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Nigdaw Jul 3
It's all for a laugh
Why the long face horse's ****,
Put a lightbulb where the sun don't shine
And lighten the **** up
This is a roller coaster, baby
I don't know where it stops
But it's all for the crack
You can stumble as much as you want
Fall if you need to
My hysteria will see the funny
Sunny side of the street
Make a dance for happy feet
So don't be sad
Come laugh it up with the lads
You're one of the boys
Toys that is
We can play all night
But I,
Not so nicely with the other kids.
My tribute to The Joker of Batman fame.
Smiling faces with glee
as the children see me
Jackman sings with his big sword
As we dance on the green board.
King and Queen smiling fakely
Everyone dances so happ’ly
As the kingdoms unite,
From their shallow card spite.
Lands of Heart and of Clover
Lands of ***** crossing over
And last but not least
Land of Diamond with ease.
That leaves me; I’m the juggler
I’m the card man, the smuggler
Of laughs and big smiles
We all need one somewhile.
Let me tell you my friend
It’s a tiring job,
But no matter the circumstance
My smile stays on.
My makeup is flaking,
My body is aching
No one cares for the Joker
or the jokes that he’s making.
Smile big, mother told
Smile tall, smile proud
Don’t you fret of your worries
And don’t you dare ever frown.
So I stay a performer
lifting faces, sharing laughter
They expect me to smile
But no one cares for me after.
Smile on, smile big,
Wear the mask, wear the wig
Juggle *****, tell the joke
Keep on laughing till you choke
It’s hysterical, it’s so fun
It’s so gracious, to keep on
Tell the joke, scream the tears
Till my makeup is smeared.
They’re all staring; it’s ok
Laugh your worries away
I keep laughing at jokes
Till it’s me that it broke.
Latina1813 Feb 17
I left my glasses at home
So i cant see ur *******
We need to slow down
The incredible speed we r moving
When we r just standing still
stopping is not an option
I left my glasses off
So i cant see ur *******
Written in a text
Cuz u cant face me to set it straight
Cuz ur lines r twisted
And story is fake
I had to leave my glasses at home
So i could deny ur regret
Hit snooze on ur alarming *******
U dont get
To have cake and eat it too
Who lied to u
At least it wasnt me
But... u.... ur just a story
Ur made up
We wont make up
Theres no maybe written in the cards
Maybe u should thank ur lucky stars
For me
But now i left my glasses at home
So i cant see you
And the ******* u came thru wit
And u laugh and its the worst
Funny how ur the clown
And all the jokes r all ur words
ISHA Feb 14
“Does it depress you to know how alone you really are“
It does, it really does.
Am I now?
Am I god?
Is that why they are scared?
I have not threatened anyone
I have not killed anyone (though I would mentally)
I have not hurt anyone (I hope)
So why will I scare them with something that they will eventually learn about?
Maybe it is my face. It is expressionless.
i don't get people.
Your mission:
Commission peerless tools.
The world merely spinning
has thrown you for a loop.
No more will you react as
tempted by your stimuli.

Who are you today?
- How about tomorrow?
Will you succumb to fear

as it follows
you in step?

Who are you today?
Who are you tomorrow?
Will you succumb to fear

as it follows
your every step?

Your plan:
Understand your soul is your
pulp, press it in pages,
rewrite the tales you tore.
No more will you lend your pen
for the sake of sympathy.

Who am I today?
- How about tomorrow?
Will I succumb to fear

as it follows
me in step.

Who am I today?
Who am I tomorrow?
Will I succumb to fear

and so repeat
all my mistakes?

My mission:
soften my gaze
into the glare
of my enemy's
fevered eyes.
Shed a tear for
persons wayward,
put my head to their
pointed gun
& die

in time
& time
you into
death as I.
a magician never reveals their
tricks to the joker is what you’d
told you that sunday night last
september as you had sloppily
crashed into a river and made
both of our cold bones shiver.
we both knew this was not a
typical drive down the road
because you had broken the
moral code and would soon
be toad while i lay with still
bones and a frantic call home
on a stretcher in the back of
an ambulance with hands
holding my body together
as you asked the police to
give you a moment so you
could have a breather and
a smoke or two because
you knew you were through.
they asked if you wanted to
leave me alone and head
down to the police station
and you just shrugged like
this was not your creation
because your court costs
were more expensive than
the knowledge of my pain
and i wished I had caught
that last sunday night train
instead of drinking with you
in the rain and making fog
against the window pane.
i was told not to move as
i waited for the helicopter
and you were pushed up
against the side of a cop
car and cuffed with angry
resistant will and the tears
spilled down hard and fast
from your pretty little face
because for once i would
not save your ****** ***
and get you out of this gory
mess that had turned your
sunday best into a disgrace
and made my bones buckle
and cry out for some rest
for they had been pressed
and strained under the now
drowned window pane with
blood creating a vivid stain.
your head ducked down as
you were pushed into the back
of the car and you glanced up
to see my motionless mangled
body watching from afar.
how’s that for a date night?
you laughed as the tube
down my throat made me
cough and the police officer
gave you a stern look before
slamming the door on your
smirking face so hard that
the car shook like my body
did with hollow echoing sobs
that made my eyes run like the
river that had made both of us
shiver as you had claimed that
the joker would always deliver
even if the magician would not
reveal their spells for the joker
had his own secret way to hell.
You were like a wild fire
That I watched from a distance
Yet somehow you caught my heart
I wanted to be closer, in your presence
So trusting, I reached out my hand
In order to be embraced by you
Aggressively, painfully you took it
And naively I didn't have a clue
That my hand claimed to be unfit
You burned my skin around and through
Crazily I thought I would get used to it
Build up a tolerance that was tough and true
I was mesmerized by your puzzling beauty
How brightly you shined on your own
Throughout the day until the night
I never felt like I was alone
However my tolerance
Didn't seem to grow
Your flames started to consume me
Taking more as they go
You weren't satisfied with a piece of me
You wanted more than I could show
Oddly enough I relished in it
My crazy passionate joking beau
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