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Billy 4d
To the sunflower
With a dazzling heart
And a melancholic soul
I confess
That tonight is the night
That i fall for you

Likhona 4d

it is a wonder how I came to love you
so much that I feel all your pain
when it hits you.
it is like I wear you on my heart and
whenever you break, it breaks too.
looking at you, I wonder
how you smile and laugh
and love through all the hurt dealt
to you by the world.
I realised, one day,
that you are my smile too,
my laughter and my love.
you remind me to catch the
sun’s rays so it can be my
light in darkness;
to put my own pain on
like a vest so I am able
to shed it later and stop it
from becoming a part of me.
it still baffles me how we
do not share a mother because
I love you more than I can fathom.
I think I understand it better now:
you are the sister the universe
forgot to give me.
a letter to my best friend to remind her that our love is the light in the sky that never dies
Here's a big question

What do I want?
Right now? In the future?
Maybe the better question is who do I want?
Does he have a name?

Nameless man
It would be so fitting if your name was Jack

I want someone to touch
I want someone to hold and to caress
For him to be content with this much

I want someone
To cuddle
To share secrets with
To share knowing looks

Is it possible? Is it too much to ask?
I want a guy best friend
That's what I want right now
Not a boyfriend
Not a friends with benefits

(Though, sometimes that sounds good)

To be close physically, but not in a ****** way
It may sound crazy, but I want a guy best friend
Is that too much to ask?
Just writing out my thoughts, don't mind me. I was more confused at the beginning of this than the end.
Let me take you back to the past, where my life was a blast.
It was just my mom and I, full of love and laughs.
Not a day was dull, it was always an adventure.
We’d go bike riding often and sometimes late food adventures.
She used to tell me stories about the evil wicked witch.
Who happened to be my stepmom- an evil *****.
I climbed into her bed during thunderstorms.
She would wrap me in her arms to keep me warm.
She would sing me to sleep with her lovely voice.
It was calming and it blocked out the other noise.
She was my bestfriend and the woman I aspire to be.
Unfortunately, she was taken away from me.

Now let me take you to the part of my life when I was filled with strife.
My mom had cancer; she was fighting for her life.
The vomiting was something I could not take, but I rubbed her back anyways because she needed a break.
I would bring her medicine and make sure she was fine.
“No matter what, I’ll always be in your heart”, was a foreshadowing line.
She took me to Disney world for my 8th birthday.
That trip was magical and something to remember.
She sent me away for Christmas break.
She said she was going away on a business trip.
I stayed with my aunt, my cousin, and grandma.
I had it in my head that I would soon return to my mama.

Let me take you to the day when my heart went away.
I woke up in the morning and my grandma was crying.
“Do you remember when your mom said she’d always be in your heart?”
From that moment on, I knew we would forever be apart.
My heart shattered and the tears remained all day.
My mom was everything to me. How could she be taken away?

Now let me bring you to now, where I always wear a frown.
It’s 12 years later, and I still cry to this day.
My happiness been left and I am such a mess.
What did I ever do to deserve this mess?

Now let me take you back to the past where my life was a blast.
It was just my mom and I, full of love and laughs.
Those were the good times where my happiness existed.
We had great memories and I’ll always miss it.
Save me a spot in heaven.
Mom, I miss you...
Non Oct 12
I couldn't find the right words,
Nothing seems to make sense.
All I can think of is when we were together,
There's no dull moment.
We had our fun, we had our time.

But my friend I want you to know,
Burdens are lighter when carried by two.
If you need somebody to comfort you, just call my number whenever,
Cause I'm always here for you, day or night.

Happy birthday my friend.
I want you to know, I want you to hear
I love you so dear,
And you complete me, that’s no lie.
For my boy best friend xoxo
drey Aug 21
May your passionate, glowing soul forever prance happily among the wildflowers sprouting at your feet.

May your strong, soft hands forever piece together the bits of broken you find within your peers.

May your glistening, hazel eyes forever warm my heart.

For this, I am thankful.
mathea Oct 5
I used to be one of the brightest reds
but now I've turned grey
forced to be numb
grown familiar with the pain
"Is this right or is it wrong?"
I ask myself everyday
while you are unaware of these conversations in my head
that I am caught up in this fray

if you could only see the way the way
you tell me endless stories about her
like the gleam in your eyes and
how your smile grows wider
every time you mention her name
inimical to your happiness
there is an ache in my chest
yet I do not blame you for my heart’s distress

how could you be so oblivious?
why can’t you realize? why can’t you see?
why won’t you pay me enough attention
and look at me properly?
you leave me with no choice
but to stop myself from jumping off the cliff
only to fall into nothing but misery

as I fill this paper with the
breathings of my heart
tears blur my vision and they fall drop by drop
I’m all by myself again, nothing new
with a question left in my mind:
am I in love with you?
Lily Oct 4
If I could live that afternoon again,
What would I do differently?
Would I distract you so you miss your turn,
Turn the music up a little bit louder,
Hesitate getting out of the car?
Because I do wish I could get it back,
I wish that we could have that heart to heart again,
Discussing life and death,
Everything in between and afterwards.
I wish I could see again your red, curly hair as it
Billowed over your forehead,
Your hands rarely on the wheel,
Your beanie slipping from your head as the
Wind flew through the open windows.
I wish I could hear again your gorgeous tenor voice
Belting out your favorite musicals,
Your lyrics,
Your anthems,
What you are too afraid to say but you can sing it.
I just wish to see you again, the real you,
Untainted, untouched by the world.
Who you are when no one is watching.
I beg you to let me watch, just like you did
That afternoon.
You are beautiful.
Don’t ever forget that.
Who said that platonic love isn't real?
Ako'y nahulog sa matatamis **** salita
Hindi ko alam kung ako'y maniniwala
Walang kasiguradohan kung san ba ito patungo
Ngunit kailangan kong panindigan sapagkat ikay minahal ko

Sa araw araw na pagpupuyatan nating dalawa
malabong hindi mo ako magustuhan,diba?
Sinabi mo pa nga na masaya kang kausap ako
Kaya ako naman itong walang alam,nagpauto.

Ilang buwan ang lumipas,ayos naman tayo.
Ngunit hindi ko naman pala pansin na ika'y unti unting nawawala sa akin
Wala akong alam kung bakit humantong sa ganito
Yung masayang usapan naging malabong ugnayan.

Nalaman ko nalang na iba na pala ang pinag kakaabalahan mo ngayon
Yung dating ako lang yung nagpapasaya sayo,ngayon iba na
Kaibigan,pinapalaya kita,hindi sa naging duwag ako kundi dahil minahal na kita
Mahal na kita samantalang yung matalik na kaibigan ko ang minahal mo.
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