Duzy 4d

He shoots... He misses
He shoots... He misses
He shoots... He tagged me.

I've been expecting you
I've also been avoiding you
But what could I do when I knew that your aim was true?

That's just Cupid

I must confess, more or less, that I'm back in this mess with this little black cloud in a dress.

Walking all over me, running rings around me. Stamping everywhere that you breathe
Bob says "it's good to talk", the old man says "don't be a grass".
I don't know which one to believe.

That's just stupid.

So we decide to talk but it doesn't last long
Soon enough we're shouting. At least the passion isn't gone.

As I fantasize and fight to rationalize
You exercise your right to exorcise.
Honeymoon is over, we got work in the morning.

But honey is still honey, and a bee is still a bee.
So whys she acting like a wasp?! There's stings all over me.

So I mentioned before that I'm back in this mess, but it's my mess and I'll tidy it up alone.
Well of course you will it's your bloody fault. That's it, I'm turning off my phone.


Where are you?
I miss you

Where are you?
I need to hear your breath
I need to see your eyes
I need to feel your warmth
I need to meet you

I need you...

Eliah SolRae Nov 13

Losing is an art all can master,
Sometimes it helps, other times it’s a disaster.
You begin with small things,
A pencil a fork utensil.
You don’t notice at first,
But it grows on you,
Like time grows.

You start losing pieces of more importances,
A water bottle, a watch.
You pay little attention at all, you’ll find it amusing.
But you are just at the beginning of mastering losing.

You will leave a new pair of shoes on the bus,
Not think about it twice, not fuss.
Then it will happen…

You will lose something big,
An iPod, on the sidewalk,
A key to luck.

You will lose yourself in time.
Your love, your lifetime.
Anyone can do it,

Anyone can master the art of losing...

Sara Mares Nov 8

You're laying in that bed, so still
So quiet
Beep, beep, beep
The monitor sings you to sleep
Your hands, they were once so strong and so sure
Now paper thin and aching
And the blankets are white and clean
They are too clean
The clean of someone who is not living in them
Because when you are alive, things are messy and we are messy and right now all I want is to make messes with you again
Your chest rises and falls but rhythmically, robotic
You don't hold you breath anymore the way you did when you were waiting for the best part of a story
Waiting to release a laugh from deep within
You breathe as though your body considers releasing you
It's slow, it's contemplative
Almost unsure
As I sit here memorizing every freckle on your face and the position of every unkempt hair on your head
I realize that I can't will life back into you
I can't scream it back in
And can wish it or pray it
The only thing I can do is hold on tight to the fraction of a soul that remains trapped in a decaying body
Beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
The monitor sings you to sleep
And it is so quiet

Aleeza Nov 7

midnight every day
I lie in bed haunted by my own thoughts
and a question echoes through my bones
“can you really do it?”

almost two decades of the same thing
this question that bears down on me
is what I do enough?
is all of this exhaustion enough to prove something?

oftentimes I let myself be lost
between the lines and the colors and the textures
tangled in the words the world has bestowed upon me
trapped in the frames of what I display to the world

but with every piece I showcase
a part of me is eternally in each one
and the more I give to this earth
the less I have to myself

sometimes I let myself collapse into nothingness
breaking myself beyond repair
trying to find weakness and striking there
just to pour more into the art that I struggle to create

is there really anything good that will come out of this?
is using every ounce of my heart and soul worth every single day?

but if there is anything this cruel world has taught me
it is that I do not just give up on what I love
and what I love might be the death of me
and yet it is the immortality that will carry me on
it is the beauty that I am willing to leave behind

Becca Faith Nov 4

The joy of my father resting with nature is that I hear him rattling underneath the autumn leaves,
I see him in the beautiful view of a mountain and reborn in a summer breeze.
My father isn’t lost in time and has not simply slipped away,
With every sapling that is reborn my fathers spirit remains to stay.
I see him in the foot prints and the temporary ground beneath my feet,
And when we return to nature he and I will rejoice when once again we entwine to meet.

nim Nov 2

wherever i go
i see your footsteps
marking the snow in my heart

a silent whisper, your voice
sends shivers down my body
while i'm losing everything in your wind

once you have taught me how not to love,
how can i
ever love

so how can i fight if
i'm not whole?
so how to fight if

wherever i go
i see your footsteps
marking the snow in my heart
quietly telling me,
"You can never love again".

No one has ever touched my heart
Like he did
My heart aches for him
Inside, I feel like crying
Outside I am
Every tear is shed in memory of him
Every thought, dedicated to him
For the memories are to much to bare
Silence falls around me
I swear I hear him whisper
'I love you'
His arms once embraced me
Protecting, from the world around us
I miss him so much
More the he'll ever know
I didn't want to lose what we had
Because what we had,
Was something very special

nav Oct 29

As I wait , for this moment to pass , this day, this month , this year ,this life .

It feels like forever autumn inside my heart .

The longing the waiting and brittle drying dreams ,

The harshness of the reality , taking away my hopes one by one .

My soul changing colours , fading , withering , dying .

I'm waiting my love , I'm still waiting
With this autumn in my heart.

Balancing a dream on my tired eye lashes .
Hoping one day I'll be able to see you,
Hold you and feel you and tell you.
How much I've loved you all my life .
Even through the darkness , and the storms ..
I'll love you till the end ,
With this autumn inside my heart .

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