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Roses are
violets are blue.
Daisys are
so grow them too.
I'll let you in
this garden of happiness
and together
we can
forget about our loneliness.
we'll grow old,
and the flowers.
And there will be no such thing as
no seconds, minutes,
or hours.
But when the flowers do begin
to fade,
I turn my head
to find out
that all you did
was fake.
And we’ll go on living
like we are in love
but really there’s nothing left.
Nothing but dust.
After publishing my poem, 'Roses are red', I got comments(or perhaps I should say suggestions) from Renee Danes and Rain(both wonderful poets you should totally check out!) and this poem is the result. Though parts of the poem were changed, I give much of the credit to Renee Danes and Rain and thank them both very much for their suggestions that hopefully made my poetry somewhat better.
Leia Spencer Jan 30
I bought a bouquet a week before Mothers Day
So when the fateful day came
They were crisp
A beautiful bow
Wrapped around something
Once living vividly with beauty
How else would she be able to enjoy it?
This is for my mom, who died far too soon
Leia Spencer Jan 30
Her favorite flower was daisies
But I didn't know
Until I was told
To place them on her grave
-theres a reason I think favorite flowers are important
This poem is for my mom that died when I was really young. I was the only person that knew what her favorite colors were, but I never knew the flowers she wanted to have at her funeral. I guess it still sticks with me
Abigail Hobbs Jan 23
A frost had already settled late that night
Into the tenth hour, when most would be sleeping
All was quiet and cold on the front
When the stars presented themselves, you presented yourself to the sky
I imagine as gracefully as sunrise
Quiet and unsuspecting,
it sprang on us like an early spring

When winter turns to spring
and daisies push their way through the dirt
when the transition is done
I'll think of your fight to push through life, yet open yourself up
just as flower petals open to this world
Even though you passed in winter, spring will remind us of you
After a harsh winter, spring will be there to guide us,
whether we've made peace with the season,
whether we're ready and however early
We'll pick daisies to take you with us on this spring's journey

For my dear Aunt, who passed away earlier this month. She was 39, but had a long fight with Cystic Fibrosis. Her favorite flowers were daisies :)
Philomena Dec 2018
You were the best man I have ever known

You always loved me
And I know you still do
Just from up above

You had the warmest smile
Accompanied with your mustache
And you gave the best hugs
When we would leave I would save you for last so it was the last hug of the night
A final impression to take home with me

You catered to my imagination, and never stifled me
Even when I wanted to cover myself in ribbon from head to toe and be a Christmas fairy
Or refused to eat Capt'n Crunch simply because my bother liked it

You made me strong
Always taking me out into the woods
Or letting me play just like the boys
Firing arrows in the garden
Or learning to ride motorcycle and ripping up fields

You taught me to be kind just like you
To love like you
And believe me
I want nothing more than to be just like you

The day you left me I felt sick before I even heard
Something wasn't right in the world
And when they told me I knew why
It tore me apart
I tried everything to keep myself busy
And put on the most beautiful black dress

I laid a daisy on you casket
Because Daises are your favorite just like me
And we put you in the ground

I'm told they found you in those woods we played in
That you died where you loved it most

And even though I cant hold you in my arms
I carry you in my heart
About 5 years now, and not a day goes by where I'm not reminded of you. So thank you for being the best grandfather I could have asked for.
Hayley Rena Dec 2018
Daisy was almost a year ago
and I still look at the flowers
with hate

—the burning of flowers.
Written // April 11, 2018
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