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  Oct 7 Coraline Hatter
crisp clean cold air
fills my delicate lungs
leaving traces of sweet
cinnamon and sour apples

soft breeze blows through
my already tangled hair
finding comfort in
my brown locks

crimson stained skies
kiss goodbye to day
outlining city silhouettes
as it goes

brown leaves laced in gold
crunch beneath my feet
searching for a way back
to their naked home
  Oct 7 Coraline Hatter
the only word
more powerful than
stop using words
when you don’t know
what they mean
Forget the crimson lips and heart,
forget they made you pale
Just write about your aching being,
Forget the fairytale.

Paint not a picture of your dreams,
Envisaging sweet laughters
Face life and look beyond,
Beyond the happily ever afters.
it's always "almost"
2 weeks and I realized I don't need anyone but myself.
you've been stuck in that cage for so long
you forgot what it's like to be out there
fresh air hurts your lungs
but you don't want to get back inside
it was cruel and lonely
you almost forgot to speak
you almost forgot to feel
there was no one to torture you but yourself
means no one to save you, too

you were so scared to let anybody in
cause you have swallowed the key
now someone knocks on the door
asking for a favor from you for you
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