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Isabella Howard Aug 2021
There is always

One final shove

From those old Angels

We've forgotten how to love.

Their cold fingers

No longer reach the depths

Where they used to linger.

One final blue night

We listen to the trains.

Finally committing to a goodbye

Because the stars

That drift through your eyes

Can no longer flutter the heart

Or evoke butterflies.

Those same gentle eyes

Will let you go

One last time.

Watching headlights

Melt the highway.

I turned away from you

And there is no second try.

Nobody will refer to us as two

After this goodbye.
Rama Krsna Aug 2021
besotted by a gazelle’s gaze
beguiled by her effusive smile
bewildered he stands,
bereft of any shame
begging with a bowl for her lips and more....

© 2021
this one is for the daring ones that risk to lust
Spriha Kant Apr 2021
When fear flutters me I close my heart's shutter for preventing its entry inside me.

Hiwaga Nov 2020
I wish there are words to explain the kind of feeling that I experience when I'm with you; When you do those little things.

When you smirk
When you eat so slow
When you wait your soda to water down
When we laugh over our inside jokes
When we get sarcastic and all judgy
How you wish me success
How you look at me in the eyes when I tell my  stories
How you hold my hand
Whenever you ask if I am happy
How you find ways and say the right words to cheer me up
How you validate my feelings and ambitions
How we talk about our dreams and hopes
How you assure me that I am enough

I guess there are really no poems or haikus that can express how you make my heart flutter.
I'm a writer by profession but maybe  these will always make me wonder.

There are feelings that will never turn into words.
Maybe those are meant to feed my heart and soul.
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2020
A strange soft stirring begins in my heart
I’m not sure what caused this fluttering to start
Like innocence still uncorrupted captured in butterflies
Except my stomach is no longer where the majority flies
But just a little while ago a few still hovered there
But to trap or imprison them I wouldn’t dare
There hides a few more in the lungs in my chest
Only flap wings when I can’t catch my breath
When silence is the single sentence I have to not speak
Your smile leaves me speechless
Knees growing weak
No clock
No noise
All surroundings fade away
Colors suddenly emerge where before was only grey
Waiting for your melodic voice to disrupt that magic spell
Heaven momentarily suspended til one word snaps me back into hell
The illusion of perfection not once falters or affrights
As you come closer the swarm inside my body takes off in simultaneous flight
It’s mindblowing the way my senses react when you are near
How you still manage to give me butterflies even after all these years
I love how you can give me butterflies when I have been with you all these years  just by the way you look at me
Kara Shirlene Aug 2020
A word that floats in the back of my mind
As emotions ebb and flow.

When everything feels so unknown;
When seasons come and go.

A feeling in my belly,
Like the flutter of a butterfly.

The promise for a new tomorrow.
The steadfast love between you and I.

When there's nothing left to do,
But surrender.

The piece of puzzle in life that will help us
Make it through this time together.

More than just a word or flutter;
The only thing I can cling to now.

A gentle and sweet reminder,
We'll make it through somehow.

For today and for tomorrow,
And just for right now.


©KSS 4/2020
Monet Echo Aug 2020
Life is full of little birdies
Whispering here and there
They sing and dance and flutter about
Overly eager to share
Poetic T May 2020
Incandescent hues flutter around me,
          as nightfall's beauty graces
my  every sight.

This silhouette, a partner of illumination,
          still feeling the days touch even
                   though set beneath eventide.

Looking up the moonlight bathes
           my thoughts,

                                     and I'm at peace.
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