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I was a dreamer
When you were a dream
You were a dreamer
When I was a dream

We are
A dreamer
With a dream
A dream
That holds a dreamer

A tale of us
Gene: Almost Romantic
Theme: Memories and dreams
Ash Oct 17
I heard you were quitting,
I guess it's that frustrating.
The monster inside laughing,
He can feel that he's winning.

Are you choosing him to take over?
Already declaring him the winner?
Telling yourself you're a loser?
Because you became a quitter.

Your creations are work of art,
everything came from the heart.
You need to go back from the start,
think about how you'd got this far.

It was always your sweet escape,
it was your emotions that helped you create.
A masterpiece that people can relate,
to the extent they can feel your heartache.

Remember the times you started writing,
those times when you were breaking.
Those times when you were hurting,
those times when you were drowning.

It made you get up and fight,
it helped you restore your might,
When everything doesn't feel right,
you sit down and start to write.

So now grab a pen and a paper,
go ahead and try to remember.
The reason why you became a writer,
and the magic behind "The Dreamer."
Just a reminder for the writers out there who wants to quit and give up.
Sydney Oct 11
It was a gruesome place
No one could see happiness
But the dreamer of Hell
Was worst
She laughed
At the bloodshed
When it stopped
She is
Not afraid
Of anything
She always
Sees her death
And ugly
And so
To thwart
Her only fear
She kills
To stay alive.
Sydney ©2020
basil Sep 30
i'm no poet, no artist
maybe that's why i can see
we're a lot more beautiful
when you're just you, and i'm just me
i like who you are much more than who i made you out to be. but you'll always be my blue eyes <3
Sherenna Sep 24
A dreamer dreams,
A man sees.
But the dreamer was never a man,
The dreamer is the greatest voice of all mind.

A dreamer dreams,
A  man sees.
But the dreamer was never man.

Now the world has become so dull.
The dreamer is lost in a sight of darkness,
The dreamer is lost in a night of a thousand storms.

Were you ever a man?
Liv Sep 18
I had three cups of coffee for breakfast.
I slept in a t-shirt two sizes too big,
and I took one too many Adderall (i think).
I sat at the table with the same book
I opened a few months ago,
reading the same few pages from yesterday,
hoping that today would be the day
it all made sense (much like you).
I started to wash the dishes,
but I only got a quarter
of the way done
before I ran out of soap,
much like my effort, or lack thereof.
On these days, my anxiety
is less of an adjective
and more like a state of being.
Everything has become exhausting,
waking up, going to sleep.
Yet, I do it all so well, and nothing
seems to satisfy the insatiable
hunger of the constant chatter
in the back of my head
that screams, “Go”
leave this place with dishes
in the sink, and half-filled
coffee cups behind
and never return.

I [think] I took one too many Adderall.
Tess M Aug 23
one day
I dream that I will have the eyes to
see the love that is right in front of me,
the spine to go and grab it,
and the heart to appreciate it for what it is

one day
I dream that I will have the courage to use my fear
instead of the other way around,
the intelligence to make my future bright,
and the imagination to not stop dreaming big
To hate or to fear is to be psychologically ill
public office is the last refuge of the incompetent
dreams are rudiments of the great state to come
we dream
Graff1980 Aug 1
Teenage dreamer
was embittered
cause he figured
nothing he did
mattered one bit.

Another life lost,
another child fatherless,
another man shot,
another human brutalized
and we see it happen almost live.

T.V. Bobble heads
spin talking points
to demonize the dead;

Drive by mace spray
of those who seek
to make a change;

A little girl cries
and needs milk
to washout her eyes;

A parade of storm troopers
patrol the streets
forcing innocent bystanders
to retreat, get beat,
or arrested on live T.V.

Rubber bullets pounding
against soft skin,
less lethal but still
blood seeping
from those seeking
a peaceful end
to this prevailing system
that locks them in
a recycled state
of grief and suffering

Just to show those
who were seeking an end
to police abuse
of their family and friends,
to all of our human kin,
they give us ultra force.

So now when his peers
cheer for hope
he still feels
the ill-will
of those who seek
to reap
their thrills
from the greed
that kills the seed.
of what we need
to be better.
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