Every day
Waking up in the same place
Same path
Same endless repetitions
A life I never wanted
Or dreamed of

But if I can hold on
Scrounge for meaning
Give myself a reason to drag my body to the end

I'll wake in the winter
Find the world's hard edges
Softened by a fresh blanket of snow

And live again

To let go ;
the beginning of a new adventure,
a fresh start, a journey unknown
interesting stories & an outlook which is of new,
Happiness  being created with each step,
faces new and old filling up my day,
Experiences, which before I never have had
creating the new and rebuilding old connections
Freedom; unusual but greatly satisfying

Keda Kanye Feb 20

I’m made of clay
or maybe wet
when you placed your hand on my heart
your imprint never went away
Swear to god I wish we’d never met

I’m afraid of someone new

He looked into my eyes today
and said “wandering is fun
so long as I keep meeting people like you”

Wish I could have stayed to play

But I’m trapped in my own mind
Where I’m convinced I should be alone
I need to live for myself
So I’m letting myself unwind
Refusing to pick up the phone

I’m not going on dates
and I’m getting lots of sleep
trying to start with a clean slate
look above
my own desire for attention

That’s right—-self-love

being single is overrated.

his eyes were a light blue
the kind you find in the sky
He’s gone now
I won’t find him
But I’ll remember that he said

“Wandering is fun
so long as I keep meeting people like you”

It’s possible he’s right

I might just hope
that I keep meeting people like you
and I like your hand print there on my heart
and I think there’s room for a few more

I’m made of clay
after all
or maybe
come place your hand on my heart
before I dry up
the earth

and every time I look into your eyes
I’ll tell you straight and true
“Wandering is fun
so long as I keep meeting people like you”

Pack my bags and leave this town
Never looking back
Leave my worries far behind
Oh what a dream that sounds

Ruthie Nov 2016

It's been awhile since I've visited here... a lot has happened.

Joshua Penrod Nov 2016

Dust by dust and word by word
You formed me from the walk-able earth..
Reforming the wind while turning it into breath
The very first milestone beaten with the very first step..
The garden giving the eyes something to see
Some type of solace born into simple majesty..
Making the ground good for walking
The same way syllables are proving grounds for talking..
Everything new without the need to begin again
And it’s all-overwhelming given the wealth to take in..
A brand new world

"Brand New World" -JP

Rhianecdote Oct 2016

Going back to what you know.
All the signs tellin you to stop,
Reroute, it's not the way to go

It's just not the same,
Couldn't be maintained
Left to decay
in the time lapsed
collapsed and what remains
is a husk that just adds to the
echo of the pain
you ran here to escape
Walls of dust clinging onto the pasts shape
Fallin away
Fillin your lungs
along with all those things you failed
to get off your chest along the way

And you wonder why you can't breath?
Why your heart got so heavy it fell off your sleeve?
Why your mind stole your dreams and now you can't sleep?
Why your faith was overrun by your worries and now You can't believe?!

Even here Collapsing on your knees
choking back the tears
As you try to put it back together
piece by piece

But it's gone.

There's nothing here for you anymore
You must leave
the road lead nowhere
And nowhere is where this road leads
A circle always comes up empty
No matter how far you reach

Be an exile.
Find your feet
In less polluted airs
Fill up those lungs
Where you have space to breathe
Pick up that heart
with the strength it took to take the leap
Towards the Fresh Start
no decay, no debris.
Come out the Dark
you'll be ok, you will see
well enough in time
to carve your own path
Be Free

Shai Tibbs Sep 2016

everyday i live life to fufill life as i wish to see it. work to get money so that everything could be payed off and me nd my people would'nt have to struggle. its just sad to se that i've become a victim to the system out tryna make a doller to be happy, making money, the idealistic view on all that i do...
losing sight on true happiness and what God had set out for me then i start to wonder God what is that you have set out for me, i guess i wouldn't know because our bond has become faint ...
as child i'd study you everyday with no hesitation because parents stayed on me about you...
now im on my own it seems money and pussy is all i can think of...
struggling trying to become something but all i'm doin is gaining and losing ...
i don't watch t.v. anymore because i dislike seeing those who have and wishing i was them i didn't want to idolize someone elses lifestyle of living because i am my own person and feel i have my own ways and my own thoughts of living and everytime i see how someone else made it i get dipressed because i didn't make it...
found love but been hurt so much that i have trust issues and it becomes hard for me to believe everything she may say though i do take the chance anyways because thats what i believe im suppose to do in a relationship...
i seen this video the other day that was pure art when set images of a man giving a woman his all but in the she decieved him and took from him his soul ... crazy but it really got to me ...
oh well we all interpret differently thats just how i felt...
my music my mind hasn't been the same I've been holding a lot in trying to keep from letting the world see me break down its crazy i just wanna help people but i can't even help myself im losing it constantly trying to find a career path and satisfy those around me feeling alone but she stands by me but when she goes i already sense imma lose control because she is the only peace i have...
when i look in her face i know all that i do all that i plan revolves around her i just want her to have the best to be the best and succeed in all she does...
she ask why do i love her so much ...
my only answer i can think of is because her life means more to me than mine and id go out of my way to make sure she has everything she could possibly want and i just wanna be right with christ i want to be one accord with him nd i feel secular music just stand in between what the Lord has set for me because how can i say im a christian and walk with christ if im preaching worldly thoughts ...
the war i attend in ...
doing things i don't want to do like joining the army yea a life changer and im happy for the teachings ive recieved though i don't understand much bout life and what success truly is on what i am told...
someone else interpretation put in my own words becoming my own thought and interpreted in my own way...
am i happy well i can't complain for im still alive...
but dead at the same time because my focus isnt where it needs to be because my life isn't as i wish it to be...
am i satisfied...
with what...
how can i be...
i can't even please myself in this thing we called life...
thats me what about you are you Satisfied?

Magnuda Jun 2016

I had fallen down hard this time,
Found myself at the bottom of it all,
When somewhere past the void,
I heard my own future call.

It struck a chord in me,
Unexpected but I could feel,
My hidden heart made of flint,
Fate struck like it's ever present steel.

Again, again, again, and again,
Round, and round, and round,
How much I tried to lock myself up,
Life refused to let me be bound.

Wrapped up in my past,
I did my best to hide,
I was never going to be enough,
Trying to escape in the shadow of pride.

I was buried in the frozen earth,
Knowing some day Spring would come,
So I clung to my old shell,
When I felt the world start to hum.

Begin, Begin, Begin and again,
The sacred circle was never broken,
Fleeting dreams tumble away,
As the sacred words are spoken.

Though scars will be left behind,
My feet still find their place,
My tired heart beats again,
My Will returns to it's relentless pace.

My goal was finally achieved,
and my atonement was past,
The Day is finally beginning to dawn,
The empty night was not meant to last.

My-broken-heart Jan 2016

The night was ebony
Clouds huddled close together,
The moon disappeared
This might would be remembered forever.

The against the
darkened sky,
Appeared a sight
that made her sigh

A shooting star
Flew through the dark
The jet of light
Flooding the park

She closed her eyes
And opened her heart,
To make a wish
For a fresh start

The night was ebony
The dark now fading away,
The sun started to rise
She smiled; it was a new day.

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