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Eloisa Dec 2022
And the love letter sent to me
by the moon is here
Carried by the pure, white snow
Covering me with love
Her old vow
Fixing the broken promise
of healing
An inspiration to take even
little steps
While I continue to seek
real fullness
Sia Morweng Dec 2021
I wished for too long
to live in a space
built especially for me
where I could stroll around
and stumble upon my
innate favourite parts of living.
A place, different shades of hues.

And I did,
did live in that space;
every time when you weren’t asleep.

Darling, open your eyes;
I want to come home…
Meg B Oct 2021
I can’t get your words out of my head
Syllable by syllable I’ve reread
Them a dozen times,
And now I contemplate why
And how I never knew
You felt how I do.
Cathy Devan Oct 2021
I wrote a loveletter to my ghost
I hope this finds you fine
Don't brush me off yet
I hope you kept that smile
The scars that grazed past my skin
They were my momentos
Hover over my loved ones
Be a guardian Angel
And when they ask about me
Or their hearts shatter
Because of our memories
Remind them to hang on
The good times
Make the lights flicker
Or shake the granny clock
On our chipped wall in the living room
That's the language of the ghosts
Ain't it?
©Cathy Devan
Ig rogue lover
Destiny C Jun 2021
This is a love letter.
Please do not get this confused.
You & my serotonin became infused.
I love you,
But I love you not.
It's almost like my old self,
That I forgot.

You take away the pain.
Only some of it,
The rest remains.

But I love you more than you know,
You've helped me in ways that don't show.

You are the drug that I've been chasing
Need some replacin'..

I hate your manipulation,
The way you think I need you,
No hesitation.

You starve me.
You beat me.
Make me physically weak..

But instead of leaving you,
I take you everyday,
Every week.

Because of you,
I've stopped & smelled the roses,
Had my first smile in awhile,
Took some pictures,
Held some poses.

But yet,
I know this can't go on forever.

I'm not sure when our last kiss will be,
Sometimes I only feel you & me,
Other times I feel the urge to leave

But I'll stay with you for now,
Because I don't know better.

The only reason I'm alive,
Is because you help me survive.
Sia Morweng May 2021

Why don’t you come already?
My patience is frail;
Breathing its last moments.

Waiting for you
Has made this woman
Intolerable to herself;
And staring at the moon
While its not out many nights
Is no longer a bandage

When you’re met by the tree out front
With bottles for leaves
Don’t be disheartened
To see you often,
I switched water for my kickstarter


Get on the road already
Its now winter
The sun is no longer bothersome
I’ll hold out till summer
So I’ll be ready with a bouquet
I can give you that much time.

The gifts you sent
Have lived many lives
And their ghosts,
Are on every corner of the house
Telling me they’re impatient to leave

When you’re met by many holes on the lawn
We’ll patch them after we’ve kissed
Long after we’ve had many kisses
daphne Apr 2021
you call me a coward
for confessing my heart
through a piece of paper
rather than with my lips
perhaps because
ink dries much faster
than these tears do
acetone can disguise the truth
at the tip of my ballpoint pen
and paper may be shredded
for these feelings to cease
Keyana Brown Apr 2021
I want to be
with you

There is something
we'd rather do
is to be

I will travel
a million miles
to see you
once more
Lord, I can
be more sure

pick a date
pick a place
I want your love
I want your
sweet embrace
never leave me
don't give me space

For our love
could be misguided
please let us be reunited
anna Nov 2020
so call me tonight.
lets sing the songs of summer romances
and make plans we'll never follow through.
listen to me pluck the chords of this scratched up acoustic,
humming the lyrics that only i know apply to you.
letters to the new boy - pt1
Restu Taurina Mar 2021
you tell me all the ways that you love
and it chills me
to think you're thinking so much of me
while i'm still picking up the pieces
trying to breathe

i was so sore
from all the bruising that love gave me
in that aching breaking nonsense of before
broken beyond the broken of a time
before i met you

but it feels so warm when i call you baby
to call you nightly
to be calling you at all
and so comforting for me to need you so deeply
want you so freely
to let loving you be all that keeps me
warmer now
and closer than
i've ever been
to feeling so sure
love letter for my loved one
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