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Micah 2d
it doesn't have to always be me
but it will always be you
Graham Oct 3
{Based on true events}

There was a war
An intense battle
My friend was fighting
She always felt an excruciating pain
And she smiled a lot to cover it up
I know this cos we've been friends since childhood
We practically became one
My very own person
Sometimes she felt like giving up
But I wouldn't let her
So I decided to fight with her
The only way I could have
By being the most annoying person she could've ever loved
I showed up, "Always"
At least for a while I think I made her forget bout it all
A truce would be made during those hours
For she was at peace
On a good Friday
She told me she wanted to dance
And I was like "hell no, you don't know how to dance anything"
She laughed.
I whipped out my phone played "Mirrors by JT"
May I have this dance mi'lady?
We both laughed.
Slow dancing our way through the moment
"I don't wanna lose you now
I'm looking right at the other half of me" ♬♬
She started crying
Emotional hazard like me, I started crying too
Then wey hugged like we'd never before
Then we kissed
For the first time
I kissed my best friend
And also for the last time
For there was a war inside her that was made of her.
Ash Oct 3
three months since i held your pinky
nine more until you pull mine
so now i'm willing to whine.
we've played this game for four years
and there's finally a hole in the left of my chest
i want your presence to cheat on time's test.
if i believed in god, i'd pray for us
but mostly for you;
when it comes to my best friend, i don't fuss-
i'm honoured to love her
more than she loves me.
If I had just one day longer,
If I had loved you just a little bit stronger,
Would you still be here?
I miss you everyday my dear.
To my former best friend: I still miss you, but I know it will never be same again.
Khushi Saha Sep 10
Someone told me either you always win or lose a fight,
I asked,
Did you ever had one with your bestie!!
Maya Duran Sep 10
To catch a boy in the wake of summer
Leave out a cup
Brimming with melon-colored milk tea and tapioca
Make sure to capture his smile
When he spills some on the counter

When it is still warm on the cheeks
And independence has yet to be fully realized
You catch a boy by offering him the futon
Night after night after night after night
You don’t think to ask your mom and
He doesn’t seem to mind the basement stench
But you overcompensate with your words anyway
You’re good at that

Kesha plays like a hymn in the cathedral
Of his boyfriend’s second car
But you catch a boy with the menthol sound
Of Cavetown at dusk in your hole of a bedroom
And he sits on the bed and watches you paint
As his notifications are piling up with passive-aggressive texts
Summer tastes like lemon and cough drops
This is the first poem in a series titled "Cavetown wrote a song about your ex and we played it all summer long." The series is about the best summer of my life, although the poems may appear bleak upon first reading. It is about falling in love and the budding of a best friendship. About seeing and being seen.
sankavi Sep 3

my 2 best friends

i hate writing about this again

i love both of them
but i think i like him as more than a friend
or maybe its because weve finally started talking again
after 9months
and everything just feels right
like it was just yesterday we were sitting at school talking and laughing

its been 9 months and I've changed so much
but when i talk to you i just go back to how i was

talking to you is so unhealthy for me
i keep reminiscing about the past
going over old texts and photos

i was over you
but how does one simple text bring back everything

i need to stop talking to him because i just miss everything so **** much and its messing with me
but i can't
i missed my best friend
and talking to him makes me so happy

but he likes her and she likes him
and no matter what happens that'll never change
all i can do is be happy for them
i really am happy for them
deanna im sure youll read this soon and i really actually want you to go for him, he loves you so **** much and i dont think thats ever gonna change. just dont hurt him :) i loveyou both and i dont think that can ever change either
Lovely little sister
Inseparable friend
Through the sweet and bitter
You are here to the end

To me you are an angel in disguise.
Full of intuition, you are intelligent and wise.
You are my guiding star.You are my shining light.
You are my everything, what helps me through the night.

Always giving and helping through good times and bad.
You are the best friend I've ever had.
Through trials and tests, right by me you stood,
And you gave me your hand whenever you could.

You're in my heart and my prayers.
I'll wipe your tears, I'll get rid of your fears.
Whenever I have gone through some cloudy days,
You've been my sunshine in so many ways.

You are my heart.You are my soul.
You are my savoir,who makes me feel whole
If I had one wish, it would surely be
To give you as much as you've given to me.

You are many things, but most of all you're my sister and my friend
My gratitude for you has no end

          ©Words of a withering soul
I only wish you were my real sister
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