everytime you don't realize you break me,
you always say friend,
am that all i am to you?
your best friend,
i'll always be by your side,
i'll always be here for you,
yet i can't help but wonder,
could we ever be more than best friends?
and yet you never tell me,
you know my secret but never answer,
always changing the subject,
i'll do my best to wait,
yet i wonder when my patience will run out.
Emi 6h
Quite a common name
Sounds boring and plain
Put a label on name
Sure, whatever you fancy
But this fun-sized girl
As small as a pansy
Will mess you up
No lie
Unless you wanna try
Her dirty blonde hair
Her cold blue glare
Something make of nightmares
The way she'll tear
Out your confidence
Let it be only fear
I don't want to make her mad
So let's call it a day
this shit isn't deep or personal so we pulling out real names whoop
about one of my friends will who do anything for us
today, i lost my best friend
now i roam around the hallways
with nobody but my broken soul
i eat lunch by myself and it seems like
the only thing i eat is loneliness
now i talk to myself and my voice sounds different
it’s the echo of hers and i miss her
my best friend is gone
she is only a crushed memory that has been broke
but i think it was never put together in the first place
This poem is dedicated to Ellie Irianto.
Lizzie 2d
i have not touched your skin and you have not touched mine,
i haven't felt your warm breath on my skin, on my lips, and you have not felt mine,
i do not know what you smell like, except for the bunny plushie you shipped to me, and you still have yet to smell my fragrance.

i love you though, and you love me. i love you more than i have ever found myself to love someone, and we have dated, yet this love i have for you, can not be bounded by the love someone feels for their significant other,
you are not my girlfriend
you are not my best friend
you are not my wife
you are not my soulmate.

you are my everything, you are the reason i continue breathing, you are the sounds when everything goes silent, you are the pleasant cozy scents when everything is rancid, you are the glimmering sparkle in a sea of darkness.

i am glad that in all the alternate universes there are, i am living the one where i met you and we are closer than a married couple, than twin sisters, than a mother and daughter. we are closer than the human vocabulary can explain.

i could go on for hours about how much you have impacted my life and how i'm so satisfied with you being in it.

and sometimes i still get sad when i think about how there are alternate universes where i don't meet you, or i don't become friends with you, or i even hate you. but those universes are trumped out by this one, and the other ones where we are close, ones where we are still dating, ones where we live right next to each other.

you are the most important person in the world to me, and we have a love that is so much stronger than anything i've ever felt before, ever seen before, or ever even read described before.

I just met you,
And we clicked instantly.
We've had our conversation, our silence
And we've also had our struggles,
Happiest moments.

We talked for a long time
Trying to know each other,
Yet not as deep as the blue
-ish Pacific ocean.

We only had the view of the
Waves of under our own sun,
But all the undiscovered corals
Remain hidden in their own bed,
Teal reflection of the

At night,
Resting hour.
We sleep under the same stars
Knowing that at least one of us has a clear view of the satellites
Breathless in space.
Various constellations can be determined.
Even a clear outline of the crescent moon,
Without storm clouds interfering our own worlds.

I don't know if
You're more than just a friend
Or in a completely different category as a partner in the long run.

You don't share your thoughts
Like I'm starting a conversation with myself

I'm all for
Saying the first word
Heading to the second stage,
Yet I value my friendships
As another has their heart
Ready for yours.

I'm not a fighter.
I don't want to waste my efforts if I lose.
I might drag myself down
Deeper than Lucifer's hell
Deeper than the core of the Earth
While try to climb the highest mountain


I want
I need
A balanced effort
From my sole partner
If they want me
To love them like I did

Since day 1.
i think im falling in love with you,
for ive never felt this way before.

i miss you all the time
and i know your mind so well.

i know when you're being a goofball
and when you're being honest.

i know how deeply you care for your family
and friends, though you may never admit it.

i know you're scared of getting hurt,
so love frightens you.

but i know when you will fall in love,
though it may not be with me,
you'll be just perfect.
Lj Feb 18
white was the color that represents peace
blue was the color i'm seeing everyday
red was the color you wanted

the colors we bring, they don't match at all
surrounding every horizon we pass
makes a path of rainbow
that is pleasing to the eyes

"i can't be with you anymore"
you've never said it, but i felt it
i felt how you wanted to tear this up
or did i just,
assumed that red could become a purple,
a color more closer to blue?

"i can't love you the way you've loved me"
unspoken words seem to be louder
than words spoken with mouth

an orange sun once came,
it's too bright it could make anyone blind
but you were wearing shades since the day we met
i didn't know it was for that

i'm too blinded by the colors
that i'm not aware red and blue are primary colors
someone told me, "lower your standards for a sec"
...can i?

can i let my glow be of that secondary?
can i forget who i really am just for a guy?
of course... no.

someone said
"did you miss someone?"
yes, always
"is that someone worth it?"
i think so
"are you happy at the end?"

why ask someone what they've felt at the end?
why can't you ask someone what they've felt at start?

"because everything that ends, is settled
you can't make a bitter ending
that's forced"
Rose Allen Mar 9
Seconds pass into moments,
moments to milestones.

Milestones disguised as memories
- memories the song and story to my existence.
a chain of epochs. . .

Little infinities together,
to become a lifetime
- a story line.

Tales of happiness and victories.
But mine you see,
my story line.

Its scattered.
Scattered with tales
those of loss, death and tragedy.

See, you see today may be March 2, 2018.
You tell me - you say that I must be alive.
I must be alive because that'd be necessary,
to enable me to write this.
but. . .

341 days ago.

My heart may still be beating.
Yet in 18 days,
it will be one year since you went missing.

You see, that was alright.
It was going to be okay
- because you were still,
going to come home to me.

Come  home to me.
or at least that's what I told myself
- even after.

After it was too late,
After you were long gone.
You had abandoned me.
EVEN NOW - almost a year.
A year to the day you did it.

Seconds to moments.
Moments, milestones and memories.
Rest In Peace
Evie Robin Marincak
19/04/1999 - 20/03/2017
Forever in Memory - Gone but Never Forgotten.

continuing . . .
19/04/1999 - 20/03/2017 (Part 1)
evieous (Part 2)
Rose Allen Mar 9
Seconds to moments.
Moments, milestones and memories.

Still hurting.
Heart breaking for you everyday.

I promise,
I won't never forget you.
I'm real, real fucking sorry.
Sorry if it hurts you.

Things are changing.
Memories and milestones in the making.

I'm reclaiming - my heart.
My soul.
My life,
That was in the making.

I'm building a new me.

So, you'll always be a part of me.
A part of it,
A memory,
Always alive with me.
Finding all the parts,
all the ones I loved and lost of me.

I'll always miss you,
always every day.
But you'll always be with me,
I'll carry you inside me every day.

But it's time I start -
Time I give my myself permission.
Permission, to be happy.
To be alive.

Let myself start to live again.

Despite you/To spite you -
Left me, here alone with no clue what to do,
no one to relay on, talk to.

The fact that you. . .
You abandoned me.
Rest In Peace
Evie Robin Marincak
19/04/1999 - 20/03/2017
Forever in Memory - Gone but Never Forgotten.

continuing . . .
19/04/1999 - 20/03/2017 (Part 1)
evieous (Part 2)
Mr furry prince
You know I will miss
Your sweet hello
Charlie please don’t go

Mr purry king
My friend, my love
You know I will miss
Your sad goodbye
Try not to cry
Please get better
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