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The sun said, "Good morning!"
The moon said, "Goodbye..."
One day I'll be gone
I will leave everything
and everyone behind
I want to start a new life
far, far away from here
When I was a young girl
I lived in the dream
That said what I wanted
Was waiting for me

A dream filled with beauty
One that's in keeping
With the highest of standards
Set from glossy magazines

Instead I grew up
With inadequate feelings
A life time of dealing
With what I was not achieving

My mind now a cage
With no hope of freeing
Until I learn to say
I love me for me

All because when I was a young girl
They set up my dreams
Told me what I wanted
And took me from me
one day I found a ship
a wreck on the ground of the sea

within I found a chest
I decided to take it with me

it had a name written on it
letters I could barely see

as I found her
she looked at me

she was finally free
humming a melody

"my husband was a sailor,
he left me for the sea
and when he left he took my heart
but you returned it to me"
all those years he treasured her heart in that chest
and when he fell he took it with him
to the ground of the sea
he left me for the sea

and when he left, he took my heart
and never returned it to me

Skies are beautiful
They have clouds
But they still cry

Why wouldn't you?

You are beautiful
You have poems
You can cry too
Because crying is honesty to your emotions, and honesty is beautiful ;)
  Feb 5 Coraline Hatter
most people see me as
a happy person because
i laugh easily,
i smile a lot,
i joke a lot.

but deep down
in my heart,
i am fragile,
i can get hurt easily,
but i choose to not
show it to the world.

instead of being sad,
i choose to laugh to cover it.
maybe you can call me
"the queen of the mask"

by this,
you can tell
that most of the time
when I'm laughing,
I'm not really laughing,
i was trying so hard to hide
my sadness.
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