Iska 3h

There was a boy who owned the world,
or so he thought... til he met "The Girl"
this Girl swept in like a storm,
and made chaos look like a beautiful art form.
but, like all storms, disaster swarmed.
and the prince stood by, braving the storm.
But when the winds died down
and the clouds cleared away,
it reviled the other princes,
who also stood by her side.
here to save the day.
they looked to the boy
with mocking smiles
and together the all chimed;
"don't you worry your pretty head,
little prince,
one day your kingdom will fall,
and you will realize,
your castle was but sand all along."
then they turned to the Girl
whom they wanted to pin down like a butterfly,
to claim the right to say "she's Mine."
and they said "its time to choose.
which one of us could you bare to loose."
so she chose the one,
who made her laugh,
who made her cry.
who demanded the truth,
who never believed the lie.
who she wasn't afraid of ruining,
of tearing apart.
because he was like her.
the poison to her toxic heart.
the chaos to her mischief.
the fitting piece to her jigsaw life.
So she crowned him,
and made him her king.
this choice broke the little princes heart.
and her storm ripped his world apart.
there's a girl standing on a cross road,
wishing upon a star she'll never hold.
she told you not to fall,
she warned you that it would never end well,
yet still.....
you fell.
The king grew jealous,
she clung to you,
refusing to let you go.
but... eventually this prince..
you dug your grave.
you hugged her...
and the king grew enraged.
the crime you committed, you fell for me
and the king declared his decree
he said she'd have time
before she had to cut you loose.
She was told to set you free.
or she'd be tying her relationship's noose.
dazed and tongue tied she cant decide
just where everything got so messed up.
So she starts avoiding you,
hoping she could come up with a way......
or at the vary least,
something to say.

......... I'm Sorry.
please don't hate me
i just... don't know what to say.
and i didn't want to lie and pretend its all fine.

I've been stabbed in the back
By those I've needed the most

I've been lied to
By those I love

I've felt alone
When I couldn't afford to be

But at the end of the day
I had to learn to be my own best friend

Because there are going to be days
Where no one has my back
Or is going to be there for me

But myself

Sand 4d

When he is happy, the world dances in tune to his laughter
When he is sad, the clouds weep more than his tears

He doesn't just touch my heart,
He caresses it,
Soothing the scars left from my last venture into love
Should I also not soothe his heart?

His beautiful heart, beating in time with the flickering stars in the night sky
His beautiful heart, pumping veins full of loneliness and an aching for affection
Should I not know show him that affection?

He is my best friend, the person I am my darkest with
I will take his darkness and love it with all might
I will love his sadness and his loneliness
Just as much as he loves mine

I thank the universe for bringing him into my life
We don't just keep each other sane
We keep each other alive

Sand Oct 10

If you were here

I’d take you out into the dark
And show you where I cry

I’d point you to the stars
And show you how I heal

I’d open up my heart
And throw away my fears

I’d sit you down next to me
To feel the world spin beneath our feet

I’d confide my darkness in you,
My best friend, my lover

Hours would slip by like minutes,
Days would disappear

If you were here

I dreamt of my best friend, who lives very far away, and it inspired me to write this
snoozleberry Oct 10

i feel your strength when i'm in despair
i feel your sadness when you're farther than usual

-- however

when we get together and talk
whether it be
--- over the phone
where the white noise is a little louder than your voice
but i don't mind
--- facetime
your room is usually really dark
i can hardly see you
i can feel you listening
i can feel the lump in my throat as i struggle to get my words out
i glance at you for a second
and you give me your signature look
"you're going to be okay suz, i love you"
your voice replays in the back of my head as i breakdown
tears are blurring my vision
i'm choking, unable to get a hold of myself together
but im not worried

--- i have you
you shower me with the love and attention i long for
have you broken my cycle?
i know one thing is certain

you've saved me
not only from the world but from myself
from my toxic thoughts
from the opinions of others that have broken me in more ways than one
from my own family
who continues to hurt me even when i hear "i love you" every night

i can go on forever
but who has that kinda time?

i love you

VØD Oct 9

Angel of mine
Darkness woven underneath your wings
Hold my darkest secrets—
As fallen as I think I can be
You're always there to carry me
Hold my evils, and hold my desires
Take my sins, drain me like a vampire
Take me away
Dig your claws deeper into my skin
I know we're perfect
It makes my heart spin
That darkness that envelops me:
The shade of your wings
Keeps me safe from the scorching heat of hell above all things
You drain from me my darkness
And you cast it away
I swear to you, with you forever I will stay
I give myself to you completely
There is not a thing you cannot have
Hear me, see me, take me, I'm all yours to grab
I love you with all my heart
Angel of mine
Not even Gød can tear us apart

I love you so much Ithas
You make me feel so good
I can never feel bad around you
You're the only one that just "clicks"
We are best friends forever no matter what
And you will always be the best girlfriend in the universe
I love you with all my heart
Out of everything in this world, you're the only one that makes me feel so alive.
Honestly you're so perfect, you're beyond perfect,
You never fail to glaze me with a smile.
I love that your mine, it's all I ever wanted.
I will always take care of you,
I will always listen to you,
Wether it be your words or your silence,
I will listen where others cannot.
I will be your pain killer.
And I will always be there for you no matter what.
& I can't ever stop thinking of how much I love you.
Sand Oct 8

The sound of you living your life
motivates me to keep living mine,
and create my own song
to sing along with yours

my best friend is helping me get through my bad times, while also going through his own fair share of difficulties. This is for him. Seeing him get up and live life in spite of everything, is an inspiration to me
JasFow Oct 5

Who to choose?
What's the next move to make, when there so many options
Keep to the man?, who I can't see, trapped in a marriage
Our last secret kiss, haunting me, forever holding me back
New best friend?, spending every second side by side
Together we never stop smiling, but he likes boys the same as me
Ginger?, who came out of no where, he looks at both me and him
Does he want to decide, and make it easier for me in the end
The stranger?, who compliments my tattoos, the smile says it all
Boys with mysterious paths, are the ones that tend to make me fall
I feel lost in all of these people, making my heart go numb
To the sound of the words I Love You, they now mean nothing at all

I'm lost and starting to feel nothing
anon Oct 4

i think my best friend
is dead

no joke
no lie
i think she has died

we haven't talked in
5 years
and i miss her like you miss
after you've been up all day

like you miss seeing
while your eyes are closed

like you miss smiling
when you're sad out of your mind

i miss her like you miss
your best friend
who has gone

i miss her like
the other half

of me

I just needed to talk about this
AyJay Sep 19

She was dispiriting at that moment
That moment where she was just gone
Her eyes didn’t hold that soft,
gentle gaze.
They were replaced with dark,
empty irises.
The tension was thick,
it couldn’t be cut with a butcher knife.
Nothing could cut it,
it was too deep.
Her heart was in pain.
Pain of the loss of her beloved,
her friend,
her mate,
her family.
He was gone,
she was here.
She didn’t know what to do.
She cried,
she knew she could do that.
What else could she do?
Her lover watched her,
in sympathy.
Her lover wished she could show,
empathy, but,
she didn’t understand.
So she held her.
Her lover was being torn to pieces,
and she was holding them together.
She didn’t want to lose her,
no one would want that.

The girl was sad,
she missed her best friend.
She hated God.
Why had He taken him away?
What did he do to be taken away?
Why did He need more angels?
Why did He need HER angel?
She didn’t believe in God.
But she believed her best friend,
was taken away.
But from who?
She’ll never know.
But she’ll never forget.

The girl missed him too much.
It was getting worse.
She was crying in the corner more.
Her lover was holding her more.
The girl was so confused,
didn’t think she was strong anymore.
Thought it was time to join him.
Her lover stared at her,
long and dear and said,
“I’ll never leave you.”
The girl looked at her,
then hugged her.
But her heart was still weak.
She still missed him.

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