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Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, wonder for the above not the below:}

no cry

no baggage to fly

keep on stimulating the deny

or maybe the break that takes a taste a lie

over the clouds I'm high

don't know if I want to belong if I want to draw or die

Maxim Keyfman Aug 2018
hastily hastily
fast fast
my soul rushes
towards the unknown
towards speed

Maxim Keyfman Jul 2018
I'm very sad
I'm very sad
because everything

because everything
Because it's not clear
what will be ahead

I'm very sad
and the moon in the sky is beautiful
but even its harmony
does not help to soothe everything inside

and even her singing
and even her wonderful game
on the piano of heaven
can not give me rest

can not give me stars
and can not give freedom
such freedom
what was in childhood

her i
forever lost
lost as well as almost all
in this world

Marlene Bailey Jun 2018
Today the teacher asked me what art was and I mentioned Him.

For me He was, is and will be art.

His hair, his eyes, his lips and his cheeks. His arms, his legs, his neck.

All He is art.

The way his hair moves through the air or the way complete idiocy makes him smile.

His seriousness and his bearing, his body when he sweat, the way he sings softly.

His voice.
His voice is so perfect for me.
Every word that comes out of his mouth is like thousands of babies laughing endlessly.

Even in his saddest moments, He is art.

The way he prefers to cry in a place where nobody sees him.
The way in which his words become deeper and with a darker sense.
The way his dark circles are presented by not having slept well at night.

His arms.
The way his arms hug me constantly.
The way he likes to move them just to get my attention (and he really does).
The way they trap me around the waist and carry me like a baby.

His lips.
The way he brushes his lips and mine making me want to kiss him.
The way he squeezes them when he's upset.
The way he kisses me again and again. Even in that way I don't get tired of him kissing me.

And his eyes.
His eyes are my favorite part.
Why? Because it is bad and good at the same time.
He can lie to me looking at me with those brown eyes.
It can make me lose control just by looking at me, but in the same way that it makes me lose control, it controls me.

He can make me cry with just looking at me.
He can make my life go a thousand laps just by looking at me.
He can make my heart stop just by looking at me.
And just by looking at me, I fell in love with him.

Do you know what's wrong?
I never knew him and never will.

But that's what art is about, to love the unknown.

And for me, He was art.
For me, He was a stranger.
Coraline Hatter Feb 2018
I sure do love the sea
the deep unknown water
million shades of blue

I can't swim
I've never learned it
I'd drown

The not-known creatures
and unexplored depth
scare me

But if you'd ask me
I would say
I love the sea.
I love the feeling of water on my skin
And the salty air that you can taste when
You're near the ocean
But still,
I'm afraid.

— The End —