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Quinn Adaire Mar 5
Almost too much, a cursed grail
A heavy stone rolling down a hill
Almost too much when I fell down
Almost too much when I hit the ground
Almost too much when the she-bird sang
A sorrowful song sodden with pain
Almost too much, too much when I failed
A heavy stone rolling down a hill
Janna B Dec 2020
You throw blame
casually, consistently,
targeting me.
Small bullets
constantly peppering
under a guise of civility.

Pressure builds
small barbs hit flesh
am I blameworthy?
But waitβ€”let me stop and see
your narcissism truthfully.

Stand on your feet,
find inner peace,
not blaming and self-pity.
Recognise my battle lost;
take your responsibility.

Find your equanimityΒ Β β€”
liberate me.
Adhara Sygnus May 2020
The state badminton finals,
yonex A line, they see what I wear, the official skirt,
stops above mid thighs, not my title,
judging the length of my skirt, not my talent; it hurts

They don't watch my game,
don't appreciate the win,
all I get is the blame,
for showing too much skin- sin

Sixteenth birthday,
white cropped jeans, black crop top,
his fingers trail my exposed back, all the way,
I'm shocked, can't move, his fingers don't drop

I push his hands away,
he whispers, you asked for it; too much skin- sin
from decent thoughts his mind astray,
tells me it's all my fault, with a slimy grin.

My brothers marriage,
midnight blue lehanga, golden touches,
he stares at me, his look savage,
his leering eyes on my skin peeping through the patches

I move away, steer through the crowd,
wishing I lost him, scanning faces, I turn around,
not so lucky, he's right behind, a sinister grin,
he bends towards my ear, whispers, too much skin-sin
What I'm trying to say that, now matter how high her skirt is, or how low her neckline is, she IS NOT ASKING FOR ANYTHING. Stop blaming clothing choices. TOO MUCH SKIN IS NOT SIN.
Reappak May 2020
Eluding the tunnel,
I adored the sunshine, above the yellow sunflowers

                           Which later blinded me!
A little too much is harmful guyzzzz!
Rylie Lucas May 2020
My emotions are like water
Pouring out of a faucet
They sometimes are
Too hot
Too cold
Too much
Too little
And sometimes, they stop altogether
I'm surprisingly still alive! This is a quick one I thought up. I've been songwriting a lot recently.
Danica May 2020
You will always be too much
Because you think too much
So you do too much

But that is just who you are
You are too much
Aren't we all?

Perhaps at some point.
MSunspoken Apr 2020
I lay here alone
as my work stockpiles up-
imagine it done
Yes, another Haiku. sorry? no.
This was just a quick one I wanted to write about my friend, but it's too true.
Felicity Paris Apr 2020
the tap tap tap of your leg on the chair
the bombardment of sound on my ears
you touching my arm
your head touching my arm
one minute after one minute
second after second
you touch me

but I stay silent

until you wrap your arm around my back
wrap your arm around me
and I break
the tap tap tap of your leg on my chair
on my ears, on my arm, on my back
tap tap tap
you touch me
and I scream
twenty-six Mar 2020
keep me out of the cycle
where i try to mumble
every pain and trouble
and still try to be subtle

for my heart can only take so much
before it finally says "stop, that's too much"
Aquila Feb 2020
I cannot quite articulate
the inescapable frustration
that you are to me.
i adore you.
𝘐 π˜ˆπ˜‹π˜–π˜™π˜Œ π˜ π˜–π˜œ!
i adore you-
BUT 𝙄 π˜Όπ™ˆ π™π™Šπ™Š π™ˆπ™π˜Ύπ™ƒ π™π™Šπ™ π™”π™Šπ™!
i will cry
my stupid
eyes out.
this is just so much frustration put into words. I AM TOO MUCH ALL THE TIME! I AM TOO MUCH !
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