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Eloisa May 22
Trying to catch the hopeful winds
in my sails.
delving into the beauty
and promises of life.
Where love daily flourishes
in my heart,
growing and evolving,
chasing the horizon’s hidden colors.
And as the night rhythms pray grace,
while I help the winds
build my castle,
my faith strengthens its stairs.
The ocean waves sing love
and freedom,
echoing a beautiful lyrics of my life.
The night breeze shapes my vision
as love continues to glimmer.
I’m a hopeful believer.
And yes, I’m always a dreamer.
Missing the ocean waves.
I had a gorgeous dream last night.
cleann98 May 18
light footsteps as i was taught...

i have learned to balance my legs
like the precise swinging
      and swaying
of a well maintained metronome

in fact, they could very well move
on their own if i asked them to.

picking up the stars at the tip of my fingers,
connecting the fainting lights at the black
until i could form something
good enough to at least imagine it real

        or at least to make a good story about.

breathing in intervals
as the skies would allow
feet planted firmly
solid, stuck on the ground
i can only dance for now...

under the loudly singing
roaring sea of starlight
the half moon reaching out
to call me back home
i can only extend my arms
to sign a silent promise

here in the dark prison of gravity
the blackness of twilight taunts me
soon o' little skywalker

the day will again come
and hide my moonlight
and yet all i can do is
wait watch and practise--

**i can fly higher than this
thank you for reading!
i'm still in a slump ;-; maybe i'll start posting old poems i haven't put here yet just as buffer but i do want to be active in poetry again since i'll be composing songs again too ._.

btw do you think this poem is optimistic or pessimistic?
Ayesha Jan 14
Living like a shadow
Being the odd one out
Remarkable yet unremembered
Floating in my daydreams
Fighting off reality
Forgetting my priorities
Getting carried away
By life's necessities
And blending into the crowd
At the oddest moments
When sticking out is beneficial
Close your eyes,
I whisper in your ear,
when you think of forever,
what do you see my dear,
or rather who do you see,
right through your tears,
through the uncertainty of time,
and the path you will take,
who is your partner,
your guide as you are theirs,
I asked you this question once before,
a rainy day on the second floor,
tell me your answer once again.
The last time I said I love you.
Knowing you has been a song,
familiar silence,
as we become aware of existence,
but no form of friendship,
complete empty instrumentals,
the start of us.
beautiful vocals set in,
in anticipation of what's to come,
as I fell for your smile,
only then do lyrics form,
as our story unfolds,
our song isn't finished,
but it's so distorted,
so empty now.
Regret is all I feel when I think of you
meka Oct 2021
If you fall for fiction
It will ****** reality
If you fall for fantasy
It will never set you free
It will always be there
Rain, sun and snow
Forever blinded by poetry
You'll never be alone
Oil and vinegar,
Sugar and spice;
everything looks nice.
Your wit and charm,
sends long walks of
harmony into a world
of a never ending
Put's on his best smile,
but he will always be
a broken man.
Stay's at home,
I try my best to
console him and he
Put's his head high,
and thinks no one will
On the way, he imagines
reactions, that someday
he will have a perfect world,
made the way he wants it.
Making plans for Mikey,
to make sure he's a happy man.
Isamarie Aug 2021
Shes always in your heart, shes never leavin.

She told stories through her eyes, you cant help but lean in.

Her mind leaves stories untold.

I wonder in a past life if she was a star seed soul.

But in this lifetime i know she's painted in gold.

She's a rainbow in this lifetime. She's made all the pain go.
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