My brain forgets faster
Than my hands can capture
My heart's cries and laughter
I acted the drafter
A stupid miscapture
This craft from the crafter
Now pale sick disaster
Can't remember it after
But I know it was beautiful
This happens to me too often. I carry a notepad but I forget in the time it takes to grab a pen. All I remember is how beautiful it sounded in my head. Thank you for reading -ES
tracing your face
in the map
our love
that your
path convoluted
my ways, notoriously
still—i believed
you would
stay but
route skipped the
wrong turns we’d make
and now i’m awake
rhyming words
with your
you’ll never
give the time of day
the map is to blame
Time is ticking
As you distance from me,
I can’t seem to take any more steps
For nailed into my feet are weights that I can’t seem to shake lose
Blown into my head are the ashes of a recent past
I cough at the taste of burnt paper,
as my vision waters at the remains of photopaper
Time is ticking and seconds never slow
I sense your arms slipping from mine,
but these bridges seem far too unstable
This mouth is far too cautious to even mumble,
In fear that the slightest vibration would send us free falling
But alas time is ticking, and its minutes are running

But although I am mouse,
I am not without my gifts
For I have decided
That I will give you an unnoticeable gift
The gift of eternal life.
As my mind maffles the words to say,
My hands that will etch each recollection into concrete
A timeless string, moments frozen into snow globes
Regardless of how the finale is written,
I have bookmarked every page till the end of time
Know that your swords have allowed this mouse to roar
Know that your shield has given a blanket of comfort
Hours are now zooming by, sunset after sunset.

I silently but clearly dedicate this to you
The one who shall never see the truth
Perhaps one day you would realise that
Metallic hearts feel and rocks breathe too
Listen carefully to what the cave echoes and you would notice the whispers I have so bravely let slip my mind

Behind these ear-shattering ticks,
Do you not see all that bleeds from the cold?
Do you not see the circles I’ve escaped to hold you?
Who am I to judge for my vision has too been stripped from me
As I feel my way around darkness,
your lighthouse is my only salvation

Time has stopped ticking
As I stand in the embracing rain,
as droplets fall in synchrony
Used ink bottles laid all around
May I have this honour to pen future chapters,
Or will it all restart when time resets
Reminding me that it was all a mere fantasy,
And that a fool I was destined to be
Umi Apr 15
That shooting star,
Loved the earth so much that it crashed right into it, burning away in passion, lethal, poisonous passion, to be with what it really wanted,
It cut through the darkness with our hopes, with our deepest wishes,
Before it vanished, like a long lost dream, or a overshadowed memory
As time ticks on, reality and illusion melt together, sharing a heart,
That too is a sign of death, as each lost its meaning by just doing this,
In order to heal my aching chest, I too must be to death in sweet love,
So I will not lose to anyone, daling, after all, once you give another a home within your heart, a part, yet small dies and fades into shadows
I know I am not alone, because I am reaching out for your love, dear
A last remote of lonesome fear, engaging the thought of losing what you hold so dear, is what makes it morbid, burning even hotter now,
But a fire burns out faster, the higher it reaches, so be very cautious,
Envy is for love the metamorphosis to turn into pure fury or hate,
A bloody devotion to be the only one your darling ever will desire,
As you fall, to death in love

~ Umi
Marcus White Apr 1
You don’t no how much I can’t stand you. I just want you to be hurt the way you did me. Man I was the dumb to believe that something with you would be hard as concert. What you did to me feels like the ultimate defeat. A heart made of gold broke like glass and thrown in the trash. I gave you my all and you just kicked me in the ass. Then for you to turn and move on so fast. That hit me hard than a mentor crash. Hurt worse the a rash on my ass. You took everything thing I had use me like a tool.
Megh Apr 9
the worst part is to like his lips
so darn much that when he resorts to undressing you
you don't feel like pushing him back
even though you know that he's bad news
he'll suck your tongue and breathe your vein,
he'll caress your soft curves
he'll rupture your core
and the worst of all is that you won't regret it at all.
Trixia Apr 8
the sky is blue
like me and you,
you were never mine
but i lost you,
she loved
the concept
of your little world
that she created chaos
in her shattered heart
and ethereal mind,
every moment with you shined,
it so happened that
time is faster than people
and we’re moving on,
you’ll forget me and
i’ll forget you
i have now lost you.
Leane Azze Apr 8
now I know why I held you tightly that day.  

I was scared,

that someday,
I will lose you.

that someday,
I’m losing your grasp,

And when you’re wandering too far,
My hands are entirely incapable to reach you.
inthewater Apr 5
i know you won't admit it -
that you're still not feeling whole

you cast your mold, knowing i would not fit it
but wasn't that the goal?

you finalized your strategy -
everything in place

used up all your flattery
it's safe to say you lost your face
Amanda Apr 4
My favorite part of losing you
Looking at my lonely soul
Finding what I thought I lost
When you left inside myself; I am whole
I thought he took a piece of me when he left but now i see thats not true.
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