everything hurts
i’m not fine
i just want to scream until i can no longer breathe
and fall onto the floor crying
i need a hug
i need some support
i need someone to listen to me
but i need everyone to stay away from me
i have all these perplexing thoughts screaming at me
i feel like i’m going to break

but yeah i’m fine thanks for asking
I know this isn’t really a poem. It was just the heat of the moment, and looking at this now, I can’t really describe how I felt. Even in words, my one escape.
You ask me if I'm okay,
And maybe I was today.
But now you have me thinking,
And I realize my world has been shrinking,
Until it is unrecognizable to me.
Now you are waiting for an answer,
And I know what I should say.
I want to tell you the truth,
But I am afraid of scaring you away.
"Thank you for asking, I'm okay."
Tara Jun 19
Wolves gnawing at my stomach
With every move and twist of my body
Burning me inside

I want to eat
I need to eat
But I can’t
When I do
Just a bite

One swallow
I feel full
It’s an empty full
Then I puke
It all comes out

Gross acidic taste
The wolves keep eating me from the inside out
Lightheaded and dizzy
Am I okay?
I’m lost in the stomach
Anorexia. Oof. My demon. I haven’t been affected that much but a few months ago it was pretty bad. My mom and friends parents always said Sweetheart your so thin. That made me really sad because I was still called fat face because of my faces bone structure of being round... no matter how skinny I was my face stayed the same.
"Are you okay?"
He asked.
"I am okay."
I lied.

But I guess he's stupid enough,
He believed me.
And everyday he asked.
And everyday I lied.
Lilly May 25
Slit my wrists; hope to die
Take some pills; start to cry
Knot the rope; pull it tight
Put a bullet in my mind
I am okay now, this is an old poem I wrote and published on my wattpad
"I am not okay
but, I will smile
for today"
Cause we have to conceal the pain and show the world were badass okay. *sobs*
I'm okay
I'm not okay

I don't need you
I do need you

Don't leave me alone
I don't want you around

Help me
I'm good at my own.
Deviate Mar 28
I am tired of
Pretending I'm okay when
I really am not.
Yet I can't seem to drop this mask
I’m fine, except for when you look at me
I’m fine, except for when I hear your name
I’m fine, except for when I think of us
I’m fine, except for when I see my replacement
I’m fine, except for when I see how fast you moved on
I’m fine, except for the fact that I’m not
Jack Mar 15
“It’s all okay”,
That’s what they say,
Although they will never know
What it’s like in my head, they say it so,
I know they are trying,
But it will never stop my crying,
I’m not okay.
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