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Silence filled the night
Waiting for the sun to come
Still bathed in moonlight,
a dreamer dreams not only in slumber
but in broad daylight
Head above, in with the sun
There are days I dream and feel like an imposter

until I remember we’re all imposters living in unrealized dreams.
Who are you
Abhijeeth Feb 8
This is the story of a boy,
spread his wings, thought he could fly.
This is the story of a man,
lost his feathers and sat back down.

He told everyone he would be famous,
grew up, realised he isn't Nostradamus.
He lashed out at everything and everyone,
lost all the battles that the boy would have won.

He is running away from everything,
the boy always wanted to be a king.
Where did it all go wrong,
he remembered being so strong.

Growing up isn't all that it's meant to be,
you keep getting knocked down constantly,
Man hit rock bottom, single tear in his eye,
the boy of autumn, he had lost his fire.

Don't worry, this wasn't the last chapter,
the man's life didn't end in disaster,
but that's the story for another day,
another chance for some wordplay.
This is a poem of a boy who thought he could be everything he wanted only to be thrown back down to reality as he grew up. It's the first part of a two part poem that I will write about disappointment,acceptance and redemption.
gabrielle Feb 3
In the place I've always dreamt of ;
the need of being in your heart
the desire of living in your arms

in a light - forbidden place .
dreaming ... of my dream home
the wanderlust of my love
you .
Lieke Jan 26
my life is a puzzle
and the missing piece is

i want to run
as far as my legs will take me
away from people
away from places
I'll keep spinning circles
into infinity
i'll spread my wings and fly
as i draw cloud with the wind
to a world far away
to a place so peaceful
to a paradise so cherry
that it becomes unreal

a state of mine
a perfect philosophy
to which i'll never arrive.
6 September, 2018
No dream
is too big.
And no dreamer
is too
YusufKudsi Jan 22
He sits by the window
Talks to the stars
He is a dreamer
Who waits for his dreams to be reality
He lights a candle hoping someone would see him
But the candle was just a notch in the city of lights
He sits by the window hoping for the stars to talk to him
But maybe silence was all he needed..
Chelsea Rae Jan 17
We watch movies and repeatedly listen to songs
Drawling on and on about the perfect, most passionate love.
But if I loved the way I want,
The way they do in the movies,
Boom box outside your window,
Traveling across the world at the drop of a hat,
Grabbing your hand and dragging you out at night and early morning to watch stars and sunrises,
The grand gestures.
People would look at me like I was crazy.
It would get old;
To have someone who's eyes have glassed over with a rose colored shade.

You wouldn't live me.
You wouldn't experience me.


You'd rather sit on your *** and watch me, portayed in bits and pieces,
On your TV screen.
I'm always too much for everyone.
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