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Chiara Sep 26
You lie in my arms, unmoving and still,
I’ve carried you for hours, hoping you would speak.
I’m aching all over but I don’t dare to stop,
I have to find shelter, get you out of the cold.

We’ve escaped with our lives, but will we make it?
We’ve always been together, we are best friends,
So it wasn’t surprising when you came back for me.
They tackled me down, you being way before me,
But you didn’t run, you came back for me,
You brought them down, helped me to my feet.

It happened so fast, it came right from behind you;
The blow to your head that sent you sprawling.
The audible crack, it chilled me to the bones,
I was frozen in time and my blood ran cold.
I made my way towards you; a man had his foot on your chest
My fist hit his jaw, he fell and knew nothing more.

I scooped you up in my arms and ran for our lives,
I didn’t stop once, you had to survive!
Now I’ve been walking for hours, but you didn’t wake,
Did not even stir, so I’m left to my thoughts.
The only thing I can hear is my labored breathing.
You were hurt ‘cause you saved me, can you forgive me?

I should’ve run faster, so you didn’t have to come back.
I try to go on, but at last stumble and fall.
Kneeling on the hard ground, I hold you my friend…
I’m checking your vitals, your heart’s beating too fast!
Your breathing is slowing, please don’t do this to me…
My tears staining the ground, despair reigning my thoughts,
I beg you to wake up, but there’s no answer for me.

I sit there in silence, the sky’s growing darker,
My hope is waning and I again check on you.
I bring my hand to your wrist; it is shaking with dread.
As I remove my fingers, I know you are dead.
Chiara Sep 25
I learned how to lose, how to stand all the pain,
Even though I could scream, I act all the same.
You tell me I’m brave, that I have to stay strong,
But what you don’t see,
Is my dying soul.
Mocking light

You stand looking down upon me
Glowing On me in my moment of darkness

You simply degrade my soul as I reach out to you you pull back

I look through the barrel of the gun
Wondering have they found me
Or have I won

This death game grows louder the sound penetrating my ears frightening me and making my love dull

I realize I have lost
I have not a shred of my original soul
austin Sep 17
Just my shadow sits beside me.
Not even the birds, nor the bees.

I don't think I'll ever change.
My God, I'm so deranged.

I need something to keep me sane
I don't know what it is
I just know I am not the same
Such a shame it is.

I think I dropped my feelings
in this well of murky black
I hope someone can help me find them
before I have a heart attack.
Flower C Sep 13
She was crying,
He was hurting,
Both for the same cause,
Yet they pretended like nothing happened,
And wore their lies wonderfully well,
So the other wouldn't know,
What buried 'neath their hearts,
That they thought were over,
But never fades.
This will be the year
Of all of my mistakes
These walls will fall
With my dignity
I'm a disaster
Exploding in slow motion
Can't make up my mind
Can't make up anything
Crashing like a train
Derailing swiftly
Giving out my number
******* myself
To the whole city
This chaos knows
Nothing of mercy
My blind eyes know
Nothing of the truth
Just this downward spiral
The desecration
Of my troubled youth
I'm in a car, a really ****** junker. I'm in the front seat, but I'm not the one driving. The girl behind the wheel looks like me, but she isn't. I don't know who she is. We're speeding down the highway at night, at seventy miles per hour. I keep begging her to slow down, but if she listens, she doesn't let it show. The blacktop is empty for us, but we don't need someone else to cause us to crash. We are our own dynamite. We're hurtling through this frantic void, broken by streetlights. I'm quiet now, but I'll start screaming soon, and the radio will play nothing but my worst nightmares. We're going to crash. We're going to crash. Oh my g
JJ Inda Sep 6
When all is failing- as it often does.
Laughter might not be enough,
nor beer and alcohol
nor praying to all the Gods.
-No matter,
just keep in mind,
sometimes it's your turn
to lose
and that's fine.
It is a long game after all
Emily Sep 3
tell me that i was enough for you,
     that i'm still enough.
tell me how lost you are without me,
     that you look for traces of me in everyone you meet.
Hafza Awan Sep 3
You know what, at times I am fearless
I can say bluntly whatever I have to say
Whatever I feel
Without fear of getting judged
I am loud enough to say that I love you
Because Love is always loud
But yes I am scared too
scared of time, compelling me
to switch my path
Where I can’t even see your footsteps  
I am scared of fate giving my hands in hands
I don’t want to hold ever.
I am scared when I have to live
locking you in my heart
And my mind,  pretending you are nowhere
I am scared of living a life without my heart
I know I don’t have you,
But I have freedom
to love you, to think about you
I am scared of losing my leeway
I am scared of losing you
Meher Aug 30
I may not have told you
How much I love you
But my every poem
Every story
Every letter
My every word
Bleeds the love I have for you
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