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Belle Oct 4
He wants to marry me.
The first night he proposed,
A paper ring was offered.
All I could manage to do was laugh.
We'd known each other for a moment,
A whisper of trivial seconds sewn together.
But now, now it has been a lifetime,
Or maybe just a few months, it feels like both.
This time, that flimsy paper promise
Has been replaced by diamonds and love.
I wasn't laughing anymore, because
He meant it. Even all that time ago.
Brilliant diamond ...

between all stars ...
you are the main shiny star ..
that gives the bright light ...
to that dark sky ...
to be only star seen ...
to the lover's eyes ...

yes  you are ...
brilliant ...
amazing diamond ...
in a poetic night ...
gave me a muse ...
to write you ...
into my all poems ...

good evening ..

hazem al ..
Without understanding the reasons very well
I know I think of you…
And I feel you like a part of me,
maybe a little part
in a hidden corner of my being
in a very personal corner
you are there,
as a diamond I found on the way
To a dear friend with our strange way of being friends...
in the youth of the morning

a glass figurine grasps rays of light

the sun graces his soft contour

radiant colors bouncing off the

***** surface of the table

the dust does not near his skin

his lineament is something i saw once

in a dream, across the ocean.

do i brave those tumultuous waters?

to what end?

so that my fingertips may keep their distance?

so that we may breathe the same air?

so that our eyes may burn under the same sun?

my wistful dreaming knows

not reason but the desire

to witness the distant diamond

glinting like the stars

that beg me to drown in hopeless ventures

yet my lungs would happily fill with saltwater

if only my skin could know

the touch of an untouchable
But like upside down
I guess a
Stairwell to Hell
It'd be then

Have you
All read about The Eagles?
MayC Aug 28
I am sometimes angry,
sometimes sad
and at worst,
even afraid.
when I see everyone’s perfect lives,
ignoring their lies,
and their webs and
bewitching melodies,
gorgeous figures
and golden possessions.
I am not damaged by them,
or by their honey,
but by the idea
that I will never be enough,
not for me,
or my family,
or the society.
I am afraid that one time
she will finally catch me
with those long and sharp claws,
screaming, mocking voice
and slender but greedy figure.
but most of all
I’m afraid by her call
and her lies
and Jealousy’s mesmerizing
emerald eyes.

-May Colde
But I remember my own eyes, and my soul, stronger than even the sharpest diamond.
Isaac Ward Aug 11
How do I buy a ring-
Silver, or gold?
Is platinum a thing?
Should price be paid attention to?
It's so complicated!

Apparently diamonds have rules,
What does it even matter!
It's carbon, from the ground,
Bananas are carbon!
Maybe I could get her a banana ring...

And who even made the tradition!
Does love need a price tag?
Maybe, or maybe not.
I'll still buy her a ring,
But I think cheesecake is better.
Madison Jul 3
when you stumble upon a diamond
amongst a sea of rubies
you can’t help but to
admire its utmost beauty
no one compares to you
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