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Elaine xx Jan 16
- were the pen I wouldn't use in writing
the paper I wouldn't crumple or throw for shredding
the music I wouldn't let them hearing                                                                                                                                                                            
and the book which pages I'd continue turning.  

- were worth keeping and remembering
- was the game you keep on losing
the battle you wouldn't be fighting

I -
  was the letter you keep on forgetting.
Mary Shanti Nov 2018
In one moment my eyes turned wide
Two times already that you webbed me with your lies
I told you three strikes, yet you cast me with a spell
Into some sort of fourth realm
Where five angels once delivered messages of freedom and ****
Only to be sworn out six times by the devil himself
Seven times you begged for my forgiveness
In eight different rooms I fled to find myself
Like a cat on its ninth life clinging to temporary walls
The tenth hour hits and I am relieved to be somewhere else
Sillva Oct 2018
I have committed a crime,
The cine that I have made
when my eyes saw you for the first time.
The first time was like a star has strucked me.
Zeus's bot has no impact like you have had in me.
It's like sleeping became a recipe for all my fantasies  with you.
A dream with you I had many times,
Then I wake up bathed in sweat
And seeing you werent next to me.

A dream i had with you,
Ment dreaming with my eyes open,
Am I dead or alive?

Made you a main character that I can not chase in real life.

                                                    BY ERS
Freddie Ruiz Sep 2018
Let’s not keep talking and ruin this moment.
Why keep repeating what our hearts already said?
We already know how good we feel about each other,
so just c’mere and gimme a kiss; enough said!
Written on April 10, 2005
Composition number: 204
Freddie Ruiz Aug 2018
I miss our talks, the way we used to joke around.
I miss the good times we had when we hung out.
I truly believed our friendship was based on trust,
but then one day that solid rock turned to dust.
Maybe I challenged you a little bit too much,
I know sometimes with my words I can crush.

You say you felt restricted, how come you never said a word?
You could’ve trusted me, instead you disappeared from my world.
I’m not gonna candy coat it, I know at times we felt we deserved a better world.
It wasn’t always easy, but it wasn’t always the worst.
It makes me sad that you never gave me the chance to make it work
and it makes me sad that I had no choice but to let you go.

I stare at your picture on my wall,
still hoping to get your call
and although you have taken a different role    
I pray to God that I forget about this all.

Even though you made your choice, it’s still hard to accept.
I can’t pretend I don’t miss you, even when everything’s changed.
I can’t sit here and deny it with a smile on my face,
‘cause the truth is I lost my very best friend.
Written on September 20, 2002
Composition number: 138
K Aug 2018
I finally figured out what I am most scared of,
it's not that everyone finds out,
it's not that he likes someone else,
it's not even that he doesn't like me back,
what truly scares me is that it ends before it even starts.
Freddie Ruiz Jul 2018
The feelings a have for you are hard to describe,
they are too intense to contain them inside.
Evidently, you’re what I was looking for,
‘cause honestly each day I need you more.

Don’t think too little of the love in me.
It’s obvious you’re the muse behind this rhapsody.
These feelings run for you so deep within my veins,
I highly doubt anybody else could take your place.

You don’t have to waste your time worrying,
what I got for you, is yours only.
Look around and realize
that nobody else but you possesses this heart of mine.
There’s no need for you to look for reassurance,
‘cause there’s no need for me to look for love in another.
All this love I got for you I just can’t measure,
but it’s more than you can handle I can assure.

Have you ever felt so enraptured you can’t even believe it?
That’s how you have enraptured me.
I ain’t letting go of you, no way
and nobody is taking me away.
This I got right here is only yours and mine
and hopefully will be ours for a lifetime.
Written on April 20, 2005
Composition number: 205
Proxii Jul 2018
Copper coiled heart, with Hands coated in Rust.
Can we Outlast with the Stinging needles of truth.
Words Scattered across our skin like the rain in Monsoon.
Can You survive my Chaos, or will You willfully slip of that Cliff, into the shadows, Just like so many before you?
Are You of the same mind as me?
Can We hold hope Or is this a fruitless hunt?
Do we sin?
Or is apple tree is barren my dear?
hollow May 2018
It wasn't until my physical pain
met my mental pain
that I knew I had to surrender.
I wanted to remember,
so they finally crossed paths
shaking hands with
as my body was a bloodbath
turning to scarlet color.
Glossing, my eyes
poured out the lies
as I started to cry,
I couldn't resist the fight
of my fist
to speak of this.
I know I know,
I know.
Once again I had let go of
& you.
And my mental pain said goodbye
to my physical pain
and so did you & I.
astro eyes May 2018
like a meteor,
i crashed.
core shaken.
a sparkle in your eyes,
you came for me.
the gravitational force,
of soul mates,
pulled together like magnets.
one with blurry vision,
the other with a risk to take.
eventually my eyes cleared,
i felt the pull of your atmosphere,
allowed it to consume me wholly.
we had become captivated.
exploding stars,
death birthed new life.


this planet repopulated.
the Earth flourishes,
gardens in bloom,
forests with green growth,
deserts showered with long awaited rain.


our universe,
with a big bang,
comes to life.

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