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Anastasia Sep 8
Little hands
Soft and velveteen
Shiny eyelids
Tired and drooping
Long lashes
Looking down at the ground
A small mask
To fit his round face
With a childish print
Of his favorite hero
Shy and quiet
With delicate limbs
Putting on his large backpack
Almost home
To the screams of the others
As lightning strikes
Beyond the fields of corn
Body jostled
As the bus bumps along
Dull jade eyes
Peering through the window
Staring at the rain
Behind the glass
I wrote this about a young boy on my bus who sits across from me.
Nidhi Apr 6
When I was a little girl I wanted to be a superhero
she saves the world
leaves no soul behind
defends the saints from the devils
soars through the maze of fear
I can't wait to be a superhero
Thank you to the doctors and nurses helping us through tough times
Amanda Apr 3
Perhaps he wasn't an angel from the sky

Or a superhero with the ability to fly

...But instead just a boy who liked to get real high
But you are all three to me
Henry Mar 29
What's your favorite commercial?
Mines the one where the make it look like a superhero movie
Completely unrelated
What's your favorite piece of propaganda?
FloydBrandon Jan 30
There’s never a point to my stories. I just make them up. because. I love spending time with you. how does a loser like me end up with a winner like you. I think you’re neat. I mean beautiful. Love me.

We can be superheroes. or villains in caves. I can save you from railroads. you can catch me from planes. and If we both fly together we can go better places and times. and I’ll dive before I learn to walk without you by my side.

Over hills we go. Vast in all the ways. Making precious memories and baking them in cakes. I think you're really perfect. I hope you feel the same. Let’s always be the sugar that each other of us craves.
Yoghead Jul 2019
A sapphire under a waterfall
Counting scars when you take the call
Resign your emotions, then off you fly

No, they can’t see what you feel
Don’t understand how you can keep it real
Until that moment
When you crash and burn

What’s that bullet in the sky?
You’ve got the wrong crowd giving you the evil eye
But they don’t see you
They just see those butterflies

So you’ve learned to let them go
Educating your mind with what you don’t know
Until that moment when you break and fall

Your sick and then you cry, you try
But you’re, still hang up on the last tragic lullaby…
So you sigh
Cause your a drunken crow collector, always asking why?

Even when the poet starts to sing
Your soul screams can’t they think of anything
That’s right, that’s right
Oh that’s right….for me to heal?

Cause you can figure it out
What this case is all about
Yeah you’ve found that angel but you can’t find her butterflies

And at that moment when you reach the sky
Looking down across the scene of all their lies
well that nightmare you cant rectify…
So you just let it go
let it go

You can’t let it go
Specs Jul 2019
There’s a superhero protecting the city,
And when the sun goes down he fights
To keep his friends and family safe
On treacherous, deadly nights.
He uses his marvelous super strength
For lots of things, it‘s quite practical.
And he uses invisibility
To be supremely sneaky and tactical.

Each and every night he goes to stop
Bad people from doing bad things
The city loves their superhero,
And treat him as their king.
They know him well and they can tell
That he’ll always treat them with care
They know they can call at any time,
And that the hero will always be there.

But many long and sleepless nights
Begin to take their toll.
The hero’s getting tired
Night after night on patrol.
And the battles fought aren’t easily won,
The hero’s decorated with scars
From poison darts, and fisticuffs,
Falling from buildings onto cars.

But no one else can protect the people
Whom the hero love so dear,
So the hero cannot take a break,
Not one day off because he fears
That as soon as he’s gone the baddies will come
And wreak havoc on his friends
And the hero cannot allow that to happen;
He could never make amends.

Though he’s growing quite weary, the hero keeps fighting
Because that’s the way heroes are wired.
But his strength doesn’t work like it used to,
And his invisibility tends to backfire.
His strength only works around other people,
He grows weak as soon as they’re gone.
He’s invisible almost all of the time,
So people can’t see something’s wrong.

It’s now to the point where the hero dreads
The sun sinking into the west
Because he knows that once the sun goes down,
He’ll be put to the test.
He’s so tired and weak and he’s ready to quit
But he knows he must go out again.
Isn’t protecting the city week after week
Worth any amount of pain?

He’s reluctant to go out, and almost dares to do evil,
To show that he’s in control.
But he knows he never will, his reputation’s at stake,
And he prepares to go out on patrol.
The city is asking to be saved once again.
And he cries as the sky turns red,
Maybe the city won’t expect to be saved
If the hero himself is dead.

For the hero feels so very alone.
He knows he can’t go on forever.
How many more super villains and monsters,
He asks, can this poor hero weather?
The hero knows that he can’t go much longer,
That he only has a little while
Before the people figure out he’s hurt
But for now he saves with a smile.

Though his bones are weak, and his skin is bruised,
Off to save the city once more, he goes.
He’s pushing himself far past his limit
As he brawls ‘gainst countless foes.
He wants to keep his people safe,
Though he may be going to his grave.
For no one ever taught this hero
To save others, first himself he has to save.
I’m so very tired
Masha Yurkevich May 2019

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