Lilly 7h
Slit my wrists; hope to die
Take some pills; start to cry
Knot the rope; pull it tight
Put a bullet in my mind
I am okay now, this is an old poem I wrote and published on my wattpad
"I am not okay
but, I will smile
for today"
Cause we have to conceal the pain and show the world were badass okay. *sobs*
I'm okay
I'm not okay

I don't need you
I do need you

Don't leave me alone
I don't want you around

Help me
I'm good at my own.
Deviate Mar 28
I am tired of
Pretending I'm okay when
I really am not.
Yet I can't seem to drop this mask
I’m fine, except for when you look at me
I’m fine, except for when I hear your name
I’m fine, except for when I think of us
I’m fine, except for when I see my replacement
I’m fine, except for when I see how fast you moved on
I’m fine, except for the fact that I’m not
Jack Mar 15
“It’s all okay”,
That’s what they say,
Although they will never know
What it’s like in my head, they say it so,
I know they are trying,
But it will never stop my crying,
I’m not okay.
Jaz Mar 7
I'm really fucking confused and I wish I wasn't and I wish things were okay again but they aren't and now I'm sitting in the middle of a world issues class at 9:21pm and I haven't caught a single word from my teacher's mouth in the past 2 hours and I'm not sure why I'm trying so hard to fall apart and I can't seem to focus and what is he saying and why did I do this to myself
Jey Blu Mar 2
You're too young
You don't need the stress of knowing
How about the stress of not knowing
You expect me to be fine
Not knowing if my little sister is coming back
You expect me not to be pissed off
Not knowing if I'm staying
You expect me not to be scared
Not knowing what happened to my brother
You expect me to trust you
Not knowing who to believe
You put words in my mouth
Not knowing what to say
This situation
Is frustrating as fuck
And you expect me to be okay
Well news flash

im not okay.
you me and i Feb 4
depression is the hell inside of me
i just wish you could see
see my pain, see my hurt
but most of all i wish i could see my own worth
i hate this, i hate this feeling
this feeling of depression that is unpredictable
shit and invisible.
its ok not to be ok :/
arra Jan 7
One day morning,
The birds are chirping.
The flowers are blooming.
I say "Hi" to my friends
Laugh with them.
One day morning
I am okay.

That day afternoon
The sky turns to gray
Cold wind blows
Rain starts to fall
I don't want to see my friends
That day afternoon
I'm not okay.

That evening night
No moon shining
No stars twinkling
I am ignoring my friends calls
I just cry for no reason
I feel empty, I feel nothing
That evening night
I know I'm not gonna be okay


That evening night
I'm still wishing to be okay.
With or witout depression, we all wanted to be okay, to be in peace. One day, we all can be. :)
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