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Anais Vionet Nov 2021
One benefit of being my friend
is gaining access to my near encyclopedic
knowledge of cartoon shows.
xavier thomas Jun 2021
She text peaches with face-heart emojis
I text presents with eggplant emojis
She told me to come thru
So I pull up on her
Dropping gifts off.
She likes to unwrap
Big thick presents.

Ain’t she something, 
She been thankful ever since
Happy birthday

Love, Side Piece
xavier thomas May 2021
Now as we sit, sip while smoke swisher sweets
Let me take you back in time
When I met my cherry plum with private benefit privileges
My college chick, cute Laos, do anything for me
Everyday we stay on campus, she made a house key for me
Drive me home after school to work, very supportive to me
Gave cash, ran my bath, clean clothes, a lot of love to me
Even tell her folks she at her girlfriend’s, when she staying with me
Jealous when another lady around, highly clingy under me
She a cutie, very ambitious, trying to be my “Mrs.”
Cooking bacon & eggs Saturday morning in my kitchen
Not to say I wouldn’t claim her as “Mrs.”, she deserve a chance
Her love for me is above me now, that’s out of my hands

                                                                                             Just saying
Lindsay Hardesty Dec 2020
Babe It's getting late and I'm tired, I better drive home now she whispered.
It was the last thing she actually wanted to do as she felt the weight of his body on her lap, with one hand intertwined with his, and the other caressing his back.
The moment was perfect, sitting in silence just being with him
she could stay like that forever, but she could  feel those three
poisoned words wanting so desperately to escape her mouth, fear
started to set in, a deep real fear that this could all be coming to an
end in a few short weeks, how could that be, they had been through
so much, always coming back to each other like a wave to its shore.
She promised herself she could do it, she could be friends with him, she
could separate her feelings from his tainted lips and electrifying body.
But as she leans down placing her soft gentle lips on his head it's clear it's
too hard, she needs to escape, she can't get this close again, just for him to
leave, so she'll lie and tell him she needs to go, kiss him goodbye and once
again drive home with tear stained eyes.  
I still regret not telling you I loved you, when I had the chance
xavier thomas Dec 2020
Come here,

Let me taste & bite softly into those lips little lady
Juicy like my favorite candy,
that’s a “Now & Later”.
Kissing on my neck, giving me hickeys
Loving my scent, always stealing my hoodies.
Grab you, squeeze you, spank you, thank you
No one else deserves this treatment like you do.
I want you to focus, watch, & observe
Lick, slurp, oh I struck a nerve.
Please you, please you, keeps you so eager
Those jeans cause trouble the way them cheeks just sit up.
In public so sweet, but my private lil’ freak
I peep you trying to play me for keeps.
Attractive, Delicious, Teasing, Yummy
Keep you around cause you stay stunning.
Bragging to others you’re taken & that I’m your man
I like that cause I needed boo thang like you on my hands.
College Days
Claudius Aug 2020
They should really put a warning before spending a year of your time with someone that will never make you theirs.
A warning that ending it will be easy, but staying gone will be hard.
That your nights will feel different when you aren't wrapped in their sheets.
A warning that you'll still miss them even though they were never yours to begin with.
My friend said I should write a poem for the FWB I was with for a year because I just recently ended it.
Carson Jul 2020
Sahara Dust
Ally & Foe
Carson OTP Alexander
Potassium, Calcium, Iron,
Nitrogen, Phosphorus
Are food for Phytoplanktons n Amazon Trees,
Still loads of it is a Blanket that makes me sneeze ,
Hurt you n me medically,
Via its nourishments n Blows,
Is D Sahara Dust
Ally & Foe,
Transported By Easternly Trade Winds,
Depositing tons
On The Atlantic Ocean n various land falls,
Decreasing Strength of Hurricanes,
Unknown to us all?
Authenticated By Various Scientists,
A food source chain & Mental Bliss,
Similar in Color to Clouds Of Rain,
Viewed from my Naked eye,
Upon The coastal turrain,
Natures Happiness & Pain,
Via Its Nourishments & Blows,
The Sahara Dust
Ally & Foe!
Don Bouchard Feb 2020
"You can't hear me!" she whispered,
And I just turned my head.
Sometimes it's better not to hear....
Depends on what's been said.

I know I irritate her;
(I irritate myself).
Hearing aids are waiting
On some hearing doctor's shelf.

While we go on debating,
Because I'm in no hurry,
I sit here contemplating....
Sometimes it's better not to worry.

At the things I heard that peeved me,
Before I tune the wide world out;
Honey, if you really want to catch me,
You're gonna have to shout.
Aging has its issues. Hearing loss seems to be one of mine.
Carlo C Gomez Feb 2020
Penny, Kaiser Permanente
Diana, Blue Shield
Brenda, UnitedHealthcare

But no longer Karen,
She's now unemployed
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