Heartmouth 14h

I'm glad we became friends.
I know that the circumstances were really bad on how we became friends, but I'm glad we did.
Since she went away, you've been there for me.
I told you that she was always there for me when I needed her,
and that made you soften up towards me.
You let me rant and rave about what makes me angry,
even though you have this whole mess of grief and sadness on your plate anyway.
I apologized to you for being angry and upset all the time,
and that I never ask you how your day is.
You said that it's okay because you're a quiet person and you don't like to talk about yourself.
I still feel bad.
But I'm glad we're friends now.
It was her that I was friends with before, and after, you treat me exactly like she treated me.
I'm happy I have you now.
Friends for life, bro.
behave urself goodnight
Lol. Never ;)

I'm extremely grateful for Christina's brother. It's like I'm back to the beginning of our friendship and like I'm talking to her. Love you Christina, and love you too Marcus.
Kheeghan Woods Apr 17

Her touch.
Touching her is like touching an angel
Her face is as fragile as a porcelain doll
And as beautiful as the sunset on a warm summer night
Her voice is as soft and smooth as silk
Her body is more perfect than anything imaginable to man
Her hair is almost as beautiful as her laugh
And her laugh it drives me crazy and makes me want to do anything for her
Anything is what I would do to make her happy
She is crazy and unpredictable.
She is like an atomic bomb during an earthquake, she might explode and destroy everything in her way or she will be okay
She thinks she is as far away from perfect as you can get, but it's the opposite.
She is my best friend and I love her❤

This girl has been making me happy for a while now.
DJColzz Apr 17

Fend off our victimisation
Our celestial visualisation
Help to keep the harmful at bay
Tell us how love will find a way
In times of ruinous meandering
When our cognitive strengths are weak
As baneful people take to slandering
I will be there just seek
I'm where you alone will find me
When my troubled times will grind me
I will seek my comfort in you
There is nothing we cannot do
The jealous, vicious, ugly hate
That others land at our door
The pain in their lives must be great
To think they can destroy our core
Life takes over it beats you down
But your accomplishments renown
The person you are in my eyes
As through the ashes you will rise
We stand, as always, together
As one potent heart forever

Yen Apr 16

To the asshole who once was my bestfriend but has now forgotten about me

Your tan skin and sweet smile was once my daily sunshine
A reason for me to wake up in the morning and be energetic in school
Your laugh pokes at my heart like a ring-less three point shot in a basketball game
I watched my heart become the ball
You shot through rings of fire
That kept burning and burning
But I played your game
Like you played me
Because you were once my best friend
But now you’ve forgotten me

You were once my daily sunshine
And now my daily hell.

I used to open Facebook and see a message notification
Your name in bold letters with a simple "Yo"
And a smile emoji
And sometimes you'll tell me
"Notice meeeee"
With five Es in the me

Now I open Facebook and see no message notification
Your name in light letters with a seenzoned "Yo"
And a smile emoji
I'll archive our thread
And I'll try to forget about you
But when you go online
I always tend to notice you

I see your name on the active list
And see your posts as you tag them
And not me.

You used to send me random lyrics
And made me listen to random music

You used to tell me
"You can count on me like one, two, three
I'll be there"
But when I needed you
I did count on you like four, three, two
But you did not come
You were not there

I did not even see your shadow when I asked for help
I never saw you by the audience during my performances

I've stopped watching your basketball games
Because I am done watching you
Shoot my heart through rings of fire
Watching it break on the same court where you taught me to play

I've stopped messaging you on Facebook
Because I am clearly just another message you have already read

And I was just another friend
You have already forgotten.

19:09 - 19:28
7 April 2017

Alam ko kaarawan mo nung abril labindalawang at ngayon
Humahabol pa ako sa regalo ko na tula para lang sayo.

Naaalala kita bilang aking best friend nung intermediate palang tayo
Ngayon pati sa facebook konektado pa rin ako sayo

Paminsan-minsan ikaw nagchachat sa kin at minsan ako rin naman
Nagsheshare ng problema at nagbibigayan ng tips kahit papano man

Ngayon dalagita na tayo, marami na rin mga problema sa school at iba kaso
Gusto pa rin kita makausap ng matagalan eh marami lang talagang inaasikaso

Nagkataon nagkita tayo sa mall at ang napansin ko bigla ka tumangkad
Syempre naingit agad, hindi ako pinagpala ng diyos ng tangkad eh.

Natutuwa ako nakilala kita noon at nagkakilalan tayo ng lubos
Kahit malayo tayo sa isa't isa, at saka nagpapasalamat rin ako 

Naging best friend kita at lagi tayo nagtutulungan 
Kung may problema tayong hinaharap.

Kung alam mo lang maeffort ako kung hindi lang natatamad
Lalo na sa pagibig kung pinageffortan dapat masuklian.

Pasensya na kung nahuli ako ibigay ang regalo ko para lang talaga sayo
Nagpapasalamat ako sa lahat ng alaala natin dalawa at sa susunod pa.

Mahal kita dahil naging parte ka na rin sa buong buhay ko!

Happy Birthday! To the 16th girl Vivien Hannah Isabel Estrada!

PS: Sana matuloy yung 18th birthday mo pupunta talaga ako.
Kylie Jenner!
Melanie Apr 9

There's no one in your life that's better than a best friend
because they know you better than anyone else and they
protect you just like a parent would because they don't
want to loose you, also because they want you to make
the right choices in life and become something better than
what you can become. They give you life lessons more than
anyone in your whole entire life would give you and
with having a best friend you learn something super valuable
and its best friends become family

I love my two best friends because there always there to support me and help me through the toughest parts of life I wouldn't be who I am know with thought them.
lilac sunsets Apr 7

You are art.
You are art, of course you surely know that right?
You are the painting poeple pay millions of dollars to own,
but no one can can own you.
Your voice when you sing is one I could hear for the rest of my life.
Even your laugh is notes stung together creating God's favorite melody.
The way you carry your body, is art.
You are art.
Your poise and grace is something some long to have.
Your blonde hair cascades down your shoulders like a waterfall,
You are a waterfall,
powerful and rushing but always ending in the place you need to be.
Your eyes are as bright as a mid-summer day, lighting up everyone's life.
You are nature, you are art.
You were art long before anyone came to admire
So please remember whoever comes and whoever foes,
you will still be art until the day you die.

This is about my best friend who struggles with self confidence. So not sad for once, haha.
Ashly Kocher Apr 4

Our first kiss, in the back of your truck
The Ferris wheel lights shining bright
You leaned in and risked it all
Whoever knew that I would fall
Fall in love with my best friend
My stomach was full of butterflies
As you gazed into my hazel eyes
Who knew this was the beginning of our life
That we will grow old together until the end of time.

Raz Rix Apr 4

i'm going to fight for her
to keep her by my side
you don't deserve her;
her love, her effort, her dedication.

if break her again, or force
her into this kind of situation,
i'm going to take her from you
because she deserves happiness,
love, kindness and someone
who can stand up for her; who
will stand up for her.

i will take her from you,
because she is my sister,
my best friend, my soul mate mermaid.

i love her too much to let this keep happening.
Vachaspathi Apr 2

One day I sat lonely in a lovely lush green field,
watching the gorgeous sunrise and listening to the melodious tunes of birds.
And then out of the blue, I heard a voice which said: "I love you".
That voice was so beautiful and euphonious, and it sent thunderous zeal across my veins.
I instantly fell in love with that and I was set on a pursuit to find it.
In search of that, I sailed many seas, scaled many mountains, and journeyed many skies but still couldn't find my dream figure.
Tired of all these, I sat there again in the same place and closed my eyes.
In all the silence I heard that voice again.
This time very loud and clear.
It came from the inside of me and all this time it was with me.
And at that moment I found my best and most precious friend...within!

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance” - Oscar Wilde
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