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By Arcassin Burnham

Sweet candy perfume lingering.

Crushable purposes only,
Wanting you to just hold me,
You're the only one,
Only one, only one
The only one.

Wonderland in many ways,
Our love flourishes away,
Carrying your books to class , I want you to
have my last name.

The way you kiss, the way you smile,
Is so exquisite,
I need another one in my life, yeah you're,
The only one,
Only one , only one,
The only one,
I haven't had a girl like you in a minute,
My loving could be more than a minute,
I hope you could understand what exactly
I am bringing,
You're the one , sweet candy perfume lingering.
Cody Cooke Feb 13
A small black box with gold trim, a serious palm-sized thing. Its leather is the opaque ironic touch of what it stands for: a promise that always gets taken back. You open it and find the roof of its mouth slick white, a velvet tongue below, a ***** of fabric like the flat words of forgotten vows. You know that something should be there; that’s what a promise is, right? But it’s empty, and you’re left only imagining the idea of a diamond
(Yeah, I got something for ya, for someone, not for you, but for them, take a listen, yeah, here we go, drop that beat)
A diamond in the middle of the sea
My eyes are free as the diamond gleams
A goal I have, a goal I set
A goal that won't stop better yet
I will chase my dream, be set free
Mountains I climb, swim the sea
I am determined, confident
Wherever I been, wherever I went
Diamond will reside, as I decide
What to say, what to do
My brain explodes confused
I sit back and wait
In hopes of something to gain
A diamond gleaming
A diamond beaming
Stands out from the crowd
Shines in my face out loud
I hear what I'm seeing
But my heart doubts
(Yeah, this isn't, this isn't just any song, this one's special, not like any other one)
Do I have a chance?
Chance to be, to be free
The diamond of the sea
Shines out and above
Do I have a chance?
Chance to be, to be free
The diamond of the sea
Shines out and above
Well at least I was
But now the diamond does
Well at least I was
But now the diamond does
A diamond in the sea
A diamond set free
(That must be it, end of the show folks, sorry)
I have goals
Each facet, a surface so resplendent,
Till ground away with endless polishing
To find innate sparkle magnificent,
O’er timeless glow that we’ve been cherishing.

O the eons spent on its perfection,
Dulled easily without the jeweler’s lens.
What gain had from chiseled vivisection?
To scratch the surface with corrosive cleanse?

What value is in diamond edges smooth,
Where lines mark surfaces with precision?
Is natural shine too luminous to soothe,
So we treat works of time with derision?

Hardened we underestimate its glow,
Its care requires the finest instrument.
The process used to make it shine was slow,
But dulls with the pressure of improvement.
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This house is filled with coal dust
inhabiting our lungs
poisoning our blood

It is how it has always been
cold and dark

But there are these moments
of warmth trickling through the cracks in the walls
They are sparse
like the earrings offered to me today
by the shadowy figure of what seems to be my mother
But they are precious
as the diamonds within them

These are our diamonds in time
where the cold fades slightly
enough to be noticed
And I
I believe in the warmth of the world again
if only for a moment.
Ruhani Jan 25
Pressure can make,
a diamond out of coal
but often, takes out the fun
from the journey of the goal
It is always said that best comes out of the hardest situations, which is true. But no one wants to remember those tough times one goes through.
Lilywhite Jan 20
Honey catches flies;
So gently coat all you sow,
Smile, diamond eyes
Yuki Jan 19
What I like about diamonds
are their splinters,
the thorns of the rose
you picked up in winter.
Shlomo Jan 17
I want a beautiful ring from you.

With rare stones and diamond encrusted too.

Are flowers too much to ask?

Or maybe just chocolates, 'cos I might be moving too fast.
Winter lass shows off,
Her icicle diamonds;
Cold fingers tickle
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