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16.2k · Dec 2014
SWAN (5) Haiku's
Lady Bird Dec 2014
"Tomorrow's Swan"
              beautiful and proud
              reflecting on nights water
              is tomorrow's swan

              Gently flowing
              the liquid mirrored quiet
              motionless I cry

"Beautiful Swan"
              a beautiful swan
              the river makes no sound
              in a timeless space

"Her Wings"

              whistles of her wings
              slicing through the cool waves
              stillness of the swan

"Swan Attack"

              I watch from the shore
              her struggle to stay afloat
              an attacking swan
15.9k · May 2015
Who Ate The Cake?
Lady Bird May 2015
let me explain
what makes you think
I ate the cake... well...
I had a little tea party
this afternoon at three
twas very small
three guest in all
just I myself and me
myself ate all the sandwiches
while I drunk all the tea
twas also I who at the pie
and passed the cake to me
15.0k · Apr 2015
Time Passing
Lady Bird Apr 2015
yesterday went in a flash
today with a blink of an eye
yet tomorrow will go just the same quickly life passes us by
10.9k · Feb 2015
Joyous Phoenix
Lady Bird Feb 2015
like a joyous phoenix
you have to arise from
the ashes of your past
leave the pain behind
be happy my friend
in the present of this
glorious new day
inspired by "Stephanie Proctor"--
Poem Titled "Phoenix" --
10.5k · Apr 2015
Graceful In Bud
Lady Bird Apr 2015
beautiful and tender
graceful in bud
with a butterfly kiss
I bloom
9.0k · Oct 2016
Brain Pollution
Lady Bird Oct 2016
depression is such a pain
throwing curve ***** of
downfalls in the membrane
my written words has pulled me
from the pits  of the brains pollution
and this I know to be a true fact indeed
"Writing" is the best cleaning  solution
8.3k · May 2015
Single & Lonely
Lady Bird May 2015
kicked the bucket down the hill
what should I do next?
I have no clue... maybe
I should find Jack for your Jill
or Jill can find Jack for me
....I'm feeling a bit lonely...
7.7k · Jan 2015
Unique Light
Lady Bird Jan 2015
you gave them honesty and respect
but they've turned the other way
and yet they want to know
if they were loved by you
they say they'll never hurt you
but now you've found yourself in pain

dont go back to them my friend
they were never meant for you
let them go for it's their loss
just be the diamond that you are
let your smile shine so bright
and show off your unique light
Inspired y: "Aarvie" ---
this was my comment on their poem: "Deserve"---
7.6k · Sep 2016
Lady Bird Sep 2016
satisfying, slightly sweet
an orange spindle shape
something enjoyable to eat  
very good for your health
crunchy in every bite
yet full of robust wealth
to improve your eyesight
with a hard and rough texture
it's green bloomed leafy top
helps balance out its flavor
such a great nutrient to savor
diced, grated, wild or raw
shredded even sliced when fresh
in any cookbook there are so may
ways to prepare this delicious and
enjoyable golden orange vegetable
7.4k · Dec 2014
Black Pain
Lady Bird Dec 2014
the smell of happiness it is no more
the stench of worry lingers the air
a wall of thorns covered with ugliness
holds a rose that use to be pure and white
but now is stained black with pain

plucked from it's tree is a
black rose withering slowly with
a fading perfume of true sadness
crying with its petals closed

eyes filled with hesitation
so soft to the touch yet so
dry like a sandy desert island
a soul that dreams just too much

pokking through the mind's crevices
covered in rust completely deep within
is a growing disease of emotions with
a heart that ticks but too full to beat
yet pumpimg slow is cold yet thin blood
this face is a fountain spraying out dust

a wall of distrust holds bricks burning
just like a fire thats has lost control
a stomp of hatred has just taken over every
part of this heart once filled of love

with no time to enhale it all in
a soft and warm yet crying soul
is dripping wet with darkend fear
strangled by the tightened barbwire
cutting through each and every petal
leaving behind scars with shreds of pain
covering every inch of this garden of hell
7.0k · Apr 2015
Hershey Kiss
Lady Bird Apr 2015
my cookie is so delicious
chocolate chip crumbs
so full of love are
feeding my sweet-tooth
with each Hershey kiss
6.9k · Jan 2015
A Diamond
Lady Bird Jan 2015
its beauty cant be ignored
this underground queen
hasn't yet been crowned
its just too supreme
yet haven't been found
unique and magnificent
sparkles and shines bright
all eyes are opened wide
brilliance is something
it just can not hide
6.8k · Jul 2015
Tainted Shadows (30W)
Lady Bird Jul 2015
fear flows through the night
tainted shadows hovers above
trapped within transparent darkness
stale air creeping like a stalker
every moment swallowed by sadness
leaveing a hollow emptiness deep inside
6.7k · May 2016
Chilled Deep
Lady Bird May 2016
muddy ice
white as
empty heart
soul darkened
with thoughts
chilled deep
to the bone
so hard
very cold
never warm
enough to thaw
this frigid yet
frozen fire alone
5.5k · Apr 2015
Flutter In My Chest
Lady Bird Apr 2015
hummingbirds that flutter in my chest
can't see the broken pieces of my heart
each and every piece  did shatter
with the hummingbird's chit-chatter
my poor heart it just fell apart
5.3k · Jan 2015
Crystal Blue
Lady Bird Jan 2015
whispering silken mist, delicate sighs
tiny falling droplets of mountain dew,
the diamonds from my teary eyes
are sprinkling showers of crystal blue
5.0k · Jan 2015
"Slither" - Tongue Twister
Lady Bird Jan 2015
somehow stupidity
slithers so slowly
showing ****
smiling so sweetly
slapping-em senseless
smiling snakes
I made up this crazy "Tongue Twister"
Can you say it 5 times fast?... lol
4.9k · Apr 2015
Thin Air
Lady Bird Apr 2015
screams, lies, denial, and deceit
love lay shattered at my feet
broken grief, bitter anger, and despair
hope it just vanishes into thin air
4.5k · Feb 2015
Lady Bird Feb 2015
This is a poem I must write,
and hopefully not recite
I feel like an old, twisted,
used dish towel thrown across a kitchen sink
my insides opened wide, and the color of pink
pushed aside like nothing at all
just hanging there waiting to fall
I can’t even comprehended
what my heart must feel
this feeling inside can’t be real
there is just no answer; but when will it end?
I have written this a long time ago...My first time was not as magical as I thought it should have been..
4.0k · Jan 2015
LadyBird-- Bio
Lady Bird Jan 2015
Fine arts is my major in school...I have enjoyed art, photography and of course writing ever since I was young; and I still do... I know this may sound odd but no matter the form of art; even if its just scribbled notes I keep all my rough drafts... My mom she calls me the "paparazzi" of the family...I am always snapping picture... Can you believe I have over 900  and counting; notebooks, sketchpads, and loose-leaf binders full of all my ideas, sketches and odd thoughts that may pop in my head?.. I've been collecting since I was 6 years old.... ART; any type was and still is my passion today...  I try to carry a notebook, sketchpad and my camera everywhere I go to jot down or capture the little things that come to my mind.... Sometimes my notes don't even make a bit of since but it is the creativity I put into them that makes it fun.... When ever I feel I've hit a writers or artist BLOCK I go through my notebooks.  I'm always seeing something inspiring that may take me to another world of imagination. I think I could probably write a book or two with all the thoughts I've collected..
Yep That's Me ... LadyBird
3.9k · Jan 2015
Hope Blooms
Lady Bird Jan 2015
we should stop
to notice ordinary
everyday flowers

even the humblest
wildflower has
a delicate beauty
that makes it quite
out of the ordinary  

simple, yet very
pretty flowers
each are different
soul openers
which represents the
beauty of nature

**where flowers bloom so does hope
3.9k · Jun 2015
The Color White
Lady Bird Jun 2015
the flapping wings of a dove
waves crashing to the shore
stars that glow from up above
a bride's beautiful wedding dress
holey sheets across children heads in October
a graceful swan, Santa's beard  or snowmen
ice melting in springtime rain
daisy peateals and summer clouds
the light that shines from heaven's door
a royal color fit for kings and queens
pearls of the earth; beautiful yet unclear
3.9k · Jan 2015
New Horizon
Lady Bird Jan 2015
no more than just an illusion
yet a face revealing the pain
which wasn't there before

a prisoner chained
by the requirements
without a key to free
the loving heart inside

a mirror with a scar
may not be perfect
yet each one is different
in its own special way so
don't overlook the qualities
a scar can sometimes hide

there's no way to turn back time
so why hold on to old pain?
let go of the echo's of the past
wipe away all the falling tears

little by little learn from the
mistakes made and change
the wrongs into the rights
with every new day
there is a new horizon
3.7k · Jan 2015
My Stupidity
Lady Bird Jan 2015
Caught In The Rain
Hair Dripping Wet
Clothes All Soaked
Oh Boy Its Just Not My Day
Oh-Ah; Oh-Ah That’s What You Say
You May Think I’m Going Insane
Nope Not Just Yet ! Want To Bet ?
My Thoughts Are Just Shaking My Brain
You Won’t And Never Will Understand
Its Only  I, Myself And Me
That Can Handle This Stupidity
3.7k · Apr 2015
Lady Bird Apr 2015
the bright sky was out raged
because it wasn't consulted
when the rain drops all agreed
to make it dark and gloom today
3.4k · Jan 2015
Lady Bird Jan 2015
a wall of distrust
not made of stone
holds tattered edges
and jagged lies
ignored emotions
and painful cries
can cut through bone
3.4k · May 2015
Unleash My Unspoken Thoughts
Lady Bird May 2015
I have been silent too long
I'm trying to make sense of things
hoping my mind can stay on track
to unleash my unspoken thoughts
there isn't much I can do but
pour my words onto my paper
I need to put my emotions somewhere
3.3k · May 2015
Chew My Gum
Lady Bird May 2015
I Chew...Chew...Chew
Keep Focus On My Gum
I Chew...Chew...Chew
Don't Want To Bite My Tongue

Can't Walk and Chew
All At The Same Time
I Chew...Chew...Chew
The Sweetness Its All Mine
I've bitten my tongue many times when chewing :)
3.3k · Apr 2015
A Haiku Conversation
Lady Bird Apr 2015
In a Skype chat room
Topic : I Like Haiku's

Me--- (LadyBird)

Haiku's I do like
for they are so easily
written in three worded lines


Writing in Haiku
forces me to think about,
what is important

Me--- (LadyBird)

indeed you are right
writing them is important
and can be therapeutic

would you mind if I
add your words in my Haiku
giving you credit ?

this conversation
we are in is very fun
what are you thinking?


I find great solace
in the idea that my words
are that important!

I have no problem
with allowing you to use
my simple verses!

Pining for someone
who I love very dearly
takes most of my time.

Me--- (LadyBird)

awesome Thank you so
much; I really enjoy this
writing is a passion

as you can see I
enjoy the flow of my words
and all that inspire

you are so kind I
will for sure keep an eye on
your wonderful wods

thank you very much
hoping I was no bother
to you my dear friend

I try to keep my
pen with me jotting down all
my thoughts from within

it is so nice to
meet someone that shares the same
passion for writing

please do keep in touch
I will for sure stay in touch
with you my dear friend


The pleasure is mine!
To meet a friend is always
an enriching thing.

My name is Tony!
It is always nice to meet
new internet friends!

Me--- (LadyBird)

your name is so cool
it is indeed very nice
to make a new friend

it is so funny
I knew your name was Tony
from your user name

this is the most fun
I have had in three long days
I do enjoy it

Haiku-ing is like
text-ing with out a cell phone
it is fun indeed


The pleasure is mine!
To meet a friend is always
an enriching thing.

Me--- (LadyBird)

I find great solace
to know that you share the same
interest as I do


Names are only words,
I am nice because I am
who I want to be.

I am Tony Stark,
at least in my heart and mind.
Money? Not so much.

It was a pleasure,
this banter being quite fun,
maybe again soon?

Me--- (LadyBird)

Wow that sounds so cool
Tony Stark is so good looking
very good actor

names are only words
they don't describe who we are
inside is what count

thank you for talking
to me my friend it was fun
indeed again soon

gonna end convo
nice chatting with you my friend
now I say goodbye
this conversation was not planned but we kept the haiku's flowing...
3.0k · Apr 2015
Sky Azure
Lady Bird Apr 2015
sunshine bursts forth
to brighten the day,
the wind has blown
all the clouds away
leaving azure skies
in place of dark grey
3.0k · Feb 2015
My Willow Weeps
Lady Bird Feb 2015
the warmth of your leaves makes me
think of all the secrets I've told you
and the many years we've been friends
you hold them all down and deep within
I think of that beautiful picture I paint
in my dreams every time we're together
I remember the times we've cuddled up close
when ever I was afraid or had a problem
you were always there for me whenever

there you stand with your feet under ground
you shiver from the wind’s bitter sound.
fall has come so very cold,
you still stands quietly with tears
streaming down yellow and gold.
yes, fall has come to knot the summer tie
please, willow tree please don’t cry

there is a breeze in the air this evening
as I sit under you my willow
the wind caresses my cheek
and I see the blue sky above me
it seems your swaying leaves
are becoming too weak
I've felt the tips of your leaves
and tasted the tears in which you weep
I've laid against your trunk and listened
to your heart as it skipped a beat

I began to wonder
what wondering really is
it's a curious thing to know
dispatched; but why?
I now see why you cry
I will hold your trunk my willow
until its time to say goodbye
please don't weep more
for heavenly light shines through
this bright wonderful sky
for which you've cried for me
and now I'm crying for you
2.9k · Apr 2015
Red Light Of Confusion
Lady Bird Apr 2015
I'm lost at the
red light of confusion
in between my life,
my mind, the world and me
determined stubbornness
holds anxiety in my heart
right now I'm wondering
of all the secrets I've never told
there are so many secrets
forgotten secrets that whispers
the tales of the chilled soul
that others can not see
2.8k · Apr 2015
Boxed Thoughts
Lady Bird Apr 2015
boxes full of the reasons
why I can’t begin
holding the memories
that should have been
an empty closet of
my lost thoughts
forever unwritten
I guess this could be  WRITERS BLOCK !!!
2.5k · Jun 2015
Mystique (13W)
Lady Bird Jun 2015
heart broken but
still standing proud
in this world with
deceiving harsh mystique
2.3k · Nov 2016
Food Fight
Lady Bird Nov 2016
I didn't start the food fight
yet I got hit in the head with a can soda
I'm just glad it was a soft drink
it flew at me like an owl hunting its pray
I now realize that toucan play at this game
I also swallowed some food coloring
I'm OK, but I feel like I've dyed a little inside
2.3k · Dec 2014
I Am "LadyBird"
Lady Bird Dec 2014
...I Am "LadyBird"...
absorbing the world
surrounding and embracing me
I float high above in plain sight
while singing so very sweetly
I spread my wings so light
alive in song upon my feet
I fly through my words from within
yet every thing is changing
from the past to my future
my destination may be unknown
and sometimes I can’t please
my own unique pattern of flight
yet so graceful I sail with
my mouth quenching desire
of life pouring in my fountain
every single dripping thought
and every single splashing word
is my thirst to write
I am known as "LadyBird"
I soar through life's wonderful sky
spreading my coloful wings
powered by imagination; I fly
2.0k · Dec 2016
Wild Card
Lady Bird Dec 2016
all cards are on the table
nice concepts can get in the way
so beware the wild card  
friends with benefits
if only for a second; smile or frown
the muse of whatever wont stop
flipping choices will still sway
2.0k · Sep 2016
Unbalanced Mind
Lady Bird Sep 2016
she's not mad at him
she place all blame on herself
they both agreed; only friends with benefits
she can't change the way he feels about her
so why does she put herself directly
in the line of fire

even if it may sooth the urge
for just a little while
maybe she'll add an extra
splash of red or pink
to her lips enticing him
to pucker up

she doesn't want to be alone yet she knows
he is just her imaginary substitute
a fake smile, holding back her tears,
and walking away into her cave of loneliness
will the lights of love ever come on for her
or will she be sitting in the dark forever?
2.0k · Jan 2015
Kiss Me
Lady Bird Jan 2015
kiss me
pretty butterfly
soar with me
through truth
through reality
let us start anew
spreading our wings
together me and you....
Inspired by these words from "Sia" ---
"A butterfly kiss like a smile in the wind"
2.0k · Jan 2015
I'm No Mind Reader
Lady Bird Jan 2015
I'm not a mind reader
my magic wand is in the shop

I can't let people drive me crazy
when I know it's in walking distance

give me a list and some parameters
otherwise; I'm off in the left field picking daisies
1.9k · Mar 2016
Stealing Her Breath
Lady Bird Mar 2016
he is so cold hearted
stealing her sweetness
making her tears fall hard
like hail in an ice storm
Iike cigar smoke he envelopes
her air stealing her breath  
a bad habit she can't break
she curve around him  
like a beautiful harp
while he plays that song  
that breaks her heart
1.9k · Sep 2016
Brain Tornado
Lady Bird Sep 2016
I'm confused so confused
what's going on in my head?
normal emotions  just don't work
I can't think...
           I'm floating,
     further away
I drift roaming
A ...  I ... M ... L ... E ... S ... S
what should I do
to free myself  ?
....breath in....
counting... 1.2.3...
....stay calm....
... 3. 4.5...
....breath out....
... 5.6.7...
      ....stay calm....
      I feel....7..8..
9..10.....I feel
N ... O ... T ... H ... I ... N ... G
WoosOut !!!!!
1.8k · May 2016
Mouse And Rat
Lady Bird May 2016
quietly observing the area within sight
surrounded by the stench of the dumpsters
hearing squeaking sounds in the night
its keen eyes swiveled to pinpoint the noise
in the distance it spots its target
climbing over a spilled garbage bag
the ragged mouse was starving yet
working so hard to sniff out anything
edible which could be its next meal
being quick on its feet it realized it
was being watched so it ran so fast
to get away from what it saw as
its enemy the greedy rat
1.8k · Oct 2016
The Perfect Palomino
Lady Bird Oct 2016
a golden mare
strength and power
inspiration and imagination
flowing in rhythm or rhyme
thoughts in words I share
passion moving forward in time
roads of emotions; feelings I stride
paths of decisions; thoughts I ride
experiencing; distance and abilities
within my mind galloping the margins
of my quenching desire written
running wild and free
a golden horse
the perfect palomino of poetry
1.7k · Apr 2017
Snuggle Your Pillow
Lady Bird Apr 2017
Every night you squeeze your pillow that comfort your sad thoughts
Every night your pillow hears your prayers
Inbetween Your flashbacks of the past
While whispering under the sheets
secrets told your pillow will keep
Every night you snuggle your pillow for security
Your pilliow is there to help ease the pain
A cushion to soften the strain
And collect your fallen tears
You will get through it
I know you will
sleep on it and think things through
Your pilliow can help you..
1.6k · Oct 2016
Desk Job
Lady Bird Oct 2016
been there done that
sitting under a desk
closed in with no leg space
rusted chair wheels
that won't even roll
one wrong push I'll flip out
phone ringing call after call
I'm answering question
so simple to answer
almost time to punch out
clock it ticks yet haven't
moved an inch
intense waiting
thinking positive
I know it must be done
the daily results that's
what pays my bills
1.6k · Jan 2015
Pay Up
Lady Bird Jan 2015
Roses Are Red
Lemons Are Sour
Sugar Is Sweet
Just Like Honey
So Pay Me My Dollar
Bcaues Time Is Money
1.5k · May 2015
Keep Me Thinking
Lady Bird May 2015
they linger tease and deride
tugging and pulling at my heart
the pieces may come apart
sometimes they don't transpire
yet they keep me ......
my creative thoughts......
    Hang on threads
        In my brain
          Nagging  just annoying me
             Knotting and tangling up
                In tight knots causing
                  Normal feelings that got me
                     Going insane.....
                               ......nope not me ....
                                        .... I'm Just....
1.5k · Jan 2015
Never Let Me Go
Lady Bird Jan 2015
Fire in the drifting snow
Pools of blazing steam
Together our bodies glow
Like a burning dream
Hold me in your arms
Never let me go
1.5k · Jan 2015
Disguise (15w)
Lady Bird Jan 2015
a lying tongue
beauty in the eyes
a mouth so vain
a devil in disguise
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