
well, this is the agony
of being your queen
no matter how toxic this is,
you are still my weakness
can’t stop loving my puddin
though i’m the only one who’s vibin
and i know
i am now weaker
than i’ve become.
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