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Mark Wanless Jul 2022
i sit in my apartment
alone and unconsciously
think of processies that happen
Zhavaed Haemaed Nov 2021
Life happened to me

As I listened to etudes
And read philosophy

As I smoked
A few cigarettes m
And ate a lot of rice

As my beard turned grey and
my hair had to be dyed black

As my love matured
and i matured with it

I let it happen to me
leeaaun Apr 2021
if history  r e p e a t
itself then why they say
it happens only
once upon a time?
Jennifer DeLong Oct 2020
Sometimes , I feel lost
Sometimes , I wonder where I'm going
What becomes of me
It's truly a anxious thought
We don't know
The future is unknown
I sure hope it's rather good
Well whats good ?
It's well plenty happy
Full of laughter at least some
And maybe someone to hold my hand
Yea that's good
Sooner then later
So , I don't get lost
At least before it's to late
© Jennifer L DeLong  🦏 10/2020
Jennifer DeLong Feb 2021
Its time to ******* rise
Rise above all the *******
Rise above this pain

Let yourself soar
Go after your desires
Make it happen now

We have had our wake up call
So make it happen
Fulfill your wants and needs
Say what you need to
Be unafraid

******* rise up
Be whole my spirit
Bless me with the good
Fullfill me
Release any fear

Rise up
Its now
Its time
Let us be whole
Time is now
Rise Rise Rise

© Jennifer L DeLong  🦏2/27/2021
Nylee Sep 2020
Things are happening in the shadows
I am aware, but unaware
What takes place in those dark places
Then I think, should I care
Should I not,
Is it okay, if it is not.

Time is of essence, I am losing it
What's to come, it is happening
I am affected, should I be affected
It is out of my hands
Should I try to grasp it
Maybe there is more to come.

It is dark, the day hasn't began
No truths have come to light
It is all well hidden
The plotting and plans unfold
The sequence it uncoded
I should have been prepared, no?

But no, there comes a fall,
A dive, trust shattered
Heart battered,
It is all too fast
Yes, I would move on
Leave behind the baggage I don't want.
George Krokos Jul 2020
Some things don’t necessarily happen just by chance
but come about with actions we do or not in advance.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Poetic T Apr 2020
Tethered upon my shoulders,
          loose threads keeping me

from being decapitated

             mundane consequences.


What would happen If
            I'd  held my breath letting all the
air out.

deflated meanings of life,

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