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I lose last battle
Your attention awarded
To somebody else
Never make someone a priority when you are only an option
p-n Aug 31
i remember that sunset drive.
cascades of light that folded in between our hands.
and i watched you close your hands against mine.
i watched the light between our hands fade — into nothing.
pulling back was the only course i took to save us,
but you will never know that, will you?
it was on that drive did I realize...
love is such a jading feeling.
when did you lose interest? i should give up, but how?

Slowly falling into the growing darkness
Trying every day to hold my memories tight
My friends of many years fading into blackness
Nothing is staying in the light
Childhood memories disappear
Will I also lose who I am
That is my biggest fear

Written by
Michael Matthews
Yes I got all your texts.
And I’m guarded, expecting your next.
Yes I’m fine!
But how would you know?
Frozen in time,
don’t know how to respond.
Okay fine -
You got me, just like you always do.
I’m losing my mind,
I guess I’m not fine at all.
I thought I knew you but I guess I was wrong
And all the kind words you had were just lies all along

I burned the bridge because I got carried away
I wish you didn't exist in my mind that way

aspen wilde Jul 2022
i am sick to my stomach
of all these panic attacks,
the butterflies are losing
their colours and their strength.
Shevaun Stonem Jun 2022
Today will pass
And so will the days that follow after.
It will not be the same,
But it will be okay.
The pain stings, numbs, and sometimes
Leaves a stain,
But you have to make sure
None of this is in vain.
Don’t meet it with eyes that analyze
And try to quantify the pain,
There’s only so much you will discover
All to your disdain.
Sometimes it feels as though you’re not worthy
Of making good things last,
But that’s why the present is the present,
And the past, is the past.
Srujani May 2022
Said forever isn't my word
never knew you would turn it into a sword
digging deeper until it hurts
Though our fights were the worse
cause there were actually never the fights.
But now i see this empty space,
it feels like an ultimate sway just to chase
I told myself it's over, good and enough
but then again i wish it was none

and as you comes by
all my thoughts flys away
as if like they never exist
all my compliants seals away
as if like they were meant to be
all my hurt heals away
as if like it have to be
I'm telling it that was good and enough
and it denys as if it is all rough.
craving and hoping for renewal
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