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Daniel Ruiz Jul 23
shadows dancing on the corner street,
the mist billowing in behind them,
a tango of two,
where one is nonexistent.

mischievous moves as blue light bulbs
paint the scenery for the shadows to hook around the gutter,
the mist, as high as it can be right now.  

For both to just disappear as the sun rises for another morning,

nonexistent happiness follows the mist around along the day,
mist turns into clouds, clouds turn into rain, rain brings darkness.

Blue light bulbs turn on again,
the shadows dancing around the gutter,
alone this time.
Mark Wanless Sep 3
saw a breath of mist
mist became a cloud
the view from space
ALesiach Jul 27
Essence of the dragon's breath
into the harbor creeps.
Gray, silent, with the chill of death
blankets the meadow while sunbeams sleep.

Wandering, lost within its drifting folds,
isolated from the world.
Cries of fears untold,
echo through its depths unfurl.

Distorted visions of illusions cast
tremor through the air.
Soulless victims on retributions task
beckon to their hidden snare.

Close your eyes, feel its cold fingers caress,
howls of anguish, to late,
your body shudders in distress,
bemoaning your impending fate.

ALesiach © 02/26/2015
A vampire bloodgasm in the shower,
They hide the body in the mist.
As the fog begins to clear,
The water washes the blood away,
With “help” written on the bathroom mirror!
Bhill Jun 29
The morning rain was only a colorful mist
Misty red, shimmering, with the morning sunrise in the background
Sunrise showing sure telltale signs of the coming storm
Winds were beginning to push the clouds along the tops of the mountains
Pushing them faster and faster towards us
You could see the mist changing
Turning into distant sky waterfalls that were more beautiful then scary
Winds were becoming more and more harsh
Strong winds, that now had a definite feel swooshing along for the ride
Bringing the rain with a swiftness that only desert winds can bring
The rain began with a most unworldly force
Dropping water from those once beautiful colored clouds
Dropping so much water...
Then it was done
The winds kept the clouds moving along to threaten others in its path....
God I love the desert!

Brian Hill - 2019 # 159
Desert storms bring beauty and violence at the same time...
fate is but a mist
blaring fiercely with its breath
unto eyes of days
Its all smoke, fate.
Anastasia Jun 13
in the  rain
i walk with you
an orange stained sky
cloudy and dusty
with nothing but grey ahead of us
soaks my clothes
my hair
my heart
i'm warm
and covered
with the misty,
and you laugh
and stick out your tongue
and i do
and the sky does
and i walk home with you
in the rain.
just walked in the rain, now i'm soaked but warm. hot-cocoa and Gilmore Girls for me.
Bhill Jun 6
A morning rainbow was on the horizon today
The desert was misting not too far away

The sun, as it does, was just coming up
Caught the mist with its beams with light un-corrupt

The colors were welcoming and oddly quite right
It's not often you see, such a sight in dawns light

It’s wonderful to see such vision with fresh eyes
It’s a reminder that life has ways to be wise

Take the sights and the sounds that make up your day
Be grateful, for the beauty, that's been put on display...

Brian Hill - 2019#137
Some mornings nature has ways of being inspiring right away...
This is todays vision!
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