you me and i Feb 4
depression is the hell inside of me
i just wish you could see
see my pain, see my hurt
but most of all i wish i could see my own worth
i hate this, i hate this feeling
this feeling of depression that is unpredictable
shit and invisible.
its ok not to be ok :/
arra Jan 7
One day morning,
The birds are chirping.
The flowers are blooming.
I say "Hi" to my friends
Laugh with them.
One day morning
I am okay.

That day afternoon
The sky turns to gray
Cold wind blows
Rain starts to fall
I don't want to see my friends
That day afternoon
I'm not okay.

That evening night
No moon shining
No stars twinkling
I am ignoring my friends calls
I just cry for no reason
I feel empty, I feel nothing
That evening night
I know I'm not gonna be okay


That evening night
I'm still wishing to be okay.
With or witout depression, we all wanted to be okay, to be in peace. One day, we all can be. :)
Belle Nov 2017
why is everyone assuming im so good
"im so glad youre doing well"
"you seem so happy!"
"oh this is great that you are doing so much better."
but i am not
i am crying in grocery stores
and running because i ate a twinky
i am crumbling
i am not okay
this is not okay
Andronicus VI Oct 2017
Hey, It's okay you say
You know as well as I do
It's not okay
But I'll smile back at you bravely
We'll pretend it is
And you'll continue to say
Hey, It's okay
But it's not.
seychelles Sep 2017
When you say that you're fine
but a part of you know that is a lie,
things killed you and you got one life from nine,
instead of telling, you spoke things you don't buy.

Cos' things happen and we all know,
cos' things suck, something things blow,
cos' it hurts, you know but you don't show
cos' it's like you are in a dry desert and all you need is a drop of h2o

In a bit, you will cry while you pray,
but for now, you pretend that it's okay,
you act like you're fine, everything slays,
but inside you're screaming 'everything is a play'.
didn't update for long due to the university's life and I hope everything is okay.
Avery Apr 2017
What if I told you
I want to die?
That I'm tired of living,
of being alive?

What if I said
it gets worse at night?
The thoughts get louder
and everything seems wrong

What if I told you I lied
when I said I was fine?
When I said I'm fine, how are you,
I was actually crying on the inside.

What if I lied
and said everything is alright
No, I'm not crying,
I swear I'm fine.

What if I tried to take my life?
Would you send me to rehab?
Hoping the doctors would fix me,
and everything would be fine?

What if I told you hope is dumb?
That hope is a stupid thing to have
Because when I have hope,
everything falls apart.

What if I told you I lied, again, when I said I was better?
That I only said that so you wouldn't worry?
I did.

What if I said to you,
I've hated myself since the age of 9?
That I wish you could've helped,
before it was too late?

What if I succeeded in killing myself?
I doubt anyone would cry.
Would you even care,
If I took my own life?
My first poem.  Thanks for reading... xoxo - Avery
Nylee Sep 2016
Why should I curve my mouth
to show them a perfect smile
when I want to do is hide ?
Why should I redo this farce
Why should I not show that
I am not okay?
Little Bear Aug 2016
fathoms full
and filled deep
Until the sea washes
back out
leaving silt
under my finger nails
and while the tide  
has marked a line
above my head
I'm still not sure if
I can breathe
Nadia Gonzalez Aug 2016
I'm not okay
but I'm not broken either
I'm caught somewhere in between
Caught in the middle of the fall
just waiting for my ribs to shatter
all at once
and only
once at all.
b e mccomb Jul 2016
You're wearing that plaid scarf like a
Scottish virgin again
Which technically only means that
You have no fashion sense
But what you're really communicating
Is that you're sad.

Light a scented candle and stretch
Out your feet like nothing's wrong.

Hold the stoneware mug in your
Cold fingers and place your
Lip on the rim but
Don't drink.

Just let the heat slowly soak into your
Bones and try to forget the
Ukulele melody trapped helplessly in that
Sleepy head of yours.

And let the steam fog up your
Vision, just let it all go blurry
For a moment until your hands burn and
You have to rub them on your jeans.

And inhale deeply what you're
Although it smells
Foreign to you after years of
Drinking coffee you're finally
Finding some semblance of peace
With your hot liquids and your
Hot-headed heart.

And please remember it's okay to be
Weak sometimes
And it's okay to
Drink tea sometimes.
Copyright 1/20/16 by B. E. McComb
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