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Jessica 6d
You have turned my life into a state of despair
You made me change myself and cut my hair
I wish you received a sentence, or better yet, the electric chair
Everyday I blame myself and think "you ****** mare!"
Where is the old me? She had such flair
I used to be fun, but now my heart feels bare
In what frame of mind did you think that was fair
You were my best friend, you were meant to care
Faith 6d
She’s my sunshine
She’s my love
She’s my fighter
My inner peace, my dove

She’s my supporter
She’s my answer
She’s my listener
I couldn’t live without her

She’s my protector
She’s my inspiration
She’s my forgiver
Yeah, she’s a sensation

She’s my healer
She’s my new day
Without her
I wouldn’t be who I am today
This is dedicated to my best friend Mackenzie. I appreciate her so much so I wrote something for her
Haylin Dec 3
2/5/09 - The day I lost my best friend (Grandpa)
7/?/12 - Moved in with dad
12/11/16 - Tried to KMS
9/16/17 - The day my dad and step mom got married
4/3/18 - Started dating my boyfriend

6/19/18 - The day my gave me up and kicked me out
Emily Dec 3
There is something surreal about being alone in the car with a boy you love. Surrounded in the dark of night with the streetlights casting patterns across his skin. He’s smiling so wide you itch to reach over and touch, feel that sublime happiness for yourself. He puts on his favorite song and asks you to listen.

No, shh.
Turns the volume up.


The car shakes with the beat, syncing with the pounding of your heart.

And when you put that song on later, laying in bed, your eyes squeezed shut, all you’ll see is the rush of night, the curve of his cheek, the soft spot behind his ear you yearn to press your lips to, his voice, so eager, urging, wanting you to know the song the way he does, and ***, you want to. His hands curled around the wheel, reliable, safe, and you think about running your fingers over each knuckle, every callous, mouth open against his palm.

And that song, it will stay in the back of your mind. It’ll come with his smile and the revving of a car engine and lamp light that dances in puddles.
Lily Dec 1
You fall in love way too easily.
You are fascinated with the human nature,
And what makes us so unique and complex.
You think everybody deserves a chance at love.
You don’t just think everybody is beautiful,
You know that and truly believe it.
What you sometimes struggle to understand
Is that you are beautiful too.
You are mentally strong,
A natural born leader, and
A really fun person to be around.
You rarely let your sadness get the best of you,
And you are always encouraging and upbeat.
You are a great teacher and
Enjoy helping others out.
You work day and night for your friends,
Because you are always busy thinking about
The needs of others before your own.
You are an expert at giving advice,
But constantly take other’s burdens on yourself.
You know the right words to say
When I’m hurting, and will back off
Immediately if you realize you’ve crossed a boundary.
You know when you’ve done wrong
And sincerely feel sorry for it.
You listen lovingly to every word I say,
And try to help me with everything in your power.
Just the fact that you listen to me can
Make my whole day.
You inspire me, because you’re
So talented and skilled yourself.
I strive for your talents, and every checkpoint
I reach along the way,
You are there with me.
Every small victory of mine
Makes you the happiest person alive.
You just want other people to be happy.
I know that’s cliche, and so many people claim to want that,
But you actually carry it out.
You help people to live happier lives every day.
Even if you don’t change the world
One day with your neuroscience,
You will have touched the lives of everybody
You have come into contact with along the way.
That’s why I love you.
You’ve changed my life and heart and
You didn’t even know it.
For one of my best friends :)
Alex Nov 28
Just like an enclosed space,
one feels awfully alone,
the heart beating at a slower pace,
the world is no longer mine own.

The others, they do not understand,
the space between the both of us,
closer than fingers to a hand,
to them it is I making a fuss.

There is nothing deeper than the desire,
to see again, face-to-face,
and now, now to aspire,
everything they have done to chase.

I ought do it in their honour,
they were the one who gave comfort,
they were the one who provided love,
and I sob, I sob, because death has flapped by,
and very unlike a dove.
Richie Nov 26
People come into your life not for some reason but with a valid reason. They knock at our door always at the right time, never late, never early.

Some stay for a while, others may leave and then, they'd come back. You enjoyed every moment while they were still visible to your eye, audible to your ear and tangible by your touch.

Along the way, they made you laugh, made you cry, and may even hurt you. But, don't point fingers at them, don't blame them nor even desert them. Just keep mum and embrace the scar as a lesson learnt.

When it's time to say goodbye to these people, never hold back. Not everyone will make it to your future. Some are fitted to pass through to teach you lessons in life.

Should the day come and they realized your worth, that person they left behind may never be that same person again. And, that's for certainty.

I shed a tear today not just because I lost a friend. But, it is hurtful knowing that you were true to yourself as a friend. And, that you didn't actually lose a friend, but you just woke up and realized you NEVER had ONE.
There are ten reasons that I know I am well and truly in love with you.

1) I’m binge watching poetry! Not because you’re a poet, nor am I. But because something has awoke in the pit of my stomach. A flicker at first, a small flame licking at my frozen bones. Trying to thaw out the trauma from those who trespassed before you. I realise, you never trespassed, you were welcome all along.

2) Three years on, the small flame has engulfed my whole being. Powerful and raging! I’m all consumed and obsessive, my tongue writes and my fingers grasp to words like they’re the only thing that can quell this inferno. Like If I can find the right ones they’ll crash over me like a Tsunami reviving a dessert.

3) When the silence falls I forget the fire still burns, like someone has taken my oxygen and I can’t breathe. There is just embers, lying in wait. In these times I don’t know if I’m the dessert or the Tsunami. I guess that depends on what you want from me. A parting of my coping mechanism hinged knees, or a trek across my arid heart.

4) It’s so easy to be with you. As easy as, eating an entire family sized bar supposedly made for sharing, but far less easy to share. As easy as sleeping 12 hours during a depressive episode. As easy as looking into the early morning light on a perfectly autumnal day and daydreaming about what colour our wedding will be.

5) We are birds of a feather. So you say. I imagine a phoenix, rising up from the pain to fly and sore and dance among the stars over and over again. When I look at you only mythology and magic can explain your existence for only Gods and Goddesses could create a mind as beautifully captivating as yours.

6) The overwhelming feeling you get from seeing sunsets, or clear nights, or standing under ancient wise trees. The feeling of being totally in awe and captivated and small. Like the ocean allures you into falling and leaving your inhibitions behind. You forget just how helpless you’re going to be, blinded by the beauty. Forgetting, the ocean simply cannot love you back.

7) I remember little things, like how you don’t like tea. I’m grateful for big things like you can confide in me. I look forward to seeing you, even when we have no plans.

8) To me you are a lullaby, my anxiety and fears drift off to sleep when you’re around. I wish I could lay with you forever, just bask In your presence and savour the delicious delight of simply being human.

9) I’m not going to edit these words, raw and untouched. But I won’t tell you the whole story, I won’t even show you this. “too much truth can confuse the facts, make you sound insincere”

10) These are 9 reason I know I’m well and truly in love with you.

10! I only need one reason to know I’ll love you forever.
*This is unconditional. This is unrequited. *
I can forever dream, free from the vicious grasp of reality. My delusions of loving you will never be spoiled. And if daydreaming is as close as I’ll ever get to you then I’m going to start sleeping on the floor, drinking caffeine before bed, watching horror movies after dark.  Because even though its only in my mind, in my waking hours, this love is my favourite part!
Faust May 18
When I was 5,
The world seemed like this big place.
I was little, with no clue how to navigate.
But then, by chance I met you.

You, with your dark brown hair,
And eyes that belonged to an old soul.
I found a friend in you.

When your little, you’re still growing into
Your own person.
So there is no differences to separate you.
We were little and innocent.
We became connected.

We  blinked and suddenly we were no longer 5.
We were pre-teens in junior high,
With a little less innocence.

Always changing, always growing,
We still found a way to be inseparable.
We were best friends.

I found it easy to talk to you,
2 a.m. phone calls,
Telling you my secrets.
I never hid behind walls with you.
There was never a reason.
So I fell in love with you.

You, with your arms opened wide,
Making me feel safe.
Feeling like for once, I found my forever.
I found real love with you.

People change, and grow.
People want different things,
They drift apart.
And found I wanted more,
Than the life we planned.

I found it easier to push you away,
Then to tell you the things in my life,
That became dark.
I pushed you away,
I rejected what you gave me,
Because I couldn’t trust anyone.
I didn’t think you’d understand.
So I hurt you.

You, with your calming demeanor,
And your happy life.
The way you walked on sunshine.
I couldn’t and wouldn’t darken that.

Now we’re grown,
With children of our own.
We see their innocence,
We want some of ours back.

Because of the pain I put you through,
You locked me out of your life for 12 years.
So, now I’m letting you back in.
Letting you see the person I’ve become,
With the wall I’ve built to protect myself.
Letting you know the truth and see my scars.
Hoping that after all this time,
You can forgive me.

You, whom I hold on a pedestal.
The one friend I still love and respect,
And miss more than anyone else who has left.
You, who can still look at me,
And see something other than the darkness.
Gracie Nov 20
her eyes looked liked oceans were trapped there:
stormy and tortured
beautiful and captivating.

her was like ribbons running down her face:
smooth and flowing
stunning and graceful.

her smile was like flowers blooming in the Spring:
sweet and adorable
amazing and loved.

everything about her was lightning:
scary and sharp
intriguing and electric.
inspired by my bestfriend, who's been through o much that she deserves a poem about her.
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