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Maja Feb 2020
Her heart had been broken.

So she got rid of the broken.
Because to heal and break again, the pieces did not dare.
So she got rid of the broken,
because you can’t break something that’s not there
Did you know rejection causes the same reactions to your body as to when you have been physically hurt?
thesa May 2019
my therapist tells me
i should get rid of everything that's toxic in my life
however, i can't give up on you
since out of all the pain i feel
the one you cause
is the sweetest
Sylph Feb 2019
Please no more what ifs
They are leaking into my mind
As a Massacre of my faith

Creating Nothing but doubts
A knife stabbing into whats left of Me
Murdering My Soul
My spirit
My hopes
My dreams
My Desires

They are going to be nothing to me soon
Unless i can rid of these
Ghastly What ifs
To be honest..All these "What ifs" And doubts might be the death of me
Its killing everything i have and that i hold dear
My Relationship
My Friends
My Family
i want to live
Not to keep dreading over these What ifs
What if this
What if that
WHAT IF all the what ifs went away
would we be left with a unorganized society and mind? Or maybe a more hopeful and living one
Coraline Hatter May 2018
I did not lose you
I just got rid of unnecessary ballast
I don't need you to feel good
I don't need you to feel loved

I just realized that you made me feel useless and ugly
I definitely haven't lost anything.
Nayana Nair Mar 2018
There were pieces of you
that were not mine.
I tried to make you my picture,
tried to get rid of the part
where I could see reflection
of loves that could have almost stayed for life.
I wanted you for me
and that’s where I went wrong.
Jean Sharlot Jan 2018
By: Jean Gutierrez

******* sorrounds us,
When you get to attach to them
They came up with freaking stories
Those rumors that can ruin your name.

And when you let it go deeper,
You’ll be played without knowing it
Those moments when you laugh
Will change into anger.

You’ll be hesitant to say a word,
Some of the letters were gone, missing
And when you hear the name or voice of it
Little by little your blood goes up.

Why are you here?
My hands crumpled and ready to punch
But I controlled it
Because it’s only a waste of time.
Larry Dixon Nov 2017
I’ve realized I’ve set something in motion.
But I don’t want it to stop regardless of the commotion.

I face the fact that I need to quite smoking.
Because I’m sick and tired of choking.

I really need a light to help me through this.
Because alone I cannot navigate this mist.

A tender soul to make me right.
Even if I tend to fight.

This nasty odor I create.
And all I see is that other hate.

So someone please answer my biggest wish.
Help me with this habit I must abolish.
Cloudy Heart Aug 2017
Old words are meant to be thrown away
they're like snake venom throughout your body
all the old, faded words you wished

were never written

I'm glad someone stole my old journal full of poems
because I am a new person now

a new pen writing on a brand new page
the page clings to me, and I to it,
and together we make beautiful new work

talking about the one who makes your heart sing
and the past that has hurt you, but you finally overcame it

that's the thing about old words

they're meant to be thrown away

Just some thoughts
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2017
Tend to your garden, and pull
out the weeds. Bid goodbye
to the toxic, so you can
finally breathe.
I've gotten rid of ALOT of toxic people. And these were the people that I've know since high school. It did hurt, but trust me. You'll never be more free when you're away from the endless drama.
Dr Zik Jul 2017
Where no one can disdain
Where no one feel be scorned
Where no one try to brag
Where no one feel helpless
Where no one try to fight
Where no one try to get rid of
Where no need of a barren land
Where no need of desert insight
Where no need of any shyness
Where we would ready to hear the truth
And take it as a tweet of bird
Where flowers’ beauty and fragrance
Can lessen pangs and sorrows of
This cruel cunning ugly world
And we would start to dance in breeze
With the jocund company of You
When a tiny, an innocent
Shining and transparent dew drop
That cannot miss a chance in hurry
To make a snap impatiently
Be a witness!
Bless us O’ Lord!
Bless us a chance
O’ my Lord!
Dr ZIK's Poetry
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