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Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2021
Not only do I look at the cup as half empty
It contains poison
Lost my positive outlook a long time ago
Humor hides my broken feelings
Having breakdown inside though

Full of darkness dampening my mood
No light to cancel it out
On the verge of hyperventilation
Tears fall of sorrow and doubt

I am hollow
Fighting restless itch
Tried pulverizing negativity
No matter which weapons I arm myself with
Is too abundant to expel from my body

My voice quiet and unsure
Words are stronger than stone
I am told I should look on the bright side of things
Stormy weather is all I've ever known

Heard silence when needing comfort
Snowed when I longed for the warmth of the sun
Witnessed those I care about
Walk out door one by one

Wasted hours weeping in vain
Knowing tears would not change the past
I was foolish enough to get my hopes up
Despite the fact good things rarely last

I lost optimism the older I grew
Cannot find silver linings anymore
The partially filled glass knocked off the table
It's completely empty on the floor
I am such a pessimist
there is a point of no return;
unthinkingly dismissed
a line crossed;
instant regret
up until that moment;

i have just crossed
that threshold

the hangnail was bitten
and pulled
until flesh was torn
and blood ran
now there is nothing
but discomfort

knowing full well
what i was doing;
there is no excuse for such idiocy
Angela Rose Jul 2021
You were a pessimist who sought out the negative parts of everything
I was a realist with a dash of a grand optimist
I wanted to make you see not everything in the world was out to ruin you
You were sad so you did things sad people do, like look for errors everywhere
I was full of light so I tried to shine some of that onto you in any way
I wanted to brighten every part of your life in ways you were not accustomed to
You were depressed so you tried to push me away as a defense mechanism
I was resilient so I tried to push myself further into your life of darkness
I wanted to inch my way in until you had no choice but to see my smile and feel grounded
You grew to let people in and let people love you and your baggage
I was growing too so I tried to make sure we could grow together and not apart
I wanted to give you everything that the other me couldn't give to you

And I will.
Deep May 2021
Mitch Prax Nov 2020
Dear diary;
I thought I had
no more hope left to lose
...until I found
a little more hope
left to lose.
Alaina Moore Oct 2020
The inconvenienced patron always arrived late. 
They always had a glass to fill, and not a minute to wait. 
Their emotions were like landmines, and their problems all your own. 
The inconvenienced patron was always picking a bone. 
They tell you how they were mistreated, how others are so unkind. 
Then rant and rave about how how if they’d had just been patient with them everything would be fine. 
The inconvenienced patron never seemed to give a second glance 
To the glazed over patrons not holding their breath 
For an ounce of positivity nor some selfless grace. No. 
The inconvenienced patron made them blue in the face.
Terra Levez Sep 2020
When I got lemons from Life
They told me
to make lemonade
I tried and tried
But the yellow drink kept coming red
with my hands burning
from the cuts that Life left me with
Now burning with acid
fabian francis Aug 2020
it hurts to remember
it hurts to turn a leaf
it hurts to know
it hurts to accept
it hurts to be this way
MA Mar 2020
Tossing, and turning, and looking around
Life's just a cycle, you're up then you're down
Just like the seasons constantly change
But every year, it repeats, just the same

Sometimes it's harder to see brighter days
When lies and deceptions keep crawling your way
Would it be better to fight all the waves,
Or float like a leaf when it's fanned by the breeze?

Hayayay... I don't know
Hayayay... All I know
Things will be better in the end

Tossing, and turning, and looking around
Here in the crossroads confusions abound
Too many paths, don't know which one to take
Running, moving ends up— the same place

Maybe it's better to sit and be still
Perhaps all the worries just might disappear
Just like how flowers need sunlight and rain
We grow through the seasons, so endure the pain

Hayayay... I don't know
Hayayay... All I know
Things will be better in the end
This will turn into a song.
I am a noob writer so kindly send me your thoughts and ideas on how to make this poem better. 😊
Mitch Prax Dec 2019
I wish to be a
man of hope again but this
life is just too cruel

11:16 AM
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