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I am shade
twisted, interfolding
Bones are cliffs
Blood is liquid cream clay
Flesh blooms on a fertile soil
In uncovered shadow
It shapes with mist, mud and naked trees
Season apparelled
Dissolving in tenderness and movement
I crave tenderness of a cloud
I crave whiteness of a movement
I crave, I crave!
And bury that craving in softness
Allesha Eman Oct 16
A cloud rests on the surface of the earth
and my heart, like a paperweight,  
tethers me to the stormy waters.  
I can’t foresee where I’m heading.  
But there’s something in the heavy air
compelling my lungs conform to the feeling
of letting go
Nylee Oct 9
Time will pass
And I'll disappear into mist
it will be too foggy
Never to be found again
Laying in the air
Creating a mask of luxury
Capturing my momentum with a gravity
That I glide, and push against
You request another embrace.

Resting on my skin
fine hairs on the back of my hands
Your presence makes me slip as I walk through
Round droplets nestle in the curls in my hair

A playful and purposeful turn of my head
Sends water to splash noiselessly to the ground
You take the invitation to dance
Circles forming in the wake of our path
Moving in a pattern predicted by your feelings for me
she grabs her shawl
of light gray mist
walks to the sea
where boats oft list
she walks the waves
dimming the moon
she looks for her
her ship of doom
a watery grave
the Sailors Tomb
mist is dangerous on the sea
light veils of mist hung
o'er the river's snaking course
on day break dawning
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