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Cassandra Oct 19
In the space of two hours i wrote

                        a suicide note,

                                         and a love letter.

I posted them the
                                                    love letter.
now once again, i have a small box containing a new suicide note hidden on a shelf in my room
Restu Taurina Sep 30
if you were a city, you’d be like Paris
a beautiful ray of lights,
with its own captivating mind

oh Paris...

you can’t describe Paris
unless you have wandered around the streets
under its rainy night

you can’t describe Paris
until you walked in a sunny park,
felt the gentle touch of the breeze upon your face
while stroking your hair

you can’t describe Paris
if you haven’t felt the atmosphere at Les Quais de Seine,
Friday night after a hard week at work

you can’t even begin to describe Paris
because it should not be described,
it should be felt

just like i can’t begin to describe
how empty my life would be
without you
Sia Morweng Aug 27
Now I know,
I can’t trust my eyes, they lie to me whenever they close.
I can’t trust my heart, it beats to tunes I have never heard.
I can’t trust my soul, it took me riding and left me alone to fall.
I can’t trust my mind, it took on a journey that seems to have no sympathy for me.
I can’t trust myself, when I know I don’t exist without your once in a lifetime glance
But then my heart scolds me, and it tells me…
Sia Morweng Jul 14
Its sad our eyes
never collided
I’d have loved
to know what
its like to look into
someone’s eyes
know how it feels
to watch moments
go by…

The meet
The dates
The fights
The proposal
The dress
The aisle
The honeymoon
The house
The children
The lawn
The grandchildren
The last touch
Laying you to rest
Then resting

It’s sad to wake up
realize in this life,
Our eyes weren’t
meant to collide
All my love
welled up inside
and you’re not
By my side to receive
I know your voice,
Singing for me,
I know your eyes
Twinkling through the screen,

The way you smile,
The dimple in your cheek,
All of these things,
But I don't know you

Your birthday, your name,
Your tastes and your face,
I know these things
But I don't know you

And yet

May you shine
Like the star in the sky,
Filling up my heart
With the melody of your song,

May you sing the song
That dwells inside,
And I will be here,

Though your heart may be breaking,
Though it pains me to see,
You still smile like the sun
Through the storms in your seas,

Sweat on your temple,
Through blood and through tears,
You forge through it all,
So your song could reach me

You give me everything,
The me who has nothing
But my love to give to you

I'll be by your side,
Though they be against you,
Don't worry you'll see,
Everything is alright

I wish you happiness
I wish you peace
I wish you good fortune
And all of the bliss

You may not know me,
Never had and never will,
But I hope you will know this,

You are a star that shines
In the darkest of night,
And I will sail with you
Through wine-colored waters,
Listening to your song

I don't know you,
You don't know me,
But we are connected
Through a melody.
So I wrote this while thinking of my favourite artist in mind. You could say that this is a fan's return song to the singer(s) who inspired them. We may not know the real person behind an artist's stage persona, but we can still give them support and love for what they're doing and what they're giving to us.
fray narte Apr 26
and yet, what are we but mere mortals
somehow caught in the world's anger?
what am i but just another girl
weaving these words
in the corners of a ceiling
where the moon doesn't shine —
hidden by dust and out of reach
and you are a victim,
walking straight to spider silk;
somewhere in the sky,
artemis is perched on the moon —
watching, warning.

and for all we know,
she knows, that apollo, too
had written poems for all his lovers;
i will borrow these words,
fumbling to write all the things
i cannot say.
but in the end, how can i write
about your love and its softness
when all i've known are wolves and shredded baskets,
when my legs are made for chasing the fog,
when my hands are made for ripping red cloths
and poorly folding them into roses?
alas, darling,
these are my pressed tulips and chaste kisses
delicately folded into words.
this is my testament;
these are my whispers in their softest.
these are my fingers in their gentlest.
this is my love for you.

Tiana Apr 17
I still remember that cruel summer
How your ocean eyes distracted me day and night,
Knowing you were so close
yet still not mine;
When you were so close yet so far
Tina RSH Mar 27
Words were worthless when our whimsical wishes got vanquished by distance, draining dreams of us together. Darling! We didn't dare draw an inch closer. Catastrophe came, crushing us to the core..Corona! Corona! Consistent callous company for months on and on flying far in fantasy, fingers flailing and fumbling for a faint trace of reality in which you were absent, folly! The agony and ache in every atom ate away at me as acid on iron. Ah! La! Love again, loses my lavish language, leaving lips ludicrous, lying, loquacious and the tongue tied, terrified to tell the truth..Darling! Dare me to delude you for I am desperate to devour you in this dream; Delusion! Delusion! Bare bitter bold brutality crushing the dream, crashing hard in our core..corona! Corona! Dear! despite it all, don't doubt the divine dream, don't doubt that I love..
This is almost a letter to my lover, but also a note to the whole world and particularly those having to suffer the forceful distance.
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