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Feeling about for sweet oblivion
where memories lie impotent
where breath strings into nothingness
unencumbered by motion

This stuffing of blood and cells
in parentheses of time, form, deeds
each after the other, in a punctuated sequence
becoming moot, coming undone

All humans, all doors,
swinging in apprehension, in anticipation
on the inside, on the outside
of what, I do not know

but losing sense of the hinge sometimes
and becoming exposed to the elements.
It was as if a normal day,
Until you decided to come this way
Invited me with open arms,
“Never will we be apart.” You said.
It was as if I wasn’t nervous,
Held your hand, locked it on purpose
—We started this hillclimb.
It was as if we were Jack and Jill,
Just that we weren’t rolling down this hill,
The darkness was overwhelming
And the silence deafening
But I knew everything was fine
Because you are with me,
Because our hands our locked tight.
But when the angry storm came through,
Your fear overpowered you.
You left me alone on this journey,
You made your way out.
That’s when I knew,
The person you started the journey with
doesn’t always end up with you.
One of my first poems.
Deep inside the ocean,
beneath the rocks
there lies a beautiful soul
Not knowing whether
this world is right or wrong
Whether this world does
Justice to all or
Favors only a few,
Whether peace exist
In this earth or
Is it just a word
Found only in books
We all come to this earth not being aware of anything, just a pure soul. Later the circumstances and the people around you turn you into what you are now.....
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UW May 18
Hands extended, palms up, pleading to be held.
Longing for him to raise me, once bright, spirit felled.

Chest splayed open, heart exposed, vulnerable and meek.
Desperate to connect; it's acceptance that I seek.
You were so far away,
The moon could've touched you
Before I did.
And I think we were meant to be,
In every life
But this one.
Losing faith is fun.
It makes me want to dance with you.
And use rubber tubes as straws.
And just drink water.
Cause nothing feeds me actually.
The combination of you and Cocorosie is so good.
And everything else is so bad.
And we're smiling as we're hawling.
You made fun of everything when I told you everything went wrong.
Oh, I love you so much.
Even when you don't stop talking and my head explodes.
No wait, I hate you then.
Losing everything is fun.
You are a nobody,
Yet you are everything to me
My every breath, my every day
The beats of my heart

You're the reason I write
You are my ink and paper
Every word and every thought
My Romeo in each page

But this isn't a love-story 'story'
With a happily ever after,
When you gave up on us
And blew your last good bye

You took my heart with you
And left me wondering
Am I not enough?
Or am I too much?

I lost you
That I understood,
I just didn't think
That I'd lose 'me' too.
How could I move on?
I'm afraid that I'm losing
To myself
In everything that I do.

I'm afraid
That I'm failing
When I try my best

I'm afraid
I'm overwhelmed
With no foreseeable escape

I'm afraid
I'm drowning
Which is my own fault

But most of all
I'm afraid
That I'm losing myself

With every new breath

I'm afraid, I guess
Nylee Apr 17
There are many things in this room
I am staring at the wall
I get around, but I am sitting on my bed
I have nothing to do ahead
Boredom has been sitting on my head
I am physically fine
but eyes have lost its shine
My phone is on its last red line
I have lot of time in hand
I am losing it all
What to do now?
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