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New Years Resolution

What's that?

We always say these things
we really do want to accomplish, things we ever so want to achieve
But do we follow through...

Who follows through?

Only some of us do
Jonna Adam Aug 2019
Writing a new book...
With new characters...
And new story line...
I have been fooling myself...
Holding on to an older book...
With past characters...
Which have already wrote new chapters...
Without me...
May be it’s time for me be part of a new book...
And not the rusty old book...
Even though the rusty old book was once my life...
Let you be reference for my new one...
Not my griefs or broken promises...

— Joanna Adam
Anna Grace Jul 2019
A short walk

Awkward stops

I look through

No window shopping

Just plain criticism.

Fire spitting hate

A long path

Ends abruptly

Because it's unwanted

Past can be

Both excavated

Or buried

Like seeds

Giving rise to

New leaves.
Kimberley Mar 2019
i can finally breathe again,
no longer does my love for you
restrict the breath fighting to escape my lungs
like a killer's hands
to his victim's neck
Coraline Hatter Mar 2019
One day I'll be gone
I will leave everything
and everyone behind
I want to start a new life
far, far away from here
True love seeks a silent place,
A peace of unburdened voice,
Where lovers speak face to face
Without the past’s background noise.

Experience digs a pit
Crumbling love’s foundation,
For two lovers must commit
To a brand new creation.

Lessons learned in agony
That true love should leave behind
Are the cruelest irony,
And so hard to leave behind.
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Paras Bajaj Jan 2019
I am starting afresh, starting new,
not with the many, only with a few.
I left behind what did not grow,
held the door open, asked them to go.

For this year, my head is very clear,
who doesn't uplift you, really ain't your dear.
For this year, my heart is very aligned,
who is not kind, really ain't worth your time.

-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
Between last night and this morning,
Between the full moon and sunrise,
When dark descended like a sheet,
And heavy lids covered my eyes,

The stars emerged and receded,
Nocturnal hours ticked away,
A carpet of frost was laid down,
There between last night and today.

Ere dawn blackness interceded,
Taunting me, “Where is your light now?”
Yesterday had been locked away,
And I must start again somehow.

The nightfall came to curse the past,
I embraced it to block the shame,
Because soon the sun will come up,
And I will never be the same.
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AW Gray Oct 2018
A fresh rising sun, grass glazed in dew
thhe sweet sweet sound of the robins tune,
Sounds of the storm begin to brew
humming along to thhe robins tune;
inside the palace,
        -the guilt,
        -the shame,
it grumbles and growls
but you're not the same.
Slaughtering deafening silence
in you,
continue to follow the robins tune.
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