chimewa 5d

There is no starting point
I'm walking in an endless road
And saw you
Walking away from me
That's how it end
Being me
Your best friend.

Lizzie 6d

we have that kind of love
but i never thought about it as love

we spend countless hours together, jokingly insulting each other, pushing each others buttons, talking about the reason of living, revealing sinful kinks, our favorite thing about this expanding universe we look up at, how all the stars are dead when we see them, and wonder if people will find us beautiful if when we are already dead.
we talk about the boys at school, and the young men in our friend groups how they are so corny and cute, but have that cute boyish handsome charm to them, each and every one of them, and sometimes we joke about dating them, but it's really scary if you imagine it.
i find myself in you and i wish i could be more like you, while you find yourself in me, and you aspire to be more like me, yet we are never happy being ourselves but being each other, and being each others.

and i think that's why it's love.
that kind of love.

Nicole Eden Jan 6

i keep wanting to write about you
but the feelings are so complicated
i struggle to find the right words

you are my best friend
you are also more than my best friend
we have this connection
you cannot deny the tension
when we are alone in the room

why do you pretend to ignore it
why do you pretend you like her better
why do you pretend that you're not hurting
why do you pretend that everything will be okay

why do you make me pretend it will all be okay?

you are the reason i learned to pretend

Manya Dec 2017

Today I waited for you,
to be the consoling one.
My heart was broken, you had a clue
Leaving me with no reply, I am so done.

Lover's heartbreak is nothing
Compared to what you're putting me through
Now here I am, weight of the air crushing
Without you

I can't find words worthy enough
to explain how tired I am
of being the friend or lover who cares more
All I needed was my best friend, but you couldn't do that for me

Needed to get this out
Cosmo Dec 2017

On a sunny day in July
I met one pretty awesome guy
I will never forget that day
So will you stay strong ‘til May?

I consider you my best friend
There may be some fights to mend
You know how to make life real rad
I could even say I am glad

You have saved me from the bad times
I might even say you are mine
I haven't seen you since summer
I guess that's quite a bummer

I may not have a lot to write
But you make my life oh so bright
I guess this is goodbye for now
All I can say now is meow

Smudge Dec 2017

Dislike faded to friendship and grew to a love I never knew existed

If only I knew it was always tinted.

Hurt me with the truth any day but never try to protect me with a lie. The only person you are truly trying to protect is yourself.
I could have dealt with the truth....I would have always tried to deal with the truth.
Zyanneh Frazier Dec 2017

You seem to be my Clyde to my Bonnie
You seem to be my Martin to my Gina
You seem to be my Bobby to my Whitney
And you are more than I could ever ask for
You get on my nerves
You call me names (but in a friendly way)
You tell me your honest opinion
And you even check others when it comes to me!
You are my Micky to my Minnie
You are my Homer to my Marge
You are my Peter to my Louis
And you are someone I can trust
You helped me up whenever I was feeling down
You showed me that giving up wasn’t an option
You treated me like no other!
You can be my Simba to my Nala
You can be my Prince Adam “Beast” to my Belle
You can be my Shrek to my Fiona
And you can be more than just my friend
You honestly opened my eyes
You made me change my mind about dating
You always told me I was beautiful!
You will forever be my Lucious to my Cookie
You will forever be my Jamie to my Fancy
You will forever be my Dwayne to my Whitley
And I plan on making this last forever
You seem to be my friend
You seem to be my lover
You seem to be my other half!
I think you’re my best friend...

Can you guess all the couples from my favorite movie, cartoons, tv shows, or just from the media? lol

There is this boy
The boy whom you're always telling your stories to
The boy who listens to you always
The boy whom you don't actually know

There is this boy
The boy who is my best friend's older brother
The boy who keeps telling her sister about what his best friend said
The boy who is actually the same person that you know

But you don't know that fact


Because you're too blinded
To see that boy running in circles
Just to make sure that you and him are okay

no progress...
solfang Dec 2017

I am glad,
my possible lover,
that you weren't with
someone that I
don't know

but being
happily together now
with my best friend.

based on a true story
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