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stillhuman Mar 20
There is something in the air
no more ice nor vampire lairs
The sun rules over night
and brings forth all things bright
And the flowers greet him with glee
all shining and rising among the ****
As the maiden smiles to her tummy
her child smiles back in the shape of a bunny
It's the breath of spring,
balance and growth with it brings
So let us blossom my dear
make our intention and power clear
Merry Ostara to all who celebrate. To those who don't, I wish you to blossom this spring
max Feb 18
Cleaning off my altars
Cleaning up my act
Cleaning up my room
Clearing out my mind
Working on myself
Looking for a reason
I don't need one
I need to live in the moment
Stop worrying
Be the best me I can be
I wont stop smoking
**** or cigarettes
Vaping constantly
Won't stop drinking
Might stop eating
But ****, at least I'll be happy
Its time to get better
Goodbye, Athena
It was nice, Zeus
Maybe another time, Morpheus
This new altar is for me
so many things Dec 2020
(okay so i understand if you cant source these things naturally but its much better if you do)

so my go-to tea base is a blend of rose hips, allspice, and chicory for general good vibes

and for nice winter-y vibes this solstice you can add cinnamon sticks, clove, and dried orange peels for added comfort and prosperity in the new year
BONUS: add a teeny tiny bit of arrowroot for ultra good vibes and a sweeter flavor :)
if u add too much it will thicken and turn super gross so be VERY careful babes <3
J Dec 2020
it's raining again.
It's been raining a lot lately.
I rush outside with jars usually,
tonight I sit under
and I fill myself up.
my hair clings to my neck
my face
my soul.
I close my eyes,
dipping myself in and out of
the sky's tears
in hopes that she'll never recognize
the difference if I were
to be extracting tears of my own.
There will soon be no distinction
between me and the wet.
catching a breath, I peer up
I blink so much I'm surprised I can find the clouds
They shield Gaia from the cold
I count the stars, though I mistake
the majority of raindrops for the plasma.
So I tilt down,
face to Hell
my hair curtains around me
as if a cat had torn them into nothing but
clumpy pieces of string,
and recognize the puddle of a person,
through blurry sockets,
that I can no longer hide from.
I'm in a weird writing mood. I don't write many long things anymore, though, as we see
Some miracles have happened lately
I don't know what makes it happen
It makes me almost believe in the lord above
Now I'm hoping, soon, your heart will open.
Wether it's candles, spells, or crystal magic
It's brought me pain, but goodness too
I've been happier than I've been some years
Now I hope it brings me you
A poem every day

i just got a good mark for my greek test, i'm starting to believe in miracles
rachel martin Nov 2020
The weight of the guilt I have
For the things I said about you before you died
Sit on my chest
Press me to death like a Salem witch.
Every time I drink I indulge in my tears
That I have no right to;
All I cared about when you were alive was vengeance for the way
You made me feel,
When I should’ve thanked you for opening my eyes
And I should’ve looked right through you
With open eyes-
And seen that you were dying inside.
I wrote that you were dead to me,
Not intending it quite literally
Not wanting for awhile
I manifested that for you-
I await my witch trial.
Might delete
Pyrrha Oct 2020
To my moon-kissed brothers and sisters
Hold yourself high with confidence
We are the strongest force known to mankind
For we've walked through fires just to be heard
We've raced through shadows and sung under stars
So we could be free

Come dance with me under the moon
As we manifest our dreams
Our intentions true
Our spells be carried through
If it is our will, so mote it be

And when their flames embrace our bones
as they vilify our souls and condemn our bodies,
we will hum our songs of virtue and light
for we walk the path of honest faith with no room for doubt

As they light us up like fireflies upon their pyres,
Let us smile to our Lord and Lady, our Gods and Goddesses
We will show no fear as they stare holes into our hearts
for we have magic in our blood and mystery in our eyes
We who dance with demons and fancy the fae
Spare no time to those with ill intent and hateful minds

With no fear or worry we are the awakened ones
aware to the world beyond and within our own
We stand hand in hand with mother nature, with Lady Gaia herself
With glory we travel to Valhalla, the Elysian Plains and the Fields of Aaru

They can light their fires to satisfy their hunger for our blood
But brave children of the moon,
they can never have our valiant courage nor our souls
they can never taste our magic or see the astral
because we allow ourselves to soar above what can be seen
above what we are told is intangible
We climb the towers of our minds
and rise to our higher selves

We chant our songs like sirens blessed by Apollo
We won't bend or break because they call us sinners
Sinners in who's eyes? I refuse to kneel to a bloodied faith
We will not shatter with their looks of disgust
We will not crumble under their evil eye
We will kiss the hands of fate and spit in their naïve eyes

We are the blessed ones who tower above the wicked
For we are the sons and daughters of the witches they could not bind or banish
We are the children of the moon who bow to none
We are the ones who will rise like a phoenix from their fires
For we are the witches who refuse to burn
Aimee Phelps Oct 2020
Drench the night in suffocating darkness
A new moon hides in the void
Known only by the absence of stars
Protecting souls and releasing dissent
Antagonist to the saintly
A comrade to the pariah
Grounding, banishing, healing
Defense against those who wish to fear
And exile
And hang
I will not be fragmented
For I am the moon
Concealed by darkness
Protected by my kind
July 19, 1692 Susannah Martin was executed. Hanged. I was young when I found out that I have witch blood flowing through my veins. Maybe that’s why I have such an affinity for magick. I do not worship satan, I worship myself. I wear black to protect myself from the negative energies that attack me daily. Witchcraft and magick, at least my practice, surrounds positivity, self-help, and respecting the world around me. I am not evil, I am not a bad influence, I am a witch.
ED Greene Oct 2020
Put it in
That ***
It's silver

That top
It'll simmer

Heat it
And opt
Not to watch

A love tear
Boils the fear
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