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Lil Moon Moon Apr 15
The hero dies at the end of this story
We all know how it goes
The same old song goes on and on
So strap in and raise your chins
Its a scene we already know
The hero dies at the end of the story
And were left wondering
What even was the point of it all?
The crowd always controls you
and you will feel lonely
because you do not know who you are.
Indonesia, 12th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
My Dear Poet Apr 2
A silver spoon
still never feeds the soul

A silver lining
still cannot hold back the rain

A silver moon
still brings on the howling

A silver chain
still holds the weakest link
Is it ever ok to come second best?
I look back to the day we met
'Should've known
That you were lying-
Now I'm here sitting in a room
'Didn't think I'd have to say goodbye
'Didn't think you'd leave-
'Didn't think I'd have to forget you-
So soon...

'Didn't think you'd leave me all alone.
Yes, I guess I should've known that in the end-
We're just flesh and bone...
Just know-
It's gonna be hard to let you-
This poem isn't just about death, but also about how one can just forget you as well as leave you. This poem was inspired by my elementary friend, Isaiah Guy. He was very sweet and funny. A true character. I treasure the few memories I have of him. Although we haven't seen each other in years, it still feels like a piece of my world is missing. Thank you Issah, I'll miss you...
You can click the link below and tell his family I sent you and that I send my love. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”
Aaina khan Mar 9
That moment in life,
When you feel like, You are losing everything.
And all you can do is,
Just Stand there and watch.
I may never have liked myself
But no matter what I went through
I was proud of who I had become

No matter the times
The temptation
I hadn't given up

I have always promised myself I'd never change myself for anyone
But for a fraction of your time
I'd rearrange every part of my being

And I don't know what's sadder:
The fact that I'd lose myself for you,
Or the fact you wouldn't even notice.
The last poems I've posted, I'm ngl, I'm proud of and like. This one, I don't even know if it's a proper poem, and I'm ashamed. But I had to get my feelings out there some way or another. Thank you.
Losing you may be my fault,
but having you forever is not one of the ways to treat wounds.
Indonesia, 2nd February 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Nomo Jan 14
this pain is far
this pain is near
will I ever be free
will I always be trapped

no escape
always being dragged down
farther each day
always trying to reach the surface

everyone gone
everyone hidden
no help no life
broken down every day

try to build me up
always being put down
always told go do something else
what if I cant

will I always be alone
trapped here
in this pit
dragged deeper down

always hiding from the truth
never wanting to know I am sick
the pain is what everyone feels
no one can feel what I feel

no one can see what I see
all alone in my own world
pain and torture is it welcomed
are the people I love going to get hurt

if I tell them what I truly feel
what if they get hurt
what will I say
to help them know its okay

even though I am not okay
should I let them know
should I let myself suffer alone
would they be able to carry the weight

alone or surrounded by family and love
alone to fight or able to fight with everyone
alone to live or live with somebody
alone to carry this weight or will there be someone else to carry it with me

is this my life forever
will someone carry this with me
is this just me or everyone else
am I alone or am I not

making a picture inside my head
a perfect life not to be
but inside the darkness is here
no light to be shining

will love be born
will love be torn
to be true
to be a lie

life unveiled
to be called
to be forever
to be near

is love to be here
is love to be gone
will I always be true
will they be true

will I end up hurting them
will they end up hurting me
will we heal each other's wounds
will we tear the wounds deeper

is the pain to be gone
is the pain to stay
head spinning

I don't know what to say
when I say I love you
will I be turned down
will I be welcomed

is this to last or to be gone
look to the bright side
or look to the dark side
Lee Carter Dec 2020
Any lessons we neglect to win in defeat,
we are sure to lose in victory.
kiran goswami Dec 2020
We are not feminists because we want to win,
We are feminists because we have been losing.
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