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i always took
it for granted
our friendship
is that
amazing & strong

but with
this pandemic
i realized
how lucky
i really am
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Bathed in amber light,
You’re the sun in my sky,
A clammy hand I hold with great might,
As the years pass us by.

Pink cheeks, pink nights
Flora floods your room,
Drinking games and fights,
We wash down our gloom.

September solaced,
Strawberries and sugar,
Ice cream sandwiches and
Sushi roll dinners.

High on the cliffs and watching the sunset,
Laughing at nothing with you,
Watching people we’d forget,
Sleepy bus rides and tunes.

I hope you know,
I’d follow you through torrential rain at serpentine,
To a wonder-wall beach scene,
Through cold London weather,
To be there whenever.
To my best friend
Cory Bauer May 6
You are such an amazingly beautiful mess.
If had to think of a perfect soul mate you would be my only guess .
For so long I have tried to deny the flame that we share.
But to keep looking for something right in front of us just don't seem fair.
Life will be hard and yes we will always be stuck in the struggle.
None of that matters as long as at night it's my arms that you snuggle.
I promise to make you happy and smile till the end of days .
I will make sure In your heart is the place my unconditional love always stays...
For the karats herself
vonny Apr 23
golden brown leaves fall delicately from a tree
warm hands pointing at fluffy white clouds
the feeling of back against the grassy ground
fluttering hearts and long, drawn-out whispers
secrets spilled in the dead of night
trust is a dangerous chemical
and I have given you all of it
wrote this with my best friend in mind <3
Boss Wretch Apr 22
The kind of people
are the ones that come
into your life, and make
you see the sun where
you once saw clouds.
The people that believe in
you so much, you start to
believe in you too
I miss them so **** much...
**** this quarantine...
Kai Apr 20
Her sparkling smile hides her crooked mind
Although she was mad, she was not malice
Gaslighting and wicked games were of her kind
Last supper was fun, still have the chalice
Pandora, pandora, don’t open that box
Twisted thoughts tore and fused into my skin
A nightmare reality, or just a faux?
A virus that stays with me, just like kin
Words echoes I love to k!ll, I do not stop
Remorse is not usually in my blood
This is not a tale, she needs to be locked
A body in her hands turn grey, like mud
We are all wired to get a little mad
But, she is the most crazy girl I’ve met
For my ex bestfriend who told me she likes to k!ll.
nance Apr 17
I never knew a price
could cost anything,
but money.

I didn't believe it
until he told me
that he soul his soul
for me.

All because of
une tentative de suicide.

The price can cost
but money.

Is that why I woke up?

Something that has been on mind for a while. I had additional words, but I couldn't bring myself to keep it in. The question in the end of this poem went along with the whole poem that was drafted, edited, and deleted; so you're confusion--if there--is racing in minds of many, maybe.
Natasha Tai Apr 6
here's to the glass slipper you refused to wear,
the flower you didn't let them braid in your hair.
they called you princess and gave you a crown,
fed you from silver, threaded silk for a gown.

delicate, precious, frail as a daisy,
"you mustn't do that, you should sit like a lady,"
ordained to be queen but holding much bigger dreams,
they'd come running when you broke at your seams.

suitors so fit, deemed worthy by father
princes so charming, speaking of gardens of flowers.
you delayed your answers, you bought time to yourself
to discover who you were, behind expectant smiles.
To my life-long best friend, Emma, on her 16th birthday.
"You are better, you are more."
nyleda Apr 5
ever since i set you two up
you've done nothing but love him
and yes, it's adorable and cute
and i am so happy for you
i truly am
but sometimes i wonder
why, when you called me
one of your only best friends
why we never talk anymore?
why i talk to your boyfriend, more than i do to you?
it could just be me being jealous
but i can't help but feel left behind
where there used to be a never ending stream of conversation
the river is now dry
barely a drop
and every time i try to pour myself
in an effort to save the parched land
it disappears into the thirsty dirt
what happened?
can't you make an effort to speak to me?
do i always have to be the one
emptying myself to save us?
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