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Dany The Girl Jan 31
She’s the kind of friend who knows what you think before you think it.
Her laugh is familiar,
Like hot chocolate on a winter day.
Her presence is safe;
She reminds you of that big tree fort you and your brother built to hide from the fairies
And forest monsters.
Her room is home to you.
It’s where you go when something goes bump in the night.
She will never judge you for the out of pocket things you say or do, and
Her watchful eyes make you feel
Protected and seen for who you are.
She leaves tomorrow.
Back to Kentucky, 2,000 miles away.
And now you’re afraid
That you’ll never have a cup of hot chocolate again.
That the monsters and the fairies will finally catch you
Or the bumps in the night paralyze you with fear.
Nobody will ever know your soul
The way she did
And you’re afraid of being unknown and alone again.
My best friend is leaving and idk what to do about it. She’s home to me.
ross Jan 8

oceans swell and foam
within her;
i was a ship
upon her waves.
planets bend
dancing between us;
the stars, in audience
jealous of her beauty.
the universe held it’s breathe
the hands of time long frozen
something brought you to me;
a cruel fate she’s spun
for now i have seen eden.
i have eaten from her tree
i have tasted her magic,
and no other kind of love;
would ever be enough.

Jackie Nov 2023
Dear best friend,
I miss you even though I see you just about every day
I miss the secrets you used to tell me
And the inside jokes we’d make
That special something that made our connection unique
Now you leave conversation a tad earlier
Hug a moment shorter
Respond to my messages a day later
I keep forgetting I’m not your best friend
Not since your eyes started to stare away when I talk
Drifting into a place you’d rather be
With a person you’d rather be with
I don’t know your schedule anymore
Or what big events are going on in your life
You are not obligated to tell me
And I act like I don’t notice
Because I have no claim on you
Or your time
But you’re still the first person I want to talk to
About the best and worst parts of my day
I want to tell you that I wish you were there with me
But that’s not fair
And I know it wouldn’t mean the same
Not anymore
anotherdream Sep 2023
Did I **** myself for you
Just to lose you once again
Did I become a different person
Once I pushed you to the edge

This was not what I expected
When I told you I was spent
When I gave you everything I had
To where there was nothing even left

You abandoned all I was
But this isn't what I meant
When I whispered in your ears
To ask if this was the end

If there was something I could do
Some way to make amends
Because you were my everything
And I loved you as my friend

I mean

When the puzzle pieces fell everywhere
We would pick them up again
Place them all back together
Until we reached the very end

We pushed through the hardest times
Just so that we could get ahead
When we were fighting our depression
We'd be supportive amidst our distress

We played all our weird retro games
Just to see how far we'd get
Maybe beat our latest score
And then do our little dance

We raced to see who was faster
Until we'd both run out of breath
We'd make all these little promises
For things that hadn't even happened yet

But as time went on
We began to forget
Who we were and what made us fall in love

In the first place.
I heard the song, "Clear" by Fly By Midnight and suddenly felt sentimental... so I wrote this while listening. Thanks for reading :)
as out of character as
it may have seemed;
i still cried
       like a ******* child
sofolo Jul 2023
Towards the end, there was The Good Place inside of The Dying Place.

The raven watches silently.

You were drifting on waves of Ativan while I vaped in the courtyard before I flipped the mouse card. Lotioning your feet—now yellowing.

“I’m sorry to bother you,” I said to the nurse. “But here, take this” as I handed her the phone I yanked from the wall.

No more distractions, please.

An advance copy on a projector screen. Downton Abbey in The Dying Place. You couldn’t believe it. But you also couldn’t stay awake.

Nowadays when I say “calzone”
I’m actually saying “can I have another year on loan?”

When I think about bourbon in the rainbow-speckled glass, it’s a sip-by-sip plea to get those years back.


I hold your hand.
The dolphin returns.
I kiss your head.
The mouse rests.
One last breath.
And the raven's wing lifts.
ky Jul 2023
If you were really my best friend,
you'd know that all I needed was
for you to be there for me.
I didn't need to know the truth.
I already knew I had ******* up.
I just needed you to assure me
that everything would be okay.

But instead, you were there for him,
acting like what I went through wasn't hard,
telling me how much I messed up,
assuring me that everything that happened was
my fault.

True friends don't do that.
Ex-friends do.
Poetic Eagle Jun 2023
sooo loud its deafening
Be my morning to midnight chat
Night and day,
Lets live stories and make memories
Can we explore what life has instore
Be my bestfriend
Crushing on the idea of being "bestfriends"
To the person that existed in the abstract
Påłpëbŕå Feb 2023
and as i inhale

it's you who i smell

filling up my lungs

making my heart swell
p.s. your perfume still lingers on my skin
wondering am i, all along....where have you been?
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