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  Aug 23 Coraline Hatter
She looks like heaven
And tastes like hell
Go away
Let me heal

For me
You are
and I just now realized
Rustling of leaves
Cold evening breeze
Moon out in the sky
Forgotten summer memories
poetry comes easy
when i'm at my most queasy
when my heart is still trying to heal

emotions are not friends
they'll turn on you in the end
overwhelm you until you don't know what to feel
i don't know what to write. i don't know if i have anything to write.
You were moon-drunk, speaking words
only uttered under the stars
because even you yourself feared
what left your swollen tongue.
You feared yourself more than I did
and that scared you.
But it scared me more knowing
that it would happen again, knowing
that your shadow would grow darker
every night until your star-sipped liquor
turned your fear into another monster
in the night; one that this time,
I couldn't run away from.
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