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Glenn Currier Jun 2023
Two birds
waiting for seeds
squirrels hog the feeder
boy girl cardinals a patient
red pair
My first attempt at a Cinquain. I probably did not follow all the rules. I do not have the patience of Ron Sparks    in his clever poem, So Many Years
Rachiel Mar 2021
The face you remember, not that.
The voice you heard, not that.
The laugh you longed, not that.
The scent you recall, not that.
The memory you miss, not that.
This is new, fresh and different.
Let it sink.
Let it sit.
Let it grow.
Let that go.
Derrick Cox Dec 2020
You asked me what I wanted from you?

I want you
to make me forget.
Make me forget
Who I am
What planet I’m on
What year it is

Erase my mind
Of every memory
Of every person
Good and bad from existence
And if I should remember
Make me forget it all again

Except for two things

Your name
And your love
Hiwaga Nov 2020
In this world filled with worry
I hope you find peace in your heart
In this world where heartbreak is just another story
I hope you find courage to have a new start
Leah Aug 2020
Everybody has hopes & dreams
Dreams that still do exist
Dreams that are going to be accomplished
Everybody has hopes & dreams
Those dreams feel far but they are closer than you expected..
You know that feeling deep down inside that you can’t explain but it brings a form of good energy...
It’s your hopes & dreams starting to form.
Get ready for the new growth
The new opportunities
The several eye openers
Everything is starting to feel fresh.
Free_ minded_lee🤍
Jonna Adam Aug 2019
Writing a new book...
With new characters...
And new story line...
I have been fooling myself...
Holding on to an older book...
With past characters...
Which have already wrote new chapters...
Without me...
May be it’s time for me be part of a new book...
And not the rusty old book...
Even though the rusty old book was once my life...
Let you be reference for my new one...
Not my griefs or broken promises...

— Joanna Adam
Anavah Jul 2019
A short walk

Awkward stops

I look through

No window shopping

Just plain criticism.

Fire spitting hate

A long path

Ends abruptly

Because it's unwanted

Past can be

Both excavated

Or buried

Like seeds

Giving rise to

New leaves.
(C) Anavah 2019
Kimberley Mar 2019
i can finally breathe again,
no longer does my love for you
restrict the breath fighting to escape my lungs
like a killer's hands
to his victim's neck
Coraline Hatter Mar 2019
One day I'll be gone
I will leave everything
and everyone behind
I want to start a new life
far, far away from here
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