tell me you love her
tell me you need her
while I bear those pain
while you poured me rain
as long as I'm holding you tight
I am the who will fight
for you, like how she didn't
as I do things that she wouldn't
you are safe in my arm
I will let no harm
even if it does to me
even if it kills me
to see you in love but not with me
I will comfort you til the end
Because I am your best friend
It hurts me so much to see you cry for her. Why can't you see that I'm the one who truly loves you? :'(
Sierra Blasko May 11
I love you more
(You'd always reply)

You began to say it first.
To start
With a declaration
That you loved me most
There was never any room
For me to love you
Or less
Than you wanted.
I didn't mind it.
Because I did love you.

We fought
For a day
Two days
And then
Seven days
Of silence.

And I realized
I could go on living
Without you
And I heard
In the beautiful silence
Just how much
I had been listening
To you before.

(too much.)

I should have longed for you
And I did
But only
When I was lonely
When I questioned myself

When we spoke again
You told me
With tears in your eyes
And a shake in your voice
That you wanted to part ways.

You cried
On the screen

I cried
Off the screen

When you could not
Change your mind
Out of guilt
And blame me for it

The miles stretched between us
Like a rubber band
In the hands of someone
I didn't trust anymore

I will never forget it.

There is something so final

About wishing all the best
To a best friend
You will likely never see again.

In the end
It wasn't a question of loving most.
I would have taken a bullet
If it meant you didn't have to.
In the end
I did.
I just
didn't expect
for you to hold the gun
IA Mosura May 11
To find you is to not find you.
Even if I walk the earth from end to end you aren't there.
Even if I had the ears of all the world, your voice will not be heard.
You rode on a bus I can never chase.
You dived into a sea I could not sail.
Time is our chasm and time is no longer our friend.
The leaves of my home can't fly to yours.
I sent you a million letters but you did not reply.
I stood by your doorpost but you never opened.
Your lights were already out when I came by.
How long will you hide?
When will you come back?
The streets are gray.
The sky is red.
The colors will wait forever.
There's no artist like the one who's gone.
Claire May 9
When I am down
She’ll pull me back up
She is there for me
Even if i’m not
She is my Best Friend

We agree on mostly the same things
She lets me talk to her when I need it
She is my light when I’m lost
Or in need of help
I know that She’ll be there
Even if I’m not
She is my Best Friend

We teach each other about stuff that we didn’t understand
She is the roof over my head to protect me from the rain
My dreamcatcher when something goes wrong
She is the wind flowing through the sky
To help each other forget the bad times we’ve had
I know she’ll be there
Even if I’m not
She is my Best Friend
Madison May 7
Wrapping himself around my heart
Every time it has shattered,
There to hold my hand tightly
Every time I am feeling lonely
And longing your touch

He brings out the worst in me
Reminding me of all the reasons
Why life just sucks

He doesn't allow me to forget about his presence,
Always letting himself consume my body
Rushing through my veins
And pouring out through my eyes

But pain will always be my friend
For as long as I don't have you.
Jose Cruz May 6
Many people ask me:
"How do you manage to act normally?
Knowing that you really like her
How can you even talk to her with care?"

Smiling slowly
Laughing quietly
I replied:
"I just love her, my Friend;

To love someone who has the same mind with you
Is like to have a bestfriend who will always laugh with you
Sometimes, to be honest, I forget that I even like her,
Because I enjoy being with her."

A guy then replied,
In which of course, to answer is a thing I cannot deny
He then asked me this question:
"Lad, how then do you start your conversation?"

Slow as it may seem
I decided to answer him:
"Sir, I guess my conversation starter
Is my love for her."
To my best buddy, and the girl I want to pursue someday. My life became better when I met you.
May May 4
The person who always
knows when something’s the matter
But doesn’t pry because time will tell

The beauty you hold
doesn’t just come from the outside
But It is flowing within  

You have a kind heart that not everyone
Deserves to see but you show it to anyone
You think needs a pick me up

Everything you’d want in a best friend
Could be found in you
So I worry about you going away

I could never get tired of our late night talks
Where we just lay and say whatever because
At that time nothing ever matters

Whenever I fear the idea of you not being my friend anymore it’s not you as a person
But the last person who said it would be forever
Left me six short months later
I don’t appreciate my best friend as much as I should. When you read this I hope you’re safe and I’ll see you soon :)
Sam Hyndman May 2
A poem for anyone
To let you know that I once loved you
A dearest and sweetest friend you were to me
But you were always so much more

So many days of emotionless conversations
Followed by conversations unbeknownst to anyone but you and me
I wonder if you forget me
Though I truly know you do
Or maybe secretly you’d lie awake and miss me
Maybe just once in a while
Oh dreaming is for free

Always remember
You’re not just anyone to me
But you’re still my only anyone
I just never got to tell you
Please don’t forget me
He didn't deserve it
He was always there for me
He never left my side
He knew when I was upset
He cheered me up when I was down

I will always miss him
I won't forget everything he has done for me
I can't remember life without him
I learned so much from him
I can't believe this is it
I will make sure his memory lives on
RIP Hammer. I'll miss you forever bud.
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