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When I met you every thing went quiet. I mean really quiet. So quiet my ears literally began to burn and buzz, and I didn’t know weather I should put my hands on the sides of my head or use them to clench my chest and mouth to keep myself from throwing up. When I saw you everything in my body began to separate. It was chaos....all the organs in my skin running bullet train style away from each other. My brain hit the top my skull my heart melted in to my shoes and my stomach well my stomach was in a corner doing doing shots of everclear with ******* backs! Oh my lord I was confused and it hurt, it hurt real bad! We were at a baseball game, it was your girlfriends baseball game... your girlfriend who was also my (at the time but no longer not because of this but for different reasons)best friends playoff baseball game. Yep that’s the day you came in to my life full force like a flash ******* hurricane flinging glorious tiny white rectangles in to my soul with oevery uninterested grin and indifferent chunk of banter you tossed my way...I was absolutely enthralled!!! Utterly and disgustingly captivated by the magnitude of your glow. Did you even understand?! Do you even understand what you did that day?! I remember tracing the outline of your jawbone with my finger as I quietly sung songed your name from a few seats up and slightly to the left of where you and my bestie were sitting, when she, the girl we both loved for different reasons looked back and smiled at me through squinting eyes because I strategically placed myself in the direction of the sun, I sweetly smiled back at her through clenched teeth holding back anger and tears because someone who was not me was holding your hand.....why was she so lucky?! Why was I so unlucky?! Why?! I couldn’t understand the feelings I had. I mean I have never in my life ever wanted someone’s something more than I wanted you. I’ve never been jealous like ever and I’ve certainly never wished ill on one I cared for but right then at that moment I found myself cursing and spitting on the name of every woman who had ever had the audacity to let their skin meet with yours. Now I have always taken pride in my unshakable zest for all things flaky and fleeting ie my feelings towards everyone and everything. But you ruined me that day you broke my perfectly contented bland existence. I was fine some would say even happy being alone never knowing you existed! But from the moment I saw your wonderfully stupid adorable face I wanted to be with you to be by you to live laugh eat sleep dance bathe breathe grow old die with you. I wanted to know and be about everything about you.... I was obsessed! I am obsessed. So me being the logical and completely sane person that I am. I did what any logical and sane person would do.... I friend zoned myself, HARD. But not just that, I began to make myself like all the things you liked so I was someone you wanted around and I began to do things for you so you needed me around and carried myself in a way that was so non threatening so non ****** that I was totally excepted and loved by every not better than me girl that youve dated and even your current girlfriend who if I have to say I guess is pretty freaking dope and subsequently has become my friend as well through all fault of my own. And all this simply because I wanted, no I needed to stay by your side. And that folks is where I am today me yep awesome fantastic intelligent beautiful witty wonderful idiotic me, single and tortured, maybe forever because I’m in unrequited love with my totally oblivious now bestfriend. And because this is supposed to be a poem.... boy dear boy the only one who holds my heart closed eyes closed fist never to be mine not even from the start So terrified that I’ll lose you somewhere over time never saying what I want to because you see, my love and your rejection they just never seem to rhyme.
SquidInk Feb 15
Happy Valentine's day to my ex
I will always smile at our pictures
I will always find you funny
I will always contemplate saying something to you when I see you
I will make fun of you to my friends to help me cope
I just wish that I hadn't completely lost you
Towards the end, we weren't in a healthy relationship
But I still miss you being my best friend
I still miss texting you good morning and goodnight
I hate that we have shut each other out
Because no matter how much you ****** me off I wanted to be there
Because you were my best friend
i miss the other parts of you i lost when i lost you
Little me
1st grade me
Sitting on the swing
My best friend beside me
A pinky promise on a playground
A promise now long forgotten
A promise of friendship forevermore
A promise too soon broken

Little me
2nd grade me
Sitting on the slide
No one beside me
No more promises left to be broken

Little Me
4th grade me
Sitting on the swings yet again
This time it was me next to me
But it wasn't me
He leaned over and stuck out his pinky
He said he'd always be here
He'd never leave me

Little Me
5th grade me
Sitting on the swings
His hand in mine
An invisible person
An invisible friend
He has yet to leave
His promise left yet unbroken

Innocent Me
6th grade me
Sitting on the playground wall
Sitting there with him
Hes grey eyes
His short spiky white hair
His soft smile
His sad eyes
They were always sad
My only friend
His promise sits unbroken

Cut me
7th grade me
Sitting alone
A girl moos in my face
I laugh at her
My long hair falling in my face
Hi my name is Dory
She looked at me
I said go away
She sat down anyway
Where he usually sat
But I couldn't find him
His promise now broken in my eyes
I slowly forgot my invisible best friend

New Me
Broken me
8th grade me
Hi I'm the invisible friend
I now realize that he was me
He was who i'm supposed to be
I now know he never left
I now know his promise will be forevermore
He will never break it
I just found out who I was
I found out I was He

Little Me
Innocent Me
Happy me
Not Me
His promise never broken
He was my best friend when I had none, He was always there and he never did break his promise. He may not be that invisible boy I used to play with on the swings and i may not see him anymore but hes still here. He's the only one who hasn't broken the promise to never leave.
Jackson Jan 13
my alarm clock is set to new hampshire time. it blinks at me in the middle of the night. skeptical. what can i write to convince it?

i don't miss you.

look, you drove away months ago and i really don't think about you. it doesn't make sense to hate you. i don't hate you. i just don't love you anymore.

do you really see me in blinding white snow sprinkled across the driveway and red roses curling in the cold, the way you say you do?

in your letters you tell me about the rain there, how it feels more like snow anyway. i'm only an afterthought now.

i've forgotten what color your eyes are. i've forgotten the way you walk. i haven't looked at our photos in so long, love. i deleted our playlist last week. it's almost like i'm moving on.

i'm going to return your letters. i'm not the person i used to be. you're not the boy i loved. i don't want to walk past your empty house anymore. i don't want to look at the patch of sidewalk where we said goodbye. i don't want to dip my hands in hot wax and remember that day. i want to forget you.
this is mostly unedited. please tell me if i made any spelling errors, i literally didn't read it over lol
r Jan 10
How do I show you
what we’ve shared before,
but in this dazzling new light

that beams the buildings purple and the waves orange,
Those gentle pushes and playful wordplay,
All those mindless hours and miles of beach?

How do I tell you
I want us to be more than just
outlaws in these empty streets?

Is now a better time than ever?
Or has boredom kicked at the time we have just got back on our feet?
lost Jan 7
I don't know how to start this conversation.
But i have to say all of this at once.
I may have to take breaks because im crying.
But ive been writing this for weeks trying.
But i want you to know no matter what i will always be here as your best friend as your person.
Now what im about to say maybe kinda shocking.
But its how i feel.
The only way i know how to put it is
"i love you. "
I love that you are best friend.
I love that i can run to you any time.
I can be my true crackhead, annoying, dumb self. I love that you have this cute obsession with blankets, they have pockets as you would say.
I love the way you take a **** hit.
How i can see the muscles in your neck when you do it.
I love that you always twirl your hair when im driving in my car or when you are bored.
i love your passion and drive when you truley want something.
I love you.
Now i know you that you already know that.
But im in love with you.
Every part of you.
Your crazy side, your talented side, your funny side, your high side and your low side.
You're the only person i really feel like talking to. The only person i really want to spend time with. You make me laugh like nobody else.
I can speak my mind too you no matter how random and stupid it is.
But you're the only person i would look for in a crowded room.
The only person i see is you.
You could do the smallest thing and it melts my heart.
The way you smilies while looking at a dog, or when you start pouring your heart out in a song. Or when you have to spend 15 minutes perhaping the bed before you can even think about going to bed.
I am chasing other people and trying to distract myself from the attraction to you and the fact that you are so deeply love with my other best friend.
And im happy that you are in love him. I couldn't choose a better person.
I will never ever put you in the position where you have to choice.
I will not ever try to pull anything.
I will never put you in the place where you cheat.
I have to much respect to you as my best friend and to dylan.
I know that this is not a mutual feeling.
But i needed to tell you.
By allowing myself to tell you how i really feel this will allow me to move on from the feelings. They will fade unless they are acted apon.
And i will never act on them them unless that's where we are.
But i will still be your best friend.
In the near future I may get sad sometimes but it will pass.
I don't want to loose you or can really stand too.
The speech  i must have with my best friend tomorrow in order for me to be able to sleep at night
SquidInk Jan 4
the most painful thing you can experience
is falling out of love with your bestfriend
moon man Jan 3
We were lovers for a day
you wanted us to stop by setting sun, to take a step back
i wanted us to keep going, to achieve new things together
but, the voice of reason cut in-between us
it warned me of the price to pay for going down my road
so, we were lovers for a day
and it was one of my happiest days
something quick about the short time me and my best friend were dating, she wanted us to stop because she didn't feel ready for dating...and as her boyfriend, it would've been cruel of me to not let her have what she wanted
Cozyflowz Dec 2020
I have a friend I call my brother,
His always there when I needed him,
His smart and huge looking individual.

I call him my best pal not because his generous,
But because his understanding, knows when you're hurt, knows when something goes wrong,
Good sensitive mind.

Best pal I can never let go,
We started a long year together, and we graduated from high school, we still on going further for something bigger ahead of us,
Stars shine bright inside of us.

God knows what's best for us, we pray for one another,
We understand each other's heart,
Nothing can come between the strong bond we share.

We fought and we speak again,
Friendship is the best things every human wants, without a friend you will probably die lonely,
I love the fact that his talented with different skills.

If you put in the effort, you’ll see the rewards of positive friends who will make your life extraordinary.

You are my best pal; you belong in my heart.
We go through ups and downs, but still nothing can tear us apart.
I know you as a brother, and I will always care.
Love, respect, and trust are the things we share.
Written to my best friend he deserves this.
Lanna K Dec 2020
The walls, painted with the gloss of all the secrets that you and only you know, or the stuffed animal that has caught your tears through life’s afflictions. Or, the comforter that has kept you warm through those times where you swore this was the night your blood will run cold. Theres a furry, doe eyed, four legged creature of the heart, though there isn't an utter of any sort from either entity, there is a knowing. Stripped to your raw essence, he understands without question.
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