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I don't believe in many things, I'm not one to have many  hopes and dreams
We often don't see eye to eye
Me with my philosophy and you with your factual pride
But today I realised I have a soul mate
Because no matter how much we debate,
I know I would simply die for you
And I know that you would too.
You are a phenomenon for me
Because I've never been one for consistency
But the only fact I truly believe
Is that I need you with me constantly.
I may wander from place to place
I may forever live out my suitcase
But you know that I will always love you
And I know you will always love me too.
Belle 5d
you were literally my soul mate in a friend
why did you have to do this
why did you have to treat me so bad
and I took that **** for so long
because I thought you were my best friend
it hurts
it hurts
it hurts
and now you’re a poem
I see you as the sea
sometimes in deep calmness and sometimes in raging waves
Its waters only touches my toes when i have to deal things on my own
Other days it covers me all over when i need so much comfort

Just like the sea i feel safe and at peace
I can always comeback when needed
I can be both silent and loud, I can mourn and rejoice
I can be anything I want and express everything I feel

Just like the sea how the sea listens to my silent cries
You have sit with me in one of my darkest times
I have spoken my all yet you never judge
Asked silly questions yet never questioned my intentions

I remember you in every gigantic gifts that passed before me
lavish yet very intricate to details
I remember you in big and small things
Whether it'd be vitamilk or rolex
I remember you to be both spender and money keeper

I remember that you are not the woman of things in between
You either give little or too much
emotionless or too emotional
never speaking or never stop arguing

I can describe you with a whole lot of different things
But you define you,
A reminder to be gentle with yourself.
I love you and I will forever do.
Ten Mercado Aug 13
warm tears
cradled my face
as she slowly
the exit

“till we meet again”,
i whispered to her
and then
to myself.

This was the time my best friend had to leave school because of family problems.
Colin Jul 6
I miss you but
you need to do better.
Sometimes at night I
think of you. I think of
the good times we had.
I think of the
hot sun on
our sweaty
Bodies. I think of the
bagels we shared. I think of the long
heartfelt  talks and I miss you. Usually
I don’t think of who you became. I don’t
think of the mean things you said behind
my back. I don’t think of the times you made
me feel worthless. I don’t think of the betrayal.
I don’t think of the person you have become. It's
funny how I only remember the good things when I
get nostalgic. How I remember the parties.
How I forget your immaturity.
How I remember the dreams we
Had. How I forget your artificial
Nature. At one time you were
Beautiful. At one time we were
happy together. At one time you were
the most important person in my life,
And even though you would never
share it                  with me,
I know I was       the same to you.
Then you            threw it all
Away. When           I gave you
The                     chance,
gave us               the chance,
to have                 it all back
You threw             it away. I
can’t keep            chasing you.
I can’t keep             expecting
you to                  change.
The                      truth is
         that I’m                  repulsed
                 by who you            have become.
                                 I’m        disgusted    by    your    weakness.
I wish I could say that I’m doing great without you,
But I’m not. And you’re not doing great without me.
I did everything I could. You have to try harder.
You Need To Do Better.
Belle Jul 4
How I know you are my best friend:
Everytime something good happens I want you to know
I enjoy your company
I genuinely love you
When I go somewhere I wish you were there with me
I have an unlimited amount of respect for you and you respect me back
You want to help me and make sure I'm okay and I want to do the same for you
You actually care.
My mom loves you
You want to talk about our lives and hardships and don't care if I vent
Thank you for being my best friend. For being you.
Broadsky Jul 4
light my fuse on fire and set me aflame
watch as you singlehandedly set me ablaze

what is it like to watch me burn, baby?
I'm no better than cinder, ashes in an urn.

lately I feel just like charcoal residue,
remember when I was sweet and wet like honeydew?
do you remember when I was good to you?

how much longer can we pretend?
that we know when this war will end,
I can't express how badly I miss my best friend.

charging towards each other from opposing ends of a battlefield,
no matter how much I beg,
your sword you will not yield.

pull out your guitar and play a chord
I don’t know how much longer I can afford
to run around on this chessboard

moving pawns and rooks
when we should be swimming in ponds,
and reading books.

thoroughly covered in brambles
I‘ll wait as you amble

who knew we could get so tangled in something we thought we could handle?

we’re filled with pride and jealousy,
resentment and envy too

how can we come back from this?

what did we lose?
sketching with graphite
I don’t want to fight
just take me back to that campsite
on that hot July night.
Demicci Jun 21
Thy search has ended.
Thy Lord did his part,
I shall protect and love.
I shall keep you happy,
because that is my dream,
my reality, and my wisdom.
It all yours my Love.
I hail to none other than God,
but he has bless me to love and adore you,
My one arrow...
thy spiritual of mine shall guard you,
And love you...
I have learned to wait at ease. Here I shall prove.
Lily Jun 19
girls like you
deserve a love that
always feels
like summer,
a love that
sings like waves against the sand
feels like freckles and anklet tanlines
smells like sunscreen and
Mackinac Island Fudge
dripping down your chin—
a love that never ends
like those rays of sun that
spray over Lake Michigan
and tickle heaven.
you part your lips
to speak and
just like that
my world
dipping and twisting
like a kite in the sky
flowing freely like
your baby hairs coming
out of your braid,
like your laugh as it
echoes down the
quiet shoreline,
around the chambers
of my soul.
girls like you
deserve a love that
always feels
like summer—
I pray that
your summer
never ends.
happy summer everyone! <3
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