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Miesha Jul 28
You got me crawling like


All tingly with nothing

To hold on to.

You got me high like


Defying gravity

With no place to go

You got me feeling like

Oliver Queen

Green with envy

Because everyone gets to touch you

You got me spending like

Bruce Wayne

Rich, with nothing

To show for it

You got me bench pressing like

Wonder Woman

Imbued with strength

With no on to protect

You got me acting out like

Harley Quinn

Bat **** crazy for you

With no way of escaping the asylum

You got me lightin’ up like


Striking your enemies down

With no remorse

You got me Nose-Riding the A-frame like

The Silver Surfer

Traveling through the cosmos

Eradicating planets
New feelings.
Yoghead Jul 28
A sapphire under a waterfall
Counting scars when you take the call
Resign your emotions, then off you fly

No, they can’t see what you feel
Don’t understand how you can keep it real
Until that moment
When you crash and burn

What’s that bullet in the sky?
You’ve got the wrong crowd giving you the evil eye
But they don’t see you
They just see those butterflies

So you’ve learned to let them go
Educating your mind with what you don’t know
Until that moment when you break and fall

Your sick and then you cry, you try
But you’re, still hang up on the last tragic lullaby…
So you sigh
Cause your a drunken crow collector, always asking why?

Even when the poet starts to sing
Your soul screams can’t they think of anything
That’s right, that’s right
Oh that’s right….for me to heal?

Cause you can figure it out
What this case is all about
Yeah you’ve found that angel but you can’t find her butterflies

And at that moment when you reach the sky
Looking down across the scene of all their lies
well that nightmare you cant rectify…
So you just let it go
let it go

You can’t let it go
Specs Jul 17
There’s a superhero protecting the city,
And when the sun goes down he fights
To keep his friends and family safe
On treacherous, deadly nights.
He uses his marvelous super strength
For lots of things, it‘s quite practical.
And he uses invisibility
To be supremely sneaky and tactical.

Each and every night he goes to stop
Bad people from doing bad things
The city loves their superhero,
And treat him as their king.
They know him well and they can tell
That he’ll always treat them with care
They know they can call at any time,
And that the hero will always be there.

But many long and sleepless nights
Begin to take their toll.
The hero’s getting tired
Night after night on patrol.
And the battles fought aren’t easily won,
The hero’s decorated with scars
From poison darts, and fisticuffs,
Falling from buildings onto cars.

But no one else can protect the people
Whom the hero love so dear,
So the hero cannot take a break,
Not one day off because he fears
That as soon as he’s gone the baddies will come
And wreak havoc on his friends
And the hero cannot allow that to happen;
He could never make amends.

Though he’s growing quite weary, the hero keeps fighting
Because that’s the way heroes are wired.
But his strength doesn’t work like it used to,
And his invisibility tends to backfire.
His strength only works around other people,
He grows weak as soon as they’re gone.
He’s invisible almost all of the time,
So people can’t see something’s wrong.

It’s now to the point where the hero dreads
The sun sinking into the west
Because he knows that once the sun goes down,
He’ll be put to the test.
He’s so tired and weak and he’s ready to quit
But he knows he must go out again.
Isn’t protecting the city week after week
Worth any amount of pain?

He’s reluctant to go out, and almost dares to do evil,
To show that he’s in control.
But he knows he never will, his reputation’s at stake,
And he prepares to go out on patrol.
The city is asking to be saved once again.
And he cries as the sky turns red,
Maybe the city won’t expect to be saved
If the hero himself is dead.

For the hero feels so very alone.
He knows he can’t go on forever.
How many more super villains and monsters,
He asks, can this poor hero weather?
The hero knows that he can’t go much longer,
That he only has a little while
Before the people figure out he’s hurt
But for now he saves with a smile.

Though his bones are weak, and his skin is bruised,
Off to save the city once more, he goes.
He’s pushing himself far past his limit
As he brawls ‘gainst countless foes.
He wants to keep his people safe,
Though he may be going to his grave.
For no one ever taught this hero
To save others, first himself he has to save.
I’m so very tired

If you're a mom,
you're a


Xaela San Apr 17
He's not just a man
He can fly, he can fall
He can run, he can protect
He's a superhero

He fly, he's on the top of the world
Touching the white clouds
With his hand unto his soul
Feeling the cold spring breeze

He fall, he's covered with mud
Like any man, he can stumble and fall
But he didn't mind the cold mud
And continued to walk with life

He run, he's faster than speed of light
Though it's hard to believe
It's true he can run on water
Everything happened like bullet shot ahead

He protect, he's an invincible man
Like any other super heroes
He's strong and will protect any one
To make this world a better one

Because if you're in danger  
Like dust flying swiftly in the wind
He'll come to your rescue
And bring justice with his pride

He tries harder and harder like crazy
Fighting with effort to save the nation
With his blood, sweat and tears
He deserves a praise like of a Superhero

Though he's unaware of the realities he does
He's living in his own sweet nightmare
As he continues to bring out the best of him
And continue to save the people around him

Yet, beyond his own utopian world
Comes out the truth of his existence, he's no superhero
But he's a man, someone who can't fly
But a man that can stumble and fall

The people around him can't deny anymore
As they look into his eyes, there they knew
Everything's wonderful, but never true
And that he's held captive to his own illusions

They saw beyond his superhero behaviors
He became someone nobody knows
He only knows himself through his perception
Because he's held captive to his own illusions

Like a maze where no one can get out
He'll remain there without help to escape
If not helped, someday it will bring his end, because He doesn't need someone to save but himself.
Mark Boschi Apr 7
i wish i could go back -
hold the little boy with unkempt, inky hair
and clumsy, painted fingertips
by the hand and tell him:
“you are a hero.
you will soar into the sky
with your crimson cape
and pointe shoes;
the crowd will tell you
to fight tougher, punch harder
but i believe in you
and that's enough.”
day 6, Nostalgia
Mr Quiet Mar 9
Do men really just ignore the fact that women bleed every month and have *** and still manages to have the energy to handle men's *******? Like bruh, women really are superheroes.
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