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Tyrell Burnett Dec 2020
Stone cold... these are the affection of my bed, nestled beside the fireplace, upon stone cold I lay my head; your warmth it no longer knows.

The longevity of nights have passed; now cruel and aching memories are your laughs; now, before my hearts retrieves its mask, a final kiss to you, my past.
A cold bed is perhaps the most subtle and sickeningly human reminder, that someone is no longer with you... and in subservience to love, there is nothing that you can do.
Katinka Mar 2019
I push you away
Roll my eyes on you
Put my hands in my hips
Till you leave

So I can cry
In bittersweet relief

Leave, I tell you
I do not care
I have myself
And that is all I need

But when you leave
I look out of the window
Watching you go
Praying you will turn around
Come back
And finally
See me

How I really am
But I can not show
I can not break
I need to be strong

So before I cry
I will scream
Before I break
I will go

The world has teached me
That those that show weakness
Will be run over

So I pretend
Till one day I don't have to

But you never turn around
And my heart
It keeps breaking
As I push you away

It scares me
How good I can lie
How I can pretend
To be stone cold
While I break
In silence
Coraline Hatter Sep 2018
I'm slowly losing my emotions.

As everyone always told me.

I used to
and everyone always told me it's too much.
Too much of this and that.

They told me,
they could never imagine me,
to love someone
to be romantic
to be this kind of girl.

They told me,
that I am
a cold-hearted
a emotionless
a stone cold *****.

Always too much or too less,
never enough.
I'm simply never enough,
not enough of this and that.

Do you really wonder why,
I'm sick of showing emotions?
maybe it's all fake.
maybe I'm all of the above,
maybe I'm not.

maybe it's just a role that I am playing.
Isrella Uong Dec 2017
I was warm
always warm
I tried to make you laugh
i couldn’t make you cry
No tear would melt
from your ice cube eyes
Because you’re cold –
you weren’t always cold
I didn’t know how
to pierce through your stone
I wasn’t sharp
not sharp enough
But i thought i had
an instrument sharp enough
I then knew that my warmth
couldn’t melt through stone
But maybe it could’ve
at least melted your ice
Surface sigh
they say that fire melts ice
So maybe warmth
could overthrow frosty snow
But i guess i was wrong
to even test your cold
Because maybe fire is
capable of melting ice
But that doesn’t mean that
warmth can overthrow cold
Try to picture this image
i’d like to color – in white
If you place a vulnerable warmth
on an iceland of snow
Surely the blizzard wind
will suffocate the warmth and
The warmth will become cold  
– this feels like a retelling
Now i’ve grown cold
towards your distant show
There’s nothing growing
on our trail covered with snow
I was a fire but now i’m cold
and you remained this way
Now both of our hearts
are cold towards each other
Because it’s elemental
this glassy window
From which i can see
the other side – there you are
But it’s blocking me
from getting closer to you
Maybe because i’m still
a little bit warm & sunny
But our trail of snow
has been blocked by the window
Now i’ve become distant
towards your photo
Like an unreachable memory
too blazing to unfold
Nostalgia for the warmth
we once had for each other
But now our hearts have
grown cold towards each other
Because you said & i said
that we must guard our hearts
December 14, 2017. “[I] Don’t wanna be stone cold […].”

— The End —