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Eurus 3d
The thought of losing you keeps haunting my mind
The fear of not having you in my life anymore
Make my heart, mind and body sore
God knows how much I’m going to miss
That gorgeous smile
Those ocean eyes
That vibrating laugh
And above all
Your pure heart
So thank you
For making me be
The best version of myself
When I’m with you.
When the moon shines bright I think of blues and different sides of you, I was thinking of you.

You’re blue, small, bold and looking old. losing your hair and losing your shares, when will you regain your enchanting glare...

I looked at you hanging over there with that guy smoking your light, when will you actually fight to stay right and bright? You remember when we were even a little younger and more like lovers.

You’re gone, so far the distance is long, I wish you would even run to your grandma. Run away they are wrong. Your addiction is the end of you, I’ve lost you.

I gained something new you’re alone and I’m at home with friends and great fun shown, I’m not alone. I’m me and your you. should you join to find your peace and stop the lease on me.

Just stop the act you’re not a kid. You’ve grown up right with love, friends and you give it up for 10 years of peace at max, it’s not going to last.

You’re starting to be loose lipped and obviously not glad. Get help. Find yourself and love more than the so called “self help...”
Don’t do serious drugs or anything like it if you can help it! It’s obviously bad for you and you look gross afterwards. **** helps with ptsd, even that makes you look less appealing and costs a lot.
To lose yourself
Is scary

As not to know
The way

You see a million directions
And you're afraid to choose

You're overanalyzing
Lose touch to any feeling

You're transparent like a ghost
There's no sense in your existence

You see no sense at all.

Like a trombone
The sound of pain in mind
Your brain gets hurt
You're stuck

Can barely breath
Why breath at all?
If you're a ghost

You're scaring, hurting others.
What a shame.

Who will be ever able to love you?
It mustnt be true, it must be a game.
It's a process though. In darkness you can see the light even better, even if it's a tiny spot somewhere far away. Keep holding on to it.
Failing at what I thought I could be great at.
This feeling of losing at life and brokenness leaves me in the shadows.  
Come save me.
Hold on to me.
And don't let me fall into my old ways.
Yuki Jan 9
I lost many people
in my life but
at least I got what
I deserved:

self love.
Nohémie Jan 14
you were the best thing that could have happened to me in the most horrible ways and,
the end of us was fruitful in lessons,
showing me that my vulnerability should manifest itself in moments of weakness and strength.
Losing you was the biggest gain and I thank your apathy for it all.
I wish you the best, it's true
and I hope you find comfort with the troubles that shake you to your core.
blessings in disguise keep on coming my way and i'm starting to unravel their meaning.

Much love,
I fear
Losing her friendship
While trying to gain her love
"If.. You.. don't wanna be family..I'ma set ya free. If you still ignoring me..when the new year rings..I'ma let ya flap your wings.. and fly..I'll not sit idle by.. as you ignore me by and by..I luv ya...I've reached out to ya.. But Only goodness knows.. why I only get your hollow echo's...I'll keep ya in my prayers as I am fruitful..I too stay where his mercy and glory flows...Happy new you..New start new beginnings..Happy Serenity for me...Welcome 2019!
Happy 2019 I know I'm a blessing..
Viktoria Dec 2018
I am not gonna write how it is
to lose. A friend. Again
It's the physical closeness
That we miss
I miss to hold your hand.

I am not gonna write how sad
I felt, when I said goodbye.
Because these thoughts and feelings are able
to make me emotional and cry.

I am not gonna describe
How I lost something together with you
As if I was separated in two
And you took one part of myself with you.

... and still I do.
Had to say goodbye to a friend who moved into another country.
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