IrieSide Apr 20

Let me go my way-y
let me

      Pull the trigger
  of horny target
victimized by displays
  of fading fantasy
again, into other realms
of countering thought
what could be, what isn't
   the voice echoes,
here we go, another loss
    a new finding
           of life's
     endless surprises

IrieSide Apr 20

Contemplating meaning
       known paths seceding
into an abyss
       of what could be

IrieSide Apr 10

You feel the onset,
a coming of age
chapters that came
now changing phase

pregnant mothers
of children's firsts
hints at marriage
or spiritual birth

Pages turn,
you can't halt it
hope to grow wise
if you can help it

the rhythm of life
is always of change
if you remain stagnant
your skin will age

To see the end,
oh a noble feat
a crying old woman
of 93

she lost her husband
her first and young
this was years ago

arms of iv's
and infected blood

calm doctors
of objective question
silent nurses
at medical attention

Though chapters change,
not all are the same
a spring to come
or hell's cold rain

I wish you the best,
upon your journey

Kalvin Moon Apr 3

She catapulted her love into the stars reaching out to touch what wasn't hers. Unintentionally she fell madly in love with the saddest black hole.

He reached as hard as he could to fight the gravity that pulled her away, but her love was strong and the depths of her heart were much deeper than expected.

Two dreamers captivated by the faint hope of loving someone else. They didn't care about themselves but didn't know about each other.

This was more than passion or creation could have intended. Life was just not that modest.

In order for you to love someone else you must first accept your secrets. The darkness you carry are the worries they must burden.

We have all found hope in the depths of someone else's heart, but is it true?

The fragile glass of reality we stand on will only shatter. The walls we build will only help prevent that.

She loved the black hole for an eternity and he polished every star hoping she would notice him.

A poem for a girl.

I am a crazy dreamer,
Waited for a love which never came.
As I watched the kids cruising becoming part of the future.
Smiling in love, the thing I always craved.
Everyday my heart grew darker and sore.
I knew I was not born to love,
Never to know truelove.

So, call me crazy,
Tell me I don’t try and I am lazy!
I see no need to dress up or to make myself decadent and tasty.
For dreams are an illusion and I choose not to be hasty.
So, I am a crazy dreamer, no one was born to love me.
I was born to be as fluid as the sea, call me a whore, call me a hoe.
For each stone your throw only made me grow!

I never knew tears, only pleasure.
The human touch and its burning flame which ignited fear.
I knew beauty and life, but I never knew love.
I was always happy, until I knew no one was born to love me.
Crazy dreamer, happy even no love in life, I am the crazy dreamer.

Pave me a path to the moon
I'll walk the whole way
Encouraged by the silver dust craters
and white light.

It looks to be a gentle place
A place to go to close your eyes
and exhale.
A place to go
to have your face touched
and heart filled.

On the moon
I will be peaceful.
I will revel in the
weightlessness of it all
and store that feeling in my heart
Remembering it in moments
when I am feeling
crushed by the heavy earth.

In the meantime
while my path is being paved
I'll keep my moon dream alive
by late night star gazing
and keeping
silver dust in my pocket.

March 23rd 2017
Mia James Mar 7

I have never
dreamed of water until
I met you
and those
ocean blue eyes
of yours.

Crimson Tears Mar 1

How must it feel, to burn so bright?
As you streak down through the sky,
To become a muse’s delight
As you fall to us, to die?

I watched you fall down through clouds
Down into our field of dreams,
And as they wished in crowds and crowds
I ran to you past joyous screams.

Perhaps as I ran, I made a secret wish,
Perhaps I dreamt of fate and love,
For what I found in that earthen dish,
Was that which I'd but dreamed of

The first of one of my rewrites. It means a lot more to me this time around.
Scarlet Rose Feb 19

I'm still a rather little girl.
I mess things up a lot.
I tend to dream the day away
Chasing every pleasant thought.
But please remember, when you look at me then,
This is the oldest that I have ever been.

I see always, through fresh eyes,
A world of beauty, songs to be sung.
I follow the wind to far off places
Full of fantasies and hopeful love.
And please remember, when you look at me then,
This is the oldest that I have ever been.

Please don't force me to grow up.
I'll do it sometime, I am sure.
But then perhaps I'll lose the song,
Maybe not see the beauty anymore.
So please remember, then, when you look at me,
This is not the oldest I will ever be.

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