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For the girl who had so many dreams,
Who hoped for a brightest star,
Who waited to put on a spotlight,
Who fall and tried to get up by their feet,
Who lost and find herself,
Are you still aiming for the top?
Or you just prayed that you wont step at the bear traps?
Or maybe to run fastest that you could?
You born to believe that you need to sit on the throne,
For them to acknowledge your worth,
But aren't you tired?
Seeking validation,
Hoping to know you were not invisible...
And these days,
You ignore all the contest you've been before,
The only thing you knew its the apocalypse,
You had to fight,
For you to survive,
And not trying and trying,
A single tear,
a million cries,
a million fears,
produces a single sigh,
one cut,
leads to a million stitches.
Reopening old wounds.
Alicia Mar 17
She is quartz
a hard dark exterior
a vibrant multitude of fractalized particles
dancing in the light of springs rays

her voice an oral orchestra
a solo violinist
exposing emotion in an aria of sound

shoulders back, head held high
determined, through ***** streets she stalks
her looks are perilous

waves of bleached blonde hair
eyes that hide secrets she will not share
olive-skinned city enchantress

mystery in the words she writes
poetic dreamer by day
waitress by night
I wrote this for my daughter
M Mar 17
I have six of them buried deep inside my head
I could just pull them out one by one if I wanted to

But I tell myself "don't dig up the dead!"
"It's for the best!" they echo..
Might continue I'm not sure yet
Skittles611 Mar 2
The best dreams are the empty ones.
Or at leat the ones forgotten.
'Cause then you can think nothing,
Remember nothing,
The HURT is gone.
The GUILT is gone.
YOU are gone.
Jack Jan 11
sometimes, i wish i’m icarus,
soaring to impossible aspirations,
crossing undefined boundaries,
spreading out my homemade wings,
consumed in the thoughts of kissing the sky,
risking everything just to test unwritten limits,
to see just how close i could possibly get
before plummeting back to the ground.
for those who dare to dream big
Jay M Dec 2020
Words across summer pages
Later burned in winter fires
Release that which holds yee so
Let them all go

Midsummer nights
Warm and unrest
Tossing and turning
Longing to be cold

Midwinter nights
Cold, still unrest
Curled and shivering
Longing for a bit of warmth

Midsummer dreams
Of content and ease
Midwinter dreams
Of peace and escape
Forge on, dreamer
Forget not
For it is the pain
That makes strength

- Jay M
December 8th, 2020
Meg B Nov 2020
All these years later,
All the sunrises and sunsets,
All the sleeps, deep and unstirred,
And you still make your way
Into my dreams,
In razor-sharp focus;
I hear your voice as clear as
The last time I saw you,
The outline of your lips still drawn
Perfectly as I remember them
When they touched mine.
So long it has been,
But no time has passed in my subconscious,
Your appearance a steady and constant
Stream of subconsciousness
That my mind refuses to forget;
Or is it my heart
That won’t forget you?
I wonder when, if ever,
You will fade,
But then I also hope for never
As I rush off to sleep so I can
See you again,
Where you never left,
Where we never said goodbye,
Where you look exactly as you did
And make me feel as exactly as I felt,
Exactly as I feel.
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2020

I was a dreamer
When you were a dream
You were a dreamer
When I was a dream

We are
A dreamer
With a dream
A dream
That holds a dreamer

A tale of us
Gene: Almost Romantic
Theme: Memories and dreams
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