No puedo rendirme al odio
que me arrastre la tormenta
que me quemen la lengua;
Prefiero llorar en publico
a odiar y volverme irracional.

La noche que se apodera de los pobres,
la amargura que intoxica mis verdades,
el odio que evito a toda costa
el mal que contamina las almas,
que me inunde la tristeza,
que no quiero sentir verguenza,
que el demonio no nos gane.

¿Como la gente puede vivir con el corazon punzante ?
quisiera arrancar la mala hierba
administrar luz al esclavo de la ira.

Por que si hay odio
hay envidia y nace la hipocreicia,
el sentimiento del pueblerino resentido,
la gota que derrama sangre y tragedia
el nacimeinto del fanfarron desdichado,
El contendiente sin argumento,
quiero ser el mediador del sentimiento.
sometimes people hate and talk nonsense about what does not concern them and I just think why they waste their time hating?
Kai 6d
a girl with flaming hair
and her eyes were as clear as her mind
but never wanting to be apart of me

a small girl
with inky hair
making my heart bleed with
all the reasons i loved her

a boy who i visit every week
who knew
gravestones didn't talk back

my grandmother
her words slapping me
so her hands didn't have to

my eyes sparkling
my heart fluttering
a smile on my lips
i regret losing myself

i regret you.
this is just a poem.
liv Feb 12
loneliness is also associated with familiarity
if you ask me
if you become familiar with what you have now
you're never really alone
but what happens when your own mind
isn't even familiar anymore
then nothing is familiar anymore
i feel like a different person
Hadeel Cato Feb 11
my mind is a board game
my feelings are like the dice ready to be tossed
and in the end, i feel though i have lost
Losing you a slow stream running drenching.
Draining down to a slow  finger tips run drip.
It drips..
Before I can ever have even a sip.
Emotions will rip..
We were almost there reaching by finger tips...
Ahh the passionate intimates.
In my silky girly short lingerie slips.
The way its huggin at my hips.
As I desire the taste of your lips.
A romance may be gently dipped.
A touch of yours I want it equipped.
Touch me and whisper ever so low.
Making my river  follow.....
Don't leave me with thirst..
I almost came undone the dream rehearsed.
I painfully reached without you there.
I must now proceed with care...Seek me where,
My lonely places you aren't there.
I know my not being there it isn't the way you prefer..
Try my wine..I can not ideally define...keep my scent within your mind.
I'm that precious Rose you'll find.
Sharday3 Rose
Coming, close to losing that sweet imagined thing.
I have lost my mind.
It left in the night.
Gone is my mind and gone is my light.
G Feb 6
i lay
in bed
in the dark;

the rain,
the creaky,
dull set tones

my heart
is whole

my breath
is calm

i let the thoughts
come and go

knowing, your time
passed and my time

is now
Soulace Jan 31
"I'm afraid to lose you"

                                     But isn't that what love is?

Isn't love standing on the edge of a canyon, overlooking the beauty that is below?

Running the length of a battlefield, amidst the bullets whirling, and the cannon fire, knowing you could at any moment lose everything?

Isn't love ultimately driving the edge of loss to the edge?
Playing with fire? Juggling knives? Self operated open heart surgery?

                            Isn't that what makes love so special?
I've gotten so sick of hearing these words by people I want to start something special with.
Elliot Jan 26
I'm letting go, I'm letting go
Because a whisper isn't loud enough for me
And I hope you know, hope you know
Your words they were too sweet for me
With your tongue like cotton candy, the tear drops down my cheek
And I wish you were here when I fell asleep but you would be the death of me
Cause our love is destroying every part of me I once knew
Because the second you walk in the room, every part of me becomes a part of you
And I can't stand to be made into someone I don't know
So let me go

Have mercy Aphrodite, have mercy on my hopeless romantic soul
Console me Aphrodite with your voice of liquid gold
And hold me, hold me, hold me back, cause the more I fight the more I won't turn back

Your lips are soft as cashmere and your eyes can bring me home but I know
you aren't there and I know you wish to make me to a husk that I don't own
So hold me tight Aphrodite
Please don't let go Aphrodite
Cause every part of me is a part of you
And after everything I went through for you
I wish needed you
And after all things you've said to me, lied to me and bared your teeth
I don't miss you, I'm sorry I don't miss you

So Aphrodite I pray for thee, may you be spared from my Catholic family
You can be a curse and a blessing, both you've shown me
Your love is a lesson that I can't bear to teach
Now leave me Aphrodite, some things can never be
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