inna 5h
Let’s go way back
To a simpler time.
To our very first chapter:
The summer we were nine.

You were too cool,
And I was too shy.
You didn’t really like me,
Sometimes you made me cry.

It didn’t take long
To outgrow that phase.
We developed a bond
In what seemed like two days.

From hiking adventures
To countless sleepovers,
We conquered the world
And saved snapping turtles.

When times became tough,
You knew just what to say.
My pain was your pain,
You made things okay.

You knew my whole heart;
All the grief, all the joys.
We shared endless phone calls
and complained about boys.

Fast forward to now
We’re on year twenty-two.
Some things may have changed
But our friendship stayed true.

We’re secure on our own
But we’re stronger together
I thank God for you,
You’re my best friend forever.
Lily 2d
We splashed in the pool
Together, the kiddy one
That is now too small.

She huddled in the
Car with me when I was scared
Of the thunderstorm.

She helped me sneak through
Her house at midnight and showed
Me her ice cream stash.

Sneaking grins across
The church on Sunday morning;
Well, we still do that.

She helped show me that
The world doesn't have to be
All work and no play.

Her liveliness and
Generosity show me
True, pure happiness.

I know we're growing
Up, but I hope she will al-
ways be my best friend.
Myself 5d
i thought i knew what love was.
it was obsession.
it was infatuation.

until now,
it's trust.
it's happiness.
and much more.

you never left me even when i didn't love you back.
Erin Jul 30
If you ever feel like you can’t go on any longer please know you’re my world.


If you’re ever sat alone in the darkest room of your mind remember that there’s a tealight on the windowsill.

Light that candle

And that little flame of mine will glow so fiercely.
Emitting undeniable warmth and love that dances around the room like fireflies.

I love you.
Dominique Jul 30
Your manic laugh
And the way you pulled faces at me
During the end of year exam in Latin
And the way you always smelled of soft aloe vera
And our dumb, hour long phone calls -

All these flashes of well-being
And your delicate, purple essence
And shock of fire hair that burned on regardless
Of drab English rain-
Everything labelled with your all-pretence-dropped,
Genuine grin,
Used to fall under the same section in my alphabet:

'B'- for Best friend, for Bitch (in the best sense), for Bliss whenever we laugh together and Bubbly because nothing about us is serious (or straight) and (we play fight like) Babies sometimes but it's alright, 'cause we always go Back to the way we were-
And if I could still read my alphabet in this way, I'd conclude it only right
That you left with a Bang-

Only, now the words are blurred
And I can't jam you into that section
So no matter which angle I take
To read the pages in my mind,
All I can see you as is

'T'- for Traitor, for Tea-spiller (in the worst way), for oh god, you were Tired of me, weren't you? T for Tactless and Tactful, each at the wrong Time, T for Takeoff, never to return and worst of all, T for the Tear you left in my heart.

If we're being less dramatic here, I can also see you as

'A'- for Acquaintance, for Actions that hurt, for you Abandoned me but I'll be Alright, A for Absent from my notifications and my reluctant Acceptance that Always comes when people disappoint. Or A for Always is a myth and this was bound to happen.

But if I'm being honest, the most suitable place for you might simply be

J- for Just Jamie, where you used to fit before I'd had a chance to peek inside that mad mind of yours.
not my best poem but I didn't want to make this too artsy because it still bloody hurts haha
(Jams if you ever read this just come back mate)
Freddie Ruiz Jul 23
I just want to make a statement
regarding this nonsense you’re talking here, “my friend”.
All this sudden cry for help,
‘cause you got nowhere else to turn.
I’d like to know what made you dare to think
that I would welcome you back after all that sh!t.
Are you looking to rebuild our friendship
to have me as your emotional crutch again?

Hate to break it to you but,
the Freddie you knew is no more.
Your audacity is unbelievable,
and I just “love” how you make it look so simple.

Remember 3 years back when the world fell upon me?
You saw it crushing me, but still you turned your back on me.
So, now you finally experience
what it’s like to be in need of a friend
and now you email me after all this years
with a P.S. that says: “4ever Best Friends”.
I don’t believe that “You were right”, “I messed up” bullsh!t.
You just wanna use me as a bridge for your own convenience.

Wow, I just “love” how you make it look so simple,
even simpler than a dummies handbook.
That may have worked in the past when I was a blind fool.
Now go find another fool like you that you can take advantage of.
Having problems with the life you chose?
Pull up your pants and man up,
but don’t look for me like nothing’s up
and then make it look so simple.
Written on May 6, 2014
Composition number: 424
Nyx Jul 22
I'll pay you a visit
Once a week
Don't worry about it
I'll be your relief

We can watch movies
Dance, sing without a care
We can act like the queens
Sassy and full of flare

We can bake cookies
Eat ice cream, Play a game or two
We can pig out on junk food
There is no need to feel so blue

This is your life
The pathway you have chosen
This is your future
Don't allow yourself to feel broken

You never liked them much anyway
The drama and those people
So dont allow your dreams to sway
When you feel isolated and alone

Stand up straight, Meditate
I know you can pull through
You are my best friend after all
There isn't anything you can't do.

So raise your head to the sky
Feel the nice cool breeze
This is the first step, its one of many
Its okay though just be at ease

Its a new world for both of us
One not many may choose
We may rarely see each other now
But you will still forever be my muse

Don't let loneliness swallow you whole
Don't fall down that rabbit hole
Because I will forever be around
Just do your best and reach your goal

Good luck my love
I wish you the best

- Your best Friend.
It will all work out eventually
I'm sure of it
Just do your best
Adya Jha Jul 17
You are my pillar of strength
You are my tomb of rest
Life would not be magical if you weren't there
Hell, it would not be worth living
I miss you
We're both just one call away
But I need your presence
It's like fate tossed a coin and we both ended up together
I say I don't believe in destiny
But I know one thing
You are written in the pages of mine
Even if nothing else is
Irlomak Jul 8
Giving him her all
is what she does best
so fearless, so selfless
she is, for him.

Wouldn't you flaunt her
if she was yours?
wouldn't you be proud
to tell everyone that
she's yours?
I would.

Too bad the person who owns her
is not too appreciative of what he has
Too busy focusing on the affection everyone else is giving him
that he probably forgets to tell them that
he's taken and is being loved by an exquisite person.
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