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August 7d
i still see that afternoon in my dreams-

your face was outlined by the sun
and the escaped strands were this gorgeous red-gold color.

you smiled at me.
at me.

you're staring again, darling.

and i blushed and looked away
and you touched my cheek and looked in my eyes and said softly
stare as long as you like, love. i'm not going anywhere.
August Sep 22
raise your hands in the air
and cry out your sorrow

accept the changing of the winds-
nature doesn't change her blows for a simple drop of water-
and let your mask fall to the soft ground.

daisies in the wind-
dandelion puffs in your hair, your mouth-
life soon to be-
or not to be

look around-
what do you see?

daisies, small white petals and little yellow seeds-

the sun with her bright face
beaming down to mine

the grass is long- to my knees-
wet from the morning dew....

raise your hands in the air
and cry out your joy

you've accepted the changing of the winds-
nature doesn't change her blows for a single drop of water-
and let your smile light up the world.
not sure about this one but here we go.
Mary Lupague Aug 22
I'm like a daisy lost in a field of roses,

and I was insecure.

Because all the flowers around me were so beautiful,

that they were admired by everybody.

I wanted to blend in,

so I painted myself red.

I wanted to be beautiful like their petals,

so I twisted myself so that I could be like a rose.

I changed myself so much,

to the point where no body recognized me as a daisy anymore.

I tried to fit in so bad,

that I lost myself in the process.

So, I laid my head down,

With tears in my eyes.

And that's when I saw her,

The most beautiful sun flower I've ever seen.

Her beauty outshined the roses,

with her bright yellow petals that resembled the sun.

And when I looked around,

I saw many more beautiful flowers.

Proud that they were unique,

and accepted who they really are

And that's when I realized,

that each and one of us are beautiful in our own way.
I wanted to be somebody else my whole life, and I want to change that perspective of mine. I want to love me.
Amy Perry Jun 29
Follow the trail of daisies
That leads to my heart,
Follow like a white rabbit,
Keep your mysticism intact,
Believe, believe, believe,
The beautiful trail you see,
Believe, believe, believe,
It leads straight in to me.
DT Jun 15
I am a cemetery
And all of your memories engraved
With your name, months and date
I am all that lavender and daisies
Waiting for clouds with heavy rains
As you left and ruin me like hurricanes
We are the cemetery
nim Jun 1
poetry, poetry;
my little fairy,
i cut open my wrist
and lovely daisies blossomed!

poetry, tiny pretty ghost,
is it a good sign?
would you heal me, please?
i feel their roots in my veins...

poetry, you silly phantom,
it isn't pleasant anymore!
they're ******* my blood,
there's vultures in my bloodflow.

poetry, silver fanged wraith,
your roots are in my bones,
it's a temple crushing down.
the past is hunting me down.

poetry, my little fairy.
i'm nothing more than dust.
i love you, but i fall apart.
you brought my old demons back.

poetry, my little fairy;
i cut my wrist open,
and lovely rotten daisies bloomed!
Nicole May 16
Sunflower and daisies
Got me all hooked
We were never supposed to happen
But then you ambushed.
Nada Syafira Apr 7
The waves have sent me back
the dock wasn't steady it wrecked
as if my sun won't reach
the darkest corner of your thoughts
as if my daisies won't bloom
from your pulse so pale I assume
if tonight's a doom
and my gardens abloom
I'll never waste a single second to go wrong
for this moment lasts a lifelong
Carlo C Gomez Mar 26
An hour of flower power
Will bring back the sun
Beat the heat in an old time treat
By taking turns sipping
With a loved one
Inspired by a comment from fellow HP writer "B."
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