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Since 3rd Grade, I like you.
I don't know what you did to my heart.
First day of 4th Grade, I thought my feelings were gone.
5th Grade, you still make my heart flutter.
6th Grade, I tried to like someone else.
It got successful but why were you still the number one?
7th Grade, you still never failed to make my heart flutter.
As we keep getting closer, the pain became closer to me too.
8th grade, I had second thoughts if I still like you,
Because I felt it's more than like already.
9th grade, still thinking why I have feelings for you when you flutter and break my heart at the same time.
10th Grade, as much as my feelings grew deeper,
The pain started to grow more.
Ever since 3rd Grade,
I started to have feelings for you,
Also, the pain started to grow too.
What should I do..bunny :(
You didn't want to greet me yet,
You said it's not yet 12.
I laughed and thought,
That's so much like you.

I was alone outside our house,
Seeing those kids waiting for new year.
While, I didn't feel anything but sadness.
It was just a normal day for me not like that past where everything was so great.

I stared at my phone, it's 12 already.
I suddenly heard noises.
When I looked at those kids outside,
I suddenly got a notification.

It was you,
I smiled and thought,
You really greeted me.
You were the first one to do it that day.
It's too late but I just wanna post it. I just wanna share a memory. My bunyyy.
The sight of you makes me happy.
When you call me by my nickname,
It makes my heart flutter.
When you tease me,
I seek for more.
Am I completely wrecked by you?
It is sad that I don't have chances for you too.
The sight of you with kids,
Makes me fall more.
Is this a chance to forget my bunny?
Wrote this long time ago though. Kinda sequel for the previous one.
Atlas Jan 24
When I lay with you
Time seems to slow

Eyelashes flutter
Like a butterfly flying off

As you glance down at me
Through droopy eyelids

One day I shall join you
6 feet under

And lay with you once again
What makes a heart go
pitter patter?

A smile, a laugh?
Perhaps a lass?

A flutter here and there
quickly becomes
the natural rhythm
of love.

Gleaming eyes, lip curled gently behind teeth
the bashful look down
to interlaced fingers.

A flutter shared
among smiles and happily
beating hearts.
Joseph Lochki Oct 2018
I wish I had a lazy tongue
That would fault
And make it difficult
to blurt out my thoughts
And all my contradictions
In a hopeless posed way
like how leaves flutter
away and drift
Without a curious glance
or murmur.
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