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Evie 2d
how did i get to this point
where i cant get out of bed
my eyes look so empty
deep lifeless pits
my body aches
with the pain of being alive

i don't understand
is it chemicals in my brain
scrambled into the wrong combinations
is it something i did
if it was
i cant remember

i'm not gonna last long
is like a
tic-tac toe game.
Every move you make
adds up
to what will happen
in the end.
underestimated Dec 2018
It's funny how things happen
Always at the perfect moment
Whether you think it's perfect or not
Soon you see why that happened
And why that happened when it happened
You might hate that it happened
But it happened for reason
Just like the weather
And all of the seasons
Crazy how it happened...
Abby M Dec 2018
I read a story once
About a bug that crawls into people's ears and lays eggs in their brains
Ever since then I have to cover my ears to fall asleep
It's funny that people think that way
That they matter
That a story WILL happen to them
Because at the end of the day
It might
- Nov 2018
Enter scene:

A girl sits on a bed in a room.
The room smells like cat **** and Fabuloso
(whatever the name of the yellow scent is).
The black-out curtains are open,
letting the moon shine onto the bottom of the bed.
The lavender fitted sheet has come undone.

The girl hasn't slept in a day.
She hasn't eaten in two days.
There is an empty handle of Jack
that she bought three days ago.
The scars on her leg were four days old,
But she reopened them three hours ago.

The girl had chestnut hair that flowed,
cascading to the small of her back,
but she cut it herself, drunk in the bathroom.
The girl has chestnut hair that spills
in a mass of tangles to her shaking shoulders,
uneven, moving with her as she readjusts.
Natasha Nov 2018
the comfort of linen,

smoke & ***** mirrors

cracked porcelain

yet my vision has never been clearer

a man needs a maid,

on this harvest moon

like a beautiful bluebird

she'll come flying home to you.

whether the sky dull,


or falling one cloud at a time

just simple chords,

I am yours

and you will always

be mine.
neil youngxtragically hipxmexu
Mary Frances Oct 2018
I get drunk just from
the thoughts of you.
Imagine what will happen
if you'll be close.

This is how you affect me.
i need to right
what i did
wrong to you.

but i'm afraid
of what might

i broke your
heart (and mine
too) on accident.
i didn't mean to.
i swear.

if i could go back
and change it-
i'd do it in a
i’m standing on the
edge of the world
so much talent and

but i’m waiting.
waiting for something
to happen that will
never happen.
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