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I am a diamond that fell off a ring
I am lost but I know my value
I am broken but I know my worth
I am a diamond that has never been worn
I am yet to be adored but I will never stop shining
I will never stop shining...
A heart of gold
Silver is sold
Bronze is told
What diamonds behold
another ("populas")poem where each lines describes a person and then the last one kinda sums it up
Paul Idiaghe Oct 12
show me how to wear diamond
dreams without trembling
beneath their weight.

I am a pebble, peeled off
from a peak, fraying and falling,
faltering at its feet. end up

locked between the lips of
married mountains; eyes
hinged to the sky, feet sinking

into earth, chest caving into
a coffin where my heart hides
its head. as despair crawls
in to devour the decay, I linger

between the decomposition, dead
to dust to soil—waiting
to bloom again.
Jordan Gee Aug 22
love is a symbol
words are symbols twice removed from reality
and they are road signs,
pointers if you will
to that which lies beyond and
between and behind
and you can see it in the light
and Nietzsche saw it in the void and
Hamilton saw it in the venom.
you can see it in the white noise in the Lo-Fi.
you can hear it in the Vajrayana pearls.
drive behind the Diamond vehicle and ride inside
the slip stream.
sit behind the Bon funeral Priests and it says:

“Children of the Hologram - do not make me a martyr.
your kings will make of me an effigy
it will turn the Diamonds into paper but that is not my Will.
you’ll chew on discs of gold and that will be your King.
Children of the Hologram - my words are not my own.
it calls to us from the place of light.
when energy is at rest it is dark and the dark is good and time is a 1000 petal lotus.
at times you’ll encounter evil.
Remember: that is your own self you behold before you.
she is afraid and he is alone and its timepiece is a flat circle and round and round it goes.
only you can see him because only you made her and you made the light in which you see
but images cannot see.”

there are signs
there are those who have been before.
heed their warnings. Feed the Bodhisattva
your kings will burn them and your
kings will make effigies.
look to where the words point
you wrote them
you’ve been here before
there is light coming through the leaves and the branches.
the Japanese have a word for that
Om Guragai Aug 17
They say pressure makes diamond
I’ve been waiting a lifetime for mine
s a m Aug 7
Falling down from the sky 
are diamonds that won't run dry. 
Bringing storm that won't go by
to make all fears outcry.
There's always a point in my life where I suffer from anxieties. A painful thinking about the things that I always dream about but couldn't chase. It always rain me on. You know... when you realize that all your desires, your dreams and goals... They are easy to come like a rain but is just really hard to attain. That's what makes me a coward with a lot of stupid thinking. A foolish mind saying that I can't do it, I'm a loser, I can't have it. Until I become someone who let doubts and insecurities grow as my confident and faith to myself go down.

I'm not sharing this poem so you could be like me. But to warn you that having dreams that you won't even chase can drown you. I hope you get what I mean.
Don't let those shiny dreams become only a view. Act up and work hard so it would come true.

POEMS OF THE RAIN, Copyright © 2020
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Nathalie Aug 4
A bright yellow sun is
painted on the wall
adjacent to the
"You are my sunshine"
written in stencil lettering

Green foliage is hanging
from the ceiling and
dark bold hues
color the bedroom floor
in shades of reds and oranges

The curtains are sheer
allowing the morning
light to illuminate
the speckles of dust
on the dresser and the
sparkling diamond
left behind

There is an aura of
transparency yet
of mystery looming
in the air, an invitation
for introspection
after the pregnancy
of the late autumn moon.

Jordan Gee Aug 1
Snakes won't cross a braided rope,
so I take the leads up from around my bed.
I remember her face-
bright and
smiling beside mine
white as if she had just shed a skin
and the dunes grow now over the urchin barrens,
a desert in the sea.
I can peer beneath the 3rd lid
my heart claws at my throat,
allergy tight from the judging shade of
The 3rd lid opens over the Taklamakan,
Tibetan horns sound so old -
ancient vagus nerve endings in my throat but my heart claws them away.
Snakes won't cross a braided rope but
her eyes are green and we lay a
cottonmouth skin across her womb.
All I see are diamonds on the ring fingers.
Spriha Kant Jul 27
Whirling in your charm
I crave for owning tiara
ornamented with your love.

No matter what you are ,
but a king throning on my heart.

to live near you  
      and amuse every moment                                                  
              watching your diamond eye                
                        let your attacking ray                            
                               injure my weak heart                        
                                       and become your                                         
  prisoner              ­                                        

                               to be caught by diamond fingers
of yours
love is the prison where lovers like to live in and wiat for long time
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