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The girl in the dream will never be seen
An immovable force hides my true self away
Sitting beside her, alone and astray

Our eyes meet, the curtains close
Words from the head jumble into an
inaudible breath
Shadow self weeps not feeling complete

I'm for her if she is for me
No outlet, pathway or key
Just ask her aloud if she's free?
Nothing flows out as I try to connect
but wasted words left for the dead

Words come from thoughts and
actions from words
My thoughts will never be heard
She's the girl from the dream but
will never be seen
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Aleena Sep 2019
The Willow Weeps
As it swayed
It danced in the rain
The Willow Weeps
As it sighs
Looking over the mountain side
It cries and cries
And cries

Nowadays my friend is called:
The Weeping Willow
As it weeps
As we speak
B D Caissie Sep 2019
Gravity of love keeps us grounded on earth

Kindling a fire like the warmth from a hearth

If that love should depart left hollow and cold

Tis the pain and anguish past poets foretold

The rain like tears trickle down both cheeks

Eyes closed facing skyward as heaven weeps

Priya Gaikwad Mar 2019
In this age, where one-sided love is often fantasized & romanticized,
It holds a power that no other love can ever hold,
It speaks a language every broken soul will understand,
Paints a picture that makes even the happiest man weep blood.
how convenient
another whisper
jaw lines
she whispers
through egos
her breath


found jagged
these rlentless thoughts
binding me

here as i dream
night shadows
lip gloss

she smears the tatse
on me

she bring me word castles
here it is we can be found
quick sand

what if
she never

Lady Bird Feb 2015
the warmth of your leaves makes me
think of all the secrets I've told you
and the many years we've been friends
you hold them all down and deep within
I think of that beautiful picture I paint
in my dreams every time we're together
I remember the times we've cuddled up close
when ever I was afraid or had a problem
you were always there for me whenever

there you stand with your feet under ground
you shiver from the wind’s bitter sound.
fall has come so very cold,
you still stands quietly with tears
streaming down yellow and gold.
yes, fall has come to knot the summer tie
please, willow tree please don’t cry

there is a breeze in the air this evening
as I sit under you my willow
the wind caresses my cheek
and I see the blue sky above me
it seems your swaying leaves
are becoming too weak
I've felt the tips of your leaves
and tasted the tears in which you weep
I've laid against your trunk and listened
to your heart as it skipped a beat

I began to wonder
what wondering really is
it's a curious thing to know
dispatched; but why?
I now see why you cry
I will hold your trunk my willow
until its time to say goodbye
please don't weep more
for heavenly light shines through
this bright wonderful sky
for which you've cried for me
and now I'm crying for you
Poetic T Jul 2014
Jagged, sharp edges,
Core, inconsolable weeps,
Time heals bruises fade.
A broken heart never easy to mend

— The End —